Are you always trying new things in your marketing? 

Experimenting? Testing? Analyzing? Reflecting? Adjusting? Pivoting? 

If not, then you absolutely need to listen to this episode.

Because perfection is going to kill your sales. 

In this episode of the Not for Lazy Marketers Podcast, I’ll share how I marketing mindset you MUST adopt if you want to succeed. 

It’s one that tends to be a BIG struggle for LOTS of entrepreneurs I meet! 


  • What I am currently experimenting with in our organic strategy 
  • How to break free from a fixed mindset when it comes to marketing 
  • Why MOST of what you try won’t work and why that’s okay! 
  • Where I decided to take my kids on a surprise vacation! 

This episode is a shorty but it’s PACKED with truth bombs! 

And essentially holds the key mindset muscle you need to start flexing! 

DM me (@EmilyHirsh) and tell me what you want to start experimenting within your business after listening to this episode!


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Emily Hirsh:


Hello, my friends. Welcome back to the podcast. I hope you are doing fabulous. I am recording this on a trip with my two big kids. I call ’em my big kids, but they’re only four and six, but they are my big kids, because I have a two year old who is not my big kid. And I decided to plan a surprise trip. And I planned it like three weeks ago because I’m committed this year to doing more spontaneous adventures and, and trips. And in just making memories basically is my priority this year. So I planned it pretty spontaneously and I told them, pack your bags. You don’t know where you’re going. We’re going on a trip. And I took them to San Diego to go to Lego land and they are like the perfect age for Lego land. Feel like Disneyland might be too much for them, especially my four year old, but Lego land was perfect.


So we, it was so much fun. I mean I’ve never done something, just those two in me and will my two year old, got to stay home with my husband and he got special time and everybody’s just very happy. But I got behind on my podcast recording. I had the stomach flu for like a week before this, my dang kids and their germs got with stomach flu, went through our whole family and it was bad. So it messed up my schedule a little bit and I am recording this while my kids are staying quiet and you know, it’s a little hard when you don’t have any help and you’ve gotta get something done, but I felt really inspired to do this episode. We are just starting our ultimate Facebook ads challenge and we’ve got over a thousand people in there. We just, as of recording this just kicked it off.


So it’s not too late for you to get in. If you wanna go to, but it’s really amazing watching everybody actually take action. By the end of this week, people will have ads. If that’s the promise of the challenge and we’ll have attracted a thousand new potential clients with the ads that we’re creating. And so day one, we focused on finding the targeting and the actual ad content and creative that they needed to turn the ads on the next day. So I wanted to do this episode. It’s gonna be a shorter one. But I really like this was a spur of the moment. Like I need to talk about this episode, because it just came up in several different interactions and the challenge. And then, in the video that I did, you know, live in the challenge and that is the way that people you guys should be looking at your business and your marketing.


And it kind of hit me that this is something I naturally do and I don’t struggle with this too much, but I think a lot of other people do struggle with this and I watch this play out a lot. And ultimately what that comes down to is the mindset that you should have with really marketing and business. So often is treating it like an experiment and not being afraid to fail to the point where it per prevents you from doing things and trying things. And I was just reflecting, you know, I got space for my business and anytime I do that, I have random thoughts and I had this thought like I really wanna test out some different social media strategies because organic, I haven’t mastered. And you know, it’s not my zone again. We have not necessarily hit the goals that I wanna hit organically.


And I lean on paid ads a lot. And I think that both is the ultimate dream is having, you know, organic and paid work together and bring in a good amount of traffic and leads and sales, both of them. And when they’re both working, that’s like the ideal scenario. And I feel like businesses tend to skew towards one or the other, like either they’re really good at organic and they don’t master their paid ads or they’re really good at paid ads and they don’t master organic. I tend to fall on the paid ads versus organic side, of course, because that is my specialty. But I had this random thought that I wanted to, I really wanted to test out some organic strategies. And the way that I went about that thought was I’m just gonna try these things. And I had some random ideas and I was like, I’m just gonna try these things and they could totally fail.


They could totally not work or they could work. And so so much with business and with marketing, I don’t think people talk about enough is how much, what you try is not actually gonna work. But the fact that you’re trying these things and the fact that you’re not afraid to experiment and just give it a try, that is what’s making the difference between success and not being successful and going into this challenge. What I said on day one was you guys like you can’t actually mess this up. Like no matter what any of you do, you can’t mess this up. Yes. We’re gonna be spending money on ads. Yes. We’re gonna be getting ads live. But you know what? Like with Facebook ads, especially you’re gonna spend what, 10, $15 a day. You’re not gonna waste all this money. You’re not gonna have a massive failure or don’t worry about it.


