There’s a thing out there called “copy marketing”. It basically means “take this strategy”, “swipe these formulas”, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Here’s the dealio about this, you have to take this “advice”, then apply it to YOUR SITUATION, your market, your industry and your phase of business. There is not one thing that is one size fits all, guys. There is no magic bullet.

There are too many scenarios to consider in order for one thing to be a success for everyone. Most of the time people build an audience BEFORE something is a success. The problem is that people think “oh, she made a cool million because she did webinars so I’m going to go do webinars and I’ll make serious bank”.


You have to test it. Take information that you see and tweak it for YOU. Consider where you are right now and where you want to go. The lesson is:

Many of the “magic bullet” solutions that you see won’t get you the same results as the person sharing it because you are not them and your business is not theirs.

Now, this isn’t to say nothing will work for you and you should give up all hope. Not at all. I’m saying put your own critical thinking to use on strategies and formulas. Add your own spin on things. Consider your audience and your brand and think about what YOU want to do and OWN IT.

You can do this. Own your innovation and blaze your own trail.

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