In this episode, I am thrilled to share the new Hirsh Marketing Company values with you. These values are at the core of our company’s mission and will provide powerful insights and clarity for your business and marketing. Throughout this episode, I will dive deep into our first new value, “With Alignment Comes Ease,” and explain why it’s essential for achieving growth, happiness, and freedom. We’ll also cover our second new value, “Creating Harmony within a Spectrum,” and break down how in business it’s less about balance and more about recognizing what’s needed within a season and how to avoid burnout. Join me as I discuss the shift from a mindset of force and hustle to one of alignment and ease, and how it can positively impact your success.


In addition to exploring our new values, I’ll also give you a sneak peek into the exciting changes happening at Hirsh Marketing. From shifts in our offers to enhancements in our services, there is plenty of goodness coming your way. And if you’ve been on the fence about working with us, now is the perfect time to take action. Discover how you can lock in our current prices and benefit from the incredible value we provide with our Elite package. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to supercharge your marketing strategies and transform your business.


Listen now to gain powerful insights for your business and discover the value of alignment in achieving marketing success. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your business to new heights.


Key Points: 

  • With Alignment Comes Ease:
      • Discover the power of operating from a place of alignment and using your natural gifts to create ease in your business.
      • Redefining “easy” to mean a lack of resistance and force, and tap into flow and leverage your strengths.
      • Move beyond the “push through” mentality and find creative solutions when faced with resistance or challenges.
  • Creating Harmony Within a Spectrum:
      • Explore the importance of finding a balance between the masculine energy of making things happen and the feminine energy of ease and flow.
      • Discover how adopting a mindset of harmony within a spectrum allows for a more sustainable and fulfilling approach to business growth and success.
      • Learn how to create an environment that encourages collaboration, adaptability, and continuous improvement.
  • Applying the Values to Your Business and Marketing:
    • Understand the significance of aligning your offers and marketing strategies with your core values to create greater impact and resonance with your target audience.
    • Discover how the core values of ease, flow, and harmony can inspire new ideas and strategies in your business, leading to increased growth and success.
    • Learn how to infuse your core values into your company culture and make them a driving force behind your team’s actions and decisions.


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Emily Hirsh:

Hello, my friends, welcome back to the podcast. This is the second episode in a 5-part series I’m going to be doing this whole week. I’m calling it the era of both because it is announcing different shifts and changes that we’re making as a company from our values to our offers and kind of the why and the real behind the scenes behind that. But I really wanted to make sure that it wasn’t just about. Me announcing what we’re changing, and that you guys would be able to understand the why so that you can incorporate and bring and find inspiration out of what I say in your own company, and so I’ve been really intentional with. Creation of this content to make sure that it’s not just me going here’s our new values and here’s the new process, but you really understand what got me to the place of deciding this and how that impacts and should impact you, and my goal and intention is that. You guys will have some sort of inspiration, ideas, and things that you may want to shift and change and execute after going through this series. 


So just to, I guess, do a quick catch up, if you have been here for a little while, you know over the last maybe four or five weeks, I’ve been talking about the big changes that I went through I’ve been going through changes this whole year. Personally, a lot of personal growth and then went to a retreat in Costa Rica that really rocked who I am, and my identity, and my values to my core in a very, very good way, and you know when you run a company your values as a CEO are what leads the company, and so because I went through such a huge shift, once I came back, I didn’t make any changes very quickly. I allowed myself to integrate back and kind of sit on it and not make any moves until it felt fully right and not forced, and a couple weeks ago, it really landed, and I got really clear and got on a meeting with my team, and we put everything in motion, and so my internal team is fully up to speed. We’ve shifted our company values. We have changes coming to our offers, and now this week I get to share it with you guys. So that’s what’s happening this week, that is the announcement and basically over the next about 45 days there’s going to be different things that we roll out and announce. 


