In this episode, I dive deep into the concept of aligning your marketing strategy with your unique gifts and superpowers. I share how being in the energetic space of ease and flow is crucial for your success and how staying true to yourself and leveraging your natural talents can bring incredible results. I also discuss the dangers of losing yourself in the process of seeking advice or trying to imitate others, and why it’s important to find authenticity and alignment in your marketing efforts.

Aligning your marketing strategy with your gifts can help you create a thriving business that reflects your truest self. Don’t miss out on this valuable insight that can transform your approach to marketing. So, if you’re looking to take your business to the next level, build a loyal audience, and generate leads and sales with ease, then listen to this episode now.

Key Points: 

  • Embrace Alignment:
      • Understand the importance of aligning your marketing strategy with your gifts and superpowers.
      • Avoid the temptation to imitate others and focus on being true to yourself.
      • Leverage your unique strengths to create content and messaging that resonates deeply with your audience.
  • Find Your Flow:
      • Discover the power of operating from a place of flow and authenticity.
      • Recognize the moments when you effortlessly deliver impactful content and leverage your gifts.
      • Embrace the beauty of being in alignment with who you are and watch your marketing efforts soar.
  • Balance Comfort and Growth:
    • Step out of your comfort zone while staying true to your authentic self. 
    • Embrace new challenges and opportunities for growth without compromising your alignment.
    • Strive for a harmonious blend of pushing boundaries and leveraging your natural abilities for maximum impact.


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Emily Hirsh: 

Hello you guys, welcome back to the podcast. I hope you are having a fabulous start to the week. I wrapped up our visibility challenge last week, which is a challenge we do a couple of times a year. We’re kind of playing with how often we want to do that challenge because it is definitely a favorite of our audience and people who go through the experience and actually get visibility ads live in that five day period. I love it so much. I get to go live every day and do Q&A and just hang out with the group and just watch the transformation happen and the clarity and the understanding of our entire process. How I look at marketing and the layers and all the things just really come to fruition for people and bring people who were so overwhelmed and stuck in that state of paralysis and trying to figure out their marketing, but not knowing where to go, to clarity and momentum and results in five days. So it’s super super rewarding and I did the final training on friday, which is a training I’ve done before and I basically just improve it every time. Every time I do it I feel like I fine tune it. 

I actually follow this process where as soon as I do a webinar, or a bigger training, and it’s one that I do regularly, right after I hit “end” on the webinar I write down, any area I felt like I could have done better or I want to change next time, because it was a little uncomfortable, or it was too long, because otherwise I’ll forget. I’m like so in the moment. So every time I do that, every time it gets better. But what was interesting is there’s parts of the training where I go through my story, you know, a short part in the beginning and just like overall values and those are shifting just a little bit after my trip to Costa Rica so I haven’t changed too much in terms of my material yet and our values. There is one company value that’s going to shift, like actually the value will change after this, but I’ve been very intentional in making sure that I give myself space for not just identifying, but defining what those shifts are. I wanted to make sure I gave myself the space to define them, that I didn’t move so fast, that I filled them with somebody else’s words, if that makes sense. So there’s a lot of things like in my perspective and stuff that shifted because I was introduced to other people’s teachings and the different areas that I’ve been working on from a couple of different teachers. You know Taylor’s retreat being one of them, and Taylor, but I didn’t want to just change my values and fill them with her words or somebody else’s words. I want to really make sure I embody the shift in whatever way I would say them and what feels authentic to me, which doesn’t happen overnight. 


So I haven’t made those shifts yet. But they’re coming, they’ve been there and there was a few moments in the webinar where I was like ooh, that was the old me, but it’s still in my slides because I haven’t updated the way I’m going to talk about it yet and so that was interesting. So this episode is actually somewhat inspired by that, which is why I gave you that context at the beginning because this is a thought that I’ve had a lot over the last few weeks and it’s a component of marketing that I think is one of the most important that I was doing and it was naturally a part of my business to an extent but it wasn’t as front facing as I want it to be in my teaching so that you guys understand the importance of it. So that’s what we’re gonna talk about today. It’s arguably the most important part to your marketing strategy and it is definitely not what you think it’s going to be. I don’t think we will get too woo, but it could get a little woo. Probably not though. Okay, so this is something that I think I’ve talked about briefly on the podcast but I haven’t made it a front-facing non-negotiable.


