498: Do This Exercise To Instantly Improve Your Marketing Results (Plus An Announcement!)

I had the most incredible training yesterday…honestly, it was my best one yet. While there is no replay (and I mean that), I did want to drop this bonus podcast episode with an exercise we did on the training. 

A one-size-fits all strategy never works in marketing. Creating a custom marketing strategy tailored to your business’s unique needs and audience is a must, and this exercise can help you pinpoint where your individual strategy needs help. 

This exercise is so freaking valuable. 

Grab a pen and paper and listen up. Let’s audit your marketing strategy and identify areas of improvement together!  


Honestly, we’re more than a marketing team — we’re a tactical partner who will care about your business growth just as much as YOU (maybe even more)! We’re here to play the long game and help you create a powerful impact!


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Emily Hirsh:

If you are getting leads and traffic to your business, to your funnel and they are not converting, it can only be a few problems. It’s either your messaging, it’s either your offer or it’s the quality and the people of your leads. That’s it.

You are listening to the Not for Lazy Marketers podcast, episode number 498.

Hello you guys, happy Friday. This is a bonus episode for you this week that I wasn’t planning on recording, but I decided to jump in here and give you a cliff note version of my training yesterday. So I did a training yesterday, the No BS sales formula. It was probably the best training I’ve done yet to date, which is good. I just wanna keep getting better every time. But there was so many breakthroughs and just incredible people on that training. And essentially I taught the process to creating a holistic custom marketing strategy for your business. And we did no replay on the training. So if you weren’t there live, you can’t get access to the training. But I wanted to do a cliff note version on one of the important, and it was actually an exercise that I had people do that created so much breakthrough and clarity.

So I’m gonna give that to you guys today on the podcast. So first of all, the whole premise of this training and how I kicked it off, I wanted to really emphasize the importance of a custom marketing strategy. And you guys know on the podcast, I talk about this all the time, but one of my biggest frustrations with people who teach marketing out there is that they teach a one size fits all. They teach something that worked for them in the past or you know, has worked a single time and it was successful, but it was successful because of specific reasons and nuances related to their business, their audience, their offer, and even them. And everybody has a unique business, which is why I believe marketing is a process and is a formula that you have to customize to your business and what’s right for your business.

And that is how you get it to work a hundred percent of the time every time. And it’s not about will it work, it’s when it will work when you follow it in this way. And that’s where my core value of marketing always works is just a matter of when comes in. And so one thing to like just say before I walk you guys through this exercise is that this works for everybody because it can be custom to your business where most people who teach something, teach something that’s gonna work for 1% of the people watching because it’s only for a specific type of business, a specific audience, et cetera. So this is my two x formula and this is actually like if you are listening to this and you have your notes open on your phone or a piece of paper, I would really recommend that because you’re gonna actually write down or remember things that are gonna give you actions to go do after listening to this true Emily style, right?

Actions. Okay? So this formula, the other really cool thing about this is you can do this like once a month, once a quarter. You can do this multiple times and you will get different results and you will get different takeaways each time because it’s kind of like an audit of your entire marketing. And your marketing is constantly ebbing and flowing. Your results in opportunities and places that you can put your attention is changing based on like when you do one thing, it’s gonna break something else or you do one thing, it’s gonna create opportunities somewhere else. And so this is something also that you can come back to at least once a quarter but even more frequently and you will get different results. So there’s three steps to this. First we’re gonna start with auditing. So before you can fix anything in your marketing, we have to understand where you are falling short.

So we’re gonna audit your marketing. There are five questions I’m gonna ask you and you’re gonna answer with either a yes or a no. So if you have paper, write it down. You don’t even need to write down the questions cuz I’ll restate them. But you need to just have a yes or no answer on each question. Okay? Number one, this is the first step. This is audit. First question, do you have a crystal clear definition of your ideal customer? And when I say that, if I was sitting next to you and I asked you, could you tell me a list of deep level frustrations, dreams, desires? Do you truly know this person emotionally on that level? Could you explain that to me? Are you connected to them in that way? Not their age, not their gender, not those things, but the deep down things, yes or no question, write down yes or no.

