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My Team is well-known for ads that convert, but in this episode – I’m talking about our SECRET to why:

Team Hirsh includes a full-house creative team! Copywriters, graphic designers, and a Creative Director whose superpower is whittling away at the description of your ICA until we know exactly the pain points + how you can help.

It sounds cliche, but…

We work with the best of the best influencers, and yet – more than half of our new clients need help digging deep into HOW they connect so well with their audience!

(And HINT: the answers to that question will make or break your success with ads, especially in 2019.)

For those of you who’ve been asking, “What makes Team Hirsh different?” this episode is for you. Listen in, then share your takeaways on IG stories + tag @emilyhirsh for a shoutout!

NOTE – Listen to episodes #1-6 to learn more about The Hirsh Process.

Key Points:
[3:01] More than HALF our new clients need help with this.
[5:00] You’re surprised it’s included in our package rates, but we think it’s VITAL.
[7:13] Most CEOs need help answering this question.
[8:28] This is what makes your ads irrelevant (meaning: DON’T skip this step)

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Episode Transcripts:  

I’m Emily Hirsh, and this is the Hirsh Marketing Underground Podcast. Attention innovators, influencers, creators, and game-changing entrepreneurs: Your internet domination begins right here.  We are the powerhouse marketers that you’ve been looking for. You’re already making waves in your industry, and we’re here to help amplify those waves of change by creating a connection that cuts through the noise. We take everything you’ve built inside your zone of genius and finds its audience. With killer strategy and laser eye for impact, we launch multi-million dollar campaigns and skyrocket your reach online. And now we are doing the unheard of. We’re unveiling everything we’ve learned, taking you behind the scenes with the Hirsh marketing team, and giving away the secrets to our clients’ success. Stay tuned for top converting strategy, ROI reports, and insider knowledge that you won’t find anywhere else. You’re changing the world, and we’re the team to help.

In today’s episode I’m going to go over why ad creative, messaging, and copy is so crucial to your success [in] marketing with Facebook and Instagram ads. So if you haven’t listened to The Hirsh Process, go back to the very beginning episodes of the podcast, and go through The Hirsh Process. But if you have, you know our very first process is strategize. And in that piece is where we, not only strategize the numbers and what does success mean for us once we start ads? How much do we have to spend to get the sales that we want? What are the sales that we’re going to get with our spend? All of those things, what we also strategize is, making sure we have a very clear and deep understanding of our ideal customer and client and their pain points, what drives them, what they want, what keeps them up at night. And it sounds cliché whenever I say that, because every branding person, they’re always like, “What keeps your ideal client up at night?” But it’s seriously true, and it’s so important, and I’m very surprised by how many people only have a very … a very surface -level understanding of their ideal customer, and they’re confused, but yet they’re trying to market a webinar or market a funnel, or even build the business.

And this really is the first step to, not only your business, to being able to market your business, but also each funnel, because it can vary. Like I have clients who have different products, right? And each funnel has a different pain point sometimes. Like we have one client who has funnels that’s about batch recording your content as an entrepreneur, and then he also has a funnel that’s about events, and creating an amazing event for your customers and your clients. Those are two different pain points really, that we’re answering and problems that we’re solving. So each time we launch that funnel we have to go through this phase of, do we understand the messaging that’s going to be attached to this funnel?

And so, a change that I recently in the last quarter started implementing for this reason was, my Creative Director on my team, who manages all my copywriters, comes on the initial strategy call with our clients now. Because I have often found that if you told clients to come to you and tell you all the deep pain points of the client, and do you understand them? And the messaging? About half have a really deep understanding, and the other half, they need help. They need it pulled out of them. What happens is, they have amazing content, and they do what they’re really, really good at, and that’s create content that serves their audience, that makes a difference, that’s changing lives. Like those are my clients. But then when they have to describe what they’re really good at and what makes them different and unique, and what makes their content different and unique, it’s hard for them, it’s hard for them to do that.

And so what happened is, we started bringing our Creative Director on so that half to 25% of this first strategy call is focused on that piece and the messaging so that we can ask the right questions to the client, that we need to get, to be able to go write amazing ad copy. But not only that. To be able to strategize. Like for example, are we going to layer certain videos in to re-target people then to the webinar, that are going to focus on those client’s main problems and desires? And so then, what are those videos are going to be, what’s the topics of those videos? And this is why we’re not an agency, because an agency doesn’t do this. An agency has you come to them and have all this information, and that’s really hard. So that’s why we’re a full marketing company and I call myself that now, a marketing team, because we’ll help you with this if you don’t have it already, in that first call. And if you have it, we’ll make sure it’s powerful enough to go create amazing ad copy and creative images and video, too.

So what I’ve also been surprised about is that I’ve had people come to me and talk to me about working with them, and a lot of people are surprised that we offer the ad copy and the images included. And to me, I’ve always offered this, because I used to actually do it all by myself when it was just me. I used to make the copy and the images, which was not a good idea, because that wasn’t my zone of genius. But once upon a time, I did. But I was always surprised, how could you require that a client gives this to you? It’s such a key part that if they give you something bad, you may as well not run the ads. The unfortunate thing is that I’ve seen agencies blame it, on why the ads aren’t working. So they require the clients to give them copy, and then the ads don’t convert, and they just say like, “Oh, well, the copy sucks.”

