Has this ever happened to you?

You launch a new ad, you’re super excited about it, it’s converting really well, when all of a sudden… it stops. You don’t know what to do next, so you just shut the ad off completely.

This is one of the WORST things you can ever do.

I understand how scary it can be to put your time, energy, and money into an ad and not see an immediate return, but you can’t be gun shy with your ads.

Even if you think you’re going to fail, you still have to take action. That’s the only way you’ll ever learn what works for you and what doesn’t, what you can do better, and what you should avoid.

In today’s episode, I’m sharing two immediate action steps you can take whenever you find yourself in a situation where your ads aren’t converting. You’ll turn ‘failing’ into ‘walking away with valuable insight to help you succeed next time’.

The fastest and easiest way to make progress is if you TAKE ACTION.

So grab your headphones, tune in, get ready to take action, be prepared to fail, and I promise you’ll start finding traction with your Facebook ads!

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Emily Hirsh:

Hello everybody, welcome back to the podcast. Welcome if you are new. We have lots of new listeners. I am pumped about this episode because I have been waiting to be able to announce for you guys, something brand new and awesome we have. It’s also gonna come with a few more announcements coming in the coming weeks to a month. And that is our new, Not For Lazy Marketers Club. We’re doing a bit of a rebrand at Hirsh Marketing in terms of this, Not For Lazy Marketers theme, and where it’s going to become an umbrella of everything we do. We actually will be actually, we’ll also be updating this podcast name to the, Not For Lazy Marketers podcast. And I want to just talk about it for a second and then tell you about the club and then dive into today’s topic. 

So this came from actually inspiration from my friend and also our client success specialist, Aandra, when we were talking about this club and it morphed into creating this new umbrella brand name, Not For Lazy Marketers, because I think that that embodies everything that I teach so well, I believe so much in making sure you play the long game. You invest in your marketing, you know, your numbers, you invest in your business and your growth, and that you’re not trying to just find that overnight quick success, quick fix bandaid solution, but that you’re creating a long-term successful business that is going to be here, not for the next year, but for the next decade plus. And so not for lazy marketers, I feel like embodies Hirsh, marketing embodies our values, embodies what we deliver for clients embodies what I believe leads to successful marketing in everything that I teach. So I hope you guys think that too, for those of you guys who have followed me for a long time and with the first part of this announcement and brand is the not lazy marketers club.

And this is a very affordable monthly membership that we are launching, where the core of the membership is going to be a 90 minute interactive workshop with me. There will be different topic and theme every single month in January, we’re focusing on audience targeting how to take your targeting to the next level, how to know who to target in your audience, how to know how to do strategic look alike audiences, layered targeting all the targeting. So that’s January’s topic every month, there will be a new topic. It’s going to be about 45 to 60 minutes of, of a training. And then there will be hot seats and you can come on and ask me live questions every single month. If you’re part of this club and get coached by myself as bonuses as a part of the club, there also is a private podcast feed where you’re going to get behind the scenes strategies in super short, like 10 minutes or less actionable audio segments.

Sometimes I might actually give you an audio segment from our team meetings. Sometimes it’s going to be me teaching and talking. It’s going to vary, but basically it’s insider information that you only get. If you’re in the club also you’ll get access to the Hirsch insider’s report. We put out the Hirsh marketing report. This will be just like the next level. It will be based off the Hirsh marketing report, but associated with audio and training. We’re going to give commentary and additional insights into the report. And then we also have a texting community. So we’ll give you updates via text and strategies via text, but you can actually reply and get some strategy support. So it’s not just like text messages that we’re broadcasting, but you can reply and be in our texting pod. So you can get access to all of this for just $27 a month.

Right now we just launched it literally yesterday when this podcast comes out and it’s not for lazy marketers.com/club. So like I said, there will be more announcements, more exciting things around this overall theme of the, not for lazy marketers, but I want you in the club. Come join the club with me, not for lazy marketers.com/club. All right. So today’s podcast episode. The content that I want to dive into is inspired by my ignite students. Um, I recently did a training in ignite all about private podcast, uh, strategies. And also with that at the end of the training, um, some of the members can ask me questions. And then I also look at oftentimes the questions being put in our community. And one theme I’ve noticed across all the students and people in there is this kind of like fear and this gun shyness around running Facebook ads and somebody put in our community how they started a campaign, it was converting well.