I’m not sure exactly how it’s going to look but I’m actually going to weave it into our 5-part process. It’s probably going to be a part of step 1 where messaging happens because it’s so so important and that is making sure that your marketing strategy, really that your business, as a whole, but your marketing strategy, your content, the way that you want to show up, the way that you want to build your audience, the way that you want to generate leads and the way you want to convert sales, is in alignment with you your gifts and your superpowers. And this is coming from the place that I have realized how important being in the energetic space of ease and flow is to success. Now I couldn’t put a definition and an explanation on this the way that I can now. But it’s something that I was already doing prior to Costa Rica. I’ve done it my entire business and that is making sure that I put myself in positions where I’m able to be authentic and I’m also able to leverage my gifts and not try to become somebody else. 


I think with business, with life, with marketing, this happens a lot because the cycle is when somebody doesn’t know what to do next they go seek out advice and they go seek out somebody else to support them. Whether that’s through free resources, whether that’s through a paid course, whether it’s through a coach or whether it’s all the way through a done for you service and they go seek out those resources which are very oftentimes necessary. But they lose themselves in their own gifts and their own authenticity in the process and they end up maybe in situations where if we just look at marketing copy or messaging or content creation or a webinar, or even an entire strategy, or even an offer, becomes out of alignment with your natural gifts. One of my favorite things in the world is to witness somebody who is operating from a place of complete flow and able to leverage and share their gifts with the world in an effortless place. 


Oftentimes will witness this when I go to a concert and I see a really really talented musician in this place of flow where it’s like they don’t even have to try and whatever is coming through them is incredible and moving and impactful. I see this with content creators who set themselves up at that place in flow. I see this with people who deliver something to their customers that is so easy for them to deliver and they’re leveraging their gifts. I see this with speakers on a stage. I feel this when I create this podcast, when I’m on a webinar, when I’m teaching, when I am answering questions, and I don’t have to have them prepared, like they just come to me and there is something so magical about putting yourself in a position where you actually don’t have to try. To deliver something that is so impactful and so successful and and so moving because it is so natural to you… Now this doesn’t mean never do things that don’t make you feel uncomfortable. We want to push our comfort zone. We want to lean into that but life is just so much easier when you lean into your gifts and I really think that we lose that so much when we don’t know how to do something and we go seek advice and it’s not even intentional. It’s because our brains, our minds and our ego have attached to “oh that person is successful. so if I do what they did, if I become them, I will then be successful” and I think this has probably gotten a lot worse because of social media.


You see someone online and what are you seeing? You’re seeing their highlight reel right? You’re seeing the best parts of their day. You’re seeing the best parts of their life. The best parts of their business. It is completely through a filter. You are not seeing everything and I promise you every single person that you follow has struggles and is human. I don’t care their success level, I don’t care what they’ve accomplished, I don’t care how evolved they are, like unless they’re enlightened, they have struggles and work to do things that you’re not seeing. But you see this highlight reel. And then we put these people on pedestals and we want to become them and we want more of what they have and we become influenced by them and this is what social media has done to us. We lose ourselves sometimes in that process and we move away from the things that are so naturally easy for us and are our gifts to bring to the world. Every single one of us has a gift and and I don’t say that to sound cheesy. I really believe that I think every person’s individual personality and experiences, like things that you’ve gone through in your life, things that you’ve learned struggles, you’ve overcome situations and experiences. You have crafted these gifts, combined with things that just come natural to you, you don’t even have to try since you were a kid, like you love doing this. It was easy.


They’re all unique for all of us and when we can operate from a place of using our gifts it no longer feels hard. That should be the goal in your business and also in your marketing, especially if you are a content creator. I recently did a VIP day with an amazing entrepreneur who will probably listen to this podcast and one of the things and takeaways that I had actually even more so after we got off the call was me reflecting on how I just wanted her to make sure that she put herself in a place where she was leveraging her gifts, leveraging what already in front of her, what felt easy for her. And I noticed, I said this at the end of our session, that she follows a lot of people. She follows me, she follows other really successful business owners, and that’s fine to do that. It’s totally fine to do that. But you have to be careful and filter the information that you get from those people and make sure that you’re not trying to become them. Because you think that’s the only way to success when you go to post content if you are the face of your brand or you go to create a webinar or some form where you show up authentically as you and you’re trying to replicate somebody else – I promise you 100% it will not be as impactful as if you made it you. 


