544: The Marketing Formula That Works 100% Of The Time — The Anti Marketing Hack Series #5

Throughout this series, we’ve delved deep into various aspects of marketing, focusing on the three strategies that always work and that will make the biggest impact on your business. And today, we’re wrapping it up with something that will help you move the needle forward in your business — a marketing formula that works 100% of the time. The best part? It’s incredibly simple.

I often see marketers get caught up in chasing complex strategies and feeling overwhelmed by trying to do too many things. But remember, successful marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. Tune in to learn about how this three-part formula is the goal of marketing, and how you can make sure you’re building your business on these marketing principles so you can remove the income cap from your business.


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Emily Hirsh

Hello, my friends. Welcome back to the Not For Lazy Marketers podcast and episode five of our anti marketing hack series. I’ve gotten so much feedback already from you guys. As we’ve rolled this out about how much you guys have liked the foundational content. The anti hack kind of way I’m going about it, which is very much the way that I look at marketing. And I, I’ve really enjoyed recording this series and putting together the episodes because I honestly feel like this stuff is going to make the biggest impact on your business over every other option. So today we’re wrapping up the series with the marketing formula that works 100% of the time and it truly is so simple. This episode might be on the shorter side because I really want you guys to understand that successful marketing is simple. It really is simple. It’s not easy to achieve because it takes time and refinement and optimization and doing all of the things that I have mentioned in this series so far, which takes digging deep and really thinking about your messaging and your experience and the relationships you’re creating. But it’s not complicated. And so if you ever find yourself in a place where you are chasing strategies or something gets over complicated and you’re overwhelmed, or you’re trying to do a bunch of things and you have that feeling, take a step back and remember the things I talked about in this series and then this three part formula that is the goal of marketing basically. So I’m gonna simply tell you what it is and then we’re gonna talk about it a little bit and then I encourage you to maybe reflect on it and ask yourself, you know, is all of my efforts that are going out right now. In my marketing, my time, my money, the teams that I have helping me, the contractors moving towards doing these things because if you do these things, you will be successful. Ok? So here’s the formula. Number one, provide value consistently via content. That’s number one and that’s building an audience. And so if you’re not doing that, start doing that. If you’re starting out, this is where you start providing an insane amount of value through content because attention is currency, your job. Every business’s job is to start out to get people paying attention to your brand and wanting to take action in whatever way you want them to take action is to garner attention and how you do that is through valuable content, podcast, blog, social media videos reels and don’t hold back. I had someone ask me this the other day, they said I was on a webinar and someone told me that you can’t share too much or people won’t buy from you. And my answer to her was, that’s not true. Now, that doesn’t mean overwhelm people by fire hosing them with information because that’s not a valuable experience for somebody to have. But you could go anywhere right now today online and get an answer to something like you guys could go listen to 300 of my podcast episodes and probably figure out your own marketing, my free podcast, right? But you’re not gonna do that because you don’t have time to do that. You don’t wanna do that, you wanna be done for you or handed the exact formula. Here’s what you do, here’s your to dos, here’s, here’s the layout, here’s how you do it. You don’t wanna have to go sifting through youtube videos and podcasts and books. OK? So putting out too much information doesn’t really exist as long as you’re doing it in a very organized way. And so your goal with content or any form of free, you know, resources, webinar, lead generation is to do two things. I want you to always remember this one. It’s to create an experience where somebody gets clarity, they realize, oh, this is the mistakes I’ve been making or this is the pathway to my desired result or this is what I’ve been doing wrong and why I haven’t gotten there yet. Or now I see the possibility. Now I see that this is possible and two, it’s to create a gap that your offer fills. And so you have to take the time to create the valuable content that can achieve that. So first part of the marketing formula that works 100% of time, provide value, provide value for free, make your goal consistency and show up as much as you possibly can focus on. One way that you can show up in a very consistent and valuable way. A podcast, Instagram is your thing, whatever one way is your thing, start there, make it the best ever. Make your goal. How do I make this so that if someone stumbles upon this content, they will follow it forever because it is so valuable or they will have the most amount of value compared to anybody else in my niche. How do I stand out? That’s how you stand out. That’s how you get people to pay attention to what content you are creating over others because attention is currency in today’s world. The more attention you can get from your ideal customers, the more successful your overall business will be. So that’s the first step. The second step generate leads daily through an experience that is created for your ideal customer and therefore attracts quality leads. If every one of you listening to this over the next 30 days had a strategy that was bringing in leads, email leads every single day that are your ideal customer. It’s just a matter of time until you’re successful. Like that is one of the main steps of marketing. And if you initially aren’t successful selling those leads, then you fix the offer and you fix the offer, positioning, you fix the things that we have talked about in this series, but you can’t really have sales without leads. So the second part of this formula is traffic and leads. We have to create that and we have to create that through an experience that was created for your ideal customer, which I talked about that in depth In a different episode. In this series, you can go back and listen to that one. But in order to attract your ideal customer, you have to create an experience that achieves what we want. That does the same thing I just said that gives them clarity and creates a gap that your offer fills. It’s extremely valuable and it nurtures them and it’s that experience that they need because what my ideal customer needs is different than what yours might need. Ok. So the second part of the formula, if you can check this box in your marketing is that every single day, you are generating leads into your business. And if when you start doing that in the first week or the first month, that’s not creating sales, that doesn’t mean it’s not working, that means I’ve got one piece to the formula figured out, right? And now I have to