Number two is your offer and the positioning around your offer. So good, somebody can’t even say no. Like if you were to go look at your offer and where you sell it, your sales page, your webinar, your emails, when you read it, when you look at it and it was the first time you looked at it, is it so good? Does it address their pain points? Does it address their frustrations? Does it lay out the pathway to success? Does it clearly communicate the outcomes? Does it communicate all of that on a deep level and also stand out from other things that might get put in front of them, yes or no? That’s question number two. Number three, are you producing consistent, free and valuable content? That’s an easy one. Yes or no? Are you putting out free and valuable content? Is that content so good that it stands out that somebody could pay for that content?

Yes or no? Number four is easy. A yes or no. Do you have a strategy right now that generates leads onto your email list? Name and email, maybe phone number every day, every week, every month. If you’re product based, you still wanna answer this, yes or no? You still need leads if you’re a product based business. So yes or no, do you have a strategy that generates those leads? And then number five, are you converting those leads to sales? Likely if you got all the way here and this is your only, no, you have a problem and number one through four and you didn’t actually recognize it, but typically you all probably have a no on the earlier ones. Most people LA yesterday was number one or two was a no. Okay, so that’s audit. Now you have all those questions, you got one through five, yes or nos, okay?

Now you’re gonna stop at the first question you answered no to and I am gonna repeat them. So don’t worry if you didn’t write them down, you are gonna go through and stop at the first place you said no. And what this tells you is the place you have the biggest opportunity to improve your marketing process and execution. And I say opportunity, not problem. Because if you fix this, it’s gonna move you into success. This is the first place we’re gonna take action before you can move on to the next. So this is gonna show you that if you don’t fix this hole, everything else will be broken. Let me show you an example for each one. And this is where I’m gonna restate the question. So you know your job is to figure out where’s the first place you said no. For example, if you said no on number one, you don’t have a true and clear definition of your ideal customer, then you know what?

You can’t create content, you can’t write copy, you can’t build a funnel or a strategy and you are not gonna be able to sell your offer. All of that is not gonna work. Your entire marketing is gonna fail. If you said no to this number one question, and a lot of people are here, a lot of people who have been in business for a while are here because you can get away with this being a no to an extent for a little while, especially if you’re having personal conversations and you’re growing your business, but your outward marketing, your content, your funnel, your strategy, your ads, you can’t get away with this being a no and have that be successful. If you said no to number two, your offer and your and its positioning is not so good that it’s a no-brainer for your audience to purchase, then you could generate all the audience and leads you want.

Nobody’s gonna buy. Or maybe some people are, but you’re definitely gonna be missing sales. And if your offer is like all the rest of them out there and it’s not hitting pain points, it’s not being clearly communicated. And this again doesn’t mean your offer itself. It could mean the way you talk about your offer. You’ll never sell it. You’re gonna constantly be hitting a wall with your results. If you said no to number three, you said yes to one and two, but you said no to number three that you’re not producing free and valuable content, then you’re not growing audiences, which means you can’t generate leads in sales, you cannot generate leads in sales without an audience. You are gonna be drowned out in the competition. You’re gonna lose opportunity to build trust with your audience and trying to generate leads in sales is gonna feel super hard because you’re not nurturing them before and after.

And then if you said no to number four, if you’re not generating new leads in sales every single day, every single week, every single month, well obviously you can’t sell your offer without leads. So if you’re not generating leads, you’re not gonna generate sales. A lot of people jump into, oh my gosh, I need sales. And they don’t start at leads. So if you’re not doing that, then also if you’re not doing it consistently, your sales are gonna feel as inconsistent and sporadic as your lead generation is. If you got all the way to number five and you said yes to the rest, but you said no, I’m not converting my leads into sales, then I would actually go back through numbers one through four and ask yourself for real, are they yeses? Because likely you have a problem earlier on that is causing this.

Cuz sales are actually really easy if you do all the rest of this, right? So if you’re here, you’re likely spending money not making it back. Maybe you’re spending time resource not generating any LE and sales back. And really there’s only a few things that could be wrong. You have a messaging problem or you have a lead quality issue. And messaging falls under offer positioning, which was question number two. This problem can be solved by addressing typically one of the previous problems. I said, okay, so now you have what question? The first one that you said no to in your mind. From there we’re gonna assign a specific action up to three actions, one to three actions that you can walk away and go implement based on the no that you said. So the first place that you said no, so I’m gonna give you some examples.