This is another reason why with clients, pretty much 98% of the time when they ask us to create their webinar slides, like write them for them, I won’t do it. I refuse to do it. We’ll audit them, we’ll edit them, we’ll support. But I’m not going to write your webinar, because it will never sound like you if I do that. There’s only a few times that we’ve done that for clients who really insisted and I made them promise that they would go through the webinar 3 times before they presented it and change anywhere that it didn’t sound like them. Because when you go to express yourself through content or a webinar, which is content, or any way that you are showing up and using your gifts through teaching, through connecting, through showing up for your audience, through showing up for your customers, and you are taking yourself out of that place of flow and of using your gifts, it won’t be as Impactful. So what I have learned over the last few weeks is the importance of this and I’ve also learned that the only way I’m going to show up and I’m going to do things is in this way. I will never take somebody’s idea or an example or something they did and do it just because I think it might be successful. And here’s the reality. 


You guys, there are going to be more than enough people who want to give you advice, who want to tell you that their way is the right way, who want to tell you you got to do this, you should do this like, it happens in so many areas of life and most of the time people are very well-intentioned when they do it, like they’re trying to give advice and they genuinely believe that it will help you because it helped them. But what most forget when receiving the advice and giving the advice is they are unique. Their journey is unique, where they are right now is unique, their gifts are unique, and so if you go do the exact same thing as somebody else, it is not going to work the same as if you make sure it’s in alignment with you. Your gifts, your superpowers, how you show up, authentically what feels natural and easy for you. So my question for you guys leaving today’s episode is just literally take 10 minutes this week, just take 10 minutes and remove all the distractions and let’s look at your marketing. And you can definitely expand this. But since we’re talking about marketing and I’m supporting with marketing, look at your marketing, especially around content. If you create content for your brand and the ways that you are having to show up with your business marketing and ask yourself – number 1 am I setting myself up to use my natural gifts and what feels easy for me or am I pushing against something that feels impossible and challenging? 


It’s like I’m walking through mud and there’s a lot of resistance because I think that’s what I should do so that’s the first question. The second question is just allowing yourself time to define what comes easy to you. When do you feel most in your element? When do you feel like creating content is so easy, like showing up for your audience is so easy, your customers so easy? How do you create that connection that feels effortless? It feels fun. What are your gifts? And are you leveraging those gifts in your marketing and in your business and if you’re not how can you start doing that more? For a lot of us, if we are in a place where we’re wearing all the hats of our business, we’re going to naturally be doing things that are not our gift, are not our superpower and depending on the stage of business that you’re in and your revenue, you might be in a season where you have to do that. That’s okay, but I want you to make the goal to not stay there forever. Honestly you guys, the goal should be that you spend 100% of your time leveraging your gifts because why would you not do that? Do you know how powerful that is if you spend 100% of the time able to show up in your life? It’s not always possible. I’m just saying if you spend 100% of the time able to show up in your life only when you felt like you were in a place where things were easy and natural. It was leveraging your gifts. 


You didn’t even have to try. You didn’t even have to think hard about it. Imagine what you could create if you were able to create a life where you do that. That’s my goal. This isn’t my life every day but when I’m in a situation where I’m like “oh that felt way harder than it needed to be” I asked myself 1 – what am I doing that is creating that resistance? Is it because I’m never going to be good at this? Is it because I don’t have the right tools to be able to do it? Is it because I’ve taken myself out of my gifts and tried to become something else or do something else? And 2, how do I get back into being in my gifts? Do I need support? Do I need to change what I’m doing? Do I need to change the strategy? Do I need to make some shifts to make it more authentic to me? How do I get back into a place where it feels easy? I was having a conversation the other day with someone that I work 1 on 1 in Austin with breathwork and I have been a little conflicted since I came back from Costa Rica because there are people I very very much respect who have more successful businesses than I do and like wildly successful and I look up to them and their business and I look up to them as entrepreneurs. But they work like 12 hour days and they represent the very very deep masculine energy that I don’t want to carry anymore without the harmony of the feminine and so I asked this mentor of mine, I said so what do you say to that because this person is so wildly successful and seems to be very happy and his answer is exactly what I’m talking about. 