One of the announcements that’s happening this week is kind of the first, I guess, phase to our shifts and changes is the price for elite, our done-for-you package is going up. And so we’re doing this week a last chance to kind of lock in that price at where it’s at and there’s a reason why there’s a few reasons why it’s going up, which I’ll actually touch on in this podcast episode because it has to do with us being able to operate out of our new values. But I do want to mention that if you have been on the fence and considered working with us in the done-for-you capacity, meaning elite where we manage all your ads, run all your strategy, write all your copy and creative, we’re making some shifts to increase the amount of funnel and email edits that we make for you, whereas before we just audited, so that’s a change. Now would be a good time to chat with us. If you get your application in between now and the twelfth, you will lock in kind of those original prices, and then after that, it’s going up for good, and it’s increasing by $1000 a month. Obviously, existing clients, you are already locked in at the existing price. So if you’ve considered that, if you go to, you will be able to fill out an application, chat with our team, see if it’s the right fit for you, and but I wanted to share that, all right? 


So in today’s episode, I get to share with you. The new Hirsh Marketing company values and I’m excited to share them with you. I’m also very excited for you guys to really gain and gather insights and takeaways and clarity that these values might bring your business and your marketing. Okay. So here’s the first one. The first new Hirsh Marketing company value is “with alignment comes ease.” This one is coming from the place of in this new era, in this new version of me and Hirsh Marketing. We are bringing harmony back to the business and to myself in the sense that it’s not just all about force and the grind and the hustle but ease also has to exist, and I do think alignment is sometimes an overused word. But I think it’s a very powerful word, and to me, alignment brings ease when you are operating from a place of your gifts and what comes easy to you, meaning there is no resistance, and there is no force. Your growth potential and your capacity, and honestly your happiness and your freedom all go up. There’s a lot of magic in ease. 


So I recently had a big epiphany. My definition of easy has changed, and this is a very big change for our company and brand as a whole because you guys know I was very loud about how business is hard. Marketing is hard. You’ve got to work for it. If you’re not willing to work for it, then sit down, you know, type of language, and what I realized is I still fully stand behind that business and a successful marketing strategy and success doesn’t mean lazy. It doesn’t mean you sit there and you cross your fingers. It doesn’t mean that you don’t step into situations and growth that is maybe uncomfortable, but on that same note. It can be easy to me. The definition of easy means a lack of resistance that there is no resistance, that there is no force, and that you are experiencing flow. And you are experiencing whether it’s a situation, a strategy, an offer that you’re selling, content, you’re creating ease, and it’s flowing through you. It’s leveraging your natural gifts. 


It’s in alignment with who you already are and your strengths that you have within you, and so now in our company, when we find ourselves in a situation where it feels like we’re walking through mud, we’re like forcing like the old me used to be like we got to just make it happen. We’ve got to power through like just push push a little harder like this is part of the game, and that version of me got me to a certain level, but I quickly realized I was not going up. With that type of energy, and so that’s where the lesson that you guys can really understand is I do think in the beginning of starting a business. You don’t have to operate that way. I now believe that I think you can bring more ease even into those beginning stages, but you’re very much in a build stage. So there is a lot more of that masculine make it happen energy, and that energy of force push push through when it’s hard grind it out. It got me to my 7 figure business, did I have to do it that way, probably not. I didn’t know any better, I don’t regret it at all. Have a lot of gratitude for that version of me. But as I started building a team and as I started scaling my business. There was always these things where I kept feeling like I was on a cycle that was repeating of like 3 steps forward 2 steps back, and it really came from this place of like oh we pushed through we pushed through and we made it happen, and we conquered that challenge. But now we’re faced with another one, and I think that type of energy is a symptom of something deeper, which means if you are feeling that resistance. 


And that force and like whatever you’re doing, whether this is a project, a launch of a new offer, a timeline. Creating content. Whatever it is, if if you’re if you’re in this place of like we got to make it happen, push push push, and you feel like that constriction. That’s an invitation to pause and ask yourself how you could bring ease and flow into this. Is it changing the deadline, is it shifting the project, is it doing it a little bit different. Is there a creative solution where you can leverage something you already know how to do. Or you’re already really amazing at and do it differently and so I was ignoring those invitations to use the times of force and pressure and pushing to better my company and so now the way I’m leading my team. Is if you find yourself in your day-to-day or you know, working on a project or doing something, or I find myself in a situation where I’m just like I’m pushing and I don’t know why I’m pushing and there’s a lot of that resistance, to pause, take a step back and look at it differently. 


