I just had a major epiphany.

What do those who find the most success with their marketing have in common?

They aren’t afraid to question or challenge the status quo.

Let me be totally honest: There are thousands of marketing strategies, webinars, launches, etc., all using the same cookie-cutter templates that people have seen a bajillion times.

As the online space becomes increasingly saturated with more and more of the same exact strategies – you have no choice but TO challenge the status quo. Otherwise, it’s going to be nearly impossible for you to stand out and attract the audience, following, and buyers you want.

In this episode of The Hirsh Marketing Underground Podcast, I’m chatting more about why it is more critical than ever that you choose to continuously question the status quo in your marketing, how I’ve done this in my own business this year, and proposing a challenge to you that will help you brainstorm innovative ideas for 2021.

After you complete my challenge, head over to Instagram (@emilyhirsh) and send me a DM letting me know what ideas it helped you come up with!

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