To me it’s like, well just solve the problem and write good copy. You need someone who knows how to write marketing copy. I want to point out in this episode how important, first of all, phase one of The Hirsh Process is, which is understanding your ideal customer and their client and your client, and what their problems are, what keeps them up at night. A very deep understanding of their messaging, and if you haven’t gone through an exercise like that before, where you really understand what would get them to stop the scroll on the feed, what would get them to feel an emotional connection, or an emotional feeling of either sadness or connection, or “you get me, you understand me.” What would make them feel that, if they’re scrolling the feed? What are they thinking about? And then once you have that, make sure that’s really portrayed in your funnel itself – so the emails, the pages, the webinar, whatever is there because that’s what the ads really need, too, and then the ads.

Then the ads need to speak to that, and tell a story, and have connection in them, at all phases – so the visibility, the videos that you create that you’re going to just build a warm audience with, and build a following. Those need to speak and be intentional about the problems and desires that your ideal customer or client is feeling. And then your webinar, same thing, and your ad copy, same thing, your images, your videos. The testimonials you choose to portray, did those spark an emotional connection? It’s all about that.

If you don’t have an expert doing your marketing copying, and your messaging, and at least supporting you with this, it’s really hard. Even though you’re amazing at delivering content as an influencer, and connecting with your following and building those relationships, when it’s you, it’s really hard for you to describe what you’re doing. Let me give you an example. Is it hard for you to say like, if you were to write a job description for yourself as the CEO, would it be hard? It’s hard for us to describe what we do, and how we create that emotional connection if it’s not your zone of genius to do that. You need somebody to pull it out of you, which is why we have started including our Creative Director on the calls. Because I saw it as a gap, because I’ve talked about this before in a previous episode, and this is, it’s so important to not be cookie cutter in your marketing. And what happens is, if you don’t have this piece where you get very deep with this connection and this level of connection with your audience through your messaging, then you get cookie cutter, and you start looking for templates, and you are writing your emails like they’re marketing emails instead of connection. Your ad copy turn into marketing ads that look very much like ads instead of connecting with people. All of these things, and then it ends up not converting.

That’s why I have three copywriters on my team and three designers, a full-house creative team, because this is such a huge piece. I don’t see how we could do it without them, because it would just be like a disconnect if I was requiring my clients to get it to me and then I didn’t like it but I still have to run with it. And that’s what’s happening. And I think it’s even more important than the audiences, because audiences, you have to definitely know how to find audiences and leverage audiences and leverage lookalike audiences. But it doesn’t even matter if you do that if you can’t speak to them, and if you can’t stand out in the newsfeed. So before you run ads make sure you have this deep understanding, not only for your entire business and your ideal client avatar, but for each funnel and each product that you have, take time to really understand… And then don’t stop doing this! My clients will continue to get feedback from their students to understand what it is that this content is doing to their lives and impacting their lives.

Because it’s really powerful, you guys. If you’re listening to this and you’re an influencer, you probably have amazing content that’s changing people’s lives but you just don’t know how to express it on the magnitude of what it’s actually doing. And that’s what you need an expert for, regardless of who it is, to pull that out if you haven’t yet, so that your messaging is super clear, with not only your entire business, but with every funnel and the marketing that goes into that funnel. And then make sure that your ads consistently have this deep connection because I guarantee if your ad stops working and you go write a very emotional connecting post, or an ad, it will start converting again to your webinar. People want to connect with people, don’t ever forget that in your marketing and your messaging, and they need to connect with you emotionally. And it’s so crucial you do this before you start writing ads, because if you just go show up with a templated, kind of sales-y marketing ad, and you put it out there I guarantee you it’s not going to work.

Especially in the new year, with it so saturated, and it’s just getting so busy in the feed, you have to stand out, you have to make a difference. You have to make people think when they see your ad, feel something when they see your ad. And go scroll your feed right now, and tell me what you think when you see ads, like which ones make you stop? It’s the ones that are telling a story, the ones that are connecting to you, speaking to you, and you can relate, “Oh yeah, I’ve felt like that before,” or “I had an experience like that before,” or “This makes me feel so not alone when I read this.” Do that in your marketing and you’re going to see amazing results.

If you obviously want support with this, with my team of professionals, and a call with my Director of Strategy and Creative Director, then go to HelpMyStrategy.com and apply to work with our team. We have, I think one or two spots open right now to work with us, and they fill up really fast. We have applications coming in every day, and we’re really picky about who we want to work with, because one of my new year resolutions is I want 100% client retention rate. Right now we’ve averaged 90 to 95% month over month, which is really good for a marketing company. Most agencies are at 60, 70%. But I want 100%, and so I’m really strict about who we work with. But if you are an influencer, and you are impacting lives and making a difference, and you have an amazing product or an amazing service that just needs more people to go through it, we are your people.

Go to HelpMyStrategy.com, thanks so much for listening today guys. Thanks for listening to the Hirsh Marketing Underground Podcast. Go behind the scenes of multimillion dollar ad campaigns and strategies, dive deep into The Hirsh Process and listen to our most popular episodes over at HirshMarketingUnderground.com. If you loved this episode of the podcast, do me a favor and head over to iTunes to subscribe and leave a review so we can reach more people and change more lives with this content. That’s all for now, and I’ll catch you next time.