ep 462: Inside Intel From Over $700k In Black Friday Revenue

Are you ready for some inside intel on Black Friday?! Black Friday might be over, but knowing what worked (and what didn’t) is vital moving forward.

We ran over 35 Black Friday promotions between all of our clients, and we absolutely crushed it this year. In fact, we generated over $700,000 in revenue, so far.  

Compared to last year, ad costs were down and sales conversions went up, and we saw some of the best results. 

If you want some behind the scenes on how we were able to capitalize on warm traffic (and the work you’ve already done this past year) to produce such incredible results, you’ll want to listen in! I dive into CPM’s, timing, audience, consistency, copy & creative, and more, so you’ll be in the best position when Black Friday rolls around next year!


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Emily Hirsh:

We crushed it this year. So we did over 35 Black Friday promotions between all of our clients and we generated so far over $700,000 just from Black Friday promotions.

You are listening to the Not for Lazy Marketers Podcast, episode number 462.

Hello, you guys, happy December. We are here in the last month of the year and it’s gonna be a good one. I know it’s gonna be a good one. I hope you guys are doing amazing. I am excited about today’s episode. I am giving you guys some insider intel following Black Friday, which is obviously a massive time in marketing and promotions and we crushed it this year. So we did over 35 Black Friday promotions between all of our clients. Some started before Black Friday, like ran the week before or even the week before that and were kind of longer promos. A lot of them were Friday to Monday and some are still going, some are still active. So there was a big variation but 35 promotions and we generated so far over $700,000 just from Black Friday promotions. And that includes, I did a promotion.

 So internally we had a massive promotion happening and mine was really big because we had new products launching, so we had to finish all the sales pages and components from those promo products. And then we also had all of our clients and it was incredible. Before I get into the behind the scenes results pieces of it, it was incredible to witness the amount of copy and creative and strategic campaigns and just volume, but quality that we were able to put out. And this is so important for so many businesses because getting that cash infusion and being able to capitalize on your warm traffic in a promotion like that is just really important for a business and it’s a great way to, to capitalize on the work that you’ve done the entire year and get some cash in the door. And so not only were we able to create this impact for our clients, we’re also able to get our clients out in front of their audience and impact them.

And it just was the coolest thing to see how hard my team was working last week and just the quality but also volume that we put out of copy and creative and campaigns launching and scheduled to go live. You know, Friday, like Wednesday we probably had 12 just on Wednesday that were scheduled to go live Friday. It was incredible. And you know, I barely worked on Friday and so that also to me is really cool that, you know, I was able to still enjoy my Thanksgiving and my family while running an agency that is doing 35 promotions and that just speaks volumes to how amazing my team is. And I just wanna shout that out because I also had this thing happen the other day where when I’m, I’m super transparent on here and I love being transparent with you guys and for the most part it’s always a good thing.

But there are times where people take my transparency and they turn it into their own story about what it means. And somebody was talking to our team and was like, well I only wanna work with Emily because she had to step back in and she doesn’t trust her team. And I was like, that’s not what I said on my podcast. So I wanna be clear about that. My team is amazing and I am very transparent with my own leadership growth. I am also transparent when I have struggles in my company and I do have to step back in and rebuild things, but I would never run a team and have delivery happening that I didn’t trust with a client. And so sometimes my transparency and it’s happened many times in different ways on here gets spun into a different narrative. And so I want you guys to also see like the only way I was able to run that we were able to run that many Black Friday promos was 100% because of my team.

I didn’t write any copy, I didn’t create any creative, I barely helped with the strategies. Maybe a few clients I touched, but we have strategists now. We have that help. And I didn’t load any ads, you don’t want me loading ads, I didn’t launch campaigns And so my team is just amazing and the success we had in just witnessing it was probably my favorite thing ever last week. So, alright, let’s dive into the intel from it. So this is just reflecting on how it went, what worked, what didn’t take into next year, but also if you do any future promos and just to see how the state of the industry was. So I am excited to say that last year’s, black Friday was way more expensive in terms of ad cost than this year. So that’s really cool. And I think this year was more successful in terms of sales conversion for most people, which is also really cool because you could say, and we are in a recession and you could say, oh maybe that’s gonna impact sales conversion.

