What’s the number one component of your marketing that MOST business owners either:

A) Completely look over

B) Believe think they’ve NAILED it when, in reality, they haven’t even come close


Now when I say messaging, I mean your ability to connect and attract your audience and leads, and ultimately convert them into sales.

That shows up as ad copy, as content ideas, as videos, as social media posts, as emails – just about everywhere you can think.

Messaging is in Every. Single. Piece. of your marketing.

That is why without messaging that is 100% dialed in, you will not have successful marketing.

Worry not my friends.

In today’s episode of the Not For Lazy Marketers Podcast, I’m diving into two keys that will instantly improve your messaging AND generate more leads and sales for your business!

Master your messaging, and you’ll master your marketing.

Tune in to find out exactly how to do it!

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Emily Hirsh:


Hello everybody, happy week. I hope you guys are having a good one, and for my friends in the U.S. that the week is a little lighter, and you’re going to take some time with family this week for Thanksgiving. I am traveling and I’m like 50-50 on excited slash completely dreading it because we fly out on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and then back on the Sunday after. I’m like, “I’m pretty sure they say those are the worst days to travel of the whole year, so why are we doing this again?” I kind of wish that we went early and just were staying there and I could work, but I don’t know what we were thinking. Now I’m like, I low key want to cancel my trip just because I don’t want to travel. I want to just get there, but I don’t want to go through the crowds and the chaos of the crazy days. So I’m not looking forward to that with three kids and all of our crap that we have to bring when we travel, but I am looking forward to getting to the destination and being with my family for the holiday. So I don’t know, I think it’s going to be a rough travel because I think there’s a lot more people traveling this year compared to last year. So it’s going to be intense


Today, we’re talking about messaging in a unique way. This is definitely a core foundational topic that I feel like really needs to be talked about frequently to remind you guys, because this is a theme and something that I see happen with a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners in their marketing that they just forget, or they are oblivious to the fact that they’re not doing this. It’s kind of twofold. So what I’m going to talk about are the two most important things you can do to improve your messaging. And when I say messaging, I mean your ability to connect and attract your audience and leads. 


That shows up as ad copy, as content ideas, as videos, as social media posts, as emails, as webinar titles, as sales page copy, it shows up everywhere. Messaging is in every piece of your marketing, and you’ve heard me probably say this a hundred times if you’re a frequent follower, you can’t have success without dialed in messaging. Master your messaging and you’ll master your marketing. This is also where most people have the most amount of work to do and where the holes are. So if you go do the work, you will be more steps closer to success in your business and with your marketing. 


So the first piece that I want to talk about is really checking yourself and your overall understanding, and content, and description of what your audience wants versus needs. I recently was helping one of our students, and actually this also came up with one of the business owners that I’m mentoring too and I know he’ll probably listen to this podcast, so shout you out. But this came up here to really business owners who have created success, they are making money, they’re profitable, they are in the six figures of their business, they still need to do this work, and that comes down to our understanding, but also our communication of what our audience wants versus needs. 


So what happens is you guys are all experts at what you do. You’re experts in your industry, you live and breathe what you do, and that changes the way you talk about the problem you solve. Most of the time, in different industries, the way that you feel is you’ll say, “well, everybody wants X, Y, Z, but what they really need is this so I’m going to stand out by talking about what they need.” But the problem with that is they don’t want that, and they don’t even know that they need that. So that has to be happening on the backend that you are talking about what your audience needs. It’s fine to give somebody a different solution to their problem on the backend, using your methods, using your process, using whatever skill background that you have, but you still can’t skip over needing to talk to what they want. 


The way that you do that is first, you have to get clear on what your audience wants. A way that you can do this is to continually ask why. So I’m actually going to use the example of the business owner I’m mentoring here. I asked this question in the intake form when we got started with our mentorship, and that was like, “tell me the number one problem that you solve for your clients or your customers. What do you offer as a business?” His response was, “I help real estate agents grow their brand,” I can’t remember the exact words, right? So then when we got on the call, I was like, are real estate agents coming to you and saying, “I need to grow my brand. I want to grow my brand.” And he’s like, “no, but they need to, because they think they need leads, and they think they need new clients, and they think they need these customers to work with clients,” I guess, is what real estate agents would call them, “they think they need that, but the way that they get that is they grow their brand.”  


I totally got what he was saying. He was saying, “they need to post really unique and authentic content, they need to get on TikTok, they need to sometimes get on YouTube, they need to stand out, they need to create that brand awareness to attract their clients. So they think they need just pure leads, but they actually need a solid brand.” I heard him and I was like, “yes, you are right, but what are they coming to you saying?” And he’s like, “oh, well, they’re coming to me saying that they need new clients.” So you have to tailor your marketing to that want. They want clients, they want leads, whatever that is. 


