I’ve been noticing a trend in online business.


When I started working with clients as a Virtual Assistant, I was working underneath people who were obviously at a higher level than me.


But now what’s happened is that our roles have been reversed.


Now I’ve grown my business to nearly 7-figures, and some of my previous clients have stayed in the same place.


Often in online business, we’re doing everything on our own. We’re DIY-ing marketing content, website design, Facebook ads..


And we can get trapped in the mindset of, “What’s the cheapest option? How can I get the best deal?”

I see this happening a lot. (And I go through it, too!)


There’s a constant struggle, especially for online business owners, which is: There’s always somewhere to invest, so where and how much and is it the right time?


Sometimes we’re working with zero capital. Sometimes we’re doing it all on our own, even forgetting to pay ourselves separate from the business.


But there has to be a happy medium.


We have to find the balance between spending the money and waiting for the results.


Typically when you invest in something (anything!), it’s a big stretch. Hopefully you’ll see the ROI from that investment in the next month (maybe).


It’s always a risk.


But the people who don’t take that initial jump to invest will never see any return at all.


We get into the habit of never investing because it’s too scary, and then we stay exactly where we were.


And this is one of the big differences between people who can continue to grow their businesses and people who stagnate.


Here’s an example from my own business:

Right now I’m investing in a team. I’m putting a lot of my resources into this one place so I can buy back my time and work on things like my own webinar, my own funnels, and signing new clients.


If I never invested, if I stayed in the day-to-day hustle, if I chose not to get better support from a team of people who can do certain things better than me…


I would stop growing.


You have to ask yourself, over and over:


Am I willing to grow?


Where can I invest money so that my business can grow?

You might hire a VA.

You might hire out website design.

You might hire a team of copywriters.


How can I buy back my time?


When you’re able to buy back your time and start changing your own role, you’re able to do even more within your business. And as the CEO, you should be doing things to grow your business.


The start of a new year is a great time to evaluate where and how to make changes in your business. You’ve probably set some income goals and determined where you want your business to go in 2018.


How will you get there?


Don’t be one of those people who stays in the same place year after year, only because you’re afraid to take that jump.


Tell me how you’re growing your business in 2018! Are you growing a Team? Hiring your first VA? I would love to hear all about it.