And I, I think that this year was more successful than I saw Black Friday last year. Not just even for me but like for other companies too that I know that are really big and did Black Friday promos. And so CPMs, which is the cost per thousand impression with your ads is a very big indication of just like overall what Facebook’s charging you to run your ads. And so it’s common especially over black Friday, like Friday to Monday through Cyber Monday that CPMs across the board go up because more people are running ads, ad space gets more expensive and Facebook charges more. Basically they were probably half of what they were last year. Like even for me, I was amazed at my own internal CPMs that they were so low for Black Friday I was expecting them to be so much higher. So that’s an indication that traffic was actually cheaper this year.

Why? Maybe because there’s less advertisers on Facebook doing, you know, running ads. That could be the case. I do think overall ad costs have gone down in the last six months and so that’s a good thing for running ads. Compared to I would say a year ago to a year and a half ago, I mean you would have CPMs in the hundred dollars, it was very expensive. You’re paying cost per lead of 20 $30 for webinars. That’s not happening anymore. So overall ad costs are down and Black Friday’s kind of a good pulse check of that because historically it’s a very expensive time to run ads. Now in some cases it did definitely go up, especially on clients who had webinar funnels that were still running in evergreen funnels that were running from Friday to Monday. We saw the cost go up but not nearly what it was last year.

So that’s a good sign for you if you are running ads on Facebook or you wanna run ads on Facebook, that ad costs are down and this really did confirm it. And I’ve seen other people say the same thing who ran big campaigns. The next thing to note is that the clients and the businesses who worked hard, and I’ve said this before in my podcast, but who worked really hard to grow their warm audience all year and grow their list and has been consist like the clients that we have on our roster who at least for the last four months I would say have consistently generated these, consistently grown their warm audience, those clients did the best because Black Friday is about your warm traffic for the most part. Maybe e-commerce, you can push that line a little bit. But especially digital products services, I don’t even target cold traffic, we don’t target cold traffic for Black Friday in any of those cases.

It is all warm traffic. So the success of your promotion is going to be so dependent on the size of your warm traffic and how hard you have worked to generate that warm traffic all year. And so what that means now, cuz you’re like, well, black Friday’s over, so maybe it was or wasn’t successful for you, but it just is reiterating over and over again the importance of being consistent, of making sure you’re growing your email list, making sure you’re growing your warm audience because I’m telling you, if you do that selling becomes so easy. And I, and I want you to see like there are people, there are very big successful businesses. If you look at some influencers in the space or people out there, they put out a new offer for Black Friday, they, I guarantee you only pushed it to their warm traffic and they had massive success because selling is really easy when you have this constant growth of your email list of your warm audience.

And so any promotion Black Friday or any future promotion you wanna do, it is so important that you prioritize your warm traffic and you’re growing your list in the times in between promotions and leading up to this. So if that doesn’t light a fire under you to make sure you have your marketing strategy on lock going in January to consistently generate leads, then I don’t know what will, because that is motivation for you to not forget how important that is for the rest of the year. Okay, so one thing I did notice with digital products, which was interesting and this is why we did the promo that I did, is lower priced digital products did better. So if you had a high ticket application or call like, and you’re getting people into a service like I do for my agency it was just a little harder to convert, especially with a, with a, with a short window of time.

But what I saw do really well was lower priced digital products. So majority, if you saw our Black Friday sale, mine was a handful of everything was 20% off, but we had five digital products that were ranging from a hundred dollars to a thousand dollars and everything was 20% off the regular price and that was the majority of our promo. We got some applications in. We also have 20% off the first month if you got your application in to work with us in the agency. But for myself and for clients, I saw the success in the digital products from a hundred to a thousand, but even like the 100 to $500 range did really, really well because I, on Black Friday, people wanna get a really good deal and people wanna get something that they’re not gonna normally get the rest of the year. It’s not a massive break the bank type of investment.

