539: The Most Underutilized Marketing Strategies That Will Make An Impact On Your Results

In today’s episode, we’re diving deep into underutilized marketing strategies that can have a massive impact on your business results. These strategies are all about optimizing and refining key areas of your marketing to maximize engagement and conversion rates. Implementing these tactics will undoubtedly lead to a significant boost in engagement, connections, and sales.

If you want to make progress, attract more customers, and see a substantial return on your marketing actions, listen in to see how you can use these simple yet effective strategies in your own business. 


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Emily Hirsh 

Hello everybody, welcome back to the podcast. Oh man, it has been a very busy week. I’m recording this right before I leave for Alaska and this week has taught me a lot of lessons. I went into the beginning of this week and some things came up. Um, this one situation came up and I felt myself slip into this like overwhelm but also um, just feeling like bogged down and not really feeling like myself which I have been doing so well like I was in a funk. And I was like this isn’t me like I haven’t been like this I’ve been feeling really great. Um, but what was interesting is I did one exercise that I shared on Instagram that was really helpful which is I sat down. Yeah and after like two days of kind of feeling a little bit in a funk and overwhelmed and just like oh my gosh. And then I reflected on the fact that okay first of all I do this to myself like I put myself in these situations on purpose and so why? Um, and then I sat down and I just made a list of everything that was stressing me out just to get it out on paper. Um. And that really helped just to kind of like purge it out and then I sat with it for like a day and then something shifted where I realized a couple of the things that I was really stressed about was completely pressure I was putting on myself and not real. And then what happened is one of the situations that I was genuinely worried about. I had a conversation with someone who helped me out and it was like oh this isn’t even a problem like I spent all this time. Worrying when it’s not even a problem and so that was a lesson for me and then as soon as I kind of like got out of that energy. Everything started to go easy again and I got it. Everything felt easy and in flow and so the lesson for me was that it’s so cliche but it’s like we cannot control the future. And we also shouldn’t waste time worrying about something in the past that we can’t change because doing either of those things is going to prevent us from being in the place we want to be in the present moment and so it’s been a very um It has been a week with a lot of lessons. Um and reminders which are amazing and now going into a day before I leave for. Basically we’re home for three days in between but until September. And I very willingly booked these trips and I feel so incredibly grateful at the adventures and the experiences we get to go have this summer with my kids without my kids on the trip to Alaska and just live like I told my husband this last night I’m like I’m gonna get to the end of this year and be like man I lived this year so hard um with that I’ve been very busy prepping and even through all that the the latter half of this week I have felt so grounded and just like nope I’m not going to let all these things being thrown my way knock me, you know. Off of my balance and feeling grounded and so that’s been awesome. So if you’re not following me on Instagram go check out my Instagram and as long as I have service because some of the places we’re staying are like very much out in the back country I will be posting indefinitely sharing our Alaska trip this week. 


So Today I decided I want us to do a podcast on underutilized marketing strategies that can make a very big impact on your results so where are some areas of opportunity that maybe you’re not thinking about um and this will be a pretty tactical episode pretty tactical in the sense of like. I’m gonna tell you to go check this and see if you’re utilizing this in your business and if you’re not like there’s opportunity there for you. So there’s 4 things and these are just simple. Simple places. Simple strategies that you can go look that you can go optimize and refine to improve your results. 

