For the longest time, other entrepreneurs have asked if I offer an exclusive one on one coaching program.

It’s something that I’ve been dreaming about for years now, and this month, I finally decided to make it happen.

I opened up space for three spots for my exclusive coaching offer, and filled every single one and brought in an additional $45k for my business… in just FOUR days.

And surprisingly, it required very little effort from my team and I.

In today’s episode, I’m diving into the exact strategy that I used to successfully sell out this offer with as little time and energy as possible.

But there’s a catch.

The ONLY reason that this offer was so successful was because I… 

Well, you’ll just have to tune in to find out what I’ve done over the last six years that made this simple strategy so effective.

Spoiler alert: Not just anyone can pull this off.

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Emily Hirsh:

Hello everybody. Happy week, I hope you guys are having a great one. Thanksgiving is next week. I can’t believe it. I feel like I say that so many times. I have so much happening and I actually have been working a little bit on the weekends for three hours, because I don’t know if you’ve done that before, but you get so much done when nobody else is online. I had intentions this last weekend to work and get stuff done, but it didn’t happen. My weekend became all about, as it should be, my kids and my family. I was just telling a team member today, with three young kids, my weekends. She was like, “how was your weekend?” I was like, “it was good, it was very busy chasing kids.” And you don’t really do anything productive, but that’s okay because going for a hike and the farmer’s market and cleaning up after them all weekend, as they played and run around the house, like crazy is the season I’m in. I love it and I’m here for it, but I sometimes have these intentions of like, “I’m going to organize this, I’m going to get all this done this weekend.” It’s like two full days of no plans is so much time to be productive, and then that goes all out the window once the weekend starts. 

Anyways, I’m very excited for today’s episode. I am talking about how I generated $45K in additional revenue in four days. I want to first say, as a marketer, there’s a lot of people out there that would have a headline of like, “how I generated $45K in four days with no ads and no sales calls,” because that’s what I did. I’m going to share how, but I want to also say that I’m going to give you guys the full picture, the reality behind this, because it’s really misleading to say, “okay, now you can go replicate exactly what I did.” I’m going to explain all this why, but I think that the important thing here is for you guys to understand how I’m a different marketer than most. Where usually, when you hear like, “how I generated X amount in X amount of days and it was so easy, I barely had to do anything,” there’s way more to the story than just how they did that, right? There’s a lot of buildup and contributing factors and things that matter. So I’m going to share those with you, and of course you can definitely replicate strategies I used, but there’s a reason why I was able to do this. That reason is my warm audience, and the fact that I play the long game all the time in my strategy. 

So backing up a little bit, I’ve been thinking about for the last couple of months, probably three months, about opening up like a coaching opportunity with me. A lot of people ask me, “do you do one-on-one coaching?” I have a lot of agency owners who specifically are looking for support and direction from me to be able to do what I’ve done in growing my agency, while removing myself from the day-to-day growing a team, the marketing side of things, like a deep dive. I have a gift where, and I’ve like recently was able to exercise this through a bonus that we did where people got a 30 minute call with me, coaching call, for free. It was part of our offer. It was included as a bonus if you signed up by this time. I love getting on a call and having an entrepreneur come to me with like, here’s my problems, here’s my struggles. It’s the craziest thing, but instantly I start to see how these puzzle pieces can fit together and how to solve the problem.

I just love it, and it’s a gift of mine to sit down and someone to say, “hey, here’s all my problems, and here’s what I’m trying to accomplish. What should I do?” And it just like, boom, boom, boom comes to me. I used to exercise this when I would do client strategy calls, which I don’t do anymore because we have strategists, but I like using that part of my brain. I think I have a gift for it and I could deliver a lot of value to businesses. I decided after thinking about it for several months and making sure that I was in a place where I had the time to commit to it, I decided to open up a mentorship where I took on three businesses that got six total coaching calls with me through a 90 day period, unlimited Voxer support, and then access to some of our team resources. So pretty casual, but where I’m getting to really go deep with these companies on their marketing, on their strategy, on their operations, on their team, building on their processes, like anything that they needed. 

I decided to open up this mentorship, and the previous Friday, I was like, “I’m going to do it. Now’s a good time because it’s before black Friday, it’s before this thing we’re launching in December. Then my software is launching in January.” If I was going to do it in the next three months, this was the time to kind of open it up it from a marketing standpoint. So I decided to do it and I was like, “I’m going to keep this super casual.” The way I did it was I literally just posted on Instagram and posted on Facebook, and then I sent out two emails, but I basically linked to the post with all the information, like the post was the email. The way that people applied is they just DM’d me a keyword, and then we chatted via DM’s. I was able to sell all three spots in four days and I charged $15K, so that’s $45K in revenue, and all through the DM’s. I didn’t do a call. I would have jumped on a call if somebody really wanted to, but it was enough back and forth in the DM’s to talk through with people what they needed and where their business was at. 

