ep 461: Will Your Sales Dip in December? Everything You Need to Know About Marketing Right Now

I’ve witnessed so many businesses just stop marketing during December. 

Not because they wanted to…but because they assumed no one would be buying during December. They wrote the month off as a loss before the month even began. 

That doesn’t have to be the case. 

You CAN (and should) go into December with the mindset of “this can be the BEST month of my year!”

If you’re wondering if your sales will take a dip during the upcoming holiday season or what you should do to make December the best month of your business year, listen in! I’ll be shedding light on that, throwing in some tips, and sharing what questions you need to answer to succeed this month. 


Honestly, we’re more than a marketing team — we’re a tactical partner who will care about your business growth just as much as YOU (maybe even more)! We’re here to play the long game and help you create a powerful impact!


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Emily Hirsh:

Go into December with the mindset of like, if you want this to be, it could be the best month of the entire year for your business. There’s no reason why it can’t.

You are listening to the Not for Lazy Marketers podcast, episode number 461.

Hello everybody. Welcome back to the podcast. For those of you guys in the US I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and few days off. It actually, to me, felt really long. For the most part I took Friday off. I had to check in on a few things cuz obviously Black Friday’s a huge time for us, but also, thankfully I have an incredible team, but I had four days with my kids and a couple of them were not feeling a hundred percent, they weren’t super sick but they weren’t feeling a hundred percent. So we ended up staying home more than I wanted to and it just felt really long. Like I love the time with my kids but I also love my routine. I love being able to work and do my own thing and I, you know, I love that time and I love that I can be there and be present and we did a lot of fun things.

We watched holiday movies and we did some crafts and we did hikes, but it just felt like a very, it felt like two weeks of time. So I’m really happy to be back and to be in a normal routine for a few weeks before Christmas, which of course I’m excited for Christmas, but I hope you guys had an amazing time and relaxed if, if you celebrated or even relaxed if you don’t celebrate. Because if you do business with people in the US most people did unplug for those four days. Okay, so today’s episode I wanna talk about can you be profitable and successful in December? I see a lot of people take their foot off the gas in December. Now obviously if you want to unplug from your business and you want to work less and you have travel plans or things that you wanna do, that’s fine.

You do you, that’s great. But don’t go into December expecting it to be a bad month. And I see a lot of people do this where they start to make excuses. They start to go like, oh you know, sales are just gonna be down because it’s the holidays and oh, like we are not gonna have as much growth, we’re not gonna have as much engagement. Some of that might be true, like yes, people are distracted or maybe more busy, but also in a lot of my client’s accounts and my own business, December can be an awesome month. And the reality is like I think we think people treat the entire month like it’s Christmas, but they don’t. The reality is, especially business owners, but really everybody really runs the regular life for the majority of December and actually makes decisions because the new year is coming.

And so like for a business owner, we’re already thinking about next year, we’re already thinking about what didn’t we achieve this year? What do we wanna achieve and change next year? Like let’s, why would we wait a month just to start on those things? Let’s do it now. Let’s invest in the thing, let’s buy the program, let’s sign up for the mastermind, whatever it is. Same with people. Like there are a lot of people who know, okay, I, you know, didn’t hit my health goals this year or I didn’t do X, Y, z, I’m not gonna wait an entire month to start exploring options or getting support or looking into it. Maybe I won’t full on start until January maybe, but I’m still gonna be looking for those solutions. Also. I’ve seen this, it sounds silly, but if you target other business owners, there’s a lot of business owners who go buy things in December because of the tax write-offs before the end of the year.

So don’t just go into December writing off that this is going to be a bad month for you. There may, yes, there may be an impact from the holidays like the week before Thanksgiving or the week of like that half week. I definitely think people’s sales goes down a little bit because what happens is people are either busy that week and gonna wait till the next week or they’re waiting for Black Friday, but then you can make that up with something like Black Friday. So same with the holidays. Like yes, right before Christmas you might have a little bit of a dip in your engagement and your sales and if you get applications or calls or whatever, but that doesn’t mean the whole month is a write off and you can actually make it up in the beginning part of the month to prep for that later part of the month.

So here’s some things. Number one, go into December with the mindset of like if you want this to be, it could be the best month of the entire year for your business. There’s no reason why it can’t. And if you go into it and you say, what would I have to do in order to make it the best month for my business? You’d one have a definition for what would that revenue goal need to be? And number two, then you could figure out how could I get there? Like how many sales of my products, of my services would I need to make in order to hit that revenue goal? And now once you have that, okay, how are you gonna do it? Are you gonna do a live launch? Are you gonna do a promotion? Are you gonna reach out to leads? Like there are a lot of options when you present yourself with, I want the last month of the year, I’m gonna go out with a bang, this is gonna be the best month for me and my business.

