Let’s talk about what’s in store for marketing in 2021.

Marketing is an ever evolving field.

What brought you success this year may not necessarily do the same next year, so you must be prepared to adapt and pivot your strategy as needed.

I sat down to reflect on what I’ve noticed has been working really well as 2020 comes to a close, what hasn’t, and what I believe will make or break your marketing success come next year.

Then I grabbed my microphone, hit record, and rolled it all in to today’s episode of The Hirsh Marketing Underground Podcast. 

From the fate of Facebook Groups, to the longevity of webinars, to the success of videos and Instagram Reels, and more, tune in to find out what I think is in store for us come next year!

What marketing predictions do YOU have for next year? Tell me all about them in my DM’s over on Instagram (@emilyhirsh).

If you’re planning your marketing for the new year and want to make sure that you have the support you need to set you up for success in 2021, click here to apply to work with Team Hirsh today!

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