Ep 477: This One Simple Strategy Will Help You Sell More Of Your Offer

As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the challenges of selling your offer effectively. That’s why I believe it is so important to have clear and well-defined milestones in offers. Breaking the offer into three major milestones not only gives your audience a clear path, but also helps them see that your offer will solve their problem. 

That’s what it’s all about: making the offer clear and attractive, and showing your audience the experience they’ll have and the outcome they’ll achieve. Listen in today as I share more about this strategy, the use of milestones, and what to change so you can sell more of your offer.


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Emily Hirsh:

Your job is to create that clarity so that they can get to the point that they believe your offer, your product, your service is going to actually 100% solve their problem, otherwise they’re not gonna buy.

You are listening to the Not For Lazy Marketers podcast, episode number 477.

Hello everybody and welcome back to the podcast. I hope you guys are having a great week. Happy February already. The second, wasn’t it just New Year’s Eve, second month of the year. I am back in my routine across the board and one of the things I love doing is my monthly planning. So I actually shared on Tuesday’s podcast kind of how that works internally with our marketing and my business and how I do planning. But I actually do the same thing personally. So I set annual goals personally and then I look at them every month and I make sure my monthly goals that I’m setting aside for me personally are in alignment with those annual goals that I set. And then I also do my own personal weekly planning. And what this does is there’s areas like, for example, I wanted to get back on the calendar, regular date nights with my husband.

 I want to do solo dates with my kids once a quarter. Like these are things that I put into my personal planning, just being really intentional with my time and my energy and how I’m showing up in all areas of my life. And I feel like it’s very easy as an entrepreneur to focus all in on your business and then your health and your relationships and things in your personal life really get neglected. So by doing this planning, I am able to stay proactive in those areas too. And it’s been a really great start to the year for me. So this episode might be on the shorter side. I wanted to talk about this and it might be just kind of one of those gold nuggets that I give you that kind of gets a light bulb to go off in your head. And I was inspired to talk about this because number one, a couple weeks ago I did that bootcamp that a lot of you were a part of and I did a bunch of trainings in one week.

And one of the things that stuck out was that when I taught this, it was like a light bulb went off for a lot of people. And then two, I recently just did a VIP day with a client and this is the biggest change we’re making to how she presents her offer. And I think it’s something that’s so simple but yet so overlooked and overcomplicated in our minds when we talk about her offer. So this is really one thing you can do that is going to make your offer much more attractive and sell a lot better. So a lot of times people have really great offers. You have a great service, you have a great program, you have something awesome to sell, but you struggle to sell it because you can’t talk about it. You can’t, can’t articulate it in the right way, in the way that’s going to get people to go, oh, I definitely wanna buy that.

Or, oh, this is for sure gonna solve my problem. And so that’s where most people really, really struggle is in their offer positioning. And I talked to a lot of entrepreneurs that were like, if people just knew how great my offer was, how it was gonna solve their problem, like the components of it, they would buy it. But they don’t know that. And I can’t, you know, get past that. And so this is something that I do and it’s something I’ve refined and refined over the years. And it’s really important. And so first of all, when people, your audience really it’s go to buy an offer, nobody is gonna buy something they are either confused about, overwhelmed about, or unclear about. So if they look at your offer, whether that’s through a sales page, a webinar, you talking about it, a sales call, whatever it is, and they are any of those three things confused, overwhelmed, or unclear, they will not buy because somebody needs to be able to see the path and the exact kind of experience they’re gonna take and the, and the fact that yes, they will solve their problem, they will get to the other side of that and they believe fully 100% that they will.

Nobody buys something going like, I hope this works. Or like, I hope that I get results, right? When someone makes that decision to actually spend their money and buy something, they fully in that moment believe that they are going to get the result that they want with what they’re buying. And so we oftentimes look at this in this conversation with the client she was talking about, well you know, my, my course, it has a lot in it and I think people end up not going through it. And I said, yeah, but when people buy, they think and they have all the best intentions that they are going to go through all of this content, right? Like nobody buys a course and says, well, I hope I go through it. Or nobody signs up for something and says, well, I hope I actually engage, I hope I actually participate.

