Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just launch one webinar, one funnel, one campaign, hit the magic formula to overnight success, and let it all just run in the background without ever changing a thing?

It certainly would, however… It doesn’t exist.

There is not a single business owner who has been able to achieve something like that, despite what the influencers who promote this idea try to lead you to believe.

The truth is, real and legitimate marketing success comes from continuously optimizing, pivoting, and adjusting.

In today’s episode of The Not For Lazy Marketers Podcast, I’m calling out this idea that you can launch something, be immediately successful, and then never have to do any refinement because I’m tired of seeing entrepreneurs think they’re failing for not being able to achieve that when it doesn’t exist.

Tune in to find out why continuously optimizing, pivoting, and adjusting is the true key to being able to reach that next level of success you’re after.

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Emily Hirsh:

Hello, everybody, and welcome back to the podcast. We are in quarter two, I have been batching so much podcast content. I have a new team member who stepped into our marketing manager role, and she is incredible. And she is also extremely organized and likes our team to be ahead, so she had a goal for us to get a month ahead. It was a quarterly goal on all of our social media and our content, and one of those is in order for us to do that I had to record 16 podcast episodes in a month, and I did it. I was like, “I do not want her to come after me. I don’t want to be the reason that our team fails at this goal.” So I did my part, and our team is getting so far ahead, it’s just great.

We can produce better quality doing that, but a funny story was, for anyone who knows me well enough, or has listened to this podcast, you know I am obsessed with not wasting time, and I really optimize my day, my life, my health, all of it like crazy. And she knows that to an extent, but she was in her role newer, so her and I were building our relationship. She’s been on my team for a year, but she moved up into this position, and she came on a call, and she was like, “I’m just wondering, have you considered time-blocking your time so that you can record these podcasts?” And I just started cracking up because I don’t know why it was so funny to me, but it was like, “Yes, I’ve considered that. I do that.” And it was just the cute, it was so nice of her to ask me that, because she just wanted to see us get those podcast episodes done so bad, and she was trying to help.

And it was funny. It was basically her being like, “Emily, we need you to get those episodes done, can you just be more efficient?” And I’m like, “I am being efficient.” So anyways, we’ve been batching podcasts, and getting really far ahead, and my marketing team is just absolutely incredible. I know you guys all listen to this podcast, love you guys. 

So anyways, today’s podcast episode is about optimizing, pivoting, and adjusting, and how that is true marketing. This is inspired from a conversation I was actually having with our leadership team. So once a week, our ads team leadership team gets on a call, and that’s kind of my touch point with the leaders. It allows me to see at a high level everything that’s going on, and pinpoint where we might have a gap or an opportunity somewhere. And one thing that came up was them bringing up, “What are the types of clients that we want to continue working with and kind of evaluating?” Because you get a few different buckets of people out there.

You get one, who are clients who just want leads, and they have the backend all figured out. They maybe have a big marketing team, and they’ve got all that figured out, and they’re getting sales, and they just need an ads team to get leads. But then we have a much bigger percentage of clients who come and don’t have that 100% figured out. They maybe have a start to a foundation, they’ve successfully sold some of their product, but it’s not like they have this machine that’s just cranking out millions of dollars, and they just need leads, and it’s all perfect. 

So anyways, they brought this up, and they were like, “So based on how we…” We were talking about how far does our team go with auditing a webinar, or looking at emails sequences, or reviewing a client’s funnel strategy when we are the Facebook ads team? And our team definitely, I believe, and have always believed since I started my company, that you can’t really have just Facebook ads without taking into consideration the marketing strategy. So where we would draw the line of saying, “We can’t audit your entire webinar and include it in your Facebook ads package, but we can give you suggestions for improving that sales conversion, and we need to do that because the Facebook ads is impacted by the sales conversion.” But it got me thinking as I was talking to them, and I started telling them, “We can say that we want these clients who have this whole backend already figured out, and they’re making sales, and all they need is leads, but that’s 5%, right, that that’s actually going to work out, because that’s not what marketing is about.”

So that’s what I want to talk about with you guys today, because I want you guys to understand, I realize that I have a very unique perspective. I get to see behind the scenes of 50 different companies at one time. I see my own company. I see the way that businesses work. It’s an incredible perspective that I have, and I sometimes take it for granted and forget that everybody doesn’t have that. You guys have your business’s perspective, maybe a few others because you have friends, or coaches, or whatever, but seeing behind the scenes. And I can tell you this 100%, there is not a single business who has ever been able to that I have seen, that I have read about, if you dig deeper in them you’ll realize this, that has been able to launch something and just achieve success out the gate. And I know people talk about this all the time. I know people are like, “There’s no such thing as the overnight success, and there’s no such thing as quick strategies that will work within weeks or within a month, and then it’s not true.”