Number one, if you said no, I don’t have a deep understanding of my ideal customer, then you’re gonna go talk to 15 of them. You’re gonna interview them, you’re going to talk to them in the dms if you have to in Facebook groups. And you’re gonna ask them specific questions around their frustrations, their dreams, their struggles. And you’re gonna build that understanding and you’re gonna build that connection. And I’m gonna challenge you to make it like you have to get to know this person better than you know your friends. You’ve gotta know them better than they know themselves, things they don’t even say. And this is ever-evolving, but that is an action you can go take. If you said no, you don’t have an offer, an offer positioning, that’s irresistible, then you’re gonna go through the exercise that is listing out every single problem your ideal customer is facing, which you can’t do if you don’t know them and how you’re solving that problem in your offer.

So and and when I say problem, not like big high level problems, micro level problems, like for me, I’m not just like, oh they need a marketing strategy. It’s they don’t know what content to come up with on their social media. They don’t know what strategy to actually use, they don’t know what softwares, they’re overwhelmed by all the options. They don’t know what is even involved in a strategy, right? There’s gotta be 20 that you can come up with of micro problems related to the bigger problem you solve that your ideal customer is facing. And then you’re gonna take that list and you’re gonna note how you solve all of those problems in your offer. And you’re gonna list out the benefit and the outcome of every component of your offer for e-commerce. You’re gonna have less here cuz you don’t have a ton of features for a digital product or a service or a coaching program.

You have a lot, maybe you have multiple modules, maybe you have different live support components, okay? You’re gonna list out the benefit, the outcome, the promise of every single one of those and allow that to showcase how it’s better than the other offers. And if you do this exercise and you’re like, oh shoot, I need to add something to my offer or I need to change it, then do that. If you sit down to number three, you’re not creating consistent valuable content, then this is simple. But using your ideal customer avatar description, knowing what they want, knowing what they’re frustrated about, knowing what they’re struggling with, you’re gonna create a content plan that allows you to produce at least one solid piece of content a week and be active on social media every day. That’s it. Simple. That’s your commitment leaving this, you’re gonna go do that and you’re gonna hold your free content to the standard that it must be so good somebody would pay for it.

If you got to number four and you said, I’m not creating consistent leads every day, every week, every month on my list, then you need to come up with your strategy. You need to determine what your free valuable offer is. Webinar, lead magnet quiz, vsl, and yes e-commerce lead magnets are still relevant to you. You’re gonna come up with what that is and you’re gonna get traffic in there to start generating leads every day. If you got to number five and you said, no, I’m not generating, I’m generating consistent leads, I’m doing all these things and they’re not buying, then the first thing you’re gonna go do is you’re gonna go ask all those leads. You’re generating why they’re not buying and you’re gonna get feedback and you’re gonna listen. Then you’re gonna re-look at your offer and it’s positioning, which was question number two because something’s probably wrong.

And then number three, you’re gonna determine the quality of your leads. And if you’re not qualifying people in your messaging, a lot of people do this, I just talked about this on the podcast, but they talk about somebody needs to be at a certain level and then they don’t speak to that person in their lead GenEd. And you’re gonna go improve your messaging if you are getting leads and traffic to your business, to your funnel and they are not converting, it can only be a few problems. It’s either your messaging, it’s either your offer or it’s the quality and the people of your leads. That’s it. Or or it could be the strategy leading up to it. And I did just do a podcast on if your offer’s not converting. So I would go back to that one that just came out yesterday. So that’s the process that I taught yesterday.

And you’re gonna repeat this process over and over and you stop at the place that you say no and then that drives your actions and you do that until your marketing is working. Now, when I first taught this yesterday, a lot of people, I did a two word check-in like how are you feeling? So I’m gonna ask you that you can answer it to yourself right now. How do you feel after going through that? And there was a lot of people who were like, I’m frustrated, I’m overwhelmed, I have clarity, but I’m frustrated at myself for not seeing this earlier or I’m really overwhelmed. And so the thing is you can easily overwhelm yourself trying to go address all these things cuz for a lot of you, and this is normal, you said no on number 1, 2, 3, 4, and five or you said no on numbers two through five, that’s okay, that means there’s a lot of opportunity for you to get to the other side and to fix it.

