506: The Answer To Marketing That Isn’t Working Is Almost Always This – Marketing Secrets Nobody Tells You Series #2

Welcome to episode two of the Marketing Secrets Nobody Tells You series, where we discuss the secrets that nobody talks about and the actions you can take to conquer them in your own marketing. In case you missed it, yesterday we talked about what holds 90% of the weight in your marketing success, and today we will dive into where the answer usually lies when your marketing is not working. The answer is always in your messaging. A solid strategy will never work without really solid messaging, which is the foundation of marketing success.

In this episode, we will define messaging, discuss its importance, and share some tips, secrets, and simple things you can do to improve your messaging. As a marketer, I spend a lot of time on messaging and it’s one of the things I do so well, enabling me to get results quickly for my clients. Let’s dive in and discover the secrets to improving your messaging to connect with your audience emotionally and drive marketing success.


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Emily Hirsh:


You are listening to the Not for Lazy Marketers Podcast, episode number 505.


Hello everybody. Welcome to episode two of the Five Marketing Secret series, the Secrets Nobody Really Tells You, nobody really talks about and also tied in everyone is going to be actions that you can take so you can conquer each one of the secrets in your own marketing. So yesterday episode number one came out and we talked about what holds 90% of the weight in your marketing success. And it’s not gonna be what you guys think. It’s really not. So if you haven’t listened to that one, go back, listen to that one. And today I’m talking about where most of the time the answer in marketing that’s not working lies and what the problem typically is. And this one is definitely foundational that I talk about all the time because it is so important and so I have to include it in here. It’s still a secret because I feel like people do not do this justice when teaching marketing because it’s not as sexy as strategy.

And so what happens is people in programs or when they hire somebody or somebody talks about marketing what everybody wants and thinks that they need is strategy. A really good strategy. But a really good strategy is never going to work without really solid messaging. And so the answer is always in your messaging. Let me talk about what I mean by messaging. I do talk about this a lot on my podcast, but I’m gonna get specific here and share some tips, secrets simple things you can do to improve your messaging. And I think this is one of the things that I do so well as a marketer and why I’m able to get results so quickly for people is because of the amount of time I put into the messaging at the beginning. So if you ever join one of my programs, like we’re going through Launch Your Funnel Live right now, the entire first week is messaging.

Now I don’t sell you guys on that cuz you don’t really want it. You want strategy, you want the end result of a marketing strategy that’s gonna generate you leads in sales, but you cannot get there without good messaging. And so I go super, super deep and I harp on it. Same with our clients. The beginning of working with us is a deep intake. First of all, we ask very specific questions around messaging to pull it out of the client because we can’t define a lot of it. We need to know from the client, but we need to know this and be able to pull it out and then position it a certain way in order to get results, in order to write good copy, in order to create a strategy that’s going to work in order to connect with your audience. And so I don’t necessarily sell people on this a lot because it’s not the sexy thing, but every single time that somebody goes through my process, whether it’s in a program or whether it’s a client, even literally just filling out our intake form, they realize how they’ve fallen short on their messaging.

And I think the other thing to here that people don’t understand is this is a constant game of refinement. Your messaging is always improving and shifting because your audience is always shifting and changing the way that they talk their, their, their deep rooted desires and frustrations aren’t going to change, but the details in it are probably going to change. And also you are going to continually get better at connecting with your audience as you practice, as you, if you are the face of your brand records, more content writes more copy connects with your audience in different ways. Every time you do that, you get better at going deep speaking clearly and truly connecting with the emotional side. People only make decisions based off emotion. I don’t care what you sell, it can be the most basic product. There is an emotion attached to somebody buying that.

And so if we’re not emotionally connecting with our audience and our leads through our marketing, we are 100% leaving money on the table but likely probably not seeing success. So a lot of times, I’d say 75% of the time, that’s a lot when I get a marketing strategy that’s not working and has been, you know, trying to get traffic to it, it’s not working, it’s not converting to leads or it’s not converting to sales at least 75% of the time, the answer is in the messaging. So what do I mean by messaging? To me, I define messaging as all the ways that you speak and communicate and connect with your audience. So that a lot of times comes across as copy. That’s your ad copy, that’s your landing page copy, that’s your sales page copy, that’s your webinar copy that you put on your slides.

