ep 463: The 5 Most Important Parts to a Successful 2023 Marketing Strategy

ep 463: The 5 Most Important Parts to a Successful 2023 Marketing Strategy

We are in the season of goal setting for the New Year. Most of the time when you set goals you create some sort of strategy or action plan to go along with your goals. But where I see most people lack in this process is being specific.

When you hit the ground running in the New Year, what are you actually going to be doing? What habits, what goals, what actions?

Join me as I walk through my top 5 steps that are essential to a specific marketing strategy and how you can set an action plan that will lead to results going into 2023.

Plus, I share some inside tips that I will reveal in my live intensive workshop coming up this Thursday. Listen in, you don’t want to miss this episode!


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Emily Hirsh:

Most of the time when you make a plan and you make you set goals and you create some sort of strategy or action plan, most people lack being specific. So that means if you set a revenue goal and you’re like, this is gonna be the year that we do six figures or this is the year we’re gonna hit a million, you’ve gotta get way specific because all of those little things is the difference between honestly achieving the goal and not. 

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Hello my friends, welcome back to the podcast. I hope you guys are having a great start to your week and I’m excited because this week on Thursday at 2:00 PM Eastern Time, I’m doing a three hour super intensive workshop all on planning your 2023 marketing strategy. And we’re gonna go into a lot of detail. I think a lot of people go into the new year thinking they have a marketing strategy, but it’s just not specific enough. It’s not really setting them up for that success. And so I wanted to do this deep dive workshop all about planning for your 2023 strategy. And I’m talking about the strategy like are you doing cash infusions and promotions? How do those work in? Of course, what’s your revenue goal but exactly how you’re gonna achieve that. What offers you’re gonna put out, what offers you’re gonna focus on, what actions those are.

And then also projections. How much money do you need to spend? What support do you need? It’s gonna be amazing. It is. So I’ve been working on it for days for weeks because it’s so value rich and there’s so much I wanna cover in the three hours while also having time for questions. And so if you want to start the new year with a bang, like having the strategy planned out and not just the big picture vision board, those things are great. But when we hit the ground running next year, the first week in January, like what are you actually going to be doing? What habits, what goals, what actions? So you can come, if you go to hersh marketing.com/workshop, you can save your ticket. There are, there’s a regular ticket and then there’s a V I P ticket where you’ll actually get your strategy that we create together audited afterwards.

So you can pick between those two options. It is at 2:00 PM Eastern time on Thursday. So that’s her marketing.com/workshop. With that said, if you are coming or not coming, I decided to theme today’s podcast about your marketing strategy. And this is obviously gonna be very high level compared to how deep we’re gonna go on Thursday. But I wanted to talk about five different things that are essential to a marketing strategy cuz everybody should be thinking about it. Whether you’re gonna be at my workshop or not, you should be thinking about your marketing strategy. So the first two things are gonna be more like high level and then I’m gonna dig a little deeper on like specifics in the strategy. And of course if any of these things resonate and you’re like, oh, I thought I was really doing a good job planning for my 2023 marketing, but I’m actually not, then you’re gonna wanna be on that workshop because the other piece that’s important is that it’s custom to your business.

So the first thing, these first two things are like in general with setting goals and making a strategy and making a plan where people mess up. And the first one is how specific they are. Most of the time when you make a plan and you make you set goals and you create some sort of strategy or action plan, most people lack being specific. So that means if you set a revenue goal and you’re like, this is gonna be the year that we do six figures or this is the year we’re gonna hit a million, you’ve gotta get way specific. What does that mean? How many products are you gonna sell? What do you have to do every single month? Like what, how many leads do you need to bring in? Because all of those little things is the difference between honestly achieving the goal and not.

And this is why so many people don’t hit their goals and don’t achieve what they’re trying to do is because there’s not enough clarity around how to get there. And the way we create that clarity is we get super specific. And so one way you can do this is either out loud to yourself or to somebody else, explain your marketing strategy, like explain what your goals are, explain what you’re gonna accomplish in your business next year and then keep asking yourself the question how. So if you say, okay, next year I’m gonna do a million dollars, how? Okay, I’m gonna do that by selling this many of my $2,000 product and this many of this product. Okay, how? Okay, I’m gonna do that through live webinars.  Just keep asking yourself questions to get deeper and deeper. And eventually you’ll come out on the other side with a more flushed out plan.

