Information is not hard to find. And believe it or not, that’s not why people pay attention to you.

You can find basically anything on the internet at this point. And yet, your followers read your emails, and ask you questions, and buy your courses… Why?

Because people aren’t paying you for information! They might think they are – but they’re not.

They’re paying you for the results you advertise. You have to remember that when you’re creating any kind of information on the internet: it’s not about the information, it’s about the experience you offer.

In this episode I’m diving deep into this lesson, because it’s exactly what I’m learning as I rewrite everything I know inside my new book (coming in 2020!).

Listen in for more about…

  • Why you pay to hear the same songs you’ve heard for free
  • How the book I’m writing is actually just another version of everything else I say
  • And the #1 mistake you’re likely making with online content

Tune into this quick lesson in marketing – and then hop over to Instagram (@emilyhirsh) to ask any follow-up Q’s. We’re always happy to help.

NOTE – listen to episode 107, “What if I’m not selling every lead on my list,” for more about whether or not (+when!) to fill out your Value Ladder.

Key Points:
[4:06] You’ve heard the song a million times, but you’ll still pay for concert tickets, right?
[5:19] Because it’s not about the content, or how much – it’s about the experience.
[6:36] If you look at successful course creators, you’ll see their information isn’t *top secret*
[10:45] You don’t have secret information either.
[12:05] This should help take away the fear you have about people stealing your content!

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Episode Transcripts:  

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Hello everybody. I am excited about this podcast because it’s actually coming to you inspired… I’m going through a whole process, I haven’t talked a lot about it yet on here, or at all on my social media, but I’m going through a whole process, program with, her name’s Angela Lauria of Author Incubator, for writing my book. So, at the end of this month, actually probably when this podcast is coming out, around it, I’m going to Hawaii with my really good friend, Lindsay Padilla. We’re both in this program together, and we’re writing our book.

But before then, you have to do all this pre-work and outlining and thinking about your ideal reader, and it just makes you think about, not only the book but your business, and a lot of things in a different way. I’m really enjoying it. I’m going to spend about four hours today going through the content. My husband was like, “You’re going to Hawaii to write a book. Why don’t you just say you’re going on vacation?” I’m like, “No, I am going to write a book.” He’s like, “Yeah, but you don’t have to go to Hawaii.” But we want to go to Hawaii, so we are.

That’ll be really great. The book should, I think it’ll be, it’s like really fast, it’s like three months, so I think in December it will… Don’t hold me to that date, but I’ll share it with you guys, because you’re like my insiders on here… should come out December/January. It’ll be, not long, but I’m going to write it in September. I’m super excited. But one thing that’s come out of it is what I’m going to talk about today.

I’m excited to bring that to you guys and just also emphasize how important it is that you guys do what I’m doing, which is… not write a book but take yourself through some sort of material and learning and personal development or business development. As a CEO, it’s so important, which is why I blocked off two days a week in my schedule to do that if I need. I don’t just do that for two full days a week, but it’s time in my schedule to do that.

Today, I have four hours that I get to spend doing that if I want. It’s just so important. It’s so important as a CEO, that you’re able to do that and have the brain space and ability to do that. I’m so grateful that I can do that. So, today what we’re talking about is, people don’t pay for information, they pay for results. What do I mean by that?

This is something I want everybody to remember, because it’s something that, in the middle of my process going through this, I was like, “Wow.” I was making this way too complicated in my book outline, because I wasn’t remembering this. So, what this means is, information is not hard to find. Whether it’s free, whether it’s paid, whatever it is, it’s not hard to find. There’s an abundance, overload, over stimulation of information –  from courses to podcasts to books to articles to social media posts to events to everything. Overboard of information.

People are not paying you specifically for that information. They might think they are sometimes, but they’re not. They’re paying you for the results that that information is going to get them. That means, the way you give them that information is crucial, and the experience that they go through while they get that information is super crucial. Now, for me, this was applying to taking content I already had in our course and using a lot of it for my book, in a different way, like different angle, but not overthinking that I don’t have to create everything from scratch, like I already have the content.

Here’s the example that Angela used that I loved. She said, “If you love Journey, the band, you’re going to watch their … You’re going to listen to their music on Spotify, you’re going to listen to that song ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ on Spotify, you’re going to watch the video if you love it, on YouTube, and listen to it again. You’re going to listen to it on your headphones while you workout, again. Then, if you go to the concert, if they didn’t play it, you’d be mad that they didn’t play that song, again, for you, even though you’ve listened to it hundreds of times, and then you would pay even more for the VIP experience to see them or whatever.

It’s not about the song that you’ve already heard multiple times. It’s about the experience. Seeing it on video, listening to it while you workout, going to the concert live and seeing it.” Think about that with your content. It’s such a good analogy, because I’ve experienced this a lot where your content is not about the amount of information you put out. It’s how you deliver it to the point where, can they get results or not?

So, my launch, I’m going to use that example. When I did my launch, I went into it, and I had so much content, because we did a three part video series and then a webinar and then every day I was doing extra Q&A calls and I was like, “Man, what if this gets repetitive?” And I really thought that going into it. I was like, “I just really hope that it’s not going to get repetitive and people won’t get anything out of it.”

The feedback I got was, “This has been better than paid courses I’ve taken, this has been the best information I have had.” The reason why was not because of the amount of the information that I gave people, it was the way I gave it to them, broken down into workbooks, so that they could apply it, and they could have breakthroughs. Whether this is like a free experience like a launch or a webinar, or it’s a course or it’s a book, or it’s a service, it’s not about the information.

