532: 3 Things Missing From Most Businesses Marketing Strategies

In today’s episode, I’m discussing three crucial elements that are often missing from most businesses’ marketing strategies today. This topic has been inspired by the incredible success my team and I have been experiencing recently. Our clients are thrilled with the momentum we’re generating, and the positive feedback from both Essential and Elite levels is pouring in. This made me reflect on what we bring to the table that many businesses seem to overlook, which leads to such a significant impact on their marketing strategies.

These three elements – long-term and short-term vision, refining your messaging, and updating your “wrapping paper” – when integrated into your marketing strategy, can drive extraordinary results for your business. So, let’s dive deeper into each of these aspects and discover how they can transform your marketing approach and take your business to new heights.


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Emily Hirsh 

Hello everybody, welcome back to the podcast. Happy July we are here in July in quarter three. That’s wild when I say that it’s like quarter 3 of the year . It really feels like I was just planning for the new year but this year has been a good one. It’s been a good one, a challenging one um, an expansive one and just pushed me to edges that I personally had never been before. Not so much. Um. In my business but as for me as an individual and so it’s been a good year and I feel like I’ve been very focused on goals and growth and living and memories and old things. So that’s exciting. So happy Fourth of July if you celebrate here in the US. I am a big fan of freedom. And our country. So I hope you are doing something fun today to celebrate our freedom. Um, it’s weird. My kids are still in school because they go to a year-round school so they have six weeks on one week off throughout the entire year which is really an awesome. Um, flow I feel for kids because they get kind of a reset every six weeks but they stay in school till middle of July and then they get six weeks off so they’re going to school Monday and Wednesday this week if I do send them on Wednesday um, it’s just interesting. It’s like not I’m not used to it because I went to public school as a kid and I was like you’d never be in school around the fourth of July so all right.. 

You guys we are going to talk about 3 things that are missing from most businesses marketing strategies today and I’m inspired to do this because honestly. My team is crushing it right now and I have focused on building my team of incredible players over really the last year like that’s been a number one priority for me and I’ve shared on the podcast. How I got back involved in our hiring process and. We. We treat our hiring as if it’s a marketing campaign like we have candidates we put them through the pipeline. We have an ideal avatar for who we’re trying to hire. Um and and we really have done such an amazing job at finding good candidates and it’s not easy and it’s actually resulted in In some occasions myself and my leadership team closest to me who shouldn’t normally be in client delivery being in client delivery which we’re okay with if it means we need to put somebody through our training process through our hiring process. But with that said I get on my team huddle and I’m just in awe at The results. The satisfaction like the momentum that we’re bringing clients the feedback, the positive feedback that I get from both essential and elite and I was reflecting on what we are bringing that so many businesses are missing. That is making such a huge impact for them on both levels like I said essential and elite which is essentials are done with you which combines some done for you components and coaching and then elite is our full done for you where we do everything for you and so these are the 3 things that I think are. Really not often thought about but make a huge impact in your marketing strategy and that most businesses are missing these things. So let’s talk about them. 

The first is a marketing strategy that includes a long-term and a short-term vision and strategy. Let me explain what I mean by that. So. In all of our marketing strategies. We focus initially of course on the short term. So what is our brand awareness and visibility strategy? What’s our lead gen? How are we getting consistent leads? Are we doing a live launch in and the next 60 to ninety days this is highly custom based on the client’s list size based on Their goals based on. Do they need to create cash right now like do they have something existing running all of these things are going to play a part in us deciding what that strategy is but we’re looking at that short-term vision and strategy and then we’re zooming out and we’re also looking at the long-term and I think a lot of people miss the long-term. And the long term can be six months from now it could be twelve months from now it can maybe be more than twelve months from now but to be honest with you so much changes so quickly that I feel like planning in detail beyond twelve months and maybe I’ll change my mind on this someday. But For me, Even you know, planning in detail past twelve months is really pointless because too much changes and so I have a big picture vision of the direction that I’m taking the company and goals and things like that. But I do not plan in detail beyond really like in detail six months but twelve months is like max so looking at your marketing strategy and being able to project ahead like okay am I doing am I going to do a promotion am I going to do a live launch. Am I going to do something to ignite my warm audience to create momentum and create cash in my business and create kind of an experience that brings excitement? Am I going to do that in three months from now? Okay I need to start preparing for that now In my business and I need to start growing my leads and growing my audience and having a strategy that leads up to that and content that leads up to that and so what is that long-term bigger vision where we’re trying to kind of create a snowball that all builds on top of each other and starts getting momentum. And then what’s that shorter term strategy where we need to generate leads and sales now for every business like we need to see results and what does that look like and so combining those 2 is where the power really comes in in your marketing because Once you have a strategy where you’re able to combine what you’re doing today but have what you’re doing today also feed into your business in the next three to six months if you then stay consistent. You will get incredible results. And the businesses that see the best success I see this happen all the time they come in to work with us. They get a custom marketing strategy created. We address their messaging. We address their funnel strategy. We address their content. We address every angle no matter what package you come in. We’re doing this and. They get this created and then and they so they start implementing and they start growing their audience and they start generating leads and some start getting the sales from those leads some it might take longer because we have to do more pivots and adjustments and shifts and changes to the messaging but every time within that 3 to six month period they are massively growing and seeing results because no matter what they stayed consistent in a way that they probably hadn’t in the past and they leveraged a long term and a short term vision and strategy for their business. So. That’s the first thing that’s likely missing, like I think a lot of entrepreneurs are operating out of reactivity and they’re operating out of how do I get sales next month and what do I do right now and it’s already too late. So I’m already not meeting my goals. So I already feel behind and I already feel stressed about this And instead of operating that way you can build a strategy that gets you the results today but also builds upon the bigger thing. 

