ep 471: 3 Things Most People Won’t Do This Year But Should

In this episode, I’ll be uncovering three overlooked strategies that can have a huge impact on your business in the coming year. These are strategies that I personally use in my own business and have seen firsthand how powerful they can be.

From connecting with your audience in a genuine and meaningful way to the importance of setting powerful goals and tracking progress, I reveal what you should be improving regularly in your business to make this year the most successful year yet. 

If you want to make more money, get more clients, improve your retention, I share the answer to help you get there in today’s episode.

Tune in, this is a game-changing information that you won’t want to miss. 


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Emily Hirsh:

Because that’s like the most underrated marketing strategy you can do, is provide an incredible service and offer and get referrals and people talking about your business completely for free.

You are listening to the Not For Lazy Marketers podcast, episode number 471.

Hello my friends and welcome back to the podcast. All right, I am excited for today’s episode and happy new year when this comes out. I am going to be in the mountains and I’m so excited I’m gonna be snowboarding with my mom and my brothers. I made a super hard decision to go by myself on this trip without my kids because I really wanted to bring them, but they don’t really snowboard and ski yet, like up on the ski lifts and that’s all we’re gonna be doing. So I decided to book a separate snow trip with the family and I’m really excited to have some time. I have three younger brothers and we are really close and so I rarely get time, like adult time with them. I’m always with my kids, which I love, but it’ll be nice to have some time without them.

I also side note for you guys, cuz you guys love my small talk at the beginning of these episodes, I’ve spent probably the last week, but especially the last 48 hours immersed in all things AI. So I don’t feel knowledgeable or experienced or even processed enough to talk about it yet on the podcast, but it will be coming. And all I have to say is we are entering a completely new era and a new season. Like for real people overuse that term and they use it for small things, but this is going to be bigger than the invention of the internet. Like I, I sort of feel like being like, oh my gosh, do you guys see this? But the thing is, I also feel so behind because it’s been being, you know, created for at least 15 years. But it’s so much closer than I realized to impacting everybody and I think we’re gonna see a lot, a lot of this in 2023.

So more coming on that. But I have spent so much time trying to listen to smarter people about it, that my brain has hurt, but I really am trying to educate myself on this because I think it is going to be the biggest thing in our lifetime. All right, so today’s podcast episode, I wanna talk about the three things that most people should do with their marketing and their business this year, but probably won’t. These are things that are blind spots in a business that I think are really easy to miss but can make a really big impact on your success this year. And it’s not just related just to marketing, it’s also business in general. I’m looking at it from the perspective of being a CEO and everything that demands your attention. So let’s talk about those three things. They’re all three things that I kind of try to keep top of mind myself because I know how big of an impact they make, but how easily they’re missed.

The first one is connecting with your audience. This is such an underrated thing and more specifically when I say this, I don’t just mean like showing up on stories and asking a couple of questions. I mean truly making an intentional effort at some point this year to connect with your audience, whether that’s in a free q and a call that you invite your whole audience to and you allow them to come on. Whether that’s you make an intentional effort to have DM conversations that aren’t just sales conversations, that are asking questions, that are providing support, that are just understanding where your audience is coming from, whether that’s actually doing interviews with your audience. When we have a client who we’re just stuck, like the sales conversion is not there, we’re getting leads, we’re getting people, they’re interested. I always make them do this. Get on at least 10 calls, talk to your audience and figure out from them where the disconnect is, why they aren’t buying and where that’s coming from.

Because they are the ones who are gonna tell you. And so many entrepreneurs and CEOs, they don’t listen to their audience and they go ask, you know, gurus and agencies and marketing strategists and everybody else and it’s like the answer a lot of times is right in front of you. And some of our most successful clients do this very consistently. Actually just did a call with a client who she has a pretty good organic following, which is very helpful to have, but she does like question boxes all the time in her Instagram story. And she literally downloads all of those responses and that’s what creates her content. That’s what creates her emails, that’s what creates her offers. Like the topics that she chooses to teach in her webinars are coming straight from her audience’s responses to these question boxes in Instagram. Now for some people, even myself included, I don’t get a ton of response in my question boxes in Instagram, so that wouldn’t be enough.

But if I held a live q and a, if I did a workshop for free and I did an extra, you know, 30, 40 minutes of questions and I said, Hey, I wanna hear your guys’ biggest struggles as it relates to marketing, I’d get a ton of intel. It’s how I also get my best content. I listened to you guys in the dms, I listened to questions, I’m email, I listen to questions clients have and that drives my free offers. It drives my paid offer improvements, it drives the direction of my company and it drives my marketing messaging. So this is something that I would plan intentional time and effort in your business this year to connect with your audience. The next thing that should be done, but most people won’t do, and this one’s gonna surprise you guys cuz it’s not marketing related, but I think this is very important and that is actually put effort and energy into improving your offer, improving what you sell and focusing on I, I think the same amount of effort that you put into getting more customers, getting more clients needs to go in if not more, to actually improving what you sell and improving how you get results.