But the goal is not to fix every piece at one time. You have to first fix number one so you can move to number two. And then this is something that you’re going to do, like I said, every quarter because likely if you go do, if you take this and you have actions that are associated with this and then you come back to it in a couple months from now or even a month from now, you’re gonna get different results and then they’re gonna, that’s gonna drive different actions. And so this should be driving your actions. And I said this yesterday, but I know everybody wants me to constantly tell them like a specific strategy. Do this webinar, do this vsl, I figured it out guys, here’s the hack, here’s the ninja hack to get you results super fast. But the reality is that doesn’t exist.

The faster you stop chasing one size fits all hacks, the faster you’re going to make progress. Because at the root of it, marketing is a process and marketing is about creating an experience and building relationships with your audience and figuring out what actions you need to take in order to do that. Okay? Now it doesn’t matter where you’re at right now in your business, like listening to this, you could be at the beginning stages, never sold your offer. You could be at a place where you’re frustrated and stuck and you need to pivot because what you’ve been doing is not working. You could be maybe close to hitting seven figures and you need to scale and you’re hitting a ceiling. Success is on the other side of literally just following this formula and this process relentlessly and and really pushing hard. Okay, now I wanna talk about launch your funnel live, which is our new offer that I am so pumped about.

So let me explain it to you guys. I wanna give you guys a little background cuz you’re my podcast audience too. So as many of you saw, I shut down market like a pro last year in July, which was our Done with You program. And it was ongoing. People could come in, it was a 90 day commitment and then they could stay after to continue to get support. And at the time of my business, I really needed to go focus on our done for you offer cuz we had just launched Elite and that was like blowing up. I wanted to focus all in and I’ve shared all of that on the podcast. We overhauled all our hiring our systems, it’s amazing. Our retention, our client roster, our results are amazing. And when I did that, that obviously left a gap of how many people can’t yet get to the agency but need support and don’t wanna do this all by themselves.

One of the things that used to frustrate me about market like a pro is how people didn’t make progress fast enough. And you guys also know me, I’m super intense, I’m super disciplined. I’m like, I’m the no BS marketing person, right? So a couple months ago I realized and I knew when I shut down market like a pro, I was gonna do something in the future that was limited time, not an ongoing offer, but limited time. And I knew that I wanted to do something that’s like a massive amount of progress and a short amount of time with live support for people. So that is what Launch Your Funnel Live is Launch your funnel. Live is a live experience. We’re starting April 3rd. And so let me walk you through it and it’s going to essentially take you from where you’re at right now, which could just be an idea, it could be a broken funnel, it could be a funnel that needs refinement to a fully strategized and built out funnel and strategy in six weeks.

So like we’re getting stuff done, we’re starting with strategy and then we’re actually writing the copy, building the funnel and by the end of six weeks it’s gonna be ready for traffic organic or paid. And it’s using my roadmap, my process to creating that custom strategy and live support is combined. So we start live April 3rd, the week of April 3rd, which is about in a week. And here’s the way it’s gonna work every week, content is gonna be released that has a specific theme purpose. And to-do, so week one we’re focusing all on your offer and its positioning because that’s the foundation as I just explained in that formula, we’re gonna transform your offer. So it’s an absolute no-brainer. We’re gonna make sure that it, it sells out. We’re gonna use my process, use my exercises, especially the messaging around it. Like so there’s people who have joined who have an idea of their offer, but it’s not fully flushed out.

There’s also people who have their offer, but they need to fix the messaging on it. And so remember we’re building the strategy to sell this offer. It doesn’t have to be fully ready and it can also be in a place of refinement. And so this week is the foundation of your offer, it’s positioning and your ideal customer if you need to refine that, if you said no to number one and the exact person that we’re gonna attract in our strategy to purchase your offer. So this is like foundational messaging and there’s exercises in that week two, we’re gonna now take that information your offer, your messaging, your ideal customer and nail down the exact funnel strategy that your business needs to sell your offer using my customized strategy process. So basically you’re gonna go through my process of choosing what your strategy is based on your business, based on your offer.

