542: Prioritize Consistency And You Can’t Fail — The Anti Marketing Hack Series #3

Welcome to day three of my five-part series, the Anti Marketing Hack Series. In a world full of marketing hacks and quick fixes, it’s easy to overlook these essential foundations that often get lost in the noise. Today, I’m touching on a crucial aspect of marketing: prioritizing consistency, specifically in lead generation. 

Consistency should be your North Star in marketing. If you’ve ever struggled with this, listen in as I share how to stay committed to consistently show up for your audience and leads, and combine that dedication with a well thought out strategy. If you make this your top priority, success will be within your reach!


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Emily Hirsh

Hello, everybody. Welcome back to the podcast and episode three of this five part series, the anti marketing hack series. If you’re just tuning in, basically, I’m diving into five core foundational components of your marketing. That will always be true in 50 years, 50 years ago, it doesn’t matter what happens to the economy, to the platforms, this will always be true. And so many people focus on hacks or things that you can implement overnight to see results. And these are really the foundations of your marketing that I think a lot of people forget about in the noise. So this is the third episode and we’re talking about prioritizing consistency and the importance of consistency. But I want to specifically dive into consistency with your lead generation. I think honestly, in anything you want to accomplish marketing, not being an exception to that. If you just stick with it and you stay consistent with the effort and the energy and what you’re putting into becoming successful, it will always be successful. This is the root in the foundation of my core value that marketing always works. It’s just a matter of when and part of that win and getting to the place that it is successful comes down to how often and frequently you show up. And as long as you show up consistently, you will be successful. But let’s talk about this as it comes to lead generation. First, I want to like zoom out and look at the fact that, you know, in your marketing, your number one priority should be consistency. So kind of put that tuck that word into your mind as we talk. But I want you guys to also do a run through and look at like, am I being consistent with my content? Am I being consistent with new leads and getting new leads on my list? Consistent? Meaning every day, every week, am I consistently showing up for my audience and my leads when I grow my audience, when I grow my following, when I grow the number of emails on my list, are you now consistently showing up with valuable content? So that’s the zoomed out version. If you do this every month, you cannot lose like you absolutely cannot because it’s just a matter of time that if you pair consistency with strategy, meaning you listen to the last two episodes I did and you prioritize relationships and you focus on the experience you’re creating and the messaging related to that. And then if you do that consistently without letting up, you will create success. And so the success that you’re trying to achieve in your marketing. But this is true for everything is on the other side of your actions and your choice to be consistent. And if you tie this consistency to serving your audience through your content with no strings attached, which I talked about a lot in the first episode of a true relationship, doesn’t mean that there’s a string attached to it, right? I guarantee you 100% without question, your business will grow. The formula is literally that simple. And so you’re pairing, consistently doing two things, consistently attracting new audience and new leads to your business and then consistently showing up and nurturing that audience and leads and those two things combined equals sales. And so many times in marketing, do we jump to? OK, how do we get the sales and I try to get people to see the sales comes as a byproduct of doing these other two things well, and it is that simple, I believe if you’re not growing your audience and leads daily, you’re going backwards and let me explain this. I know it sounds harsh, but it’s true because here’s the reality: if your number of people following you and I and I don’t like to use the word following because I don’t care about the Instagram number of followers that you have. I care about how many people are actually consuming your content and listening to what you have to say and you’re able to garner their attention with what you put out. If you are not growing that number, it’s going down because naturally you’re going to have people unfollow you on Instagram, unfollow your content. You’re going to have people stop listening to your podcast, you know, stop watching your social media videos, however they consume it because that’s a normal cycle. People will come in and out of consuming something and then they may not focus on that problem that you solve as much for a few months or a year even. And so you’re losing people, right? And so if you’re not adding people, new people coming in and adding them into your world, consuming your content, garnering their attention, you are losing, you are going backwards, same thing with leads, no matter how good your emails are, no matter how much you email on your list, you will have people unsubscribe and that’s OK. That’s part of the game. If someone doesn’t want to read your emails, you don’t want them on your list, right? So you will have people unsubscribe or stop opening your emails. And so if you’re not adding new leads to your list every single day, you are going backwards. And so in order to not do that and to guarantee your growth, you have to