In this episode, we dive deep into the incredible transformation that I went through after attending a life-changing retreat in Costa Rica. If you’ve been feeling stuck or longing for personal growth, this episode is for you. Listen now to discover the key insights, shifts, and strategies that have completely transformed my life and how they can do the same for you.

During the retreat, I explored different feminine archetypes and learned powerful lessons about embracing my authentic self. From the Medicine Woman, who focuses on sharing our gifts with the world, to the Dark Feminine, which reveals the balance between power and wisdom, each archetype challenged me to step into a new version of myself. I’ll share the profound impact these archetypes had on my personal and professional life, including insights on transitioning from a masculine to a more balanced routine.

If you’re ready to experience your own transformation and tap into your true potential, don’t miss this episode. Join me as I share practical strategies, mindset shifts, and the importance of embracing both the masculine and feminine energies within us. It’s time to break free from old limitations, unlock your highest potential, and create the life you’ve always desired. 

Listen now to embark on your own transformative journey.

Key Points:

  • The Power of Embracing Feminine Energy:
      • Identifying and sharing your unique gifts with the world
      • Embracing feminine power and receiving without guilt
      • Exploring the balance between power and wisdom
  • The Importance of Transitioning from Masculine to Feminine:
      • Recognizing the need for balance in daily routines
      • Allocating time for feminine-led activities and self-care
      • Cultivating a more intuitive and grounded approach to decision-making
  • The Profound Impact of Transformative Experiences:
    • Unleashing personal growth and embracing change
    • Overcoming fear of judgment and aligning with your true self
    • Reconnecting with your passions and desires for a meaningful impact

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Emily Hirsh

Hello you guys. Oh I am excited for this podcast episode. Some of you have been waiting for this. This is going to be the episode that gives a recap and shares my experience from my Costa Rica retreat so if you are one of those people who is not interested in my non-marketing content, that is absolutely fine. You do you. You’re not going to want to listen to this episode because it’s not going to be about marketing. But it’s my platform and I am very excited and honored to be able to share this with you guys. So i. Sat on this for a few days and I actually haven’t done an extensive amount of prep for this episode because I really trust that whatever needs to come through when I’m sharing this with you guys is going to be exactly what I need to share and I have a few notes I actually have something I’m going to read to share with you. And yeah I hope it inspires you I think that this new version of me this new evolved version of me to be honest with you is going to be a little bit more polarizing than I used to be I don’t really care what people think as much as I used to at all I’ve released a lot of that. And I think there’s going to be a handful of people in my audience who maybe won’t like this transformation because there are values and beliefs that have shifted for me that my brand was built on and In An amazing good evolved way some of those things get to change for the better because this needed to happen for me to get to the next level and then there’s going to be a lot of you who have been waiting for this who have been waiting for this permission for Me to lead the way to this more evolved and better way and so I’m very prepared that moving on from here I’m probably not going to be for everybody. Um, so let’s dive into it. First of all I want to share 1 thing before I dive into my takeaways from the week. Um, I’ve gotten a lot of messages from people and almost every person in my life has commented on how different I look, how different I look, how different I sound. I’ve had people you guys message me. Um, the difference in my voice on the podcast. Um I’ve had a team member who cried when they heard you know me talk and heard about my experience and just the changes obviously my husband my family my friends everybody’s commented on that and so I’ve also gotten people who are like well I need to go to Costa Rica I need to go to this retreat and I want to talk about that for a second before I dive in because there’s a specific reason why I had such a large transformation that I think is a lot bigger than just go into a retreat in Costa Rica and I think it’s really easy to lose. The deeper meaning behind things. Um in this thought which is like the magic bullet I want I want the ayahuasca retreat or the retreat in Costa Rica or microdose mushrooms or whatever it is to solve my problems and I think That the reason I had such a huge transformation is number one I don’t know why I went to this retreat but I do know that some of the comments and things that Taylor who I went to Taylor’s retreat represents called to me. And somewhere deeper I knew that I needed to get into a container of hearse and I followed that guidance kind of blindly and I was actually talking to someone the other day about how I choose my mentors and how they’ve influenced my life and for the most part. I have used a lot of intuition in choosing my mentors and following that voice. That’s like I know that this person has a lot of value to bring to my life. I don’t know exactly what it is but I’m going to trust it. And I didn’t realize I was doing that but that is what I did and that’s how I ended up at this retreat and so it was something that I leaned into something that was calling me that was bigger than me and there’s a lot of the things