So the first one I think is probably the most underutilized place in a sales funnel that people do not think about and that is the thank you page. This can be the thank you page for a free download of a webinar. A free challenge to any such sort of lead Gen It also can be the thank you page for your product or service or after someone books a call. Why is it so valuable? It’s so valuable because every single person who takes that an action before is going to see it. And you can’t say the same thing for email follow-ups and text messages and all the different things you will lose people right? Who won’t even open any of your emails so that page is prime real estate because everybody’s going to see it so you should use it very strategically right. And a lot of people use it. The thank you page and they’re just like thanks check your email. Thanks your orders on its way. There are many options for what you can use for a thank you page but I will um include in here kind of what I the way I decide what goes on a thank you page which is very often included in our client strategies. So first of all I look at marketing as an experience and so after someone takes that first action. What do you want the experience to be for them next? What is that next experience? What should that be for them? Do you want them to take action? Do you want them to go somewhere? Do you want them to remember something? Do you want them to check your email? Want them to maybe in some cases even buy a product or fill out an application. What is the best next step for them to take that would add to their overall experience and also get them to the next like overall result that you want them to have or or you know ultimately move them towards where you want them to be to buy. Fill out an application Whatever and so I’m a big fan of putting video on that page and this so this can be as simple as you have a video that’s like you are all signed up for my webinar I’m so excited I cannot wait to have you on this webinar now. The 1 thing I need you to do. Is XYZ it could be check your email make sure you got it and it didn’t end up in your spam. It could be um, go send me a dm keyword on Instagram it could be to go fill out an application if that’s the right thing for them and so I almost always have like to have a video on the thank you page. And this can be as simple as just like helping them along with the next step. But that’s adding such a high level of um connection by having a video of you on that. Thank you page and that touch point that’s going to add. But if there is. And action. You want them to take such as buy a product which is also a you know a self liquidating offer funnel or a tripwire funnel go buy a product or maybe you fill out an application book a call included on that page have something have at least an ideally only 1 thing That you want someone to go do on that page tie it to the thing they just did and tell them why they need to go do this thing and what it will help them accomplish or why it’s important. That’s it. It’s that simple but it will increase engagement. It’ll increase action and it will build better connections with your leads and sales. 


The second most underutilized marketing strategy and I don’t care if you’re like email marketing is dead. It’s email sequences. Most people do not have 2 things. They don’t have enough emails and their email sequence. It’s like you I mean I’m sure so many of you can relate with. Here’s my funnel and there’s a 4 day email sequence. Follow-up and then they never hear from me for months or they don’t hear from me for another month or like that’s it and you work so hard to get a lead onto your list at least most people do right. And for someone to join your email list. They have raised their hand and said they are interested in what you offer, they’re interested in the value that you provide so for them to raise their hand and say that now we want to make sure we get them to the next step. So whatever that next step is that you want them to take. Maybe it is flushing out and improving the messaging related to that. Maybe it’s better clearly communicating the fact that they need to take this step and why and how it’s related to their problems, desires, frustrations or maybe it’s having more emails. Maybe if somebody doesn’t convert after four days you can build out a sequence that lasts thirty days or sixty days or ninety days and I don’t say that to overwhelm you I’m telling you these are underutilized strategies that you’re already probably doing work again to bring in liens and you’re not capitalizing on them the way that you could. So. The question here is when a lead joins your list is there opportunity for you to improve either the copy in the emails or the actual sequence itself and the length of it in the experience. An email sequence should be designed as an experience. It should be an experience that somebody goes through after they’ve taken a specific action the second piece that a lot of people don’t have is regular emails going out to their list and using those emails in a strategic way making sure they’re not templated who wants to get an email from somebody that is the same every week. You’re going to naturally as a human start ignoring that. So how do you bring variety into your emails? How do you keep people engaged? How do you send people to the places you want them to go whether that is your podcast or your application or your service or your product. Ask yourself these questions and go improve what you have.