You do have people who spend a lot of money during the Black Friday weekend too. So you have a lot of buyers remorse happening and so people are gonna think twice about those higher ticket offers. So I think that’s something to think about if you sell high ticket, what is a down sell or like maybe it’s a workshop. I saw someone do that and I thought that was a really great idea. One time workshop was their Black Friday promo with a great deal on it. Like what is a smaller priced offer that you can put out that’s gonna create ideal customers for your bigger offer? And it’s so, so it’s in alignment, it’s not distracting for you and it’s really the goal is to get people into your core offers. So for me, the goal is to always get a percentage of the people who buy my digital products to get success and, and get results and see that success and continue to build that trust with me to move up to our higher level offers and ultimately our agency.

And so what could you put out that’s gonna solve a problem? It’s gonna be super enticing, a really good deal and it’s gonna create more ideal customers for you. Those offers did really, really well. And so that’s something to keep in mind for next year, but also if you want to create a promotion, you know, outside of Black Friday next year. Okay, the other thing I wanted to mention was like the promo period time, because I was curious about this. So there’s a lot of people who start Black Friday sales like way before Black Friday now, and honestly both of them had equal success. So we had clients who started their Black Friday promos like on Monday last week or even before. And they phased some things in and then we had a lot of clients and myself included who did the Friday to Monday promo window.

I think that the shorter promo creates a bigger splash. Like it’s definitely less time, but it’s easier to go all in and it’s such a short amount of time. I mean it’s four days that it’s long enough for people to see it, for people to be able to make a decision and not sit on it. And so I’m not saying don’t do a longer promotion, I, this is where the customization comes in because any of our clients that did a longer promotion, we were intentional about that strategy. And like I said, I have clients, we have clients running ads until like December 2nd. A lot of, we have a handful, probably 10 that are still going, that the sales are still going. And so that also works and it, and it was successful. And I think it depends on the audience too. There’s some audiences that need a little bit more time to decide to buy.

They’re really hesitant, especially when you get in the B2C space. But I think next year I would personally do my promotion from Friday to Monday and I would say 80% of the time that would be my recommendation to businesses because I think it makes a bigger splash and I think it stands out. And I know competition is high then, but if you’re going for your warm traffic, like they’re paying attention to you people who are your warm traffic and follow you, they’re looking for what you’re gonna do. Like you’re not going to get drowned out from all the other promotions because people pay attention to who they follow and their warm traffic. And so I do think the benefit of it being a shorter time period, less time for people to like wait around and think about buying and then forget about it outweighs some of the cons of it of okay, are people gonna see it?

It’s a holiday weekend, there’s a lot of other promotions happening. So 80% of the time that’s the case. If you are going for a higher ticket or you need people who take a long time, then you could do that longer window. You just have to not lose momentum in that because it’s hard to keep a promotion going for a long time and keep the excitement and the urgency around it. So I saw them both be successful, but for the most part in going into next year, my recommendation for a lot of people is gonna stay the shorter window. Okay. And then the last point that I wanted to make was copying/creative was everything. And so people get afraid to do a Black Friday promotion because they are afraid they’re not gonna stand out. And there’s other businesses you know, doing promotions and they’re like, are people even gonna see my stuff?

Don’t look at it that way. You look at it as a challenge of how do I make sure people see my stuff? Which comes down to copying creative in most cases, not every single one, but in most cases on our Black Friday promos video was doing the best. And probably like 90% of them, 85 to 90% video one and the creative and the copy was everything. It was how do you dig deep? We really pushed our team, our copy team on storytelling in the copy and digging deep on the copy even especially for the clients that we write emails for. And my own emails, if you got my Black Friday emails, they were really good. We put a lot into those. There was a lot of storytelling. That’s how you stand out. You don’t sound like a generic sales campaign when you’re doing a promotion and everybody else’s.

