In this episode, I’m excited to share with you the NEW 5 Part Marketing Process that will guarantee your marketing success. In this era of both creativity and strategy, I’ve made some adjustments to the marketing process here at Hirsh Marketing, and I can’t wait to dive in and tell you all about it.


I know marketing can often feel overwhelming and confusing, but trust me, I’ve got you covered. When hiking in the beautiful mountains of Colorado, I had an epiphany that changed everything for me. I realized that aligning your business and marketing strategy with your natural strengths and passions is the key to creating a truly successful business.


So I’m breaking down the power of the first part of the NEW 5 Part Marketing Process – aligning your natural gifts and passions. I’ll be revealing how this step can bring more ease and authenticity to your marketing, resulting in increased possibility and revenue. Plus, I’ll be sharing practical strategies and reflective questions you can use to identify your unique gifts and leverage them in your messaging, content strategy, and funnel strategy. Trust me, this is a game-changer.


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to create alignment and ease in your marketing, resulting in bigger impact and success. 


Tune in now and let’s elevate your marketing to new heights.


Key Points: 

  • Discover and Align with Your Natural Gifts and Passions:
      • Reflect on questions that uncover your unique strengths and values.
      • Leverage your natural gifts in your messaging, content strategy, and funnel strategy.
      • Creating alignment and ease in your marketing will lead to increased possibility and revenue.
  • Harmonize Ease and Creativity with Structured Marketing Strategies:
      • Writing promotional content from the heart and leveraging your natural strengths in promotion.
      • Aligning flow and depth in messaging and strategy planning.
      • Pairing natural strengths and creativity with structured processes can result in more successful outcomes.
  • Incorporate the New 5-Part Marketing Process to Ensure Success:
    • The five steps: identify and align, messaging and strategy, build an audience, generate leads, convert and optimize.
    • Emphasis on authenticity, alignment, ease, and leveraging individual gifts and values.
    • Use marketing as a tool to amplify your impact in the world and create a bigger difference.


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Emily Hirsh:

Hello, everybody! Welcome back to the podcast. This is episode 3 in this week’s five-part series. So, this is a bonus episode coming out on Wednesday when I don’t normally release a podcast. And I hope you guys have been enjoying the series. This is kind of our public external announcement of a lot of the changes happening internally inside of Hirsh Marketing. I’m rolling this out in phases. So I started internally, of course, and did a team training, a team meeting, and we started shifting and adjusting processes and a lot of things behind the scenes. This week, we get to announce the actual changes. So the value changes today. I’m going to talk about the actual change to the Hirsh Marketing process, which has been in place for 7 years as it is, and we’ll also be trickling out shifts and changes to our offers. However, this week, we did announce phase one around that, which is the price of Elite. Our done-for-you offer is going up effective after the twelfth. So if you get your application in before November 12th, you actually lock in the existing price. But from there, we raise it. I’ll explain why in yesterday’s podcast. We are shifting some things; we are making room in the company for more depth to bring harmony to the speed and having more depth, more intention, more time per client. Which means decreasing the capacity expected for an ads manager and account manager. We’re also adding some extra things that are needed, like implementing more funnel work. So that’s the announcement this week around the offer. 


As the year finishes out, there will be a few more around our offers. So today, I get to share with you guys the new marketing process. If you’re new here and you’re like, “I don’t even know what your existing one is,” I will share that with you. I want to give a little bit of backstory about this process anyway. So I created this process about seven years ago, maybe even eight. Originally, I actually created it. Not a lot of people know this, but I created it because I was starting to build my team, so I needed to define what I did in my brain naturally and without really thinking about it for clients. So that I could create a training program and create training for my team to be able to execute what I was doing. So it actually started out as an internal-only definition of our process and explanation of how I look at marketing, how I look at strategy, all the pieces. And then very quickly, I realized how valuable it was, and then it became an external process. I have spoken at events teaching this process; I have spoken on stage, done different guest trainings. It’s infused in my podcast; it’s infused in my webinars and it is. The process that doesn’t just look at paid ads but it looks at your marketing from beginning to end. It’s very holistic, which is what our process is known for, and will address every single piece of your marketing today in a year from now, and as you grow, as you get more sales. It still kind of addresses that. So, in this process, like you may not know it exactly. But if you’ve been in my world at all, everything I teach is centered around this process. 


