If I were to ask you over a cup of coffee what your business was the BEST in the world at doing, would you have a clear, concise answer?

If YOU’RE not clear on this, neither is your audience – which means you aren’t converting them as effectively as you could be!

In today’s episode of the Not For Lazy Marketers Podcast, I’m challenging you to run everything you do in your company through the lens of “what am I the best in the world at?”

I guarantee that if you can find that clarity and ensure everything you do aligns with that, it will instantly improve your:

  • Marketing
  • Messaging
  • Delivery of your product/service
  • And make your business stand out from the crowd!

After tuning in, tag me on Instagram (@emilyhirsh) and share in one sentence what YOUR business is the best in the world at.

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Emily Hirsh:

Hello everybody. Welcome back to the podcast. I hope you guys are doing fabulous. We are well past halfway through this year, quarter three, which is wild. I am feeling so excited. I shared this in a past episode, but we reset all of our annual goals starting in July. So we do annual planning in June and reset them in July so we don’t have to do massive annual planning around Christmas time. I’m just feeling really excited. I have a bigger executive team this time around who contributed to the planning and the resetting of numbers. We’re going to bring even more emphasis on those annual goals. So new annual goals, new quarterly goals, new monthly goals. I love resetting goals. I feel like I spend a lot of my time planning and setting goals, but it’s really so essential for success and keeping everybody on track and working on what’s the most critical to the business. I love that kind of renewed feeling halfway through the year. We’ve now done two years of annual planning this way and I love it. 


Today I’m talking about what is your company best in the world at? This is a lens I’ve been looking at everything in my business for the last several months through. I think it’s really powerful. This might be a shorter episode, but I want to challenge you to look at your business this way. So let’s talk about what I mean here and how this can show up. 


First of all, if I were to ask you over a cup of coffee, what are you best in the world at, and not you individually, but what is your company best in the world at? What are you known for? What do you want to be known for? What can do better than anybody else out there different and people should come and work with you and your brand because of that? It’s also known as your unique selling point, but I think that even goes deeper. What are you best in the world at? I recently sat down and brainstormed this for my company, and then I’m starting a new company. I started out brainstorming that there are competitors for sure with my new company, but here’s why we’re different and here’s what we are going to be best in the world. So, first of all, answering that question I think is really powerful. I would encourage you to sit down and spend 20 minutes just reflecting on what is your company best in the world at? It really shouldn’t be complicated. 


What we’re best in the world at is creating profitable, digital marketing strategies, period. That means it’s the actual strategy, it’s the ads, it’s the brand awareness, it’s the messaging, it’s all in one, but that is what we’re the best in the world at. It’s specific to digital marketing strategies. So one, brainstorming that, but then the second piece is asking yourself once you know what that is, is it obvious to somebody who sees your brand that that’s what you’re best in the world at? Are you loud enough with that? Are you loud enough in making sure that people know you are best in the world in this? If somebody goes to your Instagram, or somebody sees your ad, or they’re subscribed to your email list, or your podcast, or your blog, or they watch your videos, will they know from that video, from that podcast ,or whatever it is that you are best in the world at that? That you are an expert in that? Will they know that from just that piece of content?


Or is it obvious as a whole that that’s what you’re best in the world at? If somebody comes into contact with your brand, will they know that? If the answer is no, how do you improve that? How do you make that louder? How do you make that more obvious? How do you make that more clear to your audience, or to your potential audience? Once you have that clear and once you ask yourself is this obvious to somebody who sees my brand, now you can take this lens and you can look at it in several different ways. That’s what I want to share of what our team and myself have been doing recently. 


First of all, you’d think that this is just relevant to the outside and marketing, but it’s also so relevant to your delivery, especially if you are a service business. I talked about this a little bit in my five lessons podcasts for the 300th episode, but especially if you are a service business, it’s really easy to expand and start with that. You offer this one service and then start adding on more things, and that doesn’t necessarily mean more packages or more of one thing. That’s not always a bad thing to add a new package, we’ve added new packages, mostly because we want to categorize people with where they’re at in their business to have an offer for them. It more means trying to expand. 


Here’s an example. We’ve had many conversations on the types of businesses that we work with because there might be one type of business that we primarily work with that’s like 80-90% of our roster. Then if there’s another type that’s only 10% of our roster, all of the systems and communication and components that are required to go and serve that new type of business breaks the flywheel or breaks the chain and the smoothness of your delivery. So if you look at your delivery, whether that’s a course, or a product, or a service like ours, are you only doing what you’re the best in the world at? Or have you added things because you thought that will make you more money or somebody requested it? 


There’s going to be a lot of times somebody might request that you do something, or say, “I wish that you would do this,” and you do it because of that feedback, when it’s not really the best decision.  Here’s an example. Southwest Airlines is known for being the low-fare airline, right? An employee went to, I think it’s Herb Kelleher is the CEO, or was. I think he still is, but at least was the CEO of Southwest. It was like, “customers are requesting that we add chicken salads to our planes.” If you weren’t clear on what you’re the best in the world at, what you want to be known for, if he wasn’t clear on that, he might’ve been like, “oh, well that’s a good idea. Let’s add that in and try it out because customers are requesting that.” But he said no because we are the low-fare airline. We can’t add in chicken salads and still be the low-fare airline. It’s not because he was being cheap, it’s because they are best at being the low-fare airline, that’s still not Spirit. It’s Southwest. It’s still a nice experience, but they take out those extras because they want to be able to charge what they charge, which is less than Alaska United.