that I learned. And the shifts that happened felt like they were always within me but I wasn’t clear on them and I had in many other cases lost them over the last ten years and so I think that one of the reasons it was so powerful for me. Is it because it was aligned with my deep core values in who I am and it allowed those to come back alive and so the takeaway from that is if you’re called in a certain direction and you feel passion and Excitement and interest and intrigue and you just feel called to it follow that and I think sometimes in the cases of using plant medicine or breathwork or whatever it is. You might hear someone say that they had a huge transformational experience. With it and then you might end up pursuing that thing only because you’re trying to get it to solve a problem not because you felt called to it. You felt in your core that it was right? So I think that’s important. The other thing is i. Went to this retreat and I showed up one ah hundred and ten percent there were things we did that made me so uncomfortable that I couldn’t imagine even imagine doing two weeks ago and I knew that was going to be the case like I just knew I knew it and like there was moments that Taylor had us do like ah you know an activity or something and I was like are you kidding me like I’m going to go up to my room and not participate in this one but I did all of them and I showed up 110 hundred and ten percent and I got out what I put in and that was another big big reason for the transformation and then the final thing is the integration because it’s really easy to go have an experience where you’re completely removed honestly from reality and your everyday life and the chaos and the things that are happening And feel like you changed your life what you did in that moment. But then you can come back to your regular life and if you don’t change your habits and how you show up every day and kind of protect the changes that you made and you fall back into what you used to do or how you used to act or. Used to show up the changes aren’t going to last and so I’m going to talk about it a little bit I’m not sure how much detail I’ll have time to get into on this episode about the actual changes I’ve made but I changed my entire routine my schedule like I almost came home to a clean slate. Because I was so committed to making sure I stayed in the place I was leaving the retreat and at the end of the week Taylor asked us our intention. What’s your intention for leaving here and I said 2 things . My number one intention is to not forget how I feel right now sitting on this couch. And the last day, the last night of the retreat, when my life naturally throws me things that create chaos that create overstimulation that deregulate me and push me back to the person I was before. That I remember how I feel right now and I connect back to that. My second intention is to surround myself in containers with resources with material podcasts that will continue to inspire me in this new place. Because if I keep it top of mind I won’t lose it so those are the 2 things I took home with me to not lose all the progress that I made that week so that’s what I wanted to start with now the retreat I thought about like do I explain what we did. Do I just talk about my takeaways? So. It’s a very challenging retreat to describe because there are no words Taylor I mean hands down to this leader isn’t it amazing? Um. Absolutely incredible with what she put together, how it was put together, the flow of things, the leadership, the exercises. We did the workshops we did so I’ll share just a few components to it but I’m actually not probably going to go into detail about the different things we did because it doesn’t really matter. And I’m imagining myself two weeks ago if I heard these things I would have been like literally wtf like what? um so the retreat was very focused on stepping into your feminine power and I had a good friend of mine about Six months ago. Someone who knew me very very well knows me very very well and he said to me Emily I don’t want you to hire another male mentor. There’s these women and I need you to get in their containers and Taylor was one of them and so. That’s how I ended up with the retreat and so I knew that I needed to understand better and tap into that feminine energy. But I’m being honest with you guys like just ah, two weeks ago right before the retreat I would have laughed. I would have been like what. Like it didn’t make any sense to me. It made no sense to me this like whole idea of the feminine energy and stepping into your feminine power like even when I say it I’m like what am I even saying like this does this is not how who I was but what happened was I really understand it now and I had felt called to it like I knew I was out of balance and I knew I needed to learn more about this and I wanted to and I was feeling that pull to it but I just had no idea and I was so uncomfortable by it. So a lot of the retreat centered around your feminine power. There were four days that we had. A specific female archetype as a theme and again going into this I was like what the heck like we were supposed to dress up like wear an outfit that represented that female archetype and I just had no white like I you guys like I had this was so outside of my comfort zone like. The medicine woman, the central goddess I’m like I don’t even know what they would wear like I don’t even know what this is like I thought it was like make believe now I really get it so each day had a theme and the cool thing about the archetype is they represent Different components of the feminine. So like the medicine woman represents your gifts that you’re here to share with the world. So like on that day we focused on what are your gifts? What do you love to? do? How do you show up naturally and are you fully showing up in your life able to