So all that to say changing. It is a big deal; I don’t take that very lightly. And it has been the same for 8 years, 7, 8 years, so that is a big deal and also I plan on not changing it again. You know unless I have another huge shift that brings me to needing to change it. So only 1 step is changing, and actually, 1 step is getting added. And then I’m shifting the other steps around to kind of accommodate that right now. The process looks like this; I’m going to give the current process so you just understand and then understand the shift. Prior to this adjustment in our process. This is what it looks like. First was your messaging. It was identifying your ideal customer and your offer positioning and really nailing your messaging. We used to say nail your messaging; that was step 1. Step 2 was create your custom strategy; that was your marketing strategy; that was your funnel. That was what you were going to do to attract leads. To convert them; three was visibility and brand awareness; that was step 3, and this is all around building an audience, running the visibility ads that we run for clients, or that I teach in Essential or if you’ve ever participated in my free challenge that we get those visibility ads live. The focus of them is content and building an audience; then step 4 was generating leads, building your list, generating leads consistently, and then step 5 was converting. Converting those leads. That’s the existing process. It is important also to note that this is how our entire delivery is built off of like our whole onboarding process and regular like reporting process and everything is built around this process. So we’re adding something to the beginning, which is mostly going to impact onboarding. 


Okay. So what I added to the process is what should be happening before even your messaging and your strategy; it’s the foundation and I’ve teased this a little bit in the podcast and I actually did a podcast episode. Kind of around this topic, but it’s a huge, huge epiphany that I had around what is required to create success in your business and in your marketing. I’m wondering if any of you guys are guessing where this is going, so the. Big epiphany I had, and this actually didn’t come until like two or three weeks after I had been home from my retreat and just integrating, and it was recent. I was hiking in Colorado, actually, and I had this huge epiphany, and I was like I was hiking with my husband, and I was like, “Oh my gosh, I just had the best idea.” And realization, and I said I have been all about customization always in people’s marketing, and I talk all the time about how important customization around your ideal customer and your offer is. So, creating a strategy and creating your entire kind of marketing plan around who your ideal customer is, the niche that you’re in, and what offer you’re selling, so you’ve probably heard me talk about that, which is. You know people, if you’re targeting busy moms, you’re going to obviously need a different strategy, a different experience than if you’re targeting entrepreneurs, and if you’re selling a $3000 offer, you probably need a different experience than if you’re selling a $100 offer; all of that is still true. But what I was missing was customizing your strategy and your business to make sure it is plain to you and your strengths and your passions and your gifts and what comes easy for you. 


So I was missing a whole piece to that, and I had this realization, and I was like, oh, I have done this in my business. The whole time that I’ve been building it because I was naturally subconsciously doing this, I was playing to my strengths, content creation strategies, like the offers we sell. My entire business, when I started my business, I did way more things than just marketing. But I ended up narrowing down to just marketing because that’s what I was really, really naturally good at. I didn’t have to try. It was like I could do this all day long because I can sit down with a business owner, and I can create absolutely epic, amazing marketing strategies off the cuff just super easily, right? So I built my whole business around this. But as I was doing that, I didn’t identify. That was what I was doing. So then I started thinking about the most successful business owners that we work with and people I’ve witnessed, friends I have who have eight, nine-figure businesses, and I started thinking about how they spend their days. And how they’ve built their business and how it’s different than mine. But how they are playing to their strengths, and I think that I was touching the surface on this before. It’s not that I was totally ignoring this, I think I would drop it here and there in some of my content because I knew it was important, but I didn’t really get it until that moment, and I realized how the industry of marketing is really set up to go against this honestly so much in society is it’s set up to be like. Okay, look at these this example, look at these people who created success. 