I mean, obviously the information is the foundation of it, but it’s not just about that at all. It is about the way you deliver it so that they can go get results. If you look at the top influencers out there or top people, business owners, entrepreneurs out there who are having success with their courses and have courses that thousands and thousands of students have gone through, it’s not necessarily [that] the information is like this top secret information for them. It’s that the information has been given in a way that the students get results, because they’re able to complete the course or go through the experience and have the epiphanies and get results, because of the way it’s laid out.

Courses, launches, anything you do, and books, are not about just dumping an overload of information. That will not help your business, that will not get your students or your clients the results they need. It’s about how you organize it and orchestrate it for them. Remember that with everything that you do, because I think as experts, and I know like, that’s what I went through with my launch, and that’s what I was going through again with my book is, I was like, “I have to reinvent the wheel.” Like, “I can’t say the same thing again, or I can’t repeat my philosophies, because the people already know them. They’ve read it, they can see it in my videos or my podcast.”

It’s not true. Because the way you deliver it, that information… and so basically what we’ve learned through this process is, my book is like a watered down version of my course and my service, and people are going to pay for the experience that they get in the course or the service business to go to the next level. However that applies to your business, each level, whether free to your lower level products to your higher level products, if you have that all built out, you might not… listen to my last podcast about not having to have that all built out… not my very last one, but maybe three back [episode 107]…

If you have all that all built out or you plan to have that built out, it’s not about … Like, the experience gets deeper at each level, not that the information necessarily gets insanely deeper. Because information is not that valuable. Results are the value. Getting people the results and the way you get people the results is the way you orchestrate and deliver the information that you have.

And I ironically also talk about this a lot when I speak. So, I’ve been also, at the same time, working on my Signature Talk. I just went to a workshop in Milwaukee specifically to do that. One of the biggest takeaways in that is that people, you think they know things that they don’t. Because you’re the expert, and you’re so deep in that, and you have to step back and remember where they are in the room today, it’s so crucial. And that the way you deliver the information is so much more important than like over-delivering and just flooding them with information in the speech.

That’s what he, who taught the workshop said, the number one mistake all speakers make, almost all of them is, they teach too much. It’s not about that. It’s about giving it to people so they can consume it and get results from it and have epiphanies or whatever they need … Whatever their experience needs to be in the audience. That is just something that you have to come back to, because I think experts, we’re afraid our content’s not going to be good enough, so we overdeliver with the amount of information that we put out, but it’s not about that. It’s about the results and the way you get people results.

A lot of times I say also in my speeches is, you’ll be surprised… I’d say this at the end, “You might be surprised that I didn’t give you a bunch of ninja Facebook ad tricks in this, because the true marketing success comes from having the foundation, and it’s not about secret information that’s locked away in a chest that only I have.” It’s about the way you are setting up your marketing plan, or the way you’re setting up your business, and setting up that foundation that brings you the success. And that’s true here, too.

You don’t have, like probably, this secret information locked in a chest that nobody else can deliver. It’s that you can organize it in a way that you know people get results, because maybe you’ve gone through this or you’ve had your students go through this or whatever, and so you know the process they need to go through to get the result they want. And then they’re able to be successful with that.

And the people who are lacking that are ones that think it’s just about information. And they’re just giving information and then hoping the student or the client will take that and go do what they’re supposed to do with it. But the people who get people results, and if you get people results, your business is just so much easier to grow, because you’re going to have referrals, because people are going to be getting results with your products or your services, and so your job is to know, what is that process people need to go through? How do they need to take the information and actually implement it? 

There’s a saying, and it’s like, “Everybody has good ideas, but not everybody can implement.” It’s something like that. It’s like, implementation and getting the results is everything, and so your job in your business, whether it’s a product or a service, is to get people the results, not give them the secret information. I also think this will takeaway that fear that a lot of us have in the digital space of, “People are going to steal my content.”

Because it’s so easy for people to do that, obviously. People have stolen mine. They buy courses and they reteach it or whatever, but who cares? They can’t give people the same experience I can give people, because of the experience I have and the company I run and the clients we serve and the data we have and the way we know how to take that data and that information, turn it into content that can then be implemented and understood. That’s where the power is.

This was something I knew, but I needed to be reminded, and I’m sure you guys listening do, too, so remember that with everything, not just your paid content, but also when you launch or when you do a webinar or when you build a funnel with an opt-in. It’s not just about the information. It’s about the way you set it up so people have the right experience they need to have at that point. It’s going to be different experiences at different levels in your customer journey. In the beginning, it’s just a small micro-experience they need to have to build trust. As they pay you more and more money, it’s obviously bigger experiences, bigger results.

Think about that, and take a look at your customer journey, and have you set up really amazing experiences at all levels? That is what’s going to set you apart from everybody else. That’s what’s going to get your students and clients results, and that’s what you need to focus on instead of just worrying about new information, new information. Obviously there’s a time and place for new information, but at some point, too, you don’t need new information. It’s overwhelming, and you don’t want to just keep overwhelming people, because then they’re not going to get results, and they’ll just leave.

You’ll be like, “Why are they leaving? I have the best information out there.” It’s not about that. Hopefully this was a quick little reminder for you guys today. I know I needed it, so somebody else out there needs it. Let me know if you liked this, send me an Instagram message, tag me in your Insta-stories if you’re listening to this podcast episode. And if you want support with that marketing strategy, if you want support in making sure people are having that experience as they go through your launch, or they go through your webinar, or that customer journey, of course Team Hirsh helps with that, so you can go to HelpMyStrategy.com and apply to work with us. I will see you all next time.

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