The second thing missing from most marketing strategies is a process or expectation. Where you are constantly refining and improving messaging and I’d almost rate this as number one because your messaging which is let me define messaging again. I’m going to say it so many times I’m going to talk about messaging to you guys because it is so important. Your messaging is the way that you connect to your ideal customers and your audience through their frustrations, their pain, their desires in your copy in your content which means it’s your ad copy. It’s your landing page copy. It’s your emails. It’s the topic of your webinar. It is your sales page copy. It’s every place that you are trying to connect to your audience and get them to take an action whether that’s a small action of watching this video or listening to this podcast all the way to a bigger action of signing up for this webinar. Buy this product or fill out this application. Your messaging is infused in everything you do in your marketing and you’re never going to have it nailed and done. It’s always going to be evolving and improving and being refined and adjusted. 

Why because number one you’re going to continue to get better at connecting with your audience and you’re going to learn what works and what doesn’t work and you’re going to constantly need to refine that but also number 2 your audience is not robotic like they change. I’ve talked about this on the podcast in the last few weeks but even with the seasons of the year does what our audience want to hear change and the opportunity arises for more content around a certain topic or more focus around a certain problem or desire. Based on just the seasons that we go through as a society, not to mention things may be happening in the world or holidays or different um society shifts or economic shifts like all of those things are going to cause your audience’s experience to shift. Which means your messaging needs to shift and so what I see a lot is people choose a webinar topic or an angle or just like their overall brand messaging and they never go back and refine it and they never go back and ask themselves. How do I go deeper? How do I get to the next level here? How do I connect deeper on my audience’s problems and desires? How do I take what I’ve maybe just learned and the Intel I’ve gotten from being in my business the last three months and connecting with my audience and leads And how do I go bring that into my marketing. For example, let me share with you ah, a client of ours where in the beginning of her business. She had a defined ideal customer and she had an offer and she sold through sales calls. This is Mallory. I actually interviewed her. I’m going to use her as an example and I think she’ll listen to this and like it and I think this is a cool example. So starting her business. She had a definition of her message and she did it right? She had the foundation. She knew who our ideal customer was. She knew who her offer was for what it was and how to position it. How to connect to those problems, those frustrations, those desires and she sold this offer through sales calls so she did many sales calls. I don’t know the number but I promise you it’s over 50 because she was so burned out from them but she did 50 sales calls. With her ideal customer to sell this offer and she sold it, imagine if she never took any of the Intel from those 50 sales calls and brought it into her marketing after that do you know how much better she got at selling her offer at connecting to her ideal customer. And understanding and just like the overall absorption of their pain, frustration and desires a hundred a thousand times because she had all of those conversations and so the point is not to go have 50 sales calls. The point is that whatever you’re doing You are learning and you are creating a deeper connection with your ideal customer that you can then take into your marketing and refine so that could be oh I’ve done you know. 30 more podcast episodes and gotten feedback on them I’ve maybe done 5 more live webinars than the last time I looked at my webinar funnel I have you know showed up on social media I’ve talked to people in the Dms on my Instagram I’ve had sales calls now take all of that Intel and the takeaway in the experience that you’ve absorbed through that. And ask yourself how do I go a layer deeper in my marketing How do I dig deeper in my copy in my content in the way I talk about my offer in the way I connect to the pain and the frustration and the desires and so I said in the beginning the mistake is not having a process to do this. This is huge in business anything in your business marketing or not that you leave and you never look at for a long time I promise you it needs to be updated and so your job as a Ceo is to figure out what it what that is what the most important thing is but 1 of those things is your marketing and so your messaging I mean. And so where that comes up is maybe you send out a regular email to your list and you haven’t gone back and looked at ways you could improve that, ways that you could focus and dig deeper on your ideal. Customer’s biggest pain frustration and improve that experience. Maybe you have a webinar funnel that you’ve run for the last six months But you haven’t had the opportunity to improve it. Maybe you should change the title. Maybe you can dig deeper on that landing page and talk deeper about those problems and what you’re going to cover in the webinar. Maybe you have an email sequence. Maybe you have an automated email sequence. Maybe you have landing pages that people regularly go to, maybe it’s your website. This is everywhere and so you have to figure out where is the most impactful place and how do I take it a level deeper this is where our core value as a company of strive to be better than yesterday oftentimes comes in is because you can have something that is working I mean Mallory the example I just gave um. She had an offer that was selling and so she could have chosen I’m not going to change anything I’m not going to update anything I’m not going to make any adjustments but she’s continually making adjustments with our team because every launch everything she does. She’s getting that feedback taking it back and we’re making improvements and that’s where you need to be in your marketing. And then the final thing missing from most strategies has to do with