Now. We’ll give you the blueprint and step by step. Every single thing they did, but the magic part that you can’t explain that is missing from that is they went on their own journey. Leveraging their gifts and their passions and what came natural for them to get there. So I noticed I started to have shifts in my conversation where I did my black Friday workshop and someone asked me I don’t have a lot of help. How can I make this promotion successful, and I noticed that my answer was different than what it would have been before. My answer to her in this specific Case. She had a lot of one-on-one clients; she wanted to do a black Friday offer; she didn’t have a team; she was lacking time. And she asked me this question and said, “What should I do?” And I said, “I want you to remember what you did to get all those one-on-one clients, and if you don’t have one-on-one clients and you’re in a newer phase. It doesn’t matter, the answer is still relevant. What did you do to create that initial success or what did you do that felt really easy and felt really natural to you? People were drawn to you, and they then became in this case your one-on-one clients. I want you to do that throughout your promotion. I don’t want you. This was my answer to her, I don’t want you to be writing emails that you think you have to write because you are using another example. I want you to write from your heart. I want you to write what flows out of you. I want you to write what you know to be true and promote your offer. Make it easy; make it natural; make it flow; and I gave that answer, and I was like, okay. Like that was never part of my process before, so with all of that said, I truly believe that this step in the process is the magic. It is the unexplainable, and I guarantee you if you go look at any successful business owner like, do it today, and just like, for fun. Go do this. 


Go look at 3 different business owners who you look up to, and I want you to watch their content and I want you to just watch their stories, watch what they’re doing, maybe click on their website, click on their stuff a little bit, and I guarantee you they are leveraging their strengths. And they are leveraging, and when they show up, it comes across as very natural, very easy, because it is for them. Now I think that there’s some people who will be like, “Well, video is just not easy for me.” This doesn’t mean not doing things that make you uncomfortable. But for example, if I look at my husband and I, we’re very different people, and we would attract like if he created a whole personal brand, which he doesn’t want to, but we would attract very different people, I am the person who is very fast face. I don’t like hour-long content and like super in-depth researched material, and I like give me the minimum effective dose to give me the best results, and I need to always be kind of growing and trying new things and. Just have that personality that speed, which is not a bad thing. He is the type of person who will watch the 3-hour-long podcasts. He wants to understand on a deep level. Whatever the problem is or whatever the thing he’s learning. And he loves that level of like research and depth and communication and and he wouldn’t be able to comprehend the shorter stuff as well. There is an audience for both. And if I started creating content because I was told by someone or I saw people, and I was like, okay, I need to create this like very researched long-form content. It would never work. 


I would stop creating the content because I would hate it, and it would not feel natural to me. If he started creating really short-form. Fast non-researched um, content, like off the cuff kind of I’m off the cuff I’m like I’m the minimum effective dose, and people love that about me, he’s not He’s the well-thought-out like when he speaks. It’s very intentional, and it’s slower paced. Both are good. Both should exist really, right in the middle is the magic spot. But if we tried to be each other, it would literally never work. We would hate it, and we wouldn’t attract people for it, right. So that’s an example of like we both would if we were both building a brand. We both need to create video. We both need to show up. We both need to build an audience, but we would do it in a way that leveraged our gifts. So with that said, here is the new 5-part marketing process. The first step is the one I’m going to talk about the most because it’s the one that changed the first step is “Identify and Align,” and I have created a process, which really consists of questions and. Reflection and identification in what your natural gifts are, what you love doing, and what puts you in that flow state. Today the episode when this episode comes out, our existing clients get to do a workshop with me. So if you’re in essential, you’re an elite, we’re going to go through the questions and what’s now in our onboarding together, and then when you onboard as a client, we’re going to help you identify this.


