Getting real about how you FEEL about your business can leave you feeling exposed and vulnerable. So what do you do when you feel stuck or frustrated or unhappy with your business?

Alex helps elevate visionary entrepreneurs by rediscovering the freedom they longed for in starting their own business and getting out of constraint, removing pressure, adding protection and support so they can make the change in the world that they really want to make.

Tune in to find out how we create our own “treadmills” and how to get off them and get back into momentum as the CEO of your business



1:55 – Emily’s introduction. How Emily inspires Alex in return. 

3:19 – How Alex got started and how he helps other visionary entrepreneurs

7:50 – Feeling trapped in a business instead of liberated? Here’s what Alex says to do about it

11:30 – Emily’s naivety about growth and pressure in running a business

13:17 – The equation of growth

16:40 – Breaking the belief that no one else can do what you do

22:02 – You’re building a house of cards. Alex explains how/why and what to do about it. 

24:58 – Don’t go to solutions when you’re overwhelmed. Find out what to do first. 

31:37 – how to get out of the deficit mindset

32:30 – What Emily did to turn things around when business was tough

35:15 – Using psychedelics as a business owner and how they can help


Honestly, we’re more than a marketing team — we’re a tactical partner who will care about your business growth just as much as YOU (maybe even more)! We’re here to play the long game and help you create a powerful impact! APPLY NOW!


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