Here’s how much money I’d have to make in order for that to happen. Here’s how many sales I’d have to make of my product or service and here are my 10 ideas on how I’m gonna do that. And then you just try them all. And two maybe work. And I know I’m making that sound really simple. It is simple. It’s not necessarily easy, but it is simple. So here’s some ideas for you guys. First of all, when you are in this season of of time, no matter what audience you have, people are feeling and experiencing things a little bit differently, right? Because it is the holidays no matter what holiday that they experience. This time of year is very busy, but it’s also a time for reflection. People are thinking about this whole past year, have they met their goals? Have they been the person that they committed to being going into the new year?

Have they achieved the success that they thought they would? Are they where they wanted to be? And that time for reflection is an opportunity for you to serve your audience and you to give your audience what they need. Even in the health and wellness space where you might be like, well people wanna eat, you know, for the holidays, they want to eat junk food, they, they don’t necessarily wanna be on a plan, they don’t wanna commit as much for the holidays. Okay fine then you help them through the holidays so that they don’t completely fall off. Give them a guide or support on getting through the holidays and staying healthy while still being able to eat the pie and drink the wine, right? There’s still always a way you don’t have to say, oh well you know, people don’t wanna invest in this because of the holidays or they don’t wanna do this because of the holidays.

So I’m therefore gonna do nothing. What do people wanna do? So the first thing is how can you serve your audience based on what they need right now? So if they’re a business owner, they probably are already starting to prep for the next year. Business owners typically don’t wait until January 1st to start to plan their next year. They wanna go into January already with the goals already with the plans already ready to go and ready to execute. So this month what would serve them if you target businesses in whatever way you do is helping them through that process. Or maybe it’s tailoring your service or your product to be able to do that. There’s so many creative ways that you can do that. If you target consumers, it depends what industry you’re in. Like I said, if you’re in the health and wellness industry, well people wanna know how to get through the holidays without totally falling off the wagon or maybe starting mildly to prep them for the new year so that they’re more likely to succeed.

If you target parents, then their kids are home more and so they want activities to do with their kids or they wanna make sure they don’t lose their patience or they want to make sure they can get everything done and still be present. Like just put yourself as always with messaging in the shoes of your audience and sit with it and ask yourself, what can I do to serve them based on what they’re going to be experiencing this month? With that, you can either adjust your messaging towards your offer, you could put out some new free, you know, basic pdf, you could do a whole live launch. And so between now, like right now as you’re listening to this episode and Christmas basically, or right before Christmas, some options of what you could do to meet those revenue goals to make this the best month of the year for you, or one you could do another promotion if you did black.

I say another cuz you might have done Black Friday in a couple weeks from now, you could do another creative fun holiday promotion, tie your offer, tie your product to something related to the holidays. With e-commerce. For most of you guys, gifts is a huge thing. So you can tie that in services, like I said, I just gave examples for b2b, for B2C in different categories. You can just tie what you do into your offer through your messaging and tie what you do with helping them right now. And so you could run a promo, maybe it’s a discount, maybe it’s an extra bonus. So for example, if you’re targeting business owners with your offer and you know they wanna create their strategy for their business and whether that’s their marketing strategy or their entire business strategy or their offer strategy will then just include that as a bonus.

They’ll sign up for your service, they’ll sign up for your product. And with that they also get this bonus of a completely done for you strategy. Obviously I’m just throwing out ideas, you can customize this for your audience. Same with the health and wellness. Maybe you have a membership, maybe you have, you know, coaching that you do in this space. Okay? People sign up and they get a bonus call to talk about their holiday game plan or they get a bonus guide on 25 recipes to make that are healthy but taste really good for the holidays. I’m just like spitting out ideas. But you see, you could create a bonus that really goes with right now something that would serve your audience, pair that with your core offer and there you go, you’ve got a promo and you don’t even have to do a discount.

You can do a discount if you want, but you don’t have to. You also could do a live launch related to this. So you’re gonna see me do this in December. I’m gonna be doing a workshop really shortly on. Guess what? Creating your 2023 entire marketing strategy and I’m doing this paid workshop, it’s gonna lead into our other offers and I’m doing it in December because that’s when everybody needs it. And so you can stay tuned for that if you wanna sign up for it, if you signed up for any of our Black Friday deals, you already have a V I P ticket to it. But you can do some sort of live training or live event or a workshop or something related to what people want right now and then tie that into your offer. So if you’re in in the b2c in any of those examples, do a quick training on creating your holiday fitness plan or creating, you know, here is a craft that you could have your kids do something free like that that’s going to generate traffic and leads and leverage this time.