And then the cost completely spiked up on the campaign. And, um, so they’re like, I don’t know what to do. And I’m just going to shut my ads off. And then a couple of other people kind of commented like, yeah, that’s, this is where I struggle too with my ads is I’ll get something kind of working and then it stops working. And then I don’t know what to do next. And I think this is really common that even though they have all the resources in terms of optimization and adding audiences and testing out new copy, it’s really hard to know what to do next, what action to take next with your ads and it, and it really paralyzes a lot of you. And I think because you’re spending money, you’re investing your ad spend. You’re investing in this method of getting traffic. There’s a lot of fear around wasting money. And you know, I, I’m not like big into like mindset stuff, even though I do think that’s really important. I am. I usually stick just because of my personality to numbers and tactical logical solutions. But I do think there’s something there with mindset around spending ads, especially in the beginning and around the fear of making a mistake and wasting your money. And so then it creates inaction and you kind of freeze and you’re like, I don’t know what to do my ad converted for a day or two days or three days or whatever. Then it stopped. Now it’s sitting there.

It hasn’t gotten a lead in a day or two days, and I don’t know what to do. And you kind of freeze. And I see this in, you know, audience members when we do an event webinar, people that come to my webinars, students, clients, what they’ve done in the past before they came to work with us. And so I kind of reflected on this a little bit, like how do we solve that? And so this podcast is really to, to call you out, if that is something you’re doing, um, and to kind of reflect on this because there’s a few ways to solve it. First of all, I want you like, this is kind of true with any business. It’s like, you always have to ask yourself, what’s the worst that’s going to happen. And the worst that’s going to happen with a Facebook ad is you’re going to spend your max amount of budget that day and waste it.

What you really never will waste it because you should always be learning something from what you’re spending. So most of the time, if you’re new with your ads, you’re not going to spend thousands of dollars in a day and waste that money. Like if you were to the point where you’re spending a large budget, that’s a thousand dollars plus a day, you’ve already achieved success. So most of you guys who are in this situation where you’re spending money, you’re afraid you’re going to waste money. And so you freeze your spending like 25 30, maybe a hundred dollars a day. So ask yourself the worst that’s going to happen is you’re going to waste one to two days of budget and not be able to get it back. That’s the worst possible case scenario, which in the big scheme of things is probably not that bad, right? Like, is it you going to be okay if you waste that budget, you will be okay. And you will have learned from it, even though you think you might not, but you will have learned from it. So the first thing is to ask yourself that what’s the worst, that is going to happen if I was to do that. And then the second thing you can do is take action. And don’t be afraid to just try things and experience things. And I think, especially if you’re somebody who is trying to prove running your own ads to get some success, to learn it, especially if you’re that person, you have to just go get your hands dirty.

You have to just go and start taking action with it and release that fear. You might waste a little bit of money. You, when I first started running ads, you know, five years ago, I did not know what I was doing. And I was running them for my husband’s business. I was learning how to run ads. And I had to just take action. Let’s try this audience. Let’s try this creative, let’s try this headline. Let’s just try it and see what’s working. There absolutely can be a process behind your testing with ads, but at the end of the day, the two ways you test ads and you create success are with your messaging, with your targeting. Those are the two ways. And then obviously your offer that you’re sending people to like, for example, your webinar title or your self-liquidating offer funnel on your product matters.

But the two components that you can control and change with your Facebook ads are your messaging, your ad copy and your creative or your targeting. So when an ad starts to not convert and you have that experience well, where I was getting ad clicks, and then it completely stopped, or I was getting leads and they completely stopped. And I don’t know what to do when you freeze, just take action. The only thing that you should do is take action. And the way that accident action shows up is either your going to test new audiences. You’re going to create a new key campaign. You’re going to test new audiences or, and or you’re going to test new ad messaging. You’re going to test different ad copy, different headlines images. Those are your two options or freeze. And you know, so I really encourage you that if you find yourself in that place where you’re frozen first, remind yourself, the worst that’s going to happen is I’m going to waste tiny bit of money.