I hope I get results in the moment when they decide to buy, they fully believe it, right? They believe they can accomplish that outcome. So if you take a step back to the, the part before in selling your job, when you’re selling in whatever medium that is, webinar, emails, sales call, sales page, Instagram, live, it doesn’t matter. Your job is to create that clarity so that they can get to the point that they believe your offer, your product, your service is going to actually 100% solve their problem, otherwise they’re not gonna buy. And so a great way to do this is to break your offer into very clear milestones. And so this is especially great if you have a program, if you have a service, if you have a course it’s not as much for product based, but you might be able to able to apply some of this for product base.

 Especially if you had just like one major milestone of like, after this amount of time, you’ll be able to achieve this. So here’s what I changed about this, this individual in the v i p days offer positioning cuz she had a really great sales page. Honestly, she had paid someone a lot previously to do it. It just needed some tweaks, but they were pretty big tweaks. So she had a lot in her offer because she’s over-delivering because it’s an awesome offer because is gonna solve all the problems that her ideal customer has as it relates to, to the major problem that they have. And the thing is, when you looked at it, it was so much information, I couldn’t, I couldn’t comprehend how I was gonna get to my result and how long it was going to take. So I said, I want you to break down three major milestones that we can say take X amount of time.

So like in the first 30 days when you sign up, you will then be able to do this. And then in the first 90 days, you’re gonna be able to do this. In the first six months you’re going to be able to do this. And then the content, the modules, the actual, you know, components of the offer fit into those milestones because what do people care about? They care about the milestones and the results. They don’t care about the modules, the videos, the offers. And in a lot of cases what you guys do is you just write the what of your offer. You just write the ingredients list, like it’s this video and it’s this video trading and it’s this and it’s this and it’s this. This client actually did a good job talking about the result of each video, but it was hard for me as somebody looking at the page to put it all into a clear path.

And this was a six month program, that’s a long time. So I need to understand, okay, if I sign up for this, what am I gonna be doing in the next 30 days? And then what about the next 90 days? So we created these milestones, we created these three major, you know, big moving problems that she was gonna solve that were directly related to her process that she already had and she already talked about. And then we fit the, the modules and the components of her entire program within those three milestones. And then we assigned how much time it was going to take to accomplish that. So now when I look at this offer, I’m gonna understand if I sign up today, within 30 days, I will have achieved X, Y, Z. Within 90 days I’ll have achieved this. And then the next thing I said is we need to tell them how much time they have to invest in this.

Because you’re talking to busy people, you’re talking to people who know they don’t have a lot of time, who are nervous about buying, you know, training materials, but they also know that they need it. What is the minimum amount of time they need to invest to get to this result we’re telling them that they’re gonna be able to get to. And that is how we communicate the path and the experience of your offer. So the simple thing you can do to make your offer so much more attractive is ask yourself, can I break down milestones or components of my offer into like first you’re gonna accomplish this, then you’re gonna accomplish this and then this. It’s usually about three. And can you do that and then fit the elements of your offer, your service, your product within those milestones and then assign time to them.

So the question I got asked in the bootcamp was, well Emily, how do you communicate an outcome to your agency? Because the goal is for them to stay in there forever. So what problem are you solving? And I said, we have milestones. We have milestones in the first 90 days. So you know, when you sign up to work with us in our agency in the first 30 days, we’re gonna do a huge audit of your strategy, of your business, of your numbers. We’re gonna do a deep dive on your emails, on your marketing, on what you’ve done, on your social media, on everything. And we’re gonna create a killer strategy within that first 30 days or less. We’re gonna get ads live to that strategy. Now that’s gonna vary based on businesses, okay? And then in the next 60 days, we’ve now launched these ads and we’re getting data and we’re seeing where the holes are and we’re making adjustments to your funnel, to your ads, to your copy, to your creative.

And our goal is to break even. And by 90 days at the latest, our goal is to be increasing your ads spend and profitable. Some people get profitability at 30, 45 days. Some people come in and are instantly profitable, some people take a little bit longer. But now do you hear that? I’ve created a very clear understanding so you know how the experience is gonna work. You know, if I say I’m signing up for this agency today, it’s not just like I’m signing up and I’ll see what happens and I’ll be hanging out with you guys forever. It is very clearly here is my outcomes. I can expect, here’s my milestones, here is how I understand I’m gonna get to a profitable, successful marketing strategy. First we’re gonna do this, then we’re gonna do this, then we’re gonna do this. And then from there we continue to optimize.