So the way that I helped him get there is okay, explain the brand piece. Now, why do they need that? And just kept asking the question, why until we got down to the simple, will they meet it because that’s how they’re going to get clients, okay? That is what they want, which means all of the front facing marketing that is being used to attract your audience and to attract new leads, needs to be centered around what they want.


I totally agreed with him and loved his thought process of it’s not a matter of just like get the leads and buy the leads and as simple as that, it’s a big picture strategy of you need to build a brand and you need to have solid content and we can help you with that content. That was what he did. But the problem he solved was not his business does not solve the problem of building a brand because no one goes, most people, at least don’t go around and say, I need to build a brand. They say, I need to get customers. I need to get leads. I need to make money. So that’s an example in the B2B space. And so a lot of times I feel like this is what happens, what our audience wants is really simple and kind of boring. And so what we do as entrepreneurs, we overcomplicate it and we’re like, well, I don’t want to sound like everybody else.


Or I’m so sick of everybody saying that they want this when that’s not really going to work. And so we overcomplicate it, but complicated messaging is never going to work. And so a lot of times the foundation core component of what your audience wants is really simple. Like if you’re targeting business owners, it’s sales, it’s more lates. It’s make more money, it’s grow their business. It’s time, freedom. Like those are all simple things. And you’re going to share that want with other companies you absolutely are. Now how you look at solving that problem. That’s where the uniqueness can come in on your messaging. Now, if you target business to consumers, let’s say in the health space, most of the time, what your audience wants is to lose weight or they want to have more energy, or they want to be able to achieve some goal like running a 5k or lift X amount of weights, or hit this level on their deadlift, whatever it is.


If you’re targeting moms, it’s they want to maybe be more motivated or they want to get their life back. You know, it’s simple. It is simple things that they want and people that that’s never going to change. There’s a root of what they want. And so you don’t want to over-complicate and be like, well, I don’t want to sound like everybody else who’s talking about weight loss, so I’m going to change what I’m saying and say, you don’t actually need to lose weight, you need to do this, but that’s not what they want. 


You still have to bring them in with what they want. That doesn’t mean the lie. It can mean being front facing with, Hey, I know you want to lose weight, but the traditional ways that you’ve tried to do that don’t work. Here’s why this is what you need.Instead, sign up for my free training, sign up for this opt-in et cetera. So you can still be, you can still be authentic and unique in that positioning. However, the important piece is that you still meet them with what they want and you meet that simple need that they think they need. Now, here’s the other thing with, this is what they need. They don’t know that they need that, and it’s okay, absolutely for you to give it on the backend, but you still have to talk to what they want. You can never get around that. And again, it is usually very simple what they want. 


The other piece of this is the importance of standing out from other people who have similar messaging. I think what happens is in marketing, we make the mistake of trying to stand out by over-complicating that want versus need. That’s not how you do it. How you do it is say, okay, I understand that you are my audience, and this is the base thing you want, more leads or sales, to lose weight, to be happier, to be healthier, whatever it is, like that is the base at the end of the day, if we just kept asking why to get to the bottom of it, that’s what they want right now. How I’m going to be different is in my methods and my viewpoint and my experience in how you get there. I’m still going to tell you that you’ll be able to get to that end result. But my way of getting there is different. That’s how I stand out. 


But let’s just take the weight-loss example. Okay. I’ve definitely had people who are like, “well, I am really against people wanting to lose weight because it’s not about that. It’s a mental shift that they need to make and they need to not focus on the scale, and instead they need to focus on their mindset and their habits.” Yes, that’s true, and if they go focus on their mindset and their habits, are they going to lose weight? Well, yeah, but that’s not the main focus, okay, but they’re still going to lose weight. They’re still going to get to their end goal. They’re still going to get to what they want. 


So that doesn’t mean that you don’t talk about it. It means that you say, Hey, I know you want to lose weight. I know that’s your goal. I know you’ve struggled with that in the past, fill in the blank to whatever your audience is feeling now, the way you’re going about it, that’s what’s wrong. So let me show you how to shift your mindset or shift your strategy or change the way you’re looking at it to get to that end result. 


Same thing with business. If someone comes to you and you say, let’s use my mentor student as an example, okay. Businesses, they need to stop being so focused on this is like his viewpoint. They need to stop being so focused on the clients that they need to get in the leads that they need to get, and instead they need to focus on building a brand, putting out valuable content, figuring out how to be on social media strategically. Okay. And if they do those things, if they put out valuable content and they’re on social media strategically, are they going to get more clients? Well, yeah, but that’s not their focus. Do you see where I’m going with that? So the end result is still achieving what they want, even if you’re trying to tell them to adjust their focus, but you still have to keep the focus on what they want or they’re going to be like, well, they can’t help me achieve what I want, I’m going to go to the other business. That’s too confusing. 