He said this person has found their gift. When they go work 12 hour days doing what they’re doing, it doesn’t feel like work to them. It’s what they love. It fuels them. It’s putting them in a place of spending almost the entire day in their natural gifts and superpowers. So it’s easy. It has flow to it right? It’s not hard. It’s not challenging for them. That is their journey and they are in the space where they are leveraging their gift with the world, on their journey, for what they’re here and meant to do. That doesn’t mean you can’t create success to that level a different way. I was even catching myself in the place of like “well if I want to have a $100,000,000 company can I do it working 5 hours a day? Like I literally have had those thoughts since I came back from Costa Rica and look and I try to find the evidence because that’s what my mind does. Where’s the evidence of the successful business owners that have done this? And looking at the people who are successful that I previously followed because of course that’s what I was attracting and who work the 12 hour days who grind to have that energy.


And thinking to myself like that’s what I would have to do but of course I get to do it my way, putting myself in the place of leveraging my gifts, of natural flow and ease, and if that means there’s some weeks where I work way more because I’m loving it and because I’m in my element and because it’s easy and that there’s no resistance and I’m using my gifts and my superpowers, that’s how you create that success. It’s not the tactic of how they are doing it, the hours put in the marketing strategy, the step-by-step tactics. No, it’s about the authenticity. It really is. It’s about creating a business and a marketing strategy and a way to connect with your audience that is natural to you, that leverages your gifts, your superpowers and puts you in a place of leverage. 


Because if you can do that you will meet anybody who is not doing that and you will stand out from all the other companies and so I’ll finish this up with it if I look at Zach Brian who I love, who is an artist, and I remember thinking when I went to his concert and watching him, I was like “man it is the coolest thing to witness somebody who you can see that they like leave their their body and their mind and and that part of them and they are in a flow where they don’t have to think about what they’re doing and they’re connected and they’re creating this incredible experience for the audience, but they’re not even having to try” and he is authentic. He’s not like other artists and look at him, it’s ridiculous with how many songs he puts out. He releases an album and like a month later he releases 5 new songs in another album. It’s not about how much music he’s releasing. It’s not about his strategy. It’s not about the way he releases his music or the way he writes his songs. It’s that he is fully living in a place of leveraging his gifts. The fact he can write so much music so quickly is because it’s not hard for him. He’s just doing what he’s here to do. He’s a poet. And that doesn’t mean that for somebody else to be as successful as Zach Brian they have to do the tactical things that he did. I want you guys to grasp how powerful that is. Because I can talk to you all day long about marketing strategies and the things working right now and the funnels working for our clients and the ad strategies and the copy and the creative and all the tactical things and I give you guys those things but none of it is going to matter if you put yourself in a situation where you are no longer operating from your gifts and you’re no longer in alignment with what’s easy for you and natural for you and doesn’t feel like work to you.


Because then you’re going to be up against massive resistance compared to the people who are like “I show up and I love every second of my day because I’m just doing what I love and I’m just doing what comes natural and easy to me.” And that’s unique to everybody. Our brains so often look for the hack, they look for the give me the the Abc give me the step 1 2 3 and those help, but then to an extent they hurt. Because they take us out and they distract us from what would come natural to us, from that connection to us and what is already within us. We don’t have to go and find it somewhere else. It’s already there. We just need to give it the permission to come out if it’s been hidden or covered up by everybody else’s advice. 


Alright, you guys, I hope you found this helpful. It’s been something that I’ve been sitting with a lot the last few weeks and like I said, my goal is to find a way to integrate my marketing tactical components that I teach and this part of business and marketing because this part is the magic. I promise you, if you go look at anybody successful that you follow right now, who has built a following, who’s built a business, who’s built an audience, who’s built leads and customers and is making money, if you go look at what they’re doing, especially their content and how they show up and their offer and how they’re having to serve their customers, they are doing what they love, they are doing what comes easy and natural to them. This is the magic that you can’t put in a step-by-step process, but it needs to be included, because without it you’re going to be spinning your wheels and chasing something that you can’t figure out why it’s not successful. All right everybody, thank you so much for tuning in and I will talk to you guys on Thursday.