There are some business owners out there who are already very much in alignment with their gifts and very much in alignment with what they love and what they’re passionate about. They don’t need to course-correct any of that; they’re already in that alignment. And then there are some who are not, so I recognize that. However, what this step is going to consist of is, first of all, in our intake form, there’s a section for it. We’re going to ask questions about why you started your business and if you had to do the same thing every day and talk about the same thing every day to your audience, what would you talk about? What would those topics be? What would your friends and family say your natural gifts are? What would you say they are? Are you using those types of reflection questions? Because what that’s going to do is, then we get to take that and leverage it in your messaging, your content strategy, and your funnel strategy so that we’re creating the most alignment and ease possible for you to go get results and have success.


I know from my experience that sometimes it’s actually really hard to identify this in yourself. Prior to my retreat, some of this, I’m actually using a process that I went through in the retreat myself, which was around identifying your natural gifts and the medicine that you have to share with the world. So I got some inspiration from that. But I think unless you are asked specific questions around this, you may be operating out of alignment and feeling more resistance than you realize in your day-to-day. You might have convinced yourself that it’s just normal and that’s kind of the status quo when that can be corrected. The amount of possibility and revenue increase that comes when you create that ease in alignment is wild, and I know it because I’ve witnessed it in my business. In the last month, I’ve also seen others do this, and I’m like, “How is it so easy for them? They’re just making sales, like they’re not having to do sales calls, like they’re not doing these more challenging things that people say you have to do because they’re operating from their gifts and from what they love and what comes really easy for them.”


So the first thing we will do in our onboarding process is to identify and align with your gifts, your values, your passions, your “why.” That will then carry over into your content, your strategy, and how you’re going to attract an audience, convert leads, and generate leads. I’m not going to go into all the details because this is a process we will do with clients, but I know, I can feel it so deeply in me that this is such a game changer, and I’m not aware of any other marketing companies that are leveraging this and speaking to this in a systemized way that can be repeated from person to person. People might talk about how this is important, but I don’t think anybody’s actually helping you pair this with your marketing and your business strategy. Marketing itself is a very masculine thing; that’s why most agencies are run by guys. If you compare me to most of my size, I don’t know another female agency owner because marketing is very masculine. It’s very templated, structured, and process-oriented. I believe that when you can pair and harmonize the ease, flow, and creativity that comes from leveraging your gifts with the structure, process, and strategies that get results, you’re not taking those away; you’re just creating more harmony.


So, the first step is to identify and align, and the second step is messaging and strategy. These got combined into one step because they go hand in hand; they are different things, but you cannot have one without the other. In our “done for you” package, you get a 90-minute call when you onboard, and we have our creative lead and strategist on that call. What we found was that so much of the messaging is so intertwined with the strategy. When you talk about doing a webinar, for example, you need to decide the title, the topic you’re teaching, and the overall experience. That kind of flows into messaging, so they need to flow together. This is now one combined step of messaging and strategy. We’ve elevated the questions we’re asking and the depth we’re bringing to messaging. It was already great; I think it was already one of our strengths, honestly, as an agency, but we’ve elevated it even more and created even more depth. I’ve worked with my team and trained them on how to combine that with the identification and alignment process.


So, based on what you say in your intake form around this, that’s going to drive how we can now create the content you should be recording, what you should talk about on your webinar to make it so easy for you. This is a big difference. You guys, “easy” is now in my vocabulary for marketing success. And business success can now be easy. I give you guys that permission because I have seen a better way, I’ve experienced a better way, and I’m determined to show you guys that and help you guys achieve that because there are way too many people out there telling you it has to be really hard. That you have to work, show up, do things that are uncomfortable. Yes, sometimes the path to success is not about being comfortable all the time, but easy equals ease, right?


