527: 3 Ways To Make Summer Big Months For Your Business

In today’s episode, I am thrilled to share with you some valuable insights on how to maximize your business potential during the summer months.  During the summer, it’s crucial to stay connected with your audience and understand their evolving needs. By embracing these seasonal shifts, you can leverage them to your advantage.

This episode is packed with three high-level strategies that will not only keep your business running smoothly but also ensure effective communication with your audience, even while you’re enjoying some well-deserved time off. I’ll be diving deep into these strategies, providing you with practical tips and techniques to tailor your content, marketing, and lead generation efforts to meet the unique demands of your audience during the summer season. Listen in if you’re eager to learn more and hear some tips to help you create your own marketing strategy for the summer.


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Emily Hirsh

Hello you guys welcome back to the Not Lazy Marketers Podcast. I hope you guys are having a great week. Gosh I know I say this like maybe every 3 episodes but I cannot believe how fast the year is going like seriously I just was driving the other day and I’m like how am I thinking about the Fourth of July plans like how am I planning a July trip I don’t know sometimes you just get in almost like a tunnel and then you’re like wait two months has gone by oh man and with my kids. It just goes so fast and then I always Pack in a lot of trips and travel because I love it so much and I feel like that speeds things up but then also for me, my trips are an opportunity to slow down. Um, recently when I went on a trip I remember feeling like I was only gone for four days but it felt like two weeks of time because I did so much. Experiences and time seem to go by faster when you just do the same routine every day in your day-to-day routine. So that’s why I personally love to travel. Um and I have lots of travel booked over the summer. I’ve got trips With my kids, without my kids, on my own, with my husband like some different things and I’m always doing that in the summer because I absolutely hate the Texas heat but we’re gonna get a pool put in. We officially decided Hopefully by next summer we will have it because that will definitely make the summers easier. We don’t have a pool and I feel like if you’re going to live here, You need to have a pool but it was hard for me to justify until we remodeled our whole inside of our house because the pool just doesn’t really add value To your house too much and and obviously remodeling the inside does and so we have done almost every square inch of the inside of our house and so now we get to work on the outside. 


All right, you guys I am excited for today’s training because training today’s podcast and I won’t edit that out because I always give you guys the raw version. I’m excited for today’s podcast because I think a lot of you guys are going to benefit from this and I’m hitting it hopefully ahead for you. Um, I know summer has started for a lot. But I think that This kind of summer slowdown that businesses can experience is oftentimes in July and August um, and even my business the last two years I experienced this and I made some mistakes that I’ve learned from that I’m going to share and this year even like four months ago I started kind of Prepping for summer and 1 of the reasons it’s extra hard for me is because 1 if business slows down, That’s obviously not good, but 2 I run my payroll in an every two week period which means two months out of the year there’s 3 payrolls and it usually happens either in July or August and then December.


But December is a good month for us generally, like people actually do um, want to do marketing in December. We’re coming off Black Friday, you’re prepping for the New Year. Entrepreneurs don’t really take time off for the holidays. So summer has historically the last couple of years, especially with honestly the last three years especially with a big team has been harder for me because that third payroll in that one month hits me hard if I don’t have the cash reserves and I don’t have the cash flow coming in it just it’s stressful even if you do have the savings and I do now after the two years ago when I Really struggled with that I was like never again will I be in this place. But even when you do have it like you don’t want to tap into savings. So. It’s always like oh my gosh you know it’s like it’s just not fun as a business owner and so I’m very intentional and also think I’ve made some mistakes in the past few summers that I shifted this year and we’re in June and on track to have maybe our best month of the entire year and so that just goes to show that if someone tells you oh for everybody summer is slow or maybe for you It’s December maybe there’s a different season in the year that you’re like oh that’s your slow season. There’s nothing You can do about it. You know I think people do this over the holidays too. You just say you watch me like I’ll figure out a way and that is kind of what we’ve done. Um, so I’m actually doing a whole training on this on how to create your summer marketing strategy and I am not at all saying you can’t go on vacation And you can’t have a good summer like I have like 5 trips planned. Yes I have a team but it has nothing to do with you taking time off or not and everything to do with how do you keep your business running even when you’re going to take time off and also Speaking and connecting with people if they’re going to take time off and they’re going to take vacation right? Because that’s probably the reason that people’s businesses slow down so I’m actually doing a whole training workshop on this and on the workshop I mean I wouldn’t even call it a training. It’s going to be a workshop where on the workshop live You guys are going to fill out Your summer plan and your summer marketing plan at a high level. So if you want to register for that. It is happening on June twentieth and you can go to hirshmarketing.com/summer, hirshmarketing.com/summer and it will take you to that registration page. It’s happening June twentieth so really soon and I’m gonna do a whole workshop. In the workshop we are going to create your summer marketing strategy for your business and the workshop is free. Today I want to just talk about 3 ways like high level ways that I will go deeper in on this training that can make summer really successful months for you. And I just don’t think people think about these things. I’m going to share in a little bit more detail like what we did specifically to make June a really good month. Um, and how that came from me learning from the last two years but here are three ways that I recommend Um, you making summer great months for your business and again I’m not saying don’t take the vacations I’m not saying don’t take the trips even if you don’t have a huge team like I have a team and so I get to go on a trip and really not work if I don’t want to. You still like marketing the reason I love paid ads and the reason I love marketing is it runs when you’re not working if you set it up right? Does it run like that forever and you never have to work? No but you get to plan proactively for the summer so that your business doesn’t slow down. 