And then you get access to all my trainings around lead gen e-commerce, webinar, vsl, high ticket. And so you choose your strategy and then you’re gonna go watch this specific funnel strategy on that and plan out your actual funnel strategy. And by the end of week two you’ll have a fully strategized planned out entire customer journey using this process that we use with our clients. Week three we’re now we’re gonna take your funnel strategy and we’re gonna plan out your email marketing strategy using what I’ve talked about a lot on this podcast of these longer nurture sequences. We’re gonna plan your entire email marketing strategy, which is super important for converting leads into paying customers with nurturing, with sales emails and all of my strategies on planning out that. Then weeks four and five we are getting to work. We’ve got the strategy, we’ve got the foundation laid down.

Now week four, you’re writing your funnel copy, you are writing out the opt-in page, you are writing the emails, you’re using our templates and swipe files to then customize and turn into that converting copy. You are not gonna be like copy can make. So people take so long. And so this week we’re working on copy, we have a bonus AI, little mini training to help you guys leverage AI during this experience to be able to write copy faster. Then week five, we’re building the funnel, we’re building the landing page, we are integrating the emails, loading the emails. You get to take our sales funnel templates, our tech trainings on all different platforms to build your funnel in a fraction of the time. Like how many of you have wasted four to six weeks knowing you have to build a funnel and not making progress. We’re doing it in a week.

You’re gonna steal our design templates, you can skip the guesswork and also you are not gonna have to spend time wasted over tech because we’re going to have tech live support calls during these weeks. So the second you get stuck on like this thing won’t integrate or this isn’t working or how do I set this up? There’s a tech call for you to get support because I know from experience in market like a pro that the copy and the tech is what held the people back the most. Week six, we’re doing your launch plan. We are going to now plan, okay, we’re, we’ve built your funnel. This is also a little bit of a buffer week because you can still be building your funnel in this week if you needed to and it’s gonna be ready soon. And so what’s our launch plan? Are we launching it on social media?

Are we launching it on ads? How are we getting leads in the funnel? And also what are the metrics we’re gonna need to track so we know what to optimize after this time. So by the end of the sixth week you have a funnel strategized for your offer, for your audience, for who you are, what is best for your business. You’ve built it and you have a launch plan and you’re now ready for traffic, whether that’s organic or paid, it doesn’t have to be paid. You do not have to run ads for this program to work. So we kick off on April 3rd and the way it will work is each week content will be released at the beginning of the week and then there’s live support. So every single week there’s a live interactive training in q and a with me, probably 60 to 90 minutes, but I never leave a training without answering every single question.

And so that will happen on the Tuesdays each week. So you have a little bit of time to go through the content and then you are able to go and get questions and I’ll do training. So like the first week it’s gonna be around offer and offer positioning. Then we move into strategy the next week. So you’re getting constant feedback from me and it’s been a long time since I’ve done coaching at this level and I don’t know if I’ll always be the one to do this if we run in this in the future. So this will help you get that feedback and interaction to make sure for sure you’re moving in the right direction. There’s also get shit done hours. So each week we’re gonna have a two hour block. We did this in the past and people love it where you literally just get on Zoom, it’s accountability, everybody’s working and you’re working on your actions and what you need to do for the week on that call.

Then there’s a private Facebook group. So in between calls, this is not, you know, like a feel good like rah rah Facebook group. This is like you have a question, you go get it answered. You want someone to look at something, Hey, here’s a piece of my email copy, can you give me feedback? You go put it in the group. So during this time you have this support in between the group calls and this is your go-to for quick answers to your questions so that you’re constantly in momentum. Then I mentioned this, but the bonus, so during weeks four, I mean during weeks five and six when we’re writing and building the funnel, there’s gonna be tech support calls. So you can get on live with our high level tech support and ask questions related to whatever you’re running into because I, you may not know it yet, but I know this is a big issue, people run into couple other bonuses.