I know there’s still people out there who maybe are trying to find that, but I know also my general audience is not thinking that they are this get rich, quick scheme people, or that they are expecting an overnight success. But I still think what people don’t realize is that marketing is going to always be about optimizing, pivoting, and adjusting, and that true marketers and true business owners who either hire out their marketing, or they are supporting with their marketing, accept that as a fact, and step into it fully, and step into that fact of we’re always going to be improving. We’re always going to be optimizing. Marketing is not about finding a magic formula where, “Okay, once we get this is working exactly, and then the Facebook ads are working exactly, and then the sales page is working exactly, and then our webinars working, then it’s just going to work forever.”

Unfortunately, that is not the reality, and you’re always going to need to be looking at numbers and saying, “Where can we do things better? Maybe we need a fresh webinar title. Maybe we need new ad creative.” And if you can’t think that way, or your marketing team can’t think that way, you’ll be left behind. So I know that a lot of people realize marketing is not an overnight success, but what I don’t think people realize is that they are still going after this success of coasting, that once they get to this place, whatever they have in their head, then they won’t have to fill in the blank, whatever it is for them, make a new funnel, rerecord their webinar, write emails, make new ads, whatever that is.

The reality is that yes, you will. And it might not be the same thing at each level, but you’re never going to coast. If you’re coasting in your business, you’re not growing. And so true marketing is about actually having something go out, and you launch a campaign, or you launch a new funnel, or you launch a new offer, whatever it is, put it out there into the world, and it doesn’t work perfectly. And then where the marketing skill, and brilliance, and fun comes in is taking that information, and then optimizing it, and adjusting it, and pivoting where you need to. There is absolutely no way that you can launch a new campaign or you can launch a new offer and get it perfect out of the gate. And with that, there’s also no way you will ever reach a point where you have nothing you can do to improve your marketing.

If you do, you’re not growing, because there’s constantly going to be initiatives you can take to optimize, to pivot, and to adjust. Whether that’s your Facebook ads, your sales funnel, your strategy as a whole, adding in down-sells or upsells, increasing your average cart value, it’s so many possibilities. And what you have to do as marketers, or as somebody who’s helping guide the marketing in your company, is you have to take the numbers that are coming back as you put out, either organic, or paid, or both content and strategies, and then you have to decide where is the best resources spent in optimizing and improving this? And then you go and do it, and you just continue to do that again. 

Now, ideally you build a marketing team who does this for you. As a CEO you really shouldn’t be doing this all the time, but if you think that your company is going to reach a place where you don’t have to do any work with your marketing, I want to shatter that for you, because it’s not true. And I think, unfortunately, in the digital marketing space, a lot of people believe that. And again, I don’t think it’s as cut and dry as they believe the overnight success, but I think, unfortunately, there are some successful influencers out there who portray this idea that it’s easy. And that drives me crazy, because it really… A business as a whole is not easy. What we do as CEOs and entrepreneurs is one of the hardest things, 90% plus of the population cannot do what we’re doing as CEOs.

So for someone to go out and promote this idea that launching a funnel, and launching ads, and I’m not talking about one specific person, this is all over digital marketing because it’s attractive, and people are like, “Oh, I want easy money.” And so it attracts customers, and so that’s why they do it. And I think they’ve convinced themselves that it is that easy, but they’ve forgotten where they came from, and how they built their business, and that they have a massive team driving all of their marketing efforts.

So this idea that I can go out there and just launch a funnel, and launch a campaign, and get a product, and I don’t even have to be an expert at the product, I just need to get it out there and just try, and you’re just one funnel, and you’ll create that success in business, and be able to sit back and create that success. And they promote these case studies and stories that look like that is what happened, but I know some of those case studies, and that is not what happened. What they’re not talking about is the years of struggle before that success. And this is the most important part, the current amount of work going into this success. Never does a business just launch something and it’s easy. If business was easy like that, then everybody would do it.

So true marketing, and I should say true business, is about the optimizing, the pivoting, and the adjusting. And it’s about who can do that the best. What business owner can do that the best, and the most efficient, and strategic, and aggressive with the pivoting and adjusting? That doesn’t mean changing something every single day. That means, like I said, having numbers, having data, having intel, allowing that to tell you what could use improvement, looking at that as opportunity, and then having the willpower and the focus to say, “We’re going to only fix these things. We’re not going to launch three new funnels, change our webinar, completely change our offer and change the price all at once. We’re going to look at what’s going to move the needle the most, and optimize, and pivot, and adjust that. And marketing is going to be a game of constantly doing that.