I also very much believe and know so clearly now that one of the biggest contributors to my success is that I was aligning myself with my strengths this entire time. And it’s something I was doing, but I wasn’t identifying and stating as a part necessarily of our process so that that will come in another episode, but I know for a fact that any successful business owner, whether they know it or not. Has created alignment with their gifts and with their strengths and what comes natural to them, which has catapulted them miles ahead of anybody not doing that, and so things in my business that. I Naturally was good at, I I just went in that direction, and that is how I built my business, really not intentionally, because I would have done in those points, I would have done whatever it would have taken to be successful, even if it was like killing me, but I thankfully came across things and went down a path that leveraged my gifts and therefore I was operating within alignment. So this is an invitation to really take inventory in your business, in your life with your marketing, ith the offer that you sell and look at where you might be operating from a place of force and pushing and grind that you don’t have to, and if you weren’t to operate from that place. But you still accomplish the goals that you had set aside, is there a better way to get there. Is there something you’re not thinking about because you just think oh this is how it has to be, so anytime we feel that resistance and that force it’s an imitation to pause. 


With alignment comes ease, this is going to impact every area of our delivery, of the energy on our team, of the client experience, and I want to bring this into clients’ lives now. I think that. There’s going to be some business owners who are already there, and there’s going to be some who aren’t, like I don’t think everybody is operating in a place of force, I think that was definitely my experience, and I think it’s a lot of people’s experience. But I don’t think everybody is there, so I will share tomorrow changes to our process to allow this to support clients, and I’m actually this week you’ve already, if you’re a client, you already know I’m teaching a workshop on how to bring more alignment into your offers, into your marketing, into your business and I think we could all reflect and experience like a time in your business where you’ve maybe delivered an offer or had to do something in your business that felt that force, and it never really turned out that good, I mean maybe it was okay, but it could have been so much better if you created that alignment for my team. 


This also comes into play in hiring people and making sure that I’m bringing people in that the job that they’re doing is fully in alignment with what they’re already naturally really good at and they love doing and their gifs this is something I actually have always asked in interviews without kind of identifying that I was doing it. But I always ask people, tell me situations of what you love doing, tell me about a project. You worked on where you just couldn’t wait to work, and it felt easy, and the day flew by and time was an illusion, like all of a sudden. It’s the end of the day, you know, those moments, those moments of flow. My goal is that myself and my team is in those moments as much as possible because I feel that you operate at such a higher level when you’re there, so that is our first new company value. 


The second new company value is “creating harmony within a spectrum,” and this is actually replacing our value “speed is queen” because this is all about the era of both. I believe that there are a lot of and that need to exist in your life and in your business, and I believe that the magic, not believe I know, the magic and the results and the success and the accomplishments of your dreams lie in that gray area. Lies in not having to choose this or that and realizing that if you only have one side and you don’t have harmony. You are either holding yourself back or that is what’s blocking you from getting to the next level. And I spent a lot of my life trying to label most situations and decisions and outcomes as right or wrong, and what I have found. This year especially and learned is that it’s not right or wrong. It’s both or it’s that middle area where where 2 different things can exist within a spectrum. So for example with this speed is queen value, speed is still important. The element in our business where we take action faster than any other agency that I really know, that and believe that because of how proactive I train and set the expectations for my team to be, that is our cutting edge, and that will remain our cutting edge.

But speed without intention, speed without depth, is not valuable. 


Speed needs to be harmonized with intention and depth. I also love the word ‘harmony’ over ‘balance.’ To me, balance is a fifty-fifty scale. It indicates that you need to be in the same place every week, every month between two different spectrums or two different areas. Harmony represents sometimes one side might get 70, and the other side might get 30. It represents the ebb and flow with the seasons of life and business that you go through. I don’t like the word ‘balance’ because when I hear the term ‘work-life balance,’ to me, that means both need to be getting equal amounts of energy and effort at all times. But that’s just not reality because there are times when the business and your career need more of your energy and your time and there are times when your family needs more of it. Both of those things are okay. So creating harmony within a spectrum, operating in the area of both, understanding that it’s not this or that, it’s both. 