It’s all the ways you communicate with your audience. It can also be content, topic, titles, podcasts, all of those things. All of the, the vehicles and the ways that you communicate and specifically your messaging is what connects to your audience in the way that you communicate. And the way you do that is you connect to your audience based on emotion. What a lot of people call is psychographics. So you have like your demographics of age and gender, where they live, are they married or not? And that’s where people usually start in defining their ideal customer. But honestly I don’t even care that much about those. It doesn’t matter nearly as much as the psychographics, which is the pain, the frustrations, the dreams, the desires, the things that they don’t even tell people because it keeps them up at night and they’re afraid of this and and like the human being side of somebody.

And if you can understand that, then you can actually connect to it. And here’s the thing, it has to start with you defining it and understanding it first. And that’s where a lot of people mess up is they skip over this. They do like 25% of what they should do in truly understanding their ideal customer. Because if you don’t understand it, how are you going to speak to it? How are you gonna write copy and create content and connect to the people, your ideal customer if you don’t actually understand what they’re feeling? And so even if you have copywriters and support in your business, I believe a CEO’s job is to remain constantly connected to their audience and their customers and their leads because that connection is what should drive everything in your business, your marketing strategy, your product development, the projects you work on, it should all be driven by this.

And when you realize that every single business just boils down to a connection and a relationship with a person behind that screen, your marketing is gonna become so much more clear. So if you have had or currently have marketing that is not converting how you want it to, whether you’re not getting leads, whether you’re not getting sales, you might fall in the boat where you’re like, well I don’t even have a strategy before. You can even have a good strategy. You have to create solid messaging, which means you have to start with defining those psychographics, frustrations, pain, dreams, desires, okay? That’s the main part of them. That’s the exercise I take people through. And that’s also what we do with clients. Once you define that, you should be letting that drive your strategy. The topic of your webinar, what lead generation tool you give away, how you write your sales page.

Like everything is driven by this. I cannot harp on this the most, I cannot harp on this enough. So if you have something that is not working, my secret to you today is that the answer is likely in the messaging. And this is where I hear people mess up. You know what, I was actually on a final interview recently and I was like 50 50 the whole time with this person, this account manager, which our account managers are highly strategic and it’s one of our hardest rules to hire. We’re constantly hiring for them and we are very picky, especially when you get me on your final interview. I’m not scary, I just am smart. I see through bs. So I was on this interview and I was like 50 50 the whole time and I asked a specific question and because she mentioned nothing about messaging and nothing about the actual, it was, it was a question about basically a challenge that didn’t work and the cost was too high because she didn’t mention anything about that we didn’t hire her because I know deep down those are things that I can’t train.

I don’t have the capacity to train that. That is a good strategist. A good marketing strategist will know that messaging trumps everything. And so you will get people and agencies or maybe yourself will think this way where when something doesn’t work you start to say, oh well it’s probably the targeting or it’s maybe that people aren’t opening my emails. And you try to blame these technical components, which yes, I’m not saying those aren’t important and that’s the thing is like her answer wasn’t wrong, but none of those things matter if the messaging is not dialed in. And the example I used is what would you do if you had a live launch for a client that converted almost three times as high cost per lead as what the goal was and the goal was realistic? What would you do? And she’s like, I’d look at the targeting.

I would, you know, make sure that we were targeting the right people and I would try to find the gap. It was, to me that’s not a wrong answer, but if you have a three times cost per lead and you spent money and you, you know, executed the campaign with audiences and copy and it was even seven outta 10 good and the cost is three times as high, I can guarantee you that the problem is not targeting. And the problem is not in a, in a minute detail and small optimization that you’re gonna shift and change. The problem is the messaging. The problem is the offer itself. The the challenge topic, the hook, what’s getting people to join the problem, it’s saying it’s gonna solve the desire. That’s the problem 100% I can guarantee you because you are not gonna get that inflated of a cost and that bad of results if the messaging is not the problem.

So when you look at your messaging, I want you to think about and look broad. This is doesn’t just mean like your ad copy, the most important part of this is actually your offers and I consider a free offer an offer. So when you have a webinar or you have a lead magnet or you have a challenge or you have a video series and you’re trying to sell somebody on investing their time in signing up for this, that’s an offer you’re trying to sell me to give you my time. A lot of times people mess up the hook and the offer itself, the webinar topic, the webinar title, the PDF download, the video series, the challenge, topic and promise because they didn’t base it off of their audience’s psychographics and what they actually want. And that truly, just like yesterday, I talked about offers and how that holds so much weight because you can have good marketing going to a webinar and good ads and perfect targeting, but if people don’t want what you’re talking about on the webinar and they don’t believe that it’s gonna solve their problem or help them achieve a desired result, they’re not going to sign up.