share those gifts with the world. Then it was the sensual goddess which was your feminine side receiving surrendering stepping into that feminine power and then we had the dark feminine which was more so um, your power like your power versus wisdom. That’s how I interpreted the difference between the central goddess and the dark feminine. Um, and then we had the priestess which was also receiving so there was workshops and different things related to that and it was just amazing teaching and then we did a lot of other activities we did ah breathwork. We did things differently. Embodiment practices so taking what we learned and then applying them. We did a lot of dancing which was like 1 of the reasons I was the most afraid to go um because prior to this I would I never danced unless I had alcohol in me like that’s what it would take to get me to let go to dance in front of someone. But 1 of the exercises actually multiple times was to literally stand in front of all of the women there was 8 plus tailor and dance yep two days I did that that was one of the things that I was like I’m going to go up in my room and not do this but I did it? Um We also did a sacred rage session which had no idea what that was before holy cow is it powerful. Highly recommend like looking it up. There’s definitely better teachers than me on what sacred rage is. It’s something that I am bringing back to my kids. Ah. Back into my life. It was the most beautiful experience I’ll actually share that one. So um, this was probably my favorite part of the retreat and it was on day three and this was probably the day that I cracked open and the day that something big shifted in me. So we had to do an exercise where the first part of the workshop was we had to write down a list of everything that came to us in like maybe a 10 minute period that we felt shame guilt and anger for so going to the things that you don’t tell anyone. Skeletons in your closet I wrote down things like I am feeling guilt that I didn’t want to become a mom when I got pregnant at 19 that I’m angry that I was um. Shunned from a group of friends when I was in middle school like the things that like I did not want to talk about wrote down the list and we had a partner and then we went up front. We sat down and we read the list out loud to our partner and I Hadn’t cried yet at the retreat. Ah but I was balling like I couldn’t my before I read the list. My throat was so tight like it felt like I had the worst sore throat and I couldn’t hardly get through the list I was crying. It. It was. Was the moment that cracked me open but there was some things so powerful about putting these things that we hold and putting words behind it so that was the first part and then the second part was you had a partner. Um and. You basically sat in front of them and you watched each other like you took turns and each of you had basically like a rage session. It sounds funny but it’s like so powerful so you remembered how you felt when you just read that list and then we had a pillow and Taylor would play like. Rage music basically and you were bawling and you know slamming the pillow in the ground like your eyes were closed and you were just like letting it out and the most powerful part about it for me so much. But. Was watching my partner was looking across at this woman who was just in it was just expressing years decades of shame of guilt of anger and we would scream Like yell I mean it sounded so primal and just release anything and Taylor created a space where it was very non-judgmental and because this was day three. We were definitely all more comfortable and I think because like 1 woman would be comfortable screaming than others would. And if you’ve ever done breathwork like your voice is a very very powerful release. Um, and I really struggle to use it whenever I do breathwork so this was extremely powerful for me. But afterwards I said this to my husband I called my husband that night and I was like I just did the most powerful thing I’ve ever done in my life and I don’t think I’ve ever and I know I haven’t witnessed someone being angry from the core angry and processing anger and made it. Okay. I was afraid of anger right? when someone would get angry I would try to fix it. How can I fix it. Oh my gosh I’m uncomfortable I’m scared like this doesn’t feel right. But sitting there and watching someone and holding that space for them and making sure they felt safe expressing that anger to the maximum that they could and and and being like it’s okay, like anger is okay, it is welcome. All is welcome Was so powerful and 1 of the women at the retreat shared how she was sitting to the side of me and at 1 moment she looked was looking at her partner who was going through her session and she looked past her partner to me. And I was looking at my partner who she couldn’t see and all she could see on my face was just tears streaming down my face as I just poured into this partner of mine and made her feel so safe expressing what she could I have goosebumps talking about it I mean I hope I’m doing it justice. But. Afterwards you just felt so much lighter. You also felt this connection to the other women in the room of like we’re all just going through the same shit and wearing a mask to hide it. So that was probably my favorite thing we did and from that moment I really started to shift because it cracked me open. It made me say things I would never have said in front of people. Um it. It put me into a processing of things that I hadn’t processed that I hadn’t even thought about and getting them out. And so I had a lot of different sessions where I used my voice and I yelled um and I can’t remember ever doing that like even as a kid. But what’s interesting is my daughter does that she will scream like when she’s mad she’ll just go straight to screaming and I’m like I wonder if I did that when I was