You Want it All. . .

AND you know you can’t do EVERYTHING.

You’re brilliant and you’re busy.

You’re a thought leader with lives to change.

You’re a business visionary with money to make.

And you’re ready to take the fantastic business

you’ve built to THE NEXT LEVEL.

You’re looking for a team who can take everything you’ve built and MAXIMIZE it with the power of digital advertising.

Welcome to

Hirsh Marketing

We’re not just an agency.
We’re not just marketing consultants.
We’re not just brand & messaging experts.
We’ve created our own category and we’re ALL of these AND THEN SOME.


To date, Hirsh Marketing has handled over $28 million in ad spend and has generated over $110 million in revenue for our clients.

We take ALL the data from our wide range of clients, leverage it, learn from it, and use it for ALL our clients’ benefit!

Our strategies are driven by today’s data – not yesterday’s theory.


I’m Emily Hirsh.

A few years ago Hirsh Marketing was just me-myself-and-I running ads and funnels for all our clients. And while they were wildly successful, I realized very quickly…

To create truly incredible ads and marketing strategies you need three things:

A High Level, Big Picture Marketing & Funnel Strategy

Day-To-Day Implementation & Optimization of Your Facebook Ads

A Killer Creative Team

Today, I’ve combined all three of these elements and built an industry-leading team that gets results time and time again.

But unlike most big agencies where the client gets lost in the mix — it was vital for me to maintain that personal, boutique experience!

To us, you’re more than a number or a ‘client.’ When you sign on to work with us you become one of our partners because we are THAT dedicated to your success.

We do things you won’t find at almost any other marketing agency because we are obsessed with perfecting our client delivery.

Before working with Team Hirsh I was sitting there with an online course that I knew could help people, and I had cultivated a bit of my own following all using organic strategies. I’ve been able to sell a certain amount of my course to that existing audience, but I was feeling stuck.

I was feeling at that point where what I was doing wasn’t going fast enough. It was taking so long to get good leads to build my list. I know I had a good product. I just needed to get it seen in front of more people.

– Lindsay Padilla

The Hirsh Powerhouse

Your digital marketing dream team

The Hirsh Marketing team is here to be an extension of YOUR team. We treat your business as if it were our own and when it comes to your success, our commitment is unwavering.

(Plus, we love becoming friends with our clients and making it easy for you to approach us with anything you need!)

We can confidently say, our team is one of the most brilliant, creative, collaborative, and strategic groups of people. Ever. We hire only the best of the best and then put them through a revolutionary training program that is proprietary to Hirsh Marketing.

Our team thrives on helping entrepreneurs stop wasting time, money, or effort on strategies that just don’t achieve results. And it’s all of our passion to create change through growing amazing businesses that have remarkable stories to share.

We are based

all over the world

but have formed a

rock star team

that feels more like family.

As a partner and client of ours you get…

✓ Constant strategic support so you’re not the one driving your marketing but the experts are

Access to strategies & data that only Team Hirsh has access to because of all our client experience and cutting edge team training’s

Monthly marketing projections so everyone is on the same page with what our goals are and have numbers & metrics attached to them

Quick & efficient communication so it feels like we are a part of your own team

Weekly reports you can actually understand so you always know what’s happening in your account but don’t have to actually go in there to figure it out

You and your business are 100% unique — that’s why we innovate fresh, customized strategies specifically tailored to your story, brand, audience, and dreams.

Bottom Line:

We are not a cookiecutter marketing agency.

So, what’s our secret sauce?

Step One


It’s important to KNOW your numbers before you “go live!” We won’t let you drop a dime on ads until we take a step back and make sure your goals are in total alignment with your targeting, story and offer. This step is almost always skipped, but it’s the difference between ? and ?.

Step Two


The key to building a brilliant, long term BRAND (and not an overnight success) is TRUST. We help you create a massive impact with your business that grows month after month, by turning your audience into raving (and profitable) fans!

Step Three


It’s time to start building your subscribers and email list. Sadly, most marketers start on this without a strategy or building a strong foundation of trust. If you don’t have this down…you fall flat.

Step Four


You have a massive audience of eager-to-buy potential clients! NOW it’s time to sell. We develop and implement a strategy of targeting and retargeting to drive them to action! (Psst…when you do this right you can get 2-3x return on your investment!)

Step Five


It’s all about the long game. We analyze your data and adjust as necessary. Using hard numbers, we can turn a campaign into your own personal ATM machine. Imagine knowing exactly what you’ll get out with every $1 you put in!

Marketing Always Works, It’s Just A Matter Of When

A successful marketing plan isn’t based on magic or luck; it is based on a proven process. When you commit to following that process, you succeed every single time.

Data Drives Our Every Action & Decision

The numbers don’t lie! At Team Hirsh, we never make decisions based on what we “think” should happen, but rather what the data and numbers ACTUALLY tell us. 

Our Work Creates A Ripple Effect Of Positive Impact

We don’t chase vanity metrics like follower count or likes on a post. Instead, we are committed to helping you create your most powerful and meaningful impact in the world through tracking metrics that matter. 

Value Drives Profit

We provide incredible value — in ROI, audience growth, and sales — but we never forget our values: that the positive impact we create in your marketing helps you make a positive impact in the world.

Quality & Refinement Define Us

We help you focus on a singular strategy to achieve your highest level of success. Rather than launching multiple funnels and hoping for the best, we scale one to its greatest potential!

At Hirsh Marketing, we embrace diversity and provide equity and opportunity to all. We are focused on creating an inclusive work environment for all of our team members & clients.

Because we actively hire people with various backgrounds from around the world, we have a unique opportunity to benefit and learn from different cultures, perspectives, outlooks, and races each day. Inclusivity and equity are not just talking points for us; we systematically bring awareness to these issues through team training opportunities, clear policies, and an open forum and discussion.

We foster a company culture committed to diversity and inclusion and we have pledged to create an environment in which everyone is welcomed, valued and respected.

Are you ready to explore The Not For Lazy Marketers Process and skyrocket your ROI — while not having to worry another second about your marketing strategy?

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