So the actual component of your freebie or webinar lead magnet, any of those things has to be based off of the psychographics of your audience. And and that is so important. And so I go beyond just add copy or email copy or landing page copy and I want you to really look at your free offer and then of course your paid offer and the way both of them are communicated, the most important thing is that it’s so clear if I buy this product, if I sign up for this webinar, if I download this lead magnet, what will I be able to know or be or do after that? And is that clear and is that in alignment with what I want? And it’s that simple. But people mess this up all the time and fail to look at it. And so when I have a situation that we’re totally not converting, like it’s way too high cost per lead or we’re getting, you know, hundreds of leads in the funnel and they’re not buying, it’s the offer.

It is the offer every single time. It’s the messaging every single time because things like targeting optimization and improving copy and creative and improving a landing page conversion are absolutely important and are absolutely going to help. But your messaging is the foundation. And so as you know, we all know we can’t build anything on a broken and cracked foundation. Your messaging is the foundation. Okay? So my advice and my actions for you guys is to constantly connect to your audience. Remember those psychographics, revisit them, connect to them, those should be driving and that is the key at what I do. Those drive strategy, those drive offers. So I’ve talked about yesterday this v i p experience offer that we have where it’s gonna be a deep dive v i p experience, strategy, experience with me. And then from there we’re building out all the assets.

It’s super cool. So you’re basically gonna come in, fill out an intake form, you and I are gonna do about probably a two to three hour call, deep dive in your strategy. So like a mini v i p day, we’re gonna look at your offer, your messaging, your offer, positioning, your strategy, and we’re gonna define what that strategy is. And then our team over just a short three day period, like you get us like full-time is going to build everything out, write the landing pages, write the emails write the ad copy, build the graphics, edit videos, build the landing pages, everything in three days. Now what do you think I’m starting with first in that strategy, the messaging and the offer, because that drives everything else. If you’re interested in that v i p experience, you can go to not for lazy marketers.com/vip and check that out.

We’re only taking five and as of yesterday, two spots were already gone. So we have three spots left. It’s a very high touch experience that we’re doing for it. A really good rate because you could easily charge 20 to $30,000 for this because of the assets that you get. An entire funnel sales page, ad copy videos, social posts, everything in three days time. So not for lazy marketers.com/vip. But what I’m saying is the first thing, no matter what that I always start with is messaging. Okay? There’s two more things I wanna say about this within your messaging. I wanna challenge you guys as an action today to ask yourself how could I stand out more? This is coming up more and more for me too as I let go of worrying about what people think and speaking more who I am and being more bold and not being afraid to repel the people who are not attracted to that.

The best companies are bold. And so cuz that stands out from the noise and that’s something we need to do more than ever today. So my question to you guys is how could you be more you in your messaging? What are the things that you’re potentially holding back or are afraid to share because you’re worried it will position you not as an expert or it will position you, you know, people will judge you or whatever the fear that comes up. I just had a conversation with a client about this and it actually turned to tears on the call because I realized the things that they were not sharing intentionally were because they didn’t want people to see them in the light of not being an expert. And they had this pressure on them. And I said, you know what? 98% of your audience is gonna resonate with this version of you because they’re going through the same thing.

So you humanize it and you connect with them. And so just sitting with what are the things you are holding back because you’re afraid it’s going to turn people off or people will judge you or it will make you look a certain way. And how can you be more you, how can you be more weird? How can you be more loud? How can you be you in your messaging? And whatever comes to you when you say that? Like, what is that thing that you are afraid of? Do more of that. And what I told my client is like, this doesn’t have to be some big announcement or some big thing that we like go put on your website with a new statement. What are three small things we could do to start to incorporate this messaging in, in the ways that you communicate with your audience, your emails, your ad copy, a video of you, like what are three mini actions we can do to just start practicing this?

So that’s a question for you to sit with. And then the last thing I wanna say on this is the reminder that your messaging is constantly going to be refined. You’re never going to be done. I recommend at least once a quarter you take a pause and some reflection and you look at these questions of what are people struggling with, what are their dreams, what are their frustrations, what are their desires? And are you really in touch with that and getting feedback on that and then adapting and pivoting your marketing messaging as a result. That’s what I have for you today, guys. All right, I will be back tomorrow with secret number three. This one’s gonna be a good one, they’re all good,

But this is going to be really good, maybe a little bit longer than my normal because I have a lot to say on it. And as I’ve coached in the Launcher Funnnel live group, I’ve realized even more so how important this one is. So I will be back tomorrow with another episode. Thanks so much for tuning in. Bye guys.