Okay, the first thing is Lean into what your audience wants differently in the summer. I can almost guarantee you that almost every one of your businesses and your audiences and your ideal customers. There’s something unique that they go through in the summer that you can either leverage in your content. You can leverage your marketing through a lead Gen, a different lead Gen that you use for the summer you could leverage as a bonus to your offer. Every person like seasons are a big part of life and so every year businesses can leverage seasons and you’re going to see this. All the time happening in your business and the other seasons I can guarantee you like people in January. That’s a huge season. New Year fresh what people are feeling. Summer is one of them. Um, the fall is another one and so is the spring. Like all of them have different components and seasons are huge for humans and Experience and we do shift and change and it’s like this is proven and so as a business when you have an audience as everybody does and customers. You can leverage the seasons to your advantage by serving your audience through that season. So for example, if you target parents. You bet their life is changing in the summer like they’re going through different things. They have some different problems to address and struggles and frustrations. Business owners, Same thing people who you know fitness people are going through different things in the summer you don’t have as much time to work out or It’s already too late to have that beach body that you wanted whatever I could come up with ideas for all of you which I will do on the workshop. Um, we’ll have some live Q and A where I can help you guys brainstorm if you can’t come up with something but number 1 way to make summer big months for your business if it is not already. Um, or historically not big months or maybe it’s just like how could I leverage my best months use, the summer to figure out what your audience is going through differently and how you can support them through that whether that is content free lead gen. Ah, different. You know, pdf download idea a bonus to your offer be creative with it. But first you have to connect to what are the different frustrations and desires that your audience might be going through in the summer, the second most important thing And way to make your summer a big month for your business is do not stop your marketing and I am not just saying this because I don’t want you to stop your marketing if you watch me, do you think I’m going to stop my marketing. No, that is a terrible idea and people do this also in the holidays and here’s why hear me out. The initial gut reaction to stop your marketing I understand comes from either My business is slowing down. I’m not getting as many sales in my business in the summer and so I need to slow down my marketing as a response to that or my audience is busy, less people are buying. They’re on vacation. Whatever that could be a second reason that that’s happening and so the initial reaction is okay, pull back I’ll pull back and I’ll wait for my audience well that puts you in a very passive place. You don’t want to be in a passive place. You need to do the opposite. You need to crank up your marketing to make up for that. You need to change your messaging. You need to adjust your strategy and if you completely stop your marketing in the summer it is going to impact not just your summer months but your months to come and I think that’s the biggest thing that people don’t realize. Is. Let’s say I just pause July and August or I pull way back. I cut it down in half. Okay, if I do that then when I go to ramp back up in September well I have at least a month but probably an equal amount of time to what I stop. So if I stop for two months then I have two more months of makeup time to happen, especially if I lacked consistency and when I say marketing I’m not just talking about paid ads I’m talking about your social I’m talking about email in your list like you’ve got to still show up. You cannot pull those things back because it would take you the same amount of time you pulled back To get back in the groove and to be back where you were so if you stop in July and August or you pull way back in July and August you’re going to be spending September and October catching up now. We’re in November. Are you going to stop for the holidays again? if you stop consistently growing your audience, consistently growing your list, You will start going backwards because every single person loses followers every week. Every person gets unsubscribers every week right? And so if you’re not growing it. What’s happening? It’s shrinking. So if you stop your marketing It’s going to go backwards and you’re going to spend time catching up which is not good for your business. So if your business slows down in the summer. It’s even more reason why you need to grow your audience and you need to grow your list. Okay, so don’t stop your marketing, do the opposite, be strategic with it. Strategic with the messaging, connect with your audience through what they’re going through. There is so much opportunity and here’s the thing I love…90% of businesses will be the ones to go like oh I’ll just slow down I’ll pull back in the summer I wouldn’t say 90%. Let’s just say half actually half businesses if They’re not successful I’d say a lot of them will do this and that’s why they’re not successful. But if you go look at any successful business. Do you see any one pull back their marketing in the summer? Go look at big corporations. Go look at billion dollar companies, multimillion dollar companies are pulling back their marketing? No. They’re changing their marketing campaigns. They’re changing their messaging. They’re adjusting their marketing. They are not pulling it back. They’re leveraging the time of year so that they can still get sales and that is exactly what you need to do. A third piece on how to make summer a really big month for your business. Honestly to look at it from the big picture as well. You can use summer to prep for the fall and have an even bigger launch in the fall. So this might be your strategy and I will help you dissect this in the workshop. So make sure you’re there if you want to figure out like which path is right for you. But maybe you need to spend the summer Doing massive audience growth, lead generation, nurturing, and consistency. So you can have your biggest month ever in September and you want to build that list and you want to build that excitement and you want to connect with your audience and then you want to have a massive launch in September because that’s the best time for your audience. That’s a possibility too and so this is where true entrepreneurship and seasoned ceos come in where you’re not just looking at your business from the next thirty day perspective you can see it from the next 3 6 twelve months from now and make decisions and for you maybe that decision is okay I’m going to spend July and August doing intentional audience growth. Intentional lead generation here’s exactly what I’m going to do here’s exactly what I want the growth to be here’s exactly how much money I’m spending and then I’m going to have a huge launch in September. That’s a possibility and that’s how you could have a huge month and you could make up for potentially slower months in the summer. That’s not the case for everybody but that is something you can do too so those are three ways that you can make summer. Really successful months for your business whether that’s leading to your biggest month ever in September or it’s actually adding sales to your business throughout the summer. 


