ep 454: Increase Your Profits With Your Existing Audience

2022 Secret Strategies Series #1

This week I’m coming to you with a new series: 2022 Secret Strategies. I hear so often from listeners how much they appreciate the tactical, cut to the chase, “go do this,” “execute these,” types of episodes, and how deeply valuable they are. 

With that in mind, each and every day this week I’ll be walking through incredibly tactical strategies that you can take and implement in your own marketing. 

Our first secret strategy is how to increase your business profits with your existing audience. This is a strategy that is so simple (because you’ve already done much of the work!), yet so many miss out on the potential here! Tune in as I share tips on shifting your mindset to create more of your ideal customers from the list you already have.


Honestly, we’re more than a marketing team — we’re a tactical partner who will care about your business growth just as much as YOU (maybe even more)! We’re here to play the long game and help you create a powerful impact!


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Emily Hirsh:

But we have 199 leads for every sale that we’re not doing anything with, that you’re just waiting for them to be the right fit for your offer for this higher ticket offer. Why can’t you help them? And why can’t you help them get to the place of being ready for your higher ticket offer?

You are listening to the Not for Lazy Marketers Podcast, episode number 454.

Hello everybody. I am coming at you on a Monday. It’s been a little while since I did a series on here, just a couple months, but I decided before we get into Thanksgiving and then Christmas and all the holiday things, which I cannot believe Thanksgiving is next week when this episode comes out, just slow down a little bit time. It is so crazy. But I wanted to do a series to, maybe it’ll be the last series of the year. I don’t know yet if I have something that comes to me for December. But what I really wanna do is dive into specific strategies this year that worked the best. So almost like a recap of 2022. And each one of these is going to be pretty tactical. Sometimes I do bigger, broader picture episodes of marketing strategy and we talk about things like messaging and strategy and your ads and my process and how things need to flow together.

And I tie in different things. This is gonna be really tactical cuz I looked at all of my podcast episodes for the years, last two years, and you guys love the tactical, You love these strategies, do this, execute this. Here’s an idea for your business. And I think I get a lot of messages from you about how much you love, how much I cut to the chase with actual things you can go implement. And so that’s what we’re gonna do this entire week. I have been doing client strategy calls for the last four months myself, which it’s been about three years since I did that. Of course, I’m always doing marketing strategy. But if you follow the story of my business over the last four to six months, I got really involved back in the day to day of my business and I actually started doing one-on-one client strategy calls.

Again, it’s not gonna be like that forever. We’re about hiring and training a strategist right now which is great because I can’t always do strategy calls. But it was a really good experience for me to remember why I do what I do to get back involved in client strategy, to get back involved in marketing. And also I went through all my notes from the now, like 45, 45 you guys strategy calls that I’ve done in the last four months and pulled out the top strategies. I’ve recommended themes that I’m seeing, things that can help businesses across different niches. And that’s what we’re gonna talk about this week. So I’m hoping to actually keep these pretty punchy and short and to the point and really tactical so that you can go implement what I’m saying. All right, so today, the first kind of secret strategy, which some of these you’re gonna have heard on my podcast, but we’re, we’re gonna do a recap.

We’re gonna dive into it and you can obviously take what’s effective and helpful for you and not take the rest. And who knows, maybe you have heard me say this three times and today’s the day that it’s gonna land for you and you’re gonna go implement something. So this strategy is how to increase your overall business profits with your existing audience and your existing list with the work that you’re already doing. This is probably one of the number one things that I started to strategize in my calls. Actually, tomorrow’s episode is gonna be the number one. This is probably number two, <laugh>. So this is something that I feel like people miss out on a lot of potential here, which is going at your marketing from the mindset of how can I create more of my ideal customers with the audience and the list that I have.

So I had clients coming in who had massive email lists or they were getting, I had a client who was getting thousands of leads every month and she sold high ticket. And so her offer was like $5,000. It was sold via call. It was a high ticket sales funnel, It was working, her funnel was working, she needed to scale it, but she was profitable, completely profitable with her funnel coming in, which is awesome. And she needed to scale and it was very up and down, which is why she hired us. But she only converted 0.5% of her leads, 0.5%. So for every hundred people she converted half a person. So that means she needed 200 leads to convert one person. And so when she came in and she started working with me, she didn’t have a down sell, she didn’t have anything else to offer these people.