I was very strict and intentional with the businesses I wanted to take on. I wanted to make sure that they were at a certain level. I wanted to make sure that the problems they were experiencing was something that I obviously felt really confident I could solve based on my experience and my knowledge. I wanted to make sure that it made sense from a revenue standpoint for them. So we talked through those types of questions. I answered their questions about the mentorship and was able to sell all three in the DM’s. No sales page, obviously no ads, it was just straight to an order form. Casual, right? Because I’m taking only three people and going to go really deep with them.

But the lesson in this is number one, sharing with you that this is possible that I decided I was going to do this and I don’t recommend just coming up with new offers all the time. That’s absolutely not what I recommend, but there is something to say for one-on-one, intimate access to you, if you are experienced and have that knowledge that people want access to, and in a very high touch way is one of the best ways to make in sell high ticket, right? Obviously it’s not scalable. I could not sell a hundred of these, or even 10 of these and have the time to deliver because I don’t have the time to do that. If I wanted to build an entire coaching business, I could, but I don’t want that. I just want a few businesses to be able to invest my time in and to really support on a deep level, and so that’s what I created now. 

This is the thing, a lot of people out there would create this headline, would create these ads and tell you “how I made $45K in four days with no ads, no sales page, no funnel, no sales calls, all these things, right? And I did do that. I did create this success without having any of those assets, but the only reason why I was able to do that was because I have an incredibly loyal following of people who were waiting for this, who jumped on it when it became an opportunity. How I have built that loyal following of people is I have been very intentional with delivering value for the last six years. All of these people who signed up for the mentorship have known me for over a year. They followed me for over a year. They’ve consumed my content. One of them was like, “I just was asking your team like a couple of months ago if you offer something like this,” and he jumped on it. I was only able to do this because I had built that following, which comes from playing the long game, consistently delivering value, consistently showing up, consistently building that warm audience, investing time, investing resources in my company all around this. That is what made this possible. 

So you can’t say like, “oh, I have a magic strategy that was able to make me $45K in additional revenue in four days with none of these things, because I have some magic strategy.” No. My magic strategy is that I built my warm audience. That’s the first piece. There’s two components that’s my magic strategy. The first piece is that I built my warm audience and I was able to really consistently do that, and that will continue to pay off. The other thing to note on your warm audiences is that it’s invaluable to have a warm audience, to have a list, to have a following, to have people who consume your content that you consistently put out is invaluable. 

I’ve said this before and here’s why, is because if anything ever changes in your industry and let’s say your offer becomes irrelevant, or it’s not as helpful anymore, or your business is not doing as well because your offer isn’t selling as well. As long as you have an audience that you can go talk to about what they want and what they need in your industry, in your expertise, you can always create an offer to serve that, as long as you can, of course, deliver on it. But that means, and if you look at business, like most businesses have to make pivots and adjustments to their offer, but as long as they have a warm audience, it doesn’t matter what happens, you’re always able to serve that person and create the offer that they need. So the first key in how I was able to do this is because of my warm audience. I was able to add that additional $45K in revenue, sell these mentorships easily with really no marketing backend besides having an audience to reach out. 

Now, the second piece though, is that it was a really good offer. I am offering it for a price, I’ll probably never offer it again, like most people charge about $25K or more for this. People I know who have the same level of expertise for me had a similar exact offer to this in terms of structure of coaching and Voxer support, and were charging $25K plus for it. So it was at a very good value and it was a very good offer. It was the only way to get one-on-one access to me. I was going to go really deep in your business. I guarantee all three of these businesses who have come in and signed up for this are going to see incredible results as we bring this in and I start going deep with them. So if you have a warm audience, you’ve invested in the resources around that, and you have an incredible offer that solves their problem, that helps them with what they need, you can’t go wrong. Those are the pillars of your marketing that allow you to do things like this.

So I guess what I want to share here is there’s a lot of people out there who will sell you on, “how I did this without ads,” or “how I did this in two hours a week of time,” or “how I did this with no sales funnel or no sales call,” or whatever it is that they’re selling. And they probably did do it, so it’s legit that they did it. But at the end of the day, most of the contributing factors that go into something that is successful like that really center around, do you have a warm audience of people that you’ve built trust with and do you have a good offer? So your messaging, your offer, that foundational piece that I talk about so much, that’s what makes things like this possible. 