Knowing that allows you to make those decisions when a customer, or a team member, or a coach tells you should be doing this. For me, I’ve been told for the last year and a half I should be adding YouTube ads or Google ads. I’ve had clients request that we do that. We may add that at some point, but right now in the current day, and for this past year, that has not been our focus because we are best in the world at Facebook and Instagram right now for digital marketing strategies. We need to perfect that and have this space. It doesn’t mean never add those things, but only adding them if they line up with your actual value and they line up with your whole goal for your brand as a whole. 


What I’m getting at is with your delivery, with your product. So this is even relevant if you have a physical product, an e-commerce store, it could be really easy to try and add 25 products because you think people are requesting them, or because they want them. When does that spread you so thin that you can’t have the best in the world of a core set of products? An example could be, let’s say you are a skincare product. If you have every skincare product possible that you can think of, lotion, deodorant, face cream, bodywash, all those things, can you actually create those all incredible and the best out there, or do you have to start with a core three products maybe that you can actually make the best and then expand? 


This is truly relevant to your, I say delivery, but it’s your product. It’s your service. It’s the actual component. Are you only doing what you’re the best in the world at, or is there room for you to strip away things that have gotten added on, because somebody said you should do it? I almost can guarantee that that has happened. I know it’s happened to me and it’s hard to filter those things out when that happens. 


The next point of this is the way you structure what you’re selling and simplifying that. That means that you are probably going to have people who want you to do more, or sell something different, or have a recommendation and you’re saying no to it. That’s because you are the visionary and you’re seeing the power of putting all of your effort and your company’s resources into a core offer, or core set of products that can be the best in the world.


The other way this comes across as in your overall marketing, your messaging, and your branding. Being very clear as a company at what you’re the best in the world at is going to drive all of your messaging, it’s going to drive your strategy, it’s going to drive your ad copy. It will drive your emails. It will drive how you show up with your audience and all of that. Being clear on that will then help you. So now when we look at our social media, we look at our ad copy, and what we’re doing, we’re even simplifying our marketing because of this, what do we want to be known for? Which led us to saying we’re going to have only one funnel. This is what people want the most. This is what we want to be known for. And yes, we have the ability as a team to do four funnels and all of these things, because I’ve got three full-time marketing people on my team, but can we be the best when we do that? Is that showing very clearly what we’re the best at to our audience and our potential audience?


Once you’re clear at what you’re the best in the world at and you’re clear on that in terms of your actual delivery and offers that you’re selling, then that translates over to your marketing, because then you can run everything you put out, whether it’s a webinar, or a sales page, or an email, or an ad, you can run it through the filter of is this obvious just from this what my company is the best in the world at? 


I guarantee if you do that it will allow you to stand out from the noise because industries and markets and niches are just getting more saturated. The way out of that is not saying don’t target that industry anymore, or don’t do webinars. I just did a rant on this a while ago because someone was like, “do webinars still work? Because I heard that there’s so many webinars that they don’t even work anymore.” Yes, they still work, but you have to be the best. You have to have the best webinar. You have to have the best webinar title, the most compelling offer for somebody to come to your webinar. They still work. There’s just more competition. So you can use that as an excuse to bounce and go try something new, which there aren’t a lot of different strategies at its core that you can use, or you can use it as a challenge to be the best.


Anything that feels oversaturated, or too hard, or too competitive for you to stand out, you WILL stand out if you’re clear at what you’re the best at, if you are clear on what your company and your brand is the best in the world at, you know that you’re better than all the other companies out there. You should be able to put out content, or email your list, or post out on social media, or have some interaction with your brand and know that your ideal customer would not have a better interaction with another brand because you’ve put 110% into that. 


So to summarize: Step one, spend some time brainstorming and clarifying the simple, that’s important too, the simple way to define what your company is best in the world at. I say simple because sometimes people think, “in order to define that, I have to have a five paragraph essay about what I’m the best in the world at and back it up with claims, and talk more in detail about it.” That’s not necessary. Really simple and clear is important. For me, I said we are best in the world at digital marketing strategies for companies. It sounds a little bit boring, but if I was like, “and doing funnels and paid ads,” yes, it’s all true. Just like Southwest is like, “we are the low-fare airline,” a lot can be interpreted into that. But it’s very clear. What are you the best in the world at? 


Then ask yourself, if I were to look at my brand now and all the ways that somebody can interact with my brand, is it obvious to them what I’m the best in the world at? If someone saw my brand today, if they came into contact with my social media page, or they joined my email list, would they know what I’m the best in the world at? Then you can take that once you have it defined and once you know what direction you need to go in making it clear, and you can go look at your offer, and you can look at what you’re selling and how you’re structuring that, and how you’re delivering to customers and clients. Then you can look at your overall marketing messaging and your brand and the way that you show up. It will answer a lot of questions. 


This might take a few months, a quarter, to really run everything through that, but I’m all about that simple, focused strategy and direction. This will make it so your team, your customers, your audience, and yourself, so many questions are answered when this is clear. All right everybody, I hope you enjoyed today’s episode. I hope you go really question this in your business. Think about it, dive a little deeper, let me know what you find and I’ll talk to you next time.