make sure you have a strategy that prioritizes consistency. So that means for all of you, if I was to sit down with you and say what is your marketing strategy? You could tell me very clearly, this is how I am growing my audience and getting more people to consume my content, whether that’s my social media content and videos and, or a podcast or a blog or a youtube channel. This is what I’m doing to see that growth every day. And this is also how I’m measuring that success, which usually is more than just Instagram followers, right? It’s podcast downloads. It’s the number of engagements on your post. It’s deeper than that. OK. Maybe the number of DM conversations you have on Instagram. And then number two, how am I consistently generating new leads and for a lot of businesses that needs to be done with paid ads today? Because organic reach is just so low that if you want to consistently see your email list grow with quality leads, you probably need paid ads. So your strategy goes deeper than just am I running paid ads? It’s what are you running paid ads to? What are you bringing people in? How are you bringing them into your list? Go back to the previous episode in this series. What’s the experience you’re creating to take someone from a lead to the next step you want to bring them on in your customer journey? And so if we were to sit down, could you tell me very clearly, this is my strategy for growing my audience and the amount of attention my brand has every single day. And this is my strategy for generating new leads, quality leads every single day. And I can bet that over half of you for sure, don’t have this laid out as a strategy. And I know that because many businesses come to work with us and we are developing this for them. And it’s not like very many are coming in with this already in place. And if they do have it already in place, there’s a lot of room for optimization. So those are the two questions to ask yourself and then check back on this every month, every quarter and really look at OK, from the actions and the projects or initiatives that we took to increase our audience, increase the attention on our brand, grow our list and make sure our list of quality leads is growing every week. What’s working and what’s not working, what do we want to do more of, what do we want to do less of, what do we want to focus on more? And if you make your goal consistency always and you pair that with the best strategy you can, sometimes something isn’t going to work. That doesn’t mean you stop and you stop being consistent. It means you pivot and you try something new. So if you combine those two things, you will be successful. And there’s a lot of times I’ve talked about this before on the podcast, but I want to mention here that there are some business owners who sometimes will decide for whatever reason. Maybe it’s because they’re really busy or it’s because, it’s the holidays or it’s the summer that they’re going to, you know, stop their marketing or almost slow it down to nothing. And I know this because I’ve seen it so many times that when you do that you might be ok for a little bit, but about 3 to 6 months later, you’re going to start to feel that impact because all of the people that you would have been bringing to your audience and to your list are that slow down. You’re not growing that anymore. And those people usually take 369, 12 months depending on your business and your customer journey to buy. And so there’s a delayed reaction in business, there’s both a delayed reaction to something negative and positive. So if you slow down or stop your audience growth and your lead generation, you might trick yourself and be like, oh, I’m fine, I’m fine. My business is still fine, but in probably, I would guess three months, sometimes it takes as long as six months, you’ll start to feel the impact. And how long do you think it takes you to catch that back up? It probably takes at least if not double the amount of time you slowed it down, right? Because let’s just say your customer takes an average of six months to convert. Ok. So if I stop my marketing in June because it’s the summer and I don’t start it back up until, just to say, to be easy like November. So I stopped it. All of June, all of July, all of August, all of September, all of October 5 months. I’m probably not going to fully feel it during that time because I’m still banking on the people that I brought into my list the first half of the year and into my audience. And so I’m like, oh, it’s summer, things are slowing down. You know, it’ll be fine. Well, once I start it back up and let’s say I decide, ok, I’m going to start it back up in November and it’s been five months. So now all those people that I was supposed to be bringing in those five months, I start bringing people in, but my sales start going down because my average customer converts in six months. So the people I bring in now in November are not going to convert until however many months, April. And so now my business is going to experience a slowdown that I can’t fix overnight. It’s going to take that long to fix it. Not a lot of businesses know how long it takes for their ideal customer or their customer to convert into a sale. That’s a very good metric to know because if you can figure that out and you have an average amount of time it takes someone from, you know, coming on your list to converting as a customer that will tell you that amount of time will tell you when your lead generation you do today will pay off if that makes sense. So there’s a delayed reaction. If you stop your audience growth and you stop your lead generation, you may not feel it right away. And then once you do pick it back up because you are feeling it, it’s going to take all of that amount of time to get back to where you were, probably