Because what it’s gonna do is also generate traffic and leads for probably less expensive because it’s super relevant to what your audience wants and is going through right now. So in order to hit your business goals and have a really excellent month and a really excellent sales month, you have to create a strategy and a plan that is going to lead people, your audience, your leads into customers and connect with them on what they want right now. And so first step is you have to know what they do want right now, take 30 minutes, brainstorm it, go for a walk and just ask yourself like right now, between now and Christmas, what does my audience need and want? Like what can I do to serve them? How can I show up for them and help them prep for either the holidays or go into the new year stronger or start to take steps and achieve their goals or reflect on their new year.

Like there’s so many opportunities. So what could you do? And then how could you tie that to your offer? Is it a promotion to your offer with an extra bonus or an extra discount? Is it a live launch that’s related to right now what people are going through that then leads into your offer? Like what can you do to serve and connect with your audience right now? That alone will probably get you guys a lot better results than not doing something like that. The last thing I wanna just touch on is add costs because there is this kind of like fear out there. I think that people think the entire month of December, like starting from Black Friday through the rest of the year is gonna be way more expensive. And they use this as an excuse to be like, well I’m just gonna shut off all my ads until next year.

And most of the time I really don’t see ad costs go up except for maybe on like Christmas Eve and Christmas, black Friday and Thanksgiving, the rest of the month is pretty normal and it’s gonna cost you more as a business likely to pause everything for four to six weeks than it is to let it run and pay a little bit more on those like really key like blackout dates. And I remember one time I had this client very, we had a very big client and they were like, they had always shut their ads off from like Thanksgiving to January. And I was like, are you guys sure? Like let’s just see, let’s just see the cost before we do that this year and let’s just base that decision off of data versus like theory that you think the ad costs are gonna go up.

And so we left all of her lead gen ads on and the cost didn’t go up and she left them on the rest of the year and got like thousands more leads than she would’ve gotten if she had turned them off. And then the previous years before working with me, they had always just shut them off because they just were like, oh well we were told that ad costs go up. And I so base it off data, like if you’re running ads, don’t just shut them all off tomorrow or you know, December 1st or whatever because you think, oh the ad costs are gonna go up. And then also if the ad costs do go up, well, can you tailor your messaging to again, what your audience is going through right now? Is there opportunity to leverage the holidays in your ad copy and your ad creative?

This is something we’re gonna start looking at with clients is how do we leverage this to keep the ad cost down? You have to stay relevant in the feed. And so if there’s a way to leverage the holidays and and create an angle that leads to your webinar, that leads to your opt-in, that leads to whatever you normally run ads to, well then use that and use that in your ad copy to keep the ad cost down. And so if ad costs do start to go up, well can you refresh the copy and creative? Can you put something fresh out there to bring the cost back down? And then if they do go up, maybe you just scale your ad budget back a little bit but you don’t completely shut the ads off. Because I think for most businesses, having a month where you have zero growth in terms of your, or have very little growth in terms of your audience and new leads being added onto your list is so much more detrimental than paying, you know, 5% more on your ad cost if that even happens.

Because as we know what we do this month for our marketing, if we grow our list, if we increase our audience size, if we get that brand awareness and visibility, that’s gonna impact you in the next 90 days. And so you’re not gonna necessarily see the immediate impact. And this is where the people make mistakes as they go, I’m gonna shut my ads off and then it doesn’t immediately that week directly impact their success. So they leave their ads off and then three months down the line they’re starting to see a negative impact but they don’t correlate it to turning their ads off during this time. So ad costs shouldn’t go crazy high, except again maybe like right on those blackout dates. Even then I think there’s an argument for how much more people are on their phone on Christmas Eve and Christmas and so people are still going to consume, they may not watch your webinar on Christmas, but they’re gonna see your ad and they may take action, they’re on their phones more.

So I think there’s an argument for that too. But we do sometimes see ad cost go up over that time and then come back down and kind of normalize. And this coming month if you start to see ad cost go up, don’t panic, don’t think it’s because it’s the holidays and so you should just put everything on hold until January. Ask yourself how you can still make it work. Is it creative ad copy? Is it new creative? Is it something that’s gonna connect to your audience based on what they’re going through right now? Cuz that always works. And so those are my tips on how to make December the best month in business. I love December. It is always a great month for us because there’s so much opportunity for me to serve my audience, connect with people that have been following me for the last year, who have been hanging around who haven’t pulled the trigger yet on, you know, working with us or buying from us or even just engaging with us.

And it’s my opportunity to serve them. And that’s exactly what I do every single year. We also put out this playbook for the entire year, like summarizing marketing and giving you plenty of strategies and different things to go into the new year with, again, something that’s gonna serve you guys right now. And so December has historically always been a great month for me for a lot of my clients. So if anybody tells you otherwise, shut them out and define your own reality for how December’s gonna be in your business because I know you guys can have an excellent month. All right everybody, thanks so much for tuning in and I’ll talk to you on Thursday.

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