And the crazy cool thing is her funnel was already profitable. So she was able to create and had a profitable funnel because one, the numbers lined up with her cost per lead, how many people filled out an application and then her sales conversion. And because it’s high ticket, because one sale’s $5,000. So if you spend, you get 200 leads and you spend $10 on them, you’re paying $2,000 for a $5,000 sale. And she was actually paying more like $5 a lead. So she was massively profitable, like three x return on ad spent. Her numbers were dialed in, her funnel was dialed in. But I was like, But we have 199 leads for every sale that we’re not doing anything with that. You’re just waiting for them to be the right fit for your offer for this higher ticket offer. Why can’t you help them? And why can’t you help them get to the place of being ready for your higher ticket offer?

And I see this, so this is super relevant for high ticket, but it is also relevant if you even sell like a thousand dollars offer or a $500 offer because you can always do this where people really get focused in on, I just have to find the quality audience of people that are at this level so that I have less unqualified leads. And that definition of unqualified is our own, because these people need help. This 199 leads, they need support, They have a current problem related to the problem that she solves in her business. And who’s to say they’re gonna be able to get themselves all by themselves to the level that they have to be at to be able to buy her $5,000 product. So we brainstormed and we spent probably half of the strategy call and she hadn’t even, this didn’t even occur to her going into the strategy cuz she was so focused on scaling what she had.

It was already profitable. She wanted to increase her bottom line and her top line and just get more leads in the door and figure out how to scale that, which we did. And we came up with more messaging angles and ideas on the front end and ways that we could do that. But also I was like, But we’re just losing opportunity by having 199 leads for every sale that we can’t do anything with. And hope that in six months, eight months from now, they’re a fit for your offer. Why can’t we just sell them something? Why can’t we sell them an easy to deliver digital product that probably exists out of your $5,000 offer? So we started talking about what are the problems that people have at the level and the stage below being ready for their $5,000 offer. What are those struggles? And if you were to be able to solve one major problem for them, would it create them into an ideal customer for your core offer?

And immediately she came up with something and she came up with, it was a component of her $5,000 offer where if she gave them just that win and she was able to get them just that result, some of them would potentially be ready for her big offer. So we priced this at $400. So she had a $5,000 offer and then she had a $400, which is obviously way low and maybe someday we’ll be able to build in some different parts of her value ladder. But I felt like that was the right move. And with that we converted 10% of those leads into that $500 offer. So that means now out of those 200 leads, we’ve got another 10 on average, a little bit less because it was 199 leads, but 10 who bought that $500 offer. Okay, that’s $5,000 that we were able to create when she was getting nothing for every 200 people.

So she was making four sales a month, so that’s already 20,000. And then this just basically added out of the same amount of leads, it doubled her revenue, which is insane. And it was just by shifting the mindset and saying, how do we leverage the leads? We’re already bringing in the traffic we’re already bringing in with an existing funnel and create more of our ideal customers. Now that phrase and that strategy came from my friend George Bryant. And I just think it’s so brilliant because other marketers don’t teach this. And I was always teaching this, but I didn’t say it this clearly. And so many people get caught up on I am, I have to find this level person and anybody else, don’t even talk to me. Don’t even come in my funnel, don’t even sign up for my webinar. You have to be here. And I just think that’s a mistake because if you can help these people, you can’t help anyone, everyone.

I get that we can’t try to accommodate our offers for everybody, but oftentimes we’re sitting on potential and if we didn’t get so rigid and so caught up on, we have to get these quality leads and instead we looked at what we’re already sitting on because guys, there is so much opportunity in what you’re already doing, the leads you’re already bringing into your world, the followers you’re already gaining, the people consuming your content that are already there is a lot of opportunity. And so instead of focusing on, I need new, I need more, I need more leads. Yeah, that’s great, that’s a great strategy. But also how could you, could you create more profit for your business easily out of what you’re already doing? And oftentimes that looks like potentially a lower price down sell. And so I’ve done this in a lot of strategy calls where people have even had products that they’re like, Yeah, I have this other product, I don’t really do anything with it.