Like relax don’t stress, no matter what you do, you can’t mess this up. And with that mindset, the amount of value that you gain by just trying things and figuring out what works, what doesn’t work and, and, and learning like that’s how I’ve built. My entire business is through experience is through trying things like continually. We do that with, with our clients. It’s like, we’re gonna try this. We’re gonna try this thing. And then if it works, our other clients are able to benefit from that piece of knowledge. But sometimes we try, you know, a new Facebook feature or like a new strategy setup or something and it doesn’t work and it’s not like you’re wasting thousands of dollars on that, do a small experiment. And if it works, you keep doing. And if it doesn’t, you change gears. 


And I think really like coming at your marketing with that mindset, because I see so many people who overthink, like, especially because money’s on the line, I’m spending money. I don’t wanna do it wrong. I don’t, what if I target the wrong audience? What if I use the wrong, you know, add, copy. What if my copy sucks? What if I don’t have good con? What if people don’t like it? What if I get mean comments? Like all these things start coming up and I want you to do what I’m kind of telling my challenge participants. And that is just move forward. Just take the action.


Look at it. As a pure experiment, you are going to learn what is working and what is not working. And that alone is a beneficial thing for your business. If it totally doesn’t work and you don’t get the results you want and you don’t attract the potential clients or something happens, that is okay because you went through the motions, you went through, you know, the next steps and you were able to create either, you know, progress, Progress. And that is what we need to be after, is are we making progress? And are we trying new things because marketing and online business and, and all honestly like The industry that we’re in today changes so fast and people who stay in what they’ve been doing for the last six months, 12 months, 18 months, they’re already behind. 


And so if you wanna have a cutting edge and you wanna make progress in your business and you want, you really take it to the next level, whether that’s your marketing, this is also true for business. There will be things where you’re just gonna have to make a call and say, let’s try it. You know, whether that’s improving something in your delivery, it’s changing a process, it’s adding in an element to your service, it’s adjusting who you serve. It’s narrowing who you serve. Whatever that is, you are… it’s an experiment. You’re gonna try it. And I think those who look at business that way and marketing that way, make progress so much faster. 


So my challenge for you guys, if you’re not in the challenge, join the challenge, but I want you to just step back and ask yourself, like, am I overthinking my marketing and business? Am I making it so that I feel like everything has to be perfect and I have to create this like epic content and all these things. And I have to have every step of my funnel and all these emails and you know, I have to copy or replicate somebody else’s funnel and mine’s not good enough. I think what that does is disconnects you from your ideal customer, from what you, as the business owner know, is the right decision and know is what your audience needs. And so by doing that, you are, you become, you are overthinking really. That’s what it is. And I see this so much. And then you, you get into this paralysis place where all of a sudden a month goes by and you’ve made no progress. 


And so I want you to just step back and analyze, am I overthinking my marketing? Am I overthinking my business? And what is one action that I can take right now today To make progress, to move forward and to Take that next step, whether that is get a visibility ad live, whether that is finish my funnel and try something out, whether that’s testing some new targeting options, whether that is posting Instagram reels, whether that is making a business decision that’s been sitting there for the last month that you haven’t made because you don’t know, and you’re overthinking things. 


And so look at your business, look at your marketing as an experiment and make your number one priority. Number one priority you guys every week, every month to make progress. If you are making progress, if you are trying new things and it doesn’t matter if those new things don’t work, as long as, as you’re consistent at showing up and trying new things, your business will grow. It’s impossible that it won’t. And I, you know, you hear this a lot and I just think people don’t always like, let it sink in. But every time you see somebody else’s success, I can guarantee you there’s like 10 failures behind that one success. And the difference between them and you is that they were not afraid to just try everything they possibly could in order to get to that success.


That’s it. And if you’re willing to show up and do that, you will create success and progress and, and get into that momentum. So this week, what you can do is step back and just say, what is one action I can take? Don’t think about like, is it gonna work or is it not gonna work? Or what if this, or what if this, or what if I waste money? Like with Facebook ads, especially you cannot waste money because it’s 10, $15 a day, right? And you’re not committed to thousands of dollars or all this money that you have to spend. Like you can start on a low scale. And that alone allows you to get ads live or try something, or test a new lead magnet or test a webinar title. Nothing’s locked in. You can rerecord a webinar, you can update an ad. You can change, copy.


You can change your targeting. You can change your landing page. You can change your webinar title. You can redo your webinar. You can change your emails. You can change. Nothing is locked in forever and never gonna change. So as long as you’re making progress, you’re getting the feedback about what’s working and the faster you can make that progress. And you can make those moves the faster. You’re able to get the feedback, the faster you’re gonna be in momentum. So relax everybody and really look at your marketing. As I am in a lab, this is an experiment. And I’m just trying to find the things that are working and I’m gonna weed through the things that aren’t working. But the one thing I am gonna do without failure is make progress is take new steps every single day. All right, everybody, if you’re in the challenge, I’m so excited that you’re in there and I will see you inside as we get ads live, move forward and start to look at your ads and, and treat this as an experiment as you guys should with your business and marketing. Thanks so much, everybody I’ll talk to you on Thursday.