the amount of time you stopped, but potentially even longer. For example, if your list takes six months to convert, you’re not going to start to feel it for six months. But even then the people that you brought in in month 234 after restarting aren’t going to convert, right? So it’s a huge impact on businesses. The root of that is because you stop being consistent. And so if every month, every quarter, you look at your marketing, you just say, are we being consistent, are we being consistent with our audience growth? Getting attention to our brand with content? And are we being consistent with lead generation? All of you should have new quality leads on your list every single day. And if you don’t, your business is at risk. And then the third piece of consistency is, am I showing up for my audience and my leads so that I’m consistently nurturing them even if they’re not buying from me right away. So looking at the behind the scenes of how we help clients with this, it’s really combining a consistent lead generation strategy with a live launch strategy that will allow us to capitalize on the consistency and create cash infusions and kind of growth explosions in the business. So let me just summarize this because this is a strategy I’ve definitely taught before in the podcast. But I think it’s the ultimate ideal strategy for all businesses, which is you have one, an automated evergreen strategy where you are growing your audience and you are growing the number of leads on your list every day. And those people are going through an experience, a customer journey that brings them to a sale, but 95% of them are not going to buy that first experience because that’s normal, that’s a normal amount of conversions, right? That 5% sales conversion can actually be high depending on your offer price. And so then you pair that consistent strategy, consistent audience growth, consistently generation as a part of the strategy with about once a quarter live launch or promotion or cash infusion in the business, which is where you do, let’s say an extra live webinar or you add an extra bonus to your offer or your product business and you bundle things together or you do a new product launch something that creates buzz around what you sell and you promote this to all of the audience and all of the leads that you had previously built and you’ve built in between the last time you did a live launch. And what happens is a handful of people will convert because they’ve been sitting on your list. You’ve been consistently nurturing them and now they have this relationship with you. You’ve created a good experience with them. I’m referencing the last two episodes. If you haven’t listened, go back and listen and they’re likely to buy. And so that then allows you to, let’s say you spend $1000 a month on ads and you make back 3000. So you have a three X return on ad spend. So you do that for three months. So you’ve spent $3000 you’ve made $9000 but then we do a live launch or a cash infusion for your business. And within that, you make $5000 but you only had to spend $250 in retargeting budget to everybody. So you had a massive profit from it because you got to capitalize on the consistency that you had built the last three months. So with almost all of our clients, I mean, obviously, it depends on the business. But with almost all of our clients, we have a strategy that combines something consistent, evergreen automated every single day. There is something happening and that’s one reason I really love paid ads because it allows you to be consistent, right? Social media, you have to post every day and the post expires and people won’t see it. And so with paid ads, I know every day my visibility ads, my lead generation ads, someone new is going to see them and someone new is going to enter my world. And I don’t even have to be on the computer. I can have Instagram deleted from my phone and that’s still happening, right? And then I pair that with the live launches, the cash infusion strategy to kind of explode my business growth every three months. And you can’t, you can’t really do it too much because you have to build up the list in the audience before doing it again, right? But the in between consistency is what makes that strategy work so well. So that’s something that we create for most of our clients obviously depending on their business. And I think it’s the ultimate kind of complete marketing strategy because it’s allowing you to have a profitable initial front end funnel in customer journey and strategy and then really have some explosive growth about every three months where you get a payoff from being consistent. So that is the third episode of this series and the, and the foundational strategy of consistency. And if, if more people did this in their marketing, I promise that things would work and you obviously want to pair your consistency with being strategic, but you want your goal to be consistency and sometimes as you’re trying new things and you’re not sure how certain content is going to work or you know what lead generation or webinar is going to work. Your goal should just be consistency. Like I’m going to continue to show up, I’m going to continue to try new things. I’m going to continue to allow the feedback that I get as I try new things to point me in the right direction. But I’m going to make a commitment to always show up and create that consistency in my business. So that should be your number one priority. And if you stay really committed to that, you will be successful. All right, everybody, I’ll be back tomorrow for the fourth episode of this series. This is going to be a good one too. It’s going to be related to when something doesn’t convert. This is like 95% the reason why. So we’ll talk about that tomorrow. I’ll see you guys in the next episode.