You stand out through emotion, through storytelling, through video, through ways that you’re gonna create that emotional connection with your audience because that’s how people buy. So that was the biggest thing that created that success. So if I was to boil it down to a couple of things, I’d say if you wanna have a massively successful promotion or Black Friday next year, one, you’ve gotta consistently build your warm audience leading up to that promotion for three to four months that is going to create more success for you. And you can’t just build them like grow your list. You also have to nurture them and you have to show up for them and you have to provide content to them. Like it’s a whole experience that you’re creating that leads up to that, that creates that success. Two, in order to stand out your copy, your creative, your messaging has to be really good.

And the way you create it good is you bring out emotion, you tell stories and you don’t sound like a templated generic sales campaign. And this is where I think a lot of people hurt themselves because they try to do all of their marketing themselves. And I’m not just saying this cuz obviously you guys can hire me and I want people to hire me. I’m truly saying this because I see so many people suffer in their business trying to write their email copy, trying to write all of their ad copy, trying to do everything, and it’s just subpar because they’re not naturally good at it. Like if I wrote all my own emails, it would take one, it would take me like three days to do it. Like writing is slow for me. And two, it wouldn’t be as good as an extremely skilled copywriter who has learned my voice can do it.

And so the cost for me to get that support and the cost for our clients to get the support from us, and a lot of our clients are in our elite package, which means we don’t write the emails for them, but we audit every single one. Like the difference between good copy and a promotion and then your marketing in general is literally the difference between success and failure. Because if you can’t communicate the offer, if you can’t connect with your audience and create that emotional connection and create that desire with your words, you’re not gonna be successful. And so I see a lot of people hurt themselves trying to do a promotion and trying to do it all themselves because they don’t have money to invest, but then they don’t end up making the money from the promotion because the messaging wasn’t there and because the strategy wasn’t there and the execution wasn’t very good.

And so the copy and the creative, it, it’s so key to the promotion because essentially you’re running this promotion to your warm traffic. So the strategy is very simple. There’s things that come into play with the strategy of like how to create the urgency. I taught a lot of this in my Black Friday workshop, so I’m not gonna get into the details of that. But the most important piece to the actual promotion is the messaging because the how you stand out, it will come out in your copy and creative. And so our team pushed, we pushed hard in our Black Friday and I think that is we were definitely better than we were last year as a copy and creative team and expectations and just overall quality. And I’m really, really proud of that because I’ve worked really hard to build our creative team and copy team and team in general.

This last year has been my focus of overhauling and, and rebuilding delivery. Not because I don’t trust my team, you guys , but because quality is so important to me and I’m constantly striving to be better, that’s one of our core values as a company. So I wanna look back at this black Friday next year and say, here’s what we did better and here’s what we learned. Speaking of that, if, if, if I do look back and think, you know, what could we do better? I think that a few things that come to me, if I look at next year what I wanna do differently, it would probably be to make sure clients send enough emails. I think some people, especially the ones we didn’t write emails for, I would have had them send like two or three more emails. People are afraid to do that, but every time a client sends out an email, you can usually correlate the sales.

Even for me, like we send a lot of emails every time an email goes out, I correlate sales to that. So I think for the clients who we’re not writing the emails for them, I would’ve made sure, I want to make sure that the volume is there and I would’ve increased that and maybe I would’ve allowed a little more time for creative video in some of the client’s cases because I think business owners get so busy leading up to Black Friday and it kind of sneaks up on them. And so I would’ve liked to have even more video requests go out in reel. So we come up with the ideas for our clients like what videos to record, what reels to record. So we could have probably turned the dial up on that. But other than that, honestly, we crushed it. Like it, it was amazing. The volume, everything went out on time. We didn’t have any issues, we didn’t have any urgent things come up and the amount of sales kind of speaks for itself. So, alright, you guys, I hope you found this insider kind of view helpful and I’ll talk to you next week.

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