The next thing is actions tied to the strategy and the goal goals are great. I love setting goals, I love planning for a new year. I love planning quarterly, I love it all the time. But if those things are not connected to actions and we’re not clear, again, clarity is a really big thing here because if you’re not clear on what exact specific actions you have to take to achieve that goal, then nothing’s gonna happen. Because anytime humans are confused or overwhelmed, they don’t take action. And this is true in marketing, right? Like if people are overwhelmed, if people are confused, you can bet they’re not gonna buy your offer. If you are overwhelmed and confused or you have like fuzzy clarity on how you’re gonna achieve what you set out to achieve, you’re not going to go do anything because you don’t know what to do because you haven’t defined it.

So this is like the second part to creating your strategy that we’re gonna go really deep into this part on Thursday because this is the most important piece. Like I said, goals are awesome, they sound cool, make the vision board, set the goal, get yourself pumped up, get excited, but then the actions are the only thing that’s gonna actually get you there. And it sounds so like of course, duh when you say it, but a lot of people don’t do this and a lot of people are guilty of this without realizing they’re doing this. So when you set a goal and you say, I’m gonna make six figures, and then you get specific with, okay, I’m gonna make six figures by selling this many of this product and I’m gonna do it through a webinar funnel, now you can start tying actions. Okay, I’m gonna need to create a new webinar topic, I’m gonna need to build a new webinar funnel.

I’m committing to posting on social media three times a week. I need 15 pieces of content every single month. I’m gonna release two podcasts a week. All of those things are actions that should be directly associated with that goal that we set. So once we get really specific on the goal and how we’re gonna get to those bigger goals and what that means, then we can say, okay, now how are we going to actually achieve those specific components? What actions do I need to take? And I like breaking it down like what are one time actions? So building a webinar funnel, that’s a one time action, right? But what are consistent regular actions, whether it’s weekly, monthly, you know, posting on social media three times a week or launching a YouTube channel that’s a one time action, right? We launched it, but now what’s the consistent habitual action that we’re gonna tie to it?

Because habits, those are really important too. What are, how are we showing up and and are we being specific with that in our marketing going into the new year? So when you define those actions, focus on what are the one time actions like the projects you’re gonna work on. And those are probably gonna be towards the first quarter of the year because you’re gonna be really excited and you’re gonna work on those projects. But then what’s the long term consistency, the habits in your marketing that you’re gonna create next year and you’re gonna commit to next year? And I’m gonna tie this one in as a bonus cuz it’s coming to me as I’m talking. The other thing not to do is to overwhelm yourself. And we do this across the board like with fitness goals, health goals, especially as high achievers.

Don’t set yourself up for failure. Don’t go into next year saying I am going to 10 x my revenue from what it was this year and I am going to launch a YouTube channel post on social media every day, launch a podcast, launch two new funnels. Like we know that that’s not possible. And so I’m all about big goals. Like I think setting big goals, pushing yourself is something that high achievers, including myself, thrive on that. And it’s not even about meeting the goal, it’s like the game of trying to get to the goal. But also if you go into something and you’ve completely overwhelmed yourself and it’s literally impossible for you to do it, really nothing’s gonna happen. Like it’s, you’re not gonna admit to taking any action if you’ve set yourself up from failure on day one. So tie in setting a big goal that pushes your comfort zone a little bit with also can I actually do this?

And taking into consideration the support you have, whether that’s your business team, your family, your kids, like what you’re actually capable of doing so that it’s realistic and you go in winning, right? We all wanna win. So you don’t have to commit to a YouTube channel and a podcast in social media every day in three different funnels in every paid ad platform. That’s obviously exaggerated, but even a form of that is too much. Most of the time growth doesn’t come from doing more. It comes from doing a few things really, really well. So, also think about that. Okay, the next three things I have are more specific to your marketing strategy that are important to consider. So one I kind of already talked about, but I wanna reiterate it again, you will start with a big picture revenue goal. And that is what’s gonna drive your marketing strategy.

That’s the scorecard. How much money do you wanna make next year? What is that goal? Yes, keep it realistic but also push it a little bit and then you can figure out and backtrack, okay, how much am I already gonna make from existing clients if that is the thing for you or returning customers. And now how much money do I need to make through my marketing? Like how many new customers should I generate and do I need to generate new clients? And you’re gonna break that down into the smallest piece possible. Exactly how many new clients you need, how many sales, how many products, the average order value. You have to see the path of exactly how you’re gonna get there. And not just for the full year in a big picture, but quarter one, quarter two, quarter three, quarter four, the months. Because you know that likely if your marketing strategy’s working, what you do in January is gonna be different than what you do in November in terms of volume because you’re seeing hopefully a percentage of growth as you go.