So that’s the first piece. And then the other example that I have is from an Ignite student in standing out. I was going back and forth in our Facebook group with someone on their webinar title, and actually she asked a question, she wasn’t asking about her webinar title, but I saw a disconnect in her messaging. And I was like, just out of curiosity, what is your webinar title? And she gave me her webinar titles and they were very, they sounded like everything else out there. So this is the opportunity to stand out is in our webinar title is in our positioning of our own business and our own brand and to not be afraid to say, Hey, how you were doing it or how the common way that’s being taught is happening isn’t working, and so this is what you need to do instead, and to be more bold and more direct in that place. That is how you stand out. 


So first, like if I was to break this down into a step-by-step process, first, you need to confirm that you are clear on what, what it is that your audience wants not needs in your expert opinion, but wants. And so if I was to sit down with you and ask you the question of what is the problem that you solve for your audience, for your customers, what is the one single problem that you solve? And then do you have an answer that correlates with what your audience wants, with what they are actually saying they want, with what they’re actually looking for when they’re scrolling social media, when they are talking to their friends? And again, it’s simple, more money, more leads, more sales or customers to lose weight, to be happier, to be healthier, to have a better relationship, etc. It is simple. That is okay for that to be simple. 


Now, the delivery and the vehicle for how they get there, that’s where your uniqueness comes in. That’s where you can focus in on now, how do I get them to that goal of what they want to that accomplishment in my own way, that stands out what makes me different, my experience, my methods, my background, all of those pieces. What makes me different than the other companies out there trying to help them achieve what they want? So the first step is getting clear on what they want. And the second thing is when you go to respond to that confirming that it’s actually using language that they are using and that they would say, or think as they’re scrolling social media, and then it’s figuring out your differentiation. 


So the other question I asked on this mentorship call was why you, why as a real estate agent, would I sign up to work with you? What makes you different? What are you calling out? And most entrepreneurs, when I say this, have something to say, they have a passion, they have an opinion, they have experience, and they’re like, they go off, right? This is like, when they start shining that level of confidence and clarity around what people are doing wrong and what they should do instead that needs to come out in your marketing while also still connecting it to what they want. If that makes sense. 


When I looked at this Ignite student’s webinar titles, it was like, I can’t remember exactly, but it was like how to scale your business online, or like how to make money with a simple one funnel, you know, things that it’s like you and a hundred other people are saying that. What makes you different? Why you? Why is your method going to work in creating that successful online business? And what she specialized in was having an evergreen, single funnel, convert sales automatically. Okay. There are a lot of people teaching that. That’s why I pushed her. I was like, you’re in a highly competitive place, and so your messaging in terms of your webinar title and the way you’re attracting people is absolutely critical because you’ve got to stand out. And so what makes you different? Why an intra and trying to pull out like agitating them almost of like, why is everybody else teaching it doing it wrong? Tr why haven’t they achieved that result yet? That usually triggers responses and that response. 


So if I was asking you that of, okay, let’s first, what’s the problem your business solves? You answer that. We get it on the same page of this is what your audience wants. This is what they’re saying they want, and they would connect with what they want, not what you think they want. Not what you’re like, “well, you need to want this,” what they actually want. Then if I was to say, now, what makes you different? What makes you better? What makes you stand out? Why haven’t they actually achieved it yet? If you’ve got the clear statement of what they want, why haven’t they achieved it, what’s missing from them, and then that answer that comes out of you, that should highlight your unique background, your unique expertise, your unique viewpoint, your unique solution, whatever it is, and that needs to come out in your marketing while being connected to what they want.


So go through those few questions and really look, now I want you to go back to and go look at your social media, go look at your ads if you’re running them, go look at your webinar title if you have one, go look at your emails, and I want you to ask yourself, am I speaking to what my audience wants? And am I clearly articulating why I’m different? And that means that you probably need to call out the reasons why they haven’t achieved that result yet, the industry standards of why they haven’t achieved that, that is going to get attention. That’s the reality. So go and then take this and analyze your existing marketing and your strategy is and see where you can improve it. 


All right everybody, have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We have a special episode dropping this Friday with a special promotion and celebration of Black Friday, so make sure you stay tuned for that. We’re going to not drop an episode on Thursday because of U.S. Thanksgiving. We’ll drop an episode on Friday and there will be a really special announcement with a super limited window. So pay attention to that while hopefully being very full and relaxing from this week. If you’re not in the U.S., I hope it’s also a lighter week for you too. I know like my Canadian team members, they have a lighter week just because our company is off on Thursday and they get kind of a bonus day off. So thank you everybody. I hope this was helpful. I’ll talk to you on Friday.