like 5 years old but it wasn’t accepted and so I shut it down right? So okay, okay, that tried not to make this podcast episode like it hour. So I’m going to move into takeaways. One of the biggest things that I want to share. Is the 2 versions of me and I love who I was before this retreat a few people have said that is like I hope you don’t think you had to change I’m like no I don’t think I had to change I just knew there was more out there for me and that there was an easier way. And so I feel genuinely that I said goodbye to an old version of myself and became a new version of myself that was always within me and that’s an important piece to this is. It’s not that I became somebody new I evolved into somebody new. Somebody who already was there so one of the exercises that we had to do was write on the last day an obituary to our old self and I think that sharing this with you guys which it is a little bit vulnerable for me but sharing this with you guys I think we’ll share. And give context to the big changes that I experienced and what I said goodbye to and who I am now so I’m actually going to read and I may get emotional. We’ll see when I did read this in front of the group I cried. Um, because I think this will resonate. So this was my obituary that I wrote. I’m reading it straight from my journal. This is who I was saying goodbye to. Emily had a suit of armor on at most times she thought she had to wear this armor of perceived strength and nonstop resilience to be successful. Emily loved control. She felt massive resistance to anything out of her control. She pushed through any and every challenge put in front of her until one day she realized maybe everything doesn’t have to be so hard Emily’s unmatched strength and ambition got her here and they’re so. Much gratitude and appreciation for this girl Emily thought that the only way to create success and happiness Emily thought this was the only way to create success and happiness until the universe conspired to show her a new way. Emily believed. She was mean and she used to make decisions not within her true integrity using these decisions as evidence that she was mean and a bad person until one day she looked deeper and saw who she really was who she has been all along. Emily lived her life thinking she had to do it all alone and so she did and she fucking crushed it and not only did she do it. She crushed it is what I changed it to but will we will now be honoring this emily and making way for the new Emily Hirsh so essentially Shedding the version of me that felt like I had to face every challenge put in my path all by myself with extreme force extreme grit and resilience and realizing everything doesn’t have to be so hard. So I’m going to read the new version of Emily which I actually shared on Instagram so let me introduce you to this new version of Emily Hirsch she has the utmost trust in her own inner wisdom. She’s magnetic, powerful and rooted in herself. She doesn’t force or control outcomes. She surrenders and receives with ease. She fiercely loves herself and therefore radiates love for others. She is calm and grounded in the chaos because she knows everything is perfect and already exactly how it needs to be she fiercely speaks her truth and is unwavering. And her values and boundaries she realizes. There is no limit to the possibilities around her. She understands that the magic happens in surrendering to the unknown her life is filled with deep and meaningful relationships and she shows up as her full authentic self. She is unapologetic. She is unstoppable. She is ready with a fire like never before so in summary, what I learned was there is the feminine and there’s the masculine and the feminine represents ease flow creativity surrender Masculine represents force control power but the feminine is also powerful but discipline routine hustle grit. We all have both within us before I thought masculine meant men and feminine meant women. Okay, so That’s what I thought two weeks ago we all have both of these energies within us and we need both because they both serve a purpose and I think this is where I finally got it because before I didn’t resonate with like just sit back and everything will happen for you and manifest it and. You don’t have to do anything and everything is so easy that you don’t have to work now I didn’t totally understand the meaning behind those things and we’ll talk about those later but now I understand that the power within the feminine energy is wisdom and is things. Being easy because you are trusting that wisdom and you are following what you already know and you also are open to receiving and I was not open to receiving anything any help not much. Even in my relationship with my husband and so what happened was I was so far in my masculine everything that I did from how I work out to how I have the most rigid structure in my day to how I push through with grit And hustling and I don’t care if I’m tired I’ll still do it and I had this force this like clenched up energy and within that in relationships like the one with my husband I was so in my masculine. That I was controlling everything it was like I’ll just do it I can do it better So I’ll plan all the trips I’ll make all the decisions I’ll coordinate everything I will tell you how we should do it I will coach you now I’m in this place where I’m like. Yeah I could do those things but I don’t really want to I’m going to receive the support and I learned how the masculine that’s like their life purpose. They are literally programmed to serve. And follow the feminine’s lead and so when you have somebody like me way out of balance I was taking away My husband’s masculine power because I was like you can’t do it I can do it better I’ll just do it and then he’s losing his purpose of. Being able to provide and take care of and support and as soon as I realized this