July 2017 was the biggest month ever in my business. It’s really exciting for me but I believe it’s also important to share with you so that you know what is possible for you and inspires you to step up in your own business.

I believe that my success is attributed to my passion to help people grow their businesses. I love the freedom and the ease it give my life, don’t get me wrong, but I love that it I’m able to re-invest in my business so I can reach more people.

Here goes the breakdown for my biggest month ever:

  • $28,223 in expenses


      • Subcontractors were $17,491
        • Ads manager
        • Project manager
        • Customer care VA
        • Designer
        • Developer
        • Social media
        • Sales VA
      • Facebook ads were $6,032
        • Driving traffic to evergreen funnels
      • Business retreat $1,000
      • Website rebuild and copywriting $2,200
      • Software $500
        • Clickfunnels
        • Deadline funnel
        • Dubsado
        • Dropbox
        • Youcanbook.me

  • $58,000 income came from clients
  • $18,000 passive income


      • VA academy
      • Tripwires

  • 36% of what I brought in was spent on expenses

As you can see the benefit of running an online business is that your overhead is really low so it’s a low barrier to entry for a lot of people.

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