The most important thing is that you don’t stop and pull back. never in business is that the answer? The answer is never like I’m going to become passive. Okay, if you get burnout and you need a break. That’s a different story but you’re kind of at that point accepting your business isn’t going to grow. if you want your business to grow and and you need to increase your revenue and increase your impact and all of those things and reach your goals. The answer is never to do that through being passive. So if you choose To be passive, understand that means you will not be growing and you’re okay with that because you actively chose that don’t come back and say oh my business isn’t growing. It’s like because you became not consistent because you pulled back your marketing never is that the answer. And like I also said it’s really important throughout this time to not go m I a on your audience, you’ve got to still email your list. You still need to release content. You still need to show up. You need to connect with your audience. You cannot just be like oh it’s a summer I’m not going to do anything because my audience is on vacation. They’re not entrepreneurs. Like if you target entrepreneurs they’re never on vacation and neither are like people always are consuming. It doesn’t matter if they’re on vacation. They’re still consuming, they’re still consuming content, they’re still behind things. I think it’s really good to reflect on like who the biggest companies are in your industry. And what do they do in the summer because that is backed by probably a lot of dollars of research and what they see works and I can guarantee They’re not pulling back so come join me on this workshop on June Twentieth hirshmarketing.com/summer. We’ll plan your summer marketing strategy. We’ll make sure you have good months. Make sure you’re setting yourself up for even better months in the fall and I will also help you come up with ideas if you can’t come up with how you can leverage it because I’m really good at that and I can almost come up with an idea for any business on how to leverage the summer.