it was the craziest thing. So many things started happening like between my husband between random men that I would run into they’d be like so Anxious to help me like so like let me help you with that. Let me lift this suitcase let me do this and before the retreat I’d be like no I can do it like I don’t need your help. It’s like yes I can do it but I don’t have to do it and I receive. So if that has been a huge energy shift for me and there’s a lot of power in the feminine energy because she represents creativity she represents flow ease and it’s like those people that you know and I’m sure you’ve met them I know I had who. We’re so balanced in this that it was like how is everything so easy for them like they just almost like snap their fingers and it happens now I want to say this this is why I loved everything Taylor Taught is because it’s not saying that the masculine energy is useless. For women. Especially if you’re in business you have to have masculine energy because you have to actually have some discipline and get things done and follow through with commitments and have some structure and routine. It’s just about not having that be 100 % of the time. And learning how to trust your body again and your wisdom especially as a woman and allowing that to guide you and then following through on that guidance with your masculine energy now. If this interests you as I talk about it I’m not like an expert in teaching this I am sharing my perspective my experience and what I learned through my own words so I will be doing a lot more researching and learning on this in the coming months. How this has changed for me is everything. Because this was my identity my identity was like I hustle I have grit like I am I am acknowledged for my achievements people only care about me because of my success. That’s my contribution to the world. The only way to get things is to do it. Like if you want something you got to make it happen and there was none of the I trust I surrender I receive and it was all like how can I control how can I force how can I make this happen. How can I push and I’m so grateful. For that version of me because she got me here. She got me to the 7 figure business. She got me to successfully navigating becoming a mom at 20 she got me to building the house of my dreams. She helped me accomplish so much and now now I get to take a deep breath and it doesn’t have to be as hard as it’s been I don’t have to push as hard I get to trust I get to release I get to receive. I understand that now and so I’m really grateful for that version of me and I’m really excited and grateful for the new version of me like it’s to have both because I think that it would have been almost impossible to get beyond where I am today in the space that I was in. So this has shifted my entire identity because I was my identity was built around the masculine like that was my value to the world. So when you take that away and you say you don’t have to hustle like you can just receive things doesn’t mean that you don’t work doesn’t mean that you’re lazy. Separate podcast on my definition of easy changing. But that’s a whole new thing for me and so therefore it’s changing everything so the act of surrendering is something I’m practicing every single day. In the moments when I want to step in and take control whether it’s with a team member whether it’s with my husband and how he’s parenting in that moment whether it is at the store when someone’s trying to help me and I’m like no I’ll just do it I’m pausing and I’m surrendering. I also through this um, really worked on and released the judgment that I carried the judgment for myself and the judgment for others I had a voice in my head all day that was constantly comparing. What is right? What is wrong? What is good. What is bad should I do this should I do that black white and I had started to actually like funny enough I did a podcast the week I was in Costa Rica and I recorded it the week before about the. The power of the gray area. The power of and the power of both and that’s the masculine and the feminine right? It’s not 1 or the other it’s both so I was starting to explore this and get this concept coming to me of like it’s not It’s right or wrong. It’s good or rad. And so I was constantly looking at what I was doing and what others were doing and making a judgment on whether it was good or whether it was bad and now I’m really able to show up and just say it is what it is like all is welcome. And that means the anger the sadness, the frustration the fear the happy the joy all of it. All of it is welcome and that’s helped me tremendously in my parenting and how I also lead my team because I was the leader before going. This is the way we have to do it. This is the right way and I was definitely open to collaboration and feedback. But in my mind I still had like this is the right way and I wanted to control everything so learning the feminine and the masculine and the 2 energies and having harmony between the 2 learning to surrender. That’s the new version of me like when you when I read that obituary to the past version. She was the one who thought the only way to have success was to push grind make it happen. Do not stop control. Everything. That’s like a lot of my brand. The new version of me believes. Yeah, you have to have accountability and you have to show up and you still have to work hard. You still have to hold yourself accountable and have some structure and have routine like I’m not just sitting here in my office like it’s going to all come to me I don’t believe that. You need polarity. You need both but this new version of me when something comes up when an unexpected unexpected situation comes up or we’re trying to figure out something in the business and it’s feeling like we’re like we got to make this happen. We’re going to do it like it’s feeling that force. I’m