When people tell me the do any of the following, it makes me crazy:

  1. They throw money their at boosted posts
  2. They cross their fingers and just HOPE they’re ads will convert
  3. They do NOTHING when their ads don’t work

NONE of those things are strategies.

To truly have success with your ads and marketing, you need a clear process and strategy to follow.

That’s exactly what I taught in my recent webinar, Fire Up Your Facebook Ads.

The content is so valuable that I wanted to make sure I share it with as many people as possible, because what I teach will make all the difference in your ads crashing and burning, or igniting explosive results.

So today’s episode is actually the recording from Fire Up Your Facebook Ads!

Here’s are the exact strategies I’m sharing with you:

  • The #1 foundational strategy you MUST have in place before you start running ads.
  • How to test your ads BEFORE they’re funded and gather tons of rich data
  • A system for analyzing that data and using it to drive decisions that will increase your ROI.

If you’re ready to stop feeling overwhelmed, stuck, and afraid of your Facebook ads and instead have a clear system and strategy that will guarantee results, be sure to tune in!

I’d love to know what your thoughts on this training are. Were there any pieces to your strategy you didn’t realize you were missing before? Let me know over on Instagram (@emilyhirsh)!

P.S. The doors to my signature done-with-you marketing program Ignite are open now! If you need next level support in building your marketing foundation and gaining a deeper understanding of how to run successful ad campaigns, join Ignite today at go.emilyhirsh.com/ignite-course. The doors close on October 22nd at 9pm EST, so act swiftly!


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