This comes up when you think about action and flow, executing and finding ease, action and pausing to reflect, speed and intention, work and rest, doing and being. Finding that harmony between two sides or between one spectrum but two different sides is where the magic happens. This is the real core part of the era of both, and it is where I think so much of society and entrepreneurs get into trouble is when they adopt these beliefs that it has to be one or the other. This can come up even tactically in marketing, like it’s either live launches or evergreen funnels. The thing is you know, social media and a lot of content are really tailored to get you to pick a side, but most of the time, the results, growth, the success comes in the gray area. For my team, what this means is it’s not one or the other. It’s not all speed, foot on the gas as fast as we can go without incorporating depth and intention, and this will be so true within the business and also within clients’ businesses. There are going to be seasons.


If somebody’s going through a live launch, then we need to move faster. We have a limited time. We’re going to have to create harmony but have a little bit more side to the speed, and then after a live launch, you move into that depth and intention and you slow down and you pause and you reflect. You look back on that live launch and make sure you’re being intentional with your next move. So I’m replacing the “speed is queen” value because speed on its own will create burnout, overwhelm, and people overcapacity, and it will sacrifice depth. With that, I made the decision and felt it very right to actually lessen the amount of clients that an account manager and an ads manager on our team are managing because I wanted to make room for more depth. I have personally, up until recently, lived my life over capacity, thinking that my value was only there if I was constantly productive and past my max. Unfortunately, that has over the years bled onto my team, and this year we’ve made a lot of changes to solve that, and it’s challenging because in the marketing industry, marketing never stops, weekends, holidays. It’s always going, and so it’s very easy to overload people.


As a leader, I saw these cycles before Costa Rica, but I really became very dedicated after to solve the cycle of incredibly talented people feeling overwhelmed a disproportionate amount of time. One of the solutions from that, there are many solutions. It’s not one thing; there’s a lot of things that can support that. One of the solutions is I actually want to lessen and have the clients that an account manager is supporting. Which is why we are increasing the price of elite because we want to allow for that depth, and I feel that the value that we bring in elite and the depth that we bring in businesses and how deep we go in messaging and strategy and execution and optimization. I want to be able to go deeper and really give that because I think the payoff will be so much more for clients. That’s the why behind why we made the decision. Mostly because I don’t want to have too many values. I also think like 3 to 5 is a sweet spot. 


You want people to remember them, so our company values are ‘marketing always works, it’s just a matter of when,” that stays the same, that has been true. I still fully believe it and support it, and this comes down to allowing data and constant optimization to create success. No matter what, “strive to be better than yesterday” is another company value because growth is actually my number one personal value and creating growth within our company for our clients, constantly improving where we were yesterday compared to today is very important, adding in ‘with alignment comes ease’ and “creating harmony within a spectrum.” I feel amazing about these values.


Just a quick note on values that I’ll share. One of the reasons this is such a big deal is because I believe that values, company values, and your personal values are something that you should regularly look at, identify, and communicate. My husband and I actually have a conversation quarterly about our personal core values and if they’ve changed, if they’ve shifted. If we’re operating out of them or where we feel we are not. I think your personal values, bleeding into your company values, are super important. That’s a lesson I learned very quickly when building a team. When you’re clear on your company values and really work to make sure your team embodies them and is able to make decisions around them, your team culture and success go way up because I want a client situation to come up or something to happen in the business, and the team understands we have a core value about alignment and creating ease. So therefore, I need to make this decision to stay within that company value, same with ‘strive to be better than yesterday,’ we treat our meetings and communication constantly on both sides, giving feedback, improving, taking accountability, operating from a place of growth without an ego. 


That’s how I want the company to run. It’s very important to me. If you don’t have company values defined, I’m not talking about company values that you looked up on Google and found some inspirational ones. Trust me, I did that in the beginning. I truly sat down and put the energy and intention into creating values for your company because it matters to your customers, your team, contractors, and how you operate. It’s something that should be well thought out and also looked at at least a couple of times a year to make sure you’re still in alignment to make sure you are still on board with these values. Like I went through a huge personal shift, and ‘Speed as Queen’ no longer felt like the right value for this version of me. It needed to evolve, and it did. So those are the new company values. I hope you guys enjoyed learning about them and being able to consider where there is some golden nugget or something you can pull out of this to implement in your business and in your marketing. I will be back tomorrow announcing the new Hirsh Marketing process. So this is what I’m taking existing clients through to make sure they get the full experience that new clients will get. We have changed step number 1 in the Hirsh Marketing process, so you get to find that out tomorrow.