When it comes to revamping your business for growth in ANY market, your creative, your marketing, and your offer are absolutely essential… 

So if you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I should take this client anyway…” 

Especially when your funnels and your strategy that worked so well for so long suddenly start to crumble, you can start to feel, well, desperate. 

… And you really don’t want to turn down an opportunity to generate more revenue, especially after the nightmare that was 2021. 

Take it from me… Don’t wait until things aren’t working. 

It’s essential to figure out WHO your offer can SERVE… And it’s absolutely necessary to do it NOW so you can sidestep any challenges that come your way! 

In Episode 5 of The Great Reset, I’ll dive into:  

  • The one thing that trumps EVERYTHING (even your marketing!)
  • The suggestion I gave a friend that 10X’ed her success in a month 
  • The kinds of businesses that are going extinct this year, and how to be one that survives… and thrives!
  • The business boundary I will not budge on no matter what!

It might seem counterintuitive at first, but…

The power in retention and referrals and positive reviews of your company is so much greater than trying to make a few extra sales. 

…Because the long-term clients who get the most out of your offers will continue to grow your impact and your income no matter what.
Do you feel more clear about who your offers are and aren’t for? Send me a message on IG (@emilyhirsh) and tell me what you thought!


Honestly, we’re more than a marketing team — we’re a tactical partner who will care about your business growth just as much as YOU (maybe even more)! We’re here to play the long game and help you create a powerful impact! APPLY NOW!


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