Improving how you create a customer experience because that’s like the most underrated marketing strategy you can do is provide an incredible service and offer and get referrals and people talking about your business completely for free. And so every month or every quarter or every year and however you do your planning and your company, look at, okay, what am I gonna do to grow my business? What am I gonna do to generate more leads in sales? But what am I also going to do to improve what I sell to improve the results I get people to improve my customer experience? Whether that’s improving the email sequence attached, whether that is actually improving your process, your team, whether that’s you getting back involved into something that you haven’t been involved in in a while to look for areas for improvement, whatever that is, putting effort into that improvement is really important because what that does is creates a better experience with your company, which allows a space for people to talk more about how amazing you are, how amazing your offer is, how great it is, how great the experience was, which will bring you customers.

And it is a very underrated thing. The third thing is that most people will not do but can do. And that is focusing on an existing strategy or something existing, an existing effort in your business, whether that’s organic, whether that’s paid, whether that’s relationship based marketing and and just saying, how could I actually make this better and coming up with 10 ideas and going to implement two of them to make it better versus come up with a new idea. I see this all the time where clients go, okay, I want more leads or I want more sales so I’m gonna build this new funnel or let’s build this new funnel or let’s launch this new thing. Instead of saying, well what if we overhauled the email sequence or what if we connected that email sequence and we added it as a down sell to all these people who aren’t buying our product?

Or what if we just revamped our social media strategy and we put some fresh stuff out there, we tried some new things. So whenever I’m stuck or whenever I’m like, okay, I wanna do something new, I don’t know what it is, but I wanna improve what I’m doing, instead of saying, okay, what new idea can I come up with? And I side note, I train my team on this a lot. Like I think this is something that you have to train the people that you’re working with and you have to have that discipline actually just told my team, they sent me a bunch of ideas to accomplish a specific result and I said, you know, these are great, they’re all great ideas, but why don’t we master what we’re already doing? We already have so much area for opportunity in this one specific thing that was related to my marketing that we could do better before we go try these new things before we add these different platforms, before we add these different mediums that are not bad ideas, but we’re gonna get more if we just focus on what we’re already doing, but we do it better.

And so whenever I get into that place where I have like, I wanna do something new, I wanna come up with a new idea instead of saying, okay, I’m gonna go do a brand new thing starting from scratch, I force myself to sit down with a blank piece of paper and say, okay, what’s every idea that I could possibly come up with to actually make this better, to make this a better experience, to capitalize on traffic and leads or customers that I’m already getting to improve what I have and build upon that versus do something new. And I force myself to come up with every idea, good and bad, doesn’t matter. I’m not gonna do the idea, I’m not committed to it yet. I’m just brainstorming, I’m just coming up with ideas. And then I look at that list, I sit on that list and those drive my initiatives and it’s not as exciting.

Like it’s not as exciting to revamp an email sequence that already exists. It’s not as exciting to add in a mini downsell product and not change much else about your funnel, but it’s actually more impactful. And a lot of times the answer to creating more success in your business is within what you’re already doing. I want you to really let that sink in. If you’re wanting to make more money, if you’re wanting to get more clients, if you’re wanting to improve your retention, if you are wanting to increase your social media falling, grow your list, whatever it is, all those things, likely the answer is doing what you’re already doing, but improving it, tweaking it a little bit. Now let me do a disclaimer. Don’t get confused with this, meaning you don’t have to live launch. One of the ways that you can make something better is you can change the wrapping paper on the front end.

So for example, let’s say you have a webinar funnel and you’ve run that for three months, it’s starting to take it stale. Instead of creating a whole new webinar or a whole new funnel or doing a challenge instead of a webinar and changing it completely. What if you just changed the wrapping paper around the webinar itself? You kept the webinar the same, but you had a different title, you had different wrapping paper and you put your focus into that and maybe you do it live, maybe do a live launch. So don’t confuse this with my advice that you need to do live launches, you need to do fresh things. Those are all to accomplish the same goal. My point being, there’s a lot of opportunity that people are typically leaving on the table with the existing audience they’re already building every day. Especially if you’re running ads with the existing leads, you’re already bringing into your list, especially if you’re running ads because your progress is so much faster when you’re running ads and you’re growing those things at such a faster pace.

And a lot of times if you’re signing customers, if you’re selling to customers, there’s opportunity with those customers themselves and actually capitalizing asking them, what do you, what do they need next? Why aren’t they buying again? Why aren’t they staying longer? How do we fill those holes and plug those holes to get better overall results? So those are three things to get you kind of thinking, get your brain churning on what could I, where could I put my effort this year that is right in front of me that I’m not paying attention to, but would make a very big difference in my success and in my overall results. Alright you guys, hopefully you enjoyed this episode and it gave you some ideas. It’s simple tactics as I like to give you guys. Very simple tactics, things that are maybe right in front of you but you’re not seeing them, but can make a really big impact with little effort. And that’s what you’re trying to do in business, right? We wanna do a small amount of effort but have it move the needle a significant amount. And when we can do that, we create really great results. Thanks so much for tuning in and I’ll talk to you guys next time.

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