We make adjustments to your strategy, we add live launches, you know, we’re constantly improving, which is how the forever part comes into play of staying on our roster. So looking at your offer, whether you have a product, whether you have a service, if I was to just sit down and ask you and say, how are you gonna get me to the end result? What does that process look like? What does that step look like? What are the milestones within that? Could you create some very clear, attractive milestones? These have to be what people want, not what they need. That’s a very important piece here because a lot of times there was another conversation I had with this client in the v i p day where she said, you know, I, I know that they need a lot of mindset stuff, but they don’t know that.

And I said, then we’re not talking about that. You give them to that once they get inside to get their end result. But you’re not gonna lead in your sales page and in your webinars with how much mindset is within your offer because that is just about getting them to their desired result in milestone one. But they don’t want that yet. They need that, they don’t want it. So we gotta talk to what they want, then we give them what they need, right? So can you create clear milestones that speak to what people want, what your, your audience wants, and showcase the experience of your offer of your product or your service. Now if you are e-commerce, this is also relevant to you in the extent that you could be like, okay, you’re gonna buy this product within seven days, you’re gonna get it and then you’re gonna do X and then you’re gonna get X result.

So like you could still showcase that because when people don’t buy, I’ll tell you experience I just had with a, with a physical product, I just purchased the levels glucose monitor cuz I am a nerd and I love data and I have like four wearables, and all my friends and my husband make fun of me. And it’s like kind of complicated. Like you stick this like CGM monitor in your skin and then it tracks you, but it’s like, it’s kind of complicated to set up. And I ordered the thing and I almost returned it cuz it wasn’t cheap cuz I was like, I don’t wanna deal with this. Like, I don’t wanna deal with this setup. This is gonna take me a while. Now the company, I would rate them like a six outta 10 in how they did their onboarding, but there was like confusing parts.

Now if they would’ve laid it out for me, now I bought it because I saw someone recommend it. But if someone was interested in this product, I think they’re probably, I would guess losing a lot of sales because they’re not laying out the milestone for me. They’re not laying out like, first you’re gonna order this product and then when in this amount of time you’re gonna get the product and then you’re going to do this, and then you’re gonna achieve this result and be able to get your glucose reading so that you can achieve X result, right? It was kind of confusing. I couldn’t even get my, like, I couldn’t figure it out. And then you watched one of the videos that it was like in a different place and I was like, I got overwhelmed. And so when you’re overwhelmed in that point I was like, I’m about to return this because I don’t wanna deal with this.

But if I hadn’t had a recommendation to that product and I would’ve looked at it and I didn’t understand the experience and the process that I would go through to be able to get my end result of getting glucose readings so that I can, what’s the result I actually want? I can dial in my nutrition, I can see how different foods impact me. I can, I can, you know, make decisions about my diet based on my data in my body. That’s super valuable to me. But if I didn’t understand how I was gonna go on that experience as someone cold looking at that website, which if I look at it now, there is gaps, like it’s not fully clear the experience, I probably wouldn’t buy it, right, because I’d be confused, I’d be unclear, and I’d probably be a little overwhelmed. And nobody buys if they’re unclear, overwhelmed, or they don’t see that path to success.

So right now, take a few minutes, take 30 minutes, and I want you to go look at any place that you sell your offer, your website, your sales page, your webinar, watch it back if you have to, what wherever you sell it right now. And ask yourself, yourself, if I listened to this for the very first time or read this for the very first time, would I be unclear? Would I be confused? Would I be overwhelmed? Or is this crystal clear that this offer is gonna give me exactly what I want, want underlying, bold, and solve the problem I have? And likely you’re gonna find areas that you can improve this, you can simplify it, you can clear it up, and you can make this a more streamlined communication of your offer. And so this is very simple, very challenging to do. It often takes a lot of refinement to get here, but very impactful to your sales conversion. All right everybody, thanks so much for listening. If you see me in Montana, I made it. If not, my trip is canceled because of the ice storm in Texas. We will see and I will talk to you guys next week.

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