no more of that. No more I’m just trusting I like it’s gonna work out I’m going to surrender I can’t control tomorrow I can’t control next week I can’t control next month that is an illusion I can control my actions right now my energy right now and that is it. And I trust I 100 % trust in something bigger than me and sometimes I don’t know how everything’s going to fit in but I do trust and I also trust my own wisdom That’s you know something that I was able to really like tap back into is like wow you have all the answers. It’s not about taking back my power. It’s just reigniting the flame of what was always there So I’ll finish this up with a couple of changes I’ve made. Um since I’ve been home because again my intention leaving the retreat was to remember how I was feeling. In those moments So my day prior to leaving was so structured I mean I’m known for this my day was like extremely disciplined extremely structured bang out all the to dos grind it all day and. I mean I’ve gotten better of this as the time has gone on and and really gotten a lot better at it. But what I did was I changed my entire routine I changed my entire day my week the flow I um basically changed my morning routine. So that I don’t have any calls until 11 am I actually don’t even log on and check a message or anything until 11 a m and I have a morning routine that has meditation and journaling and I do my workout still so those things stayed the same but what I added was I added an hour of time. From 10 to eleven that is whatever I want to do and I don’t know what it’s going to be today for tomorrow after my meditation I ask myself? What do you need today and whatever my body says not my brain my body so this week it’s been. Want to laugh I want to dance I want to go outside and put my feet in the grass and watch the chickens and do nothing I want to take a nap you guys I took a 30 minute nap the other day I’ve never napped in my life and then some days it’s been I want to brainstorm this new idea get out huge pieces of paper and. Put on some good music and dance and brainstorm whatever my body says I need and then during that hour. There is no structure. It’s whatever I decided I wanted to do after my meditation or there was one morning that my kids like you promised. We could miss um a day of school this session and we want it to be today normally normally I would have been like no because we have plans I have to dos like our day is already structured. This has to be pre-planned we can do it next week I was like okay sure today can be the day. And instead of doing what I normally would’ve done which is like go into my morning routine and have all these like to dos and things that I want to get done I was just like I’m just going to play outside with them for 30 minutes right now we’re just gonna ride bikes. We’re go do nothing no agenda and I decided it in the moment and so for me, those are really big deals because I would. Have been so focused on the structure in the past. So I’ve used the masculine to take structure to add in non-structural components of my day so that’s in the morning and then in the afternoon I um, stopped I don’t take calls past two. So from 11 to 2 I take calls only three days a week and then I have two full open days and then the afternoons are open and so I have a period of time now that is just for catching up I never had that before and so things like messages would get really backlogged because my day was so jam-packed and I didn’t work in that white space. So I have an hour of time that’s just for like communication catch up, whatever you need to do and then I have a solid hour of transition time before I take over with my kids and my number one struggle for the last ten years has been transitioning from work to being present with my family like I really really struggle with it I can do it on the weekends when I don’t get into work but I can’t I can’t do it on the weekdays. My brain is somewhere else like I can. Physically present. But I’m not mentally present and I felt a lot of guilt and frustration around that because I couldn’t figure out how to fix it. What I realized was I was not transitioning from the masculine to the feminine. So I spent all this time in the masculine emails work. Leading the team making decisions go go go and then I would maybe allow myself 10 minutes but not much time to try to transition out. So now I have this hour where it doesn’t look the same every day but some of the things that I have done the same every single day are one. I write down what I’m doing the next day that day and that has helped me a lot with feeling like I completed my day and I didn’t just leave things hanging so my day for the next day is actually already planned what I need to get done before I end the day. So then I don’t have to think about that anymore because that’s a very masculine side. Um, and then I have ah at least 30 minutes of time in that hour where I’ll do whatever and they’re all like feminine lead activities. So dance take a nap. It’s when I took my 30 minute nap um go for a walk. Go outside. There’s like a whole list and it’s like you can choose from any of these whichever one you want today and so out of the hour I do that for 30 minutes and then I spend 30 minutes kind of just like wrapping up writing my to-dos finishing my thoughts completing that space and then what I’ve started to do is take a cold plunge. Right before I transition over which is like a state change and then I change my clothes because it’s like okay, you’re done working and for what for whatever reason like this is working because every single day this week I have left my phone in my office from like 4 or four thirty p m all the way until seven o’clock and been fully present. You know so present with my kids like able to sit with him in the meltdowns or the fighting having great conversations with my husband