So the next time that you hear somebody say that, and you’re like, “I want to do that,” I want you to dig a little deeper and ask yourself, “what has allowed them leading up to this to be successful? Do they have really good messaging? Is their offer really irresistible? Have they done the work around that? Are they listening to their audience?” Because I can guarantee you the answer is yes. So when you look at your marketing, this is also why I say every single month, your marketing should be an expense that’s non-negotiable. You should be putting back in to your marketing, building your list, building your warm audience, and understanding that a portion of that budget that you’re putting back in is going to pay off later. So many businesses are like, “I need the immediate return.” 

And absolutely you want to get your ad spend profitable, to three X return on ad spend is our average. You can get there. That is possible with a good strategy, but you have to know that yes, you can get there and you also are able to continually capitalize on your efforts in the years to come. So in the beginning, let’s say you’re breaking even on your marketing strategy, but you’re building your list, and you’re building your warm audience, and you’re moving in the right direction and getting it to profitability. You’re moving in the right direction. That is reality. That is good, and you will be able to continually make those things pay off in the future if you do it right. 

So you have to go into marketing with also the longterm investment in mind, the long-term investment of your time, in building a warm audience, and your money and resources, and building that warm audience, meaning your list, your audience, people watching your videos, just engaging with your brand, your overall following, and the value in having that consistency, because you don’t know exactly how it’s going to pay off. I think two out of three of these people who signed up for the mentorship, like I said, they’ve been following me for over a year, but they originally saw me from an ad. I would never have known that two or three years ago when they originally came on my list and said, “oh, they’re going to be worth $15K, because they’re going to buy this.” That’s not the way it works. You have to have that long game. 

So in summary, that’s how I added $45K in revenue in four days with seriously minimal effort. It was DM’s and an order form. That is as easy as it gets to generate that revenue, but I’m not going to sit here and say, “well, you can go do it too and it’s super easy,” because the reason I was able to do that was all of the work and the effort I have continually put into growing my brand that allowed me to have that opportunity. I’ll have more opportunities like this. Who knows, maybe in three months from now, I’ll open it up again. Who knows. Black Friday, we’re going to have a new offer that we haven’t sold before. I was like, “it’ll be a low price product, but I’ll be able to sell that and I will have very little ad spend with that because we’re going to put it out to our warm audience.” So I’m able to benefit from that. And so that means for you, you have to ask yourself, “are you consistently putting resources, time and money into growing your list and growing warm audiences?” Because if you can do that, you will have a priceless asset. Like I said, no matter what happens, you’ll always be able to bring that success, to be successful with that. 

Then the second piece is at the end of the day, if you have a really great offer for a price that is like, I’m gonna get, you know, I put in my post, “if you don’t get five times your investment, I’ll refund you,” because I believe and I know all of them are going to get five times their investment because I’m going to give so much throughout these 90 days with them. My offer was a no-brainer because if they were the right fit and they make that investment, I’m going to make it worth five times or more what they paid. At the end of the day, nothing is going to work if your offer isn’t right. Sometimes that means going back to the drawing board, talking to your audience, figuring out what exactly they want, or what you have and where it’s missing the mark. Sometimes that’s where the answer is because you can have the best marketing ever and get leads and build an audience, but if you’re not selling them what they want, you’re still going to have a disconnect. If you’re not selling them an offer that is incredible, that is a no brainer for them, you still will have that disconnect. 

So those two things allowed me to be able to do this. That’s the realistic view of how marketing works. When somebody presents you with, “it was so easy and I barely had to work,” well, I’ve worked a ton to grow my warm audience over the last six years and be consistent with my content and push through times that are maybe harder and shown up, even when I didn’t want to show up. That is the reward because I’m able to do something like this, and I have earned it that right with my audience and that trust with my audience, and therefore, I’m able to do that. But I wouldn’t be able to do that if I just decided tomorrow with no audience, “I’m going to copy a so-and-so’s strategy and copy their post about a mentorship and have the same offer and just put it out there.” It wouldn’t work if I didn’t have those pieces in play.

So hopefully you guys found this helpful, or it maybe got you thinking about what actions and things are you doing right now in your business to invest in that long game, to invest in the consistency of growing your list and all of your warm audiences, in your following and build that trust, and put out that value. Because if you do that, you can’t go wrong. And you pair that with having an incredible offer that people can’t say no to that you’re serving your audience with, you can’t go wrong. You will 100% be successful, wildly successful, if you can do those two things. All right, everybody, thanks so much for tuning in. I hope you guys found this helpful, and I’ll talk to you next time.