It’s really cool, but I can’t really be profitable with it because it’s like a hundred dollars and I’m in the B2B space and whatever they say. And I’m like, Yeah, but why can’t we just plug in three emails at the end of your webinar email sequence to sell that? And they’re like, Oh my gosh, I never thought of that. And then we make them a ton of money doing it. So the tactical strategy here is to ask yourself and just pause and have some reflection and think about what you’re already doing, the leads you’re already bringing in, the followers you’re gaining, the audience that you’re attracting, the people consuming your content, the work you’re already doing. Because the last thing all of you need is to be doing more. Most of you are already doing the maximum amount that you can do in terms of time investment in your business and your marketing.

We just have to get smarter with it. So you’re already doing work, you’re already generating leads, traffic, et cetera. Now what could you do to capitalize on those in an easy way, which means it’s likely a digital product. Or if you’re a physical product business, I had, let me give another example for you physical product stores. I had a client who sold higher ticket, she sells 60 to $120. And we instead, we decided those were working, those were on average two x profitable, but for e-commerce, that’s not really enough. We have to get higher than that. And so we did mini kits, we launched a lower price kit and the margin wasn’t as high, but then if people started to be able to buy more than those, or we got customers in the door and we can sell those people into the bigger kits, it’s going to be a profitable strategy.

So this could also work for e-commerce for you, digital product businesses, for you coaches, you consultants, and you service providers. This is probably a digital product that is simple for you to deliver. That’s a matter of recording content once maybe you have to update it every six months, you do need to keep the delivery good, but recording it once and sending someone login and simple, it’s not one on one, it’s not calls, it’s like don’t overcomplicate it. Very, very simple. I’m doing this myself. By the end of this year, we’re gonna have a whole suite of digital products because my goal is anybody who comes to us, there’s somewhere I can send them, There’s something I can help them do, get a quick win, be able to generate cash, run their ads if it’s not our done for you service. And those are all things that I either already have created or I can create one time and get massive return out of the leads, the audience and all of the assets I’m already generating.

And that is the key because what is that? That’s instant profit for your business. You go and implement this in your business and it’s like it’s such a huge return. You create that one product or you use something that you already have and you create the experience to sell it by through downsell emails or whatever it is, and you get such a massive return because it’s just profit for your business. For this client I was talking about, we doubled her revenue with this because we were capitalizing on all of those leads that she was already bringing on. And it was like no work for her after it was done. And this actually already existed in her offer. So where is that opportunity to get smarter with your time to look at the assets you already have that you’re already bringing in, and figure out how you can capitalize on that more.

I’ll share one more secret with this that’s really, really important is the offer has to be very attractive as always, but the more specific you can get with solving a problem and getting a quick win with this down sell, with this lower price product, the better it will be. Because if you can get specific with like, okay, you weren’t necessarily a fit for this bigger product or service or package or whatever, that does probably a lot of things, it probably covers a lot of ground, but what’s the most important thing for people to get and that win for them to have? And that becomes the digital product. And so you wanna pull out something, if you’re gonna pull it out of an offer or from your library of what you have that’s really attractive and also specific to solving a problem and achieving an outcome.

So there’s my strategy number one for you guys. I’m gonna be coming here every single day this week with five marketing secrets and strategies that are really, really good and are gonna give you a ton of ideas and things that you can go implement. But more importantly, I’m always about efficiency and making sure that we’re putting your time and effort and company resources into something that’s gonna get you the biggest return. And so that’s also what all these strategies are is you’re gonna get you, you’ll have a lot of people out there who will just fire hosey with strategy ideas. But all of the strategies I’m gonna teach this week, and I’m gonna share with you guys this week, they are easy to implement, simple with a very high return and able to be customized for your business, which is my style. So I will be back here tomorrow with secret strategy number two. Thanks so much for listening.

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