We give you 50 plus email swipe files for all different funnels, high ticket webinar, e-commerce we also give you sales funnel templates. You can get an idea of design as you go to design yours. Then we have an AI prompt library that’s gonna help you with writing emails, writing your funnel copy using AI and all of that. You can get access to and join before April 3rd for 1497 or two payments of 8 97. So I’m gonna give you the link now and I gotta tell you one more thing. So the link is hirsch marketing.com/start. If you wanna go save your seat. Now here’s a reason why you should take action now is because I have a limited time bonus that expires at the end of the day, Monday, March 27th, which is a bonus week, week seven in the experience, that’s our cash infusion week. So for a lot of people, you’re gonna build this funnel and you’re gonna have an offer that you could go get instant cash while you also go generate leads.

And so this is gonna help you launch that offer to warm traffic to try to generate some cash for your business. So it’s access to my trainings around the cash infusion. It’s also access to a bonus week of support. So that means an extra call with me, it means extra Facebook group support to make it the goal of let’s generate you some cash, let’s sell this offer. So if you join before Monday night, March 27th, then you get access to that seventh week. Otherwise the cutoff is April 2nd end of the day cuz we start April 3rd. And you can go to hirsch marketing.com/start to join. Yeah, so oh, oh, I have one more thing. There is a guarantee. So if you show up, if you’re, I’m so confident in this process because I’ve done it so many times and I’ve continued to refine it and I know that this, like my goal is that this is like a year of progress in six weeks for your business.

It is a year of strategic intentional progress for your marketing and by the end of six weeks you have a funnel ready for traffic. And not just any funnel, not just any strategy, but one created your business, your audience, and your offer, which means it’s actually going to convert. If you show up and you come to the calls and you do the work and you don’t feel like at the end of the six weeks you received your value, I will refund you, but you’ve gotta show up. That’s all I ask. Like if you’re signing up for this, you gotta be ready to go because we are gonna work. You guys know me and we’re gonna get stuff done and this is going to be incredible. So if you go to hirsch marketing.com/start you can join, I wanna answer a couple of questions that came in yesterday just cuz you guys may be thinking them.

So this will work for an e-commerce business, a physical product. This will work for digital, this will work for high ticket, like all of those strategies, you name it. I have trainings and ways to customize strategies for your business. And so if you, it doesn’t matter what type of business you have, we’re gonna create a custom strategy. So that’s number one. Number two, if you are changing something in your business right now, if your offer is in limbo a little bit, if you’re brand new to business, this is a great place for you to start because you will be able to set this foundation and build this strategy in what would’ve taken you six plus months to do it, to sell that offer. I had a couple people join yesterday who aren’t quite ready to sell their offer and I said join because we’re gonna build the strategy to sell that offer, which you’re going to need.

Okay? a couple other questions that I wanna answer. How much time do you need to dedicate? So I am telling people four to 10 hours a week, this is gonna be time for you to work on your business strategically, four to 10 hours a week available to work on your business. And a lot of this is, yes, there’s a little bit of trainings. All my trainings are very short, very actionable, but it’s mostly getting stuff done. It’s writing your emails, it’s going through the exercise, it’s flushing out the messaging, it’s building your funnel. And this is designed to be like a marketing bootcamp of getting done six months, six, 12 months of work in a short period of time. If you have never sold your offer before, this is even more reason why you need to come in, go through this foundational process and build it out.

The question of what if I don’t finish my funnel in this experience? My team and I are gonna do everything in our power to make sure you have the tools and support to do that. But if you don’t, you have access to these trainings forever. So you can come back, you can leverage this at any time. The cool thing is you can go back through this process again for any future offers. For any future funnels. It’s the same process every time. And so you have access to the trainings forever. What if you have a vacation planned during the six weeks? No problem. I know that life happens. I have built in some buffer time. I mean, you will need to come back and make up whatever that week was if you, if you miss a full week. But I do have some buffer time built in.

So, all right you guys, I would love, love to have you guys a part of this. If you have questions that you want answered and you’re like, I’m not sure if this is the right fit for me, go to my Instagram, Emily Hirsch, send me a message. I will chat with all of you during this time and make sure it is the right fit for your business. Otherwise, go to hirshmarketing.com/start and I will see you guys all in there. I don’t know if we will be doing this again, and we definitely won’t be doing it at this price again. So this is a great round to get in and get that live support with me. All right everybody, I will talk to you next week.

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