Cause it’s not like Facebook can just spend thousands of dollars unless you set your budget. At that amount, don’t be afraid to pay a high cost per lead to pay a too high cost per click, to move forward in your progress in testing your ads. So don’t be afraid to do that and let that hold you back for weeks or a week that you don’t take action. Just test things, add a new campaign, add five new audiences, that to have different interests, add a different ad, copy, tested different angle, test a different headline, be aggressive with your testing. One of the things I actually trained my team on to serve our clients is the importance of that high level of urgency of making sure that when something isn’t working with it with a campaign and ads in a client account, which happens all the time and it’s not about us being magical, that the first thing we put out there is successful is that we know how to optimize.

We know how to test. We know how to do different things in client accounts to get them results. It’s not usually that the first thing we put out there every single time is successful. It’s that we know the actions to take. And one thing that I trained my team on in Hirsch marketing, and as they go through employee training is the importance of urgency of when something isn’t converting. You cannot sit there for two days and do nothing. You have to test different audiences. You have to task out new ad copy and get new ad copy from our copywriters. You have to take action. The only thing you can not do is not take action. So as long as you are taking action, and there’s only so many things you can do, like I said, it comes down to the messaging or the targeting in most cases, or you’ve got a bigger picture problems such as your webinar title, for example, but you won’t really know that until you’ve spent enough budget to prove that.

Um, and so go out there and just find new audiences, launch a new campaign with five new audiences and new ad copy. And then if that still doesn’t work, do it again until you start to get data, to see which direction you’re going in. Obviously having a program like, you know, our ignite students have where they can come in and get real-time feedback on their results is helpful. But if you don’t even have that, this is my encouragement to you to not be gun shy with your ads, to just take action. I have to train my team on this as they come in to serve our clients. And so if that’s what our team is doing, that is what you should be doing with your Facebook ads as well. The second piece I want to say about this is as long as you always know your numbers, there’s no reason to be gun shy, because if you have set a budget goal and you have a cost per lead goal, you’re aiming for, and you have a sales goal that you’re aiming for, and you know, you’re not hitting those numbers, but you should.

You also know where you are to be let that guide you and your budget that you’ve set every day should be based off of your sales goals. And that should be based off of your lead goals. So, you know how many leads you’re supposed to be getting every day, if you’ve, if you’ve paid attention to those numbers, and then, you know, when you’re not hitting those leads. So you know where you need to get now just take action, strategic action, to accomplish those goals and come back to the numbers, make sure you come back to those numbers and pay attention to ads as numbers versus that fear of I’m just afraid of my ads aren’t working, or I’m afraid to spend money, or I’m afraid to, you know, touch something and break it. You really won’t like really? What’s the worst thing that’s going to happen.

The worst thing that’s going to happen is you’ll waste. Like I said, the maximum of your daily budget that day with your ads. But the positive of all of that is you’re getting data in terms of what audiences are working, what audiences aren’t working, what messaging isn’t, isn’t working. And then you’re also learning. If you’re somebody who’s trying to run your own ads, you are learning through that experience. And I think this carries over to so much of a business in life, but we’re like afraid of failing. So we just freeze. I want you guys to go out and fail. I want you guys to go discover what doesn’t work, just as important as what does work in your marketing and your ads. So that’s my message for you guys today. This was inspired by my amazing students who I had to give that kick and push to of like, it’s okay.

It’s okay. If you spend $25 and you don’t get a conversion because we’re going to learn from that. And we’re going to take action from that. And we’re not going to freeze and just say, it’s me. And I don’t know what I’m doing because it’s not marketing is a process. And there’s only so many components to that process that you can shift and change. All right. Thanks guys for listening. Go and join the club. Not for lazy marketers.com/club. I am. Can’t tell you how excited I am. I’ve already got the, the workshop and training, um, prepared for January all about ad targeting. So actually relevant to this topic. When your ads aren’t converting, you need to improve your targeting. Let me teach you how in a completely exclusive behind the scenes training, not for lazy marketers.com/club. Come join that club to get access to that workshop as well as many other insider resources that you cannot get anywhere else. I’ll see you guys next week.