When I talk to people who use online marketing, I see a common theme:

They get into the habit of sticking with one route of action without updating with the trends.

This is narrow-minded, and it can really hurt your business.

Since I started working with Facebook ads, I’ve been passionate about focusing on making connections with the audience.

This means retargeting ads.

But, how?

#1. One way to do this is to use Facebook ads to gain visibility and warm up your audience. You want people to get familiar with your brand before you ask them to take specific actions.

#2. Another way to do this is to make contact only with prospective clients. After someone has made contact with you in some way (maybe by submitting their email address to your opt-in or commenting/watching your Facebook video), then you can reach out with other ways they can get to know you or purchase your product or service.

Sometimes we focus too much on the first touchpoint, meaning we only focus on offering one big campaign.

But you can do more! (And it’s not as hard as it sounds.)

The beauty of Facebook ads is that actually, you have a lot of different strategies and ways to connect with people before you ask them to purchase your product or service. (And honestly, these are some of the cheapest ads to implement! Your retargeted audience is a much smaller pool.)

My team and I use these strategies every single day to get our clients massive ROI on their ads budget and massive impact in the lives of their audience. And now, you can learn more about the strategies we’re using, industry trends, what’s changing and how you can take advantage of all the power of Facebook ads with our NEW PODCAST:

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