what I just talked about but I put it as a separate one because it’s so important, but it usually comes after you create the process for constant refinement and then you can do this which is having frequent updates to your wrapping paper. Frequently updating the wrapping paper on your funnel and your offer and so what do I mean by that now more than ever people get tired of hearing the same thing and you have to work really hard to continually spark interest in what you want people to do So That could be listen to a podcast consume your content sign up for a webinar sign up for a lead magnet. Buy your offer. Those are many options right? but it can be any of those actions you want people to take oftentimes. You don’t have to change the actual Deliverable. So the actual webinar or the actual offer itself. But you need fresh wrapping paper to get your people to take the Action. So The way that this could show up is by changing your webinar title. Maybe it is creating a new webinar every quarter every six months. It could be adding a bonus. Into your offer. You’ll see me do this all the time. I think that our team is like a pro at this because I know how important it is and so you will see me constantly with fresh stuff. I always have a fresh live launch happening, a podcast series, a different bonus for our offer because I’m selling the same offers. And so I can’t make it sound exciting to my audience without changing the wrapping paper which is going to attract somebody right? when it should based on what I’m doing to change it and so changing the wrapping paper is oftentimes keeping the same backend Deliverable. So the same webinar. Or the same lead magnet or the same offer but changing the way you’re talking about it, changing the title, adding something new to it, something to make it exciting which will then create that excitement and make it feel new and will get people to take action Now. You’re not tricking people. You’re not saying like This is new and it’s not new. You’re just putting a different angle or if you’re using the bonus idea for your offer then you are putting something new to something you already have and you’re creating momentum around that and so looking at how can you change your wrapping paper to what’s already working about once a quarter. And I think that for CEOs this is one of the most important things that you can do if you are like for me I’m the face of my brand. You know I spearhead still what topics I’m going to do on webinars content creation. Obviously all my podcast titles like. I’m not a Ceo who actually outsources as of now someone to tell me what podcast topics to record. I just don’t want to do that. It doesn’t feel like an alignment. I like the connection to my audience of creating content trainings and experiences that I know they need. Now I leverage my messaging team a hundred percent for all of that copy and we do. We follow the same process we do with clients where if needed we’ll do a messaging call. We’ll dive into angles for that specific live launch but I think for a Ceo if you can position your time. To where your business is able to run and you have a marketing team and support and you get to be the visionary of that of the of the topics of the connection to your audience’s pain frustration desires and how you can bring that into experiences and how you can bring that into a new bonus or maybe it’s just your Your content your regular content but that is where I see businesses Thrive is when the visionary is able to be in that place and put their time into that creativity and then they have support executing it. So for me the way this looks like is I’m constantly connected to our audience. I’m connected to our clients. Through my Team. You guys don’t understand how connected I am. I’m actually in all of our clients. Every client has a slack Channel. I’m in all of them. So I see all the backend and I have a crazy memory. So Even though we have over 55 clients like I know everything that’s going On. It’s not necessarily a good thing but regardless. I’m in touch with this strategy’s working. This strategy is not Working. We need to pivot this. Let me throw this idea in there right? I’m in touch with my audience through social media. I’m in touch with you guys through the trainings I do through the groups that I host and I take all of that and it inspires the content I create. The trainings I create the experiences I create and I take that and then I bring it to my team and they fully execute it just like we do with clients they write the copy. They write the emails, they write the landing pages, they execute the promotion, they execute the ads and I just show up for the audience but I’m the visionary. Behind the connection to what needs to be created and for a lot of our clients this comes through a collaborative effort and so what I see a lot with clients is that they’ll have an idea and we just shift the way it’s positioned so that it’s positioned really well Around emotions and benefits and results versus features which is ah which is something that um, a lot of entrepreneurs sometimes struggle with is they’ll talk about the what but not the the deeper level. 


So. The third thing is the frequency of fresh wrapping paper and I would say at least once a quarter but let me tell you this. If you are struggling right now to get sales in your business. Whatever your offer is all the way down from a physical product that’s $20 to a high ticket service and you have at least a small audience. And you create some sort of bonus or incentive or promotion for somebody to buy right now. You’ll get sales. You’ll pick up sales in your business. That’s number 1 why a warm audience is so key but number 2 because it’s fresh sounding and because now your audience who’s seen your offer. Or even if it’s a free offer like a webinar. They’ve seen it now. It’s more exciting. There’s something new to it, something fresh that sparks that interest. So if you’re in a rut. That’s something very quick that you can do if you have a warm audience all right, everybody. Well have an amazing holiday if you’ve listened to this on the day and you’re in the US. I know it’s a holiday for others. But I think yeah, candidate day is the day before. So um I have some team members in Canada who switched their days and took Monday off and said a Tuesday so I will talk to you guys on Thursday. Thanks so much for tuning in.