Okay, the third most underutilized strategy is honestly your content and your visibility is not looking at organic social and content as I have to do this to check a box. And get this many posts out or this many platforms that I engage on and instead asking yourself. How do I genuinely build an audience? How do I build an audience of people who not just follow me for the number on Instagram but follow me in. In terms of consuming my content, I’d rather you put out less content but put some more depth into it not trying to make it perfect and overthinking it but being more intentional with attracting those buyers. And thinking about the content that’s going to attract them and get them to follow you and get you to stand out I’d rather you do that than meet a volume game of a post every day or a post five days a week and I put visibility in this bucket too because I just came off of our um ultimate Facebook ads challenge. Where everybody got their visibility ads life that was the goal of the challenge and a lot of people didn’t even understand the concept of visibility ads going into this challenge. So I know it’s a very underutilized marketing strategy now quick recap. I’m sure you know if you’ve been listening to my podcast but a visibility ad is promoting a piece of valuable content. It’s not promoting your lead Gen, it’s not promoting your sales ads. It’s promoting valuable content with the sole purpose of getting people, your ideal customers to consume that content and become in your audience in your warm audience and growing those audiences and so you can spend $5 a day On a couple of pieces of strategic content and get massive traction within visibility ads of building your audience that you can then retarget and show different ads to but yet so many people don’t do this and so many people don’t use this tool. So remember like 1 of the main ways that we’re going to attract people into your business is by building an audience. What do you think most people do before they make the decision to buy? They consume your content. They listen to your podcast. They read your blogs. They look at your website. They go to your Instagram and they watch your stories. I can almost guarantee you most people are doing that before they make the decision to buy. I know that most of my audience listens to my podcast before becoming a client. Not 100% but a lot of them and so if you are not being strategic. Your content and your visibility ads you are missing out on opportunity so looking at okay I’m already creating content number 1 am I doing it in a way that’s not templated that doesn’t feel like I’m doing the same thing every day every week that’s keeping people engaged if I do less can I print. Provide more quality, produce more quality and then number 2 am I leveraging that content as visibility ads so that I can grow my audience every single day because that feeds into the other parts of your marketing strategy which if you want to go back a couple weeks I did a podcast just on that. 


Okay, the final Most underutilized marketing strategy is repackaging the wrapping paper. I can’t tell you how effective this is and how many people don’t do this. You don’t have to come up with a whole new funnel or a whole new offer and throw everything out and start from scratch oftentimes. Repackaging the wrapping paper of what you’re already doing will create success. Let me tell you what I mean by that I mean if you have a lead generation funnel like a webinar or a lead magnet. You are changing the title, you’re updating the angles you’re adjusting the way you’re presenting it so it sounds new. But the delivery is not necessarily new or let’s say you have an offer and you have been selling this offer and it’s getting like people aren’t buying because they’ve heard you talk about it a bunch of times and added a new bonus. You will see me do this all the time. This is like 1 of the number 1 conversations that we have on our marketing team is how are we keeping it fresh this month. What is the new packaging of our training? How are we going to create a live experience which sometimes is new but also how are we going to take our existing offers and get people excited about them. With a new bonus or a new incentive to sign up and so sometimes if something isn’t working and you’re not feeling that movement in your marketing. 1 of the things that you can do is create newness with what you already have so new title, New angles. Maybe it is a new webinar training that you freshen up or maybe it’s a bonus that you add into your offer or some sort of like limited time if they sign up. They also get to come to this training. There’s so many ideas that you can do here. But this. I can almost guarantee that for most people who have come to a place where they feel like their marketing went to a standstill or it slowed down and people stop paying attention. You need freshness in it especially in today’s industry where people have such short attention spans and they need that like new stimulation. 1 of the biggest challenges for your business is going to be how do you create new stimulation with existing proven assets and offers and that is something I do all the time whether you realize it or not so if you have felt like I’m not getting the traction I want with my marketing or my offer isn’t selling the way it used to. Or whatever isn’t working like it’s at a standstill. It’s not really working repackage the wrapping paper, ask yourself? How could I make this sound new with something existing that I already have um and that will make a very big difference in your marketing and could get you from stuck. Not making progress to totally making progress. 


So those are the 4 most underutilized marketing strategies that will make an impact on your results. I would love to hear any takeaways. Hopefully you got at least 1 of like wow I need to go check my thank you page or I need to go improve my email sequence or. Let me leverage visibility ads. These are all things you can implement this week you can make edits this week you can take action this week and have a very big return on those actions. All right guys. Thanks so much for tuning in. I will talk to you next week.