You will never reach the finish line of pivoting, and adjusting, and optimizing your ads, because that’s so exciting, right? There’s always opportunity. There’s always opportunity to improve and grow. And I want you guys to shift your perspective. If you were in the boat where you’re looking for an easy way, you’re looking for an easy funnel, an easy marketing strategy that doesn’t require work. Whether it’s you doing the work or a marketing team, I’m not saying you have to sit there and do the work all day. I don’t spend much time on my own marketing. I’m a 100% in content creation, and team management, and leadership, but I have three full-time marketing members and an ads manager that supports with my marketing, and they are doing a ton of work. It’s not that anyone is sitting back, and our team… So bringing it back to this leadership conversation, that’s what I brought up, as I said, “You guys, the clients that we want are always going to be the ones who don’t have something perfectly set up, because it doesn’t exist. You can always find room for improvement.”

True marketing comes from, can you do that? Can the person marketing or the strategies, can they come in and analyze something, come up with actionable items to go and change, and adjust, and implement, whether it’s the Facebook ads or the sales funnel, and then go execute those, and then do it again? And go on that cycle of test, and refine, and repeat, and understand there is no finish line. The goal is not to cross the finish line. The goal is to scale. The goal is to increase your spend and your efforts, and ultimately increase your revenue with that increase, but with that will come a new host of problems. As you scale, it will come a new problem that you see. You need to put out more ad creative. You need to change your webinar title. You need to update your sales page. You need to put more content out there, whatever it is that you need to do, but the goal with marketing is not to reach a finish line. The goal with marketing is to constantly be improving and growing.

Let’s get rid of the idea that successfully marketing in a business, and having a business consistent increase the traffic and the leads and sales it’s getting is easy, and you’re just this magic formula, one funnel away. And I’m just going to say, I’m not calling out Russell Brunson. I know I say, “One funnel way,” and I associate that with him. He definitely does this in his marketing, but so do a lot of other people. A lot of other influencers out there who, whether they realize it or not, promote this idea that they just need to create one webinar, or one funnel, or one campaign, and hit the magic formula, and then you’ll create that success, and that’s not what it’s about. And I am tired of seeing entrepreneurs think they’re failing because that’s not their reality, and think that they should either change their whole business or give up because they didn’t achieve that yet.

Again, that is not the end goal. And even the people promoting that, I can tell you because I see behind the scenes of these businesses, even the people promoting that, that is not what they’re doing. And the thing is they probably don’t realize it. So I don’t think they’re doing this on purpose, but you have to remember you guys that these big influencers, they have whole marketing teams that are handling the problems, that are optimizing their strategies, and that are figuring out how to test, refine, and repeat. Those big influencers are not seeing the day to day of that.

I have a unique perspective because I own a marketing agency, I see the day to day that, but what’s happened is there’s smaller CEOs who don’t have a team, so they are managing a lot of their marketing, or they are heavily involved in their marketing. And so they feel like something’s wrong because they have to do the optimizing and the testing. And where the fun and the magic comes in with marketing is truly the most rewarding strategies that I think, and case studies, and examples are actually when it wasn’t working to start, and you were able to turn it into a converting funnel. And then from there continue to refine it, because that shows and that proves my core value of marketing always works, it’s just a matter of when. Because if we think marketing and successfully growing a business is about a magic formula, well, then it’s not going to always work, then anybody can’t do it if you don’t have the magic formula.

The magic formula doesn’t exist. Marketing is a process. Marketing is a game of optimizing, pivoting, and adjusting constantly with no finish line. And if that sounds exhausting, you’re going to need a team, and you will have a team someday to support you with that, but that’s why companies have that. And so don’t look at CEOs, and influencers, and messages out there that tell you it’s a magic formula, whether straightforward telling you that, or subconsciously telling you that with their messaging. They’re doing that, obviously, because it’s a sexy message. We want something that’s very easy, but if it was easy everybody would be doing it. So the game, and the magic, and true marketing comes from optimizing, pivoting, adjusting, improving constantly, and always doing that, never ending with that. And that’s what all the successful business owners are doing, whether they realize it or not, that is the reality.

So check yourself, check your business, and get excited about it. It’s exciting, because again, it means anyone can achieve success. Anyone listening to this, there is nothing stopping you from creating the level of success, the level of marketing strategy that you want to create as long as you commit to this, that’s all you have to do. No, it’s not going to be easy. I’m not going to tell you it’s going to be easy. It’s going to be work. It’s going to take discipline, and focus, and constant refinement, and sometimes it’s going to feel hard, but it’s when you push through those hard moments that you get on the other side, and you get the reward when 95% of other people don’t. So I want to see that for you guys. Thanks so much for listening today. I’ll see you guys next time.

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