whatever like it. Just being fully present and before I’ve never done that I’ve never been able to go 3 hours after work because I would start being like oh I just remember something oh let me think about this. Oh I’m a little bit stressed about this and if those things start to come up I’ll write down if like a random idea comes up I will write it down I bring out a piece of paper. Um. But if something comes up where I start to feel like stress or anxiety like about a situation or oh we didn’t you know, hit this goal or my brain starts going into that mode of like you are not going to be able to have this that like that we all do I just surrender I’m like trust I trust don’t need to go there. So that’s been a huge huge game changer. Um, yeah, so creating space for no structure I’ve had ah a different transition routine. So I can go from the masculine to the feminine space. Um, and I’ve really just tried to add more like spontaneity in my day. You know whether that means randomly connecting with my husband at two o’clock in the afternoon because he asked me to and prior I’d be like no I have a huge should do list I can’t or it means you know just at whim kind of pivoting my morning to hang out with my kids so all of those things. Um. And the other day I came home and I planned out this whole routine which was a very masculine a me to plan the whole routine out which is good that I have that because this is how you integrate and execute but I planned it out on the flight home and then the next day after I got home. Kind of like a hybrid rest daye so I got home at like midnight then the next day I followed the routine and at the end of the day I looked at my husband and I said babe I just lived my perfect day today like if you pulled up. Oh I have goosebumps if you pulled up. What I wrote two months ago because every quarter I do this exercise where you write out the perfect ordinary day think I’ve charited on here before it’s like your perfect ordinary day in detail exactly how it would play out exactly what you would do like what you’re doing like as much detail as possible. And it has to be an ordinary day because it’s like the perfect you know day for you. Um, and I do this exercise once a quarter and I’m not kidding you you guys I lived that perfect day almost to a t it flowed. It was easy. I was able to work and show up in my company and create content and then I was able to be fully present with my kids I did my workout but I also meditated I got to read I got to journal. It was my perfect day and I’ve gone this whole week. Basically in this routine that has. Flexibility and lack of structure but also allows me to There’s a lot of safeguards I guess that keep me in the place I want to be and I feel like I am. Literally vibrating at a different level energetically and I will never go back because I just I’m like protecting the things like my meditation and my hour of free time and unplugging from my phone I don’t look at my phone till ten a m I deleted slack from my phone like i. So unplugged I came back and I told my team look if you have an emergency send me a text message if it’s something we can talk about in a check-in. We’re talking about it in a check-in no more of this leaky communication where it’s keeping us like oh we got to catch up. We got to check messages. We got to be on everybody needs us like no more. And what this is going to do for my company and my life is only just the beginning but I don’t even care about the revenue this is going to create and I know it’s going to create so much more because the possibilities are endless even more than that. What I care about the most is the peace I feel the happiness the joy the presence like the level of presence no matter where I am right now that I feel is just unreal. So I have a lot of safeguards in my life that are keeping me in this place. So that I don’t lose it and I’ll never go back because once you’ve unlocked like as Taylor says a new timeline. A new world is where you are and people either come with you or they don’t so thank you guys for listening if you made it this far. I appreciate you guys so much. Um, there will be some shifts and changes nothing bad like hirsch marketing and our offers are going to stay the same. Um, this podcast will pretty much stay the same. But the upcoming Youtube channel I’m launching is going to have a different spin to the content outside of marketing and there will probably be a new offer coming in December that is not related to marketing specifically because on the day of the medicine woman when i. Really explored my gifts and my passions. Um and how I want to show up I realized how much bigger I want to play and I wrote down when I came home on a big piece of paper my vision for my impact and I wrote down I will have Generational impact on people. Best selling books speaking I don’t know exactly what it looks like and I don’t need to know because I fully surrender to the path and trust but I know that this is just the beginning of something so much bigger. And now I get to show up as a leader and a mom and a wife and I get to lead the way and I mean my entire family has changed as a result of how I’ve shown up whole that makes me emotional. Um. Because it’s been the most beautiful thing for my kids to see and witness and um I know and I truly believe like I have released and processed and surrendered to generational trauma. That stops with me and I get to change it for my daughter and for my kids So I Love you guys!? Thank you so much for listening. I would love to hear your takeaways from the episode if you have any I would love if you share this with anyone. Want to share anything with me or you want to ask me any questions I am here to talk about it. My energy is um, very protected and so when you send me a message I am showing up fully there and present. Um, and I’m excited. So talk to you guys soon.