In today’s episode, I’m kicking off a powerful five-part series on a new era of marketing. I’ll be reading a heartfelt letter I wrote to CEOs, inviting you to embrace a paradigm shift in your approach to success. I address the importance of achieving higher levels of success without sacrificing other aspects of life. All of this is tied into my own personal journey of evolution and realizations that have led me to create a new path for Hirsh Marketing. 


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to shift the trajectory of your business and life. Listen now to experience the power of the era of both.


Key Points: 

  • Embracing Your Power:
      • Recognizing that the answers and power you seek lie within you
      • Understanding that achieving your dreams does not require sacrificing other areas of your life
      • Stepping into an era where harmony and balance can exist across all spectrums
  • Abundance Through Alignment:
      • Shifting away from force and resistance towards finding alignment within yourself
      • Embracing the wisdom and intuition that resides within you, unencumbered by the opinions of others
      • Manifesting the unimaginable with ease, consistently bringing your vision into existence
  • Living Life on Your Terms:
    • Breaking free from external validation and living a life in alignment with your desires and values
    • Unlocking the possibilities that are already within your reach
    • Embracing the era of both, where you turn inward to find your true path to success


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Emily Hirsh: 

Hello my friend. This podcast episode is going to be structured a little bit different. I am kicking off a series this week on the podcast that is probably the most important series I have ever created. And gets to be the beginning of the new Hirsh Marketing after I have gone through so many personal changes and evolved versions of me and bringing the company into alignment with who I am today. And this series is going to be extremely potent and extremely powerful with my realizations guiding you guys on a path to much higher levels of success, but allowing those higher levels of success to come with ease and to come not at a sacrifice of any other part of you or part of your life. So we’re going to kick this series off with a letter that I wrote and completely just flowed through me – a letter to you guys. 


Dear CEO, I see you. I know you. I am you. You chose this path because you are one of the few who aren’t afraid to stand up and demand more. You’re not afraid to question the status quo. You’re not afraid to choose a path filled with unknowns in exchange or removing all limitations on what’s possible. You were taught that if you just pushed hard enough you could get what you wanted. You were taught that this path of freedom came at a big cost. You were taught your dreams were too much, too big too unrealistic. You were taught that the answer to achieving those dreams wasn’t as simple as unlocking and turning to what was already within you but that you would have to fight and sacrifice parts of you to get there. You were taught that you didn’t have what it would take. So what did you do? You fought. You pushed and you conquered. But you are tired. Enough is enough. It’s time to do things differently. It’s time to acknowledge all of the answers and power already lies within you. It’s time to claim that it was never this or that. It’s always been both. Every one of those big dreams that you thought you had to sacrifice for something or somebody else no longer exists. 


I invite you to step into the era of both – an era filled with ease and power. An era where harmony between all spectrums exists. An era filled with growth and abundance that doesn’t come from force and resistance but comes from alignment within. An era where your wisdom is no longer questioned by everybody else’s opinions. An era where you consistently bring the unimaginable into an existence. An era where you are living your life fully on your terms. An era filled with possibilities that are already yours. An era accessible not by turning outwards but instead for, maybe the first time in a long time, turning inwards. 


Welcome to the Era of Both.