figure out the next piece. The third and final piece to the marketing formula that works 100% of the time is nail your offer. Like if you, it, it is literally that simple. If you generate leads, it’s not easy, but it’s simple. If you generate leads every single day and then you sell an offer that those leads need and you’re able to communicate that it’s gonna solve their problem or help them achieve the desired result, they want to achieve selling becomes so easy. Because if you are serving and you have an offer that is a no-brainer and you solve a problem or you’re able to showcase through your offer that you will get those leads, the desired result that they want, it’s so easy to sell. You just need the leads like it. Now, this is not easy to do this overnight. A lot of people, it takes a lot of refinement with their offer because in order to have an offer that you really nailed, you have to first really, really understand your ideal customer because how can you create an offer that identifies and make sure that it solves your ideal customers problems and, and you know, moves them toward their desired outcome if you don’t even know what that is on a very deep level. And so the best offers follow the process that I teach in our, in our programs, which is going through and listing out every single problem that your ideal customer might be experiencing very specific micro problems. And then taking that list and comparing it to your offer and asking yourself how can I solve every one of these? And it’s, it’s truly that simple. But again, I’m not saying it’s easy or it’s overnight because sometimes you think you did it and then you get feedback that says otherwise. So here’s the formula, provide value, generate traffic and leads, nail your offer by serving those leads. And if you do that, you have a successful business. And if you do that, honestly, the amount of income you can make is unlimited. And that’s what you realize is when you have a business and you are able to master these three things, you don’t have an income ceiling because you can continue to grow your business by doing so many things. Let’s say that you feel like your audience, you know, you’ve tapped out one offer or you’ve kind of maxed out the number that you can sell into that offer and you get to that point in your business. Well, then you look at ok, out of these customers, how could I sell them the next level or you say, ok, out of all my leads, how could I sell them something before my core offer to create more ideal customers? There’s like unlimited possibilities but in order for those possibilities to become apparent, you have to be nailing these three things, providing value, consistent, valuable standout content, generating traffic and leads every single day of your ideal customer. Which how you do that you might be like, well, how do I make sure it’s my ideal customer? Well, go back and listen again to my episodes before this because you do that through the messaging and the experience you create, you nail those two things. They will be your ideal customer and three nail your offer through serving and solving a problem, helping someone achieve their desired result. You do those three things and your business has unlimited potential. And this could take people six months to figure out, it could take a year, it could take two years. But if you stay committed to mastering these three things, you will have a successful business. And I was actually inspired to talk about this formula a while ago, but I didn’t make an episode on it yet. And, then it just fit into the series. And the reason why is because I was helping my husband launch. He is an in person trainer and he wanted to move his business online. Finally, I’ve been trying to convince him for five years. So he finally realized like I want to have it online because it gives me so much more freedom. And he put together an offer. That was really, really good. And I helped him a little bit, but we don’t, I usually need to let him do his thing and, and I just can wait and when he asks questions versus me kind of helping him and drive it anyways, he started selling it like crazy. And I was like, it really is so simple. Like people don’t understand, he had the audience because he’d already put a lot of time into growing his community and his Facebook group and an email list. And like a long time ago, he had a youtube channel. So he had an audience and he started using that audience to generate leads. And then he started selling his offer and he started selling like three or four new clients a week and then started getting referrals from that. And I was like, this is when you know that you’re in alignment and you’ve really started to master the formula and, and the reason it was working so well is because he was doing these things, he was putting out the valuable content. He was putting time into that content and, and creating that trust with his audience. He was working hard to generate the leads. And then he had an offer that he did really well with and he nailed and like the offer is, is I’ve talked about this on the podcast. Like people don’t understand how much the offer that you sell. Actually does play into marketing, whether it’s the offer itself or the way you talk about the offer. If you don’t have a good offer, your marketing will not work and it could be a good deliverable that you have. But the way you talk about it and present it is the problem. So that’s the market marketing formula that works 100% of the time. I promise you that. And if you haven’t achieved all three of these things, focus on achieving that, focus on what do I have to do? What actions do I have to take to make each one of these things working in my business? And again, it takes longer for some and less time for others. But you do this and you have unlimited potential in your business. And I really believe and know that the impact and income you guys want to make is on the other side of successful marketing. And that’s what’s so exciting for me. Is that unlimited potential that marketing can bring and that business can bring. So thank you guys so much for listening to this series. I really, like I said at the beginning, enjoyed recording this and bringing this to you guys. And if you guys want to explore how my team can support you more, we have two ways that we work with clients. We have our done with you, support, essential and are done for you. Support where we do everything for you, no matter where you’re at in business, no matter if you’ve run ads before, you have never run ads before. You’re currently running ads. We’ve created different pathways that can meet you where you’re at and make sure we can help get you to that next level and really achieve this marketing formula. I have a team of strategists, ads, team, ads managers and an entire copying creative team that can nail the messaging and in between all of those roles and all of that team and whichever capacity you work with us, you really do get access to that you will be successful. And that is our company mission is that every client or lead or person who comes into contact with our brand, makes progress and gets clarity and gets results and moves from where they are now to the next place they need to be. So if you go to helpmystrategy.com, that will take you to our application and that will help walk you through the options and then you can jump on a call with us to discuss it more. Otherwise I will talk to you guys next week. Thanks so much.