So having that big picture revenue goal and then breaking it down with how, how much needs to come from your marketing of your sales next year and then what is that equal in terms of number of sales with your product or your service price or your average order value. And then what are you going to aim to do in January? And then what percentage of growth are you gonna see each month? And if you already know, like for me, I know that July is a slow month for us. So I’m not gonna plan my year and say, okay, in July I’m gonna do double what I did in January. I’m not gonna do that because that’s not realistic. So I’m gonna look at it knowing my business if I have this information and plan out my year in specifics like that. The next thing that you’ll need in your strategy is how you’re gonna do it, how you’re going to consistently generate leads and sales.

And this is the consistent piece. So I have two pieces that need to go into a marketing strategy. One is the consistency. What is the thing that’s gonna happen every single month so that you are bringing leads onto your list traffic to your website traffic to your social media people consuming your content. And those are all converting into sales every month. So this is likely a funnel or multiple, maybe you’re gonna test a few that’s going to do this. An evergreen webinar, an opt-in funnel, this is not your live launches. So first we’re gonna define what is that consistent piece of the marketing strategy that’s going to achieve this consistent leads, consistent sales and drive this every month. And even I like to work in, and this is something I’ll dive into in the workshop, but like what’s the backup plan? Like I’m gonna test this funnel and if that doesn’t work, this is my second idea, my backup plan so that you’re not also going out testing like three different funnels in the beginning of January and overwhelmed.

So you’ll plan that consistency and then you’re gonna plan your launches and your promos. Ideally you have one every quarter kind of worked into your marketing strategy and this is where you’re going to reengage your leads. You don’t have to know the specific of like, okay, in November I’m gonna do XYZ live launch, but you should know that you’re going to do one. So it’s like I’m gonna do a Black Friday promo or I’m gonna do a live launch. You’re planning that far ahead of like this is going to happen and then you’ll probably get into more specifics around what you’re gonna do in quarter one. And there is a balance with your marketing strategy as it relates to this because you’re gonna likely get intel in the first few months of the year that’s going to drive the next few months. And so you have to balance, yes, planning your strategy specifically for the year, but also leaving room for pivoting and adapting because every business needs to have that flexibility.

That’s also something I’m gonna talk about on Thursday because there is this balance and this is where people get kind of confused with marketing strategies and I think go into having one that’s not specific at all because they’re just gonna try something and through a spaghetti at the wall. But you can be specific with your strategy and plan your promos and plan your live launches while also leaving 10% of room for flexibility and pivoting based on the industry, based on your audience and also based on what has worked so far this year. So we’re gonna bake that into the strategy too. But to summarize this really fast for you, the three big components of a marketing strategy that you’re gonna need are one, your big picture revenue broken down into very specific how to and specifically how much revenue and sales you need to bring in through your marketing strategy.

Cuz most of you are gonna get some referrals as you build your business. You’re gonna get some organic traffic. While I would count that as marketing, you may have existing clients, you may have you know, already recurring revenue. So taking that into consideration, maybe you don’t, maybe it all has to come from marketing. And then two, the consistent part of your strategy. How are you every single week, month, day going to be getting, getting consistent leads, sales and traffic? And then three, what are the live launches and the promos? And you’ll plan that more specific for quarter one and a little bit more loose for the rest of the year, but it’s still on the horizon, it’s still planned, it’s still, you know, the seed is planted. And then a few things I didn’t talk about but that we’ll get into on Thursday are like, are you gonna launch a different offer?

Is there gonna be a downsell or an upsell coming? How are you going to create more of your ideal customers? So lots I’m gonna dive into on Thursday, but I thought this would get you guys really thinking about this because we should be, this is the time to be planning your marketing strategy and to being specific with having actions with leaving that little bit of room for pivoting and adapting because that’s also very necessary. And I’m sure if you look back at this past year you had to do that and the successful businesses had to do that a lot this year. So I hope to see you guys with me on Thursday, it’s gonna be a lot of fun. I’ve never done such a long workshop but I wanted to be able to dive deep. I wanted people to be able to work, actually work on the strategy so that it’s almost done by the end of the workshop. And also leave a letter room for q and a. So hirshmarketing.com/workshop. I hope to see you guys there. There will of course be a replay for everybody who buys. I think it’s gonna be a lot of value to go back and watch that even if you are there live. And I’ll talk to you guys on Thursday.

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