So that’s the second step. The third step through the fifth step are basically the same; these have not changed. So, step 3 is to build an audience. This is about visibility and brand awareness, but now it’s combined with the “identify and align” process. It’s combined with how, if you love talking about these topics, we can plan your content strategy around that so that when you go to record that video, it is magic. It is from your heart, not your mind. I know from my experience that when I create a social post, video, or presentation from my heart and it’s easy, I could sit there and do it all day long, and I’ve had both experiences. It is way better every single time. There’s something about it that is just magic; you can’t really explain it, but that alignment, people can feel it. And I know you can probably find examples; think about webinars you’ve been on. If someone is reading a template or reading slides that they didn’t authentically create, trying to replicate the perfect webinar, you will know because that person goes from being authentically themselves, in a state of flow and ease, to trying to be somebody else. That won’t happen anymore.


Step 4 is generating leads; this stays in and stays consistent too. Now, we get to leverage the strategy we’re going to use to generate leads to make sure it’s in alignment with you and your gifts. What you talk about on the webinar, the topic of your video series, your challenge, your lead magnet, the angles you’re going to use to sell your product or generate leads to drive to your e-commerce shop, all of those things get to leverage your gifts, your values, and your “why.” The ease in your business. Finally, step 5 is convert and optimize. So, I put these two together, which is converting the leads into sales. But then, our core value is to strive to be better than yesterday, even when we are converting or if we are not converting yet. We will constantly be optimizing, constantly improving in the day-to-day. This comes across a lot in how account managers, coaches, and essentials work with our clients because this is the ongoing support.


So, this could look like, “I did a webinar or I did this and I didn’t convert the leads. Let’s figure out where the misalignment is or where the resistance is, how we make this flow better, how we make this come from your heart more.” I know this might sound woo, coming from me. I am a little woo, so I’m going to own that. But I just know, you guys, this is the power, this is the magic, this is the realization I’ve had, and I’m so passionate. Helping you guys who are where I was a few months ago understand that business and success and marketing don’t have to be so hard. It also doesn’t have to equal trying to embody somebody else’s strategies, personality, values, or strengths. You get to be you, you get to leverage your gifts, which have come from your unique experience in this world, your expertise, and what you are literally here to do in this world to make a difference. Marketing gets to be the medium and the tool for us to massively amplify your impact that you get to have in this world, and now we get to align that with how big your impact gets to be.


When you align that and when you dig deeper than your mind, like, “I should do this,” and all the noise that is out there right now in the industry online and people telling you what to do, the one thing that all of those people are missing is the connection back to yourself, where the power is. I seriously challenge you guys to look at any other successful business or business owner that you look up to and know is successful, not just in terms of the number of followers, but genuinely successful in their business. You will see this magic. You won’t be able to unsee it now. You will see that when they show up, they are operating from a place of ease, leveraging their gifts, and in full alignment with their “why” and their values. That is the new Hirsh Marketing process, and I am so beyond excited to support you guys and support business owners and have this impact. After I figured this out, I was hiking with my husband, and I figured it out, and I said, “I did it, I figured it out. I figured out how I’m going to have a marketing company that has a life-changing impact on people because I’ve always somewhat struggled with that. I’ve always been like, ‘I love marketing, but I want to change lives, have generational impact.’ I know I’m here to do that. I know I have gifts to share with this world, and I hadn’t made the connection, and then I did.”


Because if we can help people operate from that place of alignment and ease, where now they love growing their business, it creates a bigger impact that is life-changing. Marketing then gets to be the tool and the amplifier, and the strategies that we get to pair with the masculine and the feminine. Thank you, guys, for tuning in. Tomorrow, I get to make some announcements and share some insights on our overall offer shifts. I think it’ll be a really good episode, especially if you want to understand how I think as a CEO because it’s changed and the reason behind some of our offer shifts and changes comes from us evaluating where there was resistance in the business and where things felt harder than they should be. We’ll be dropping that episode tomorrow. Thanks so much for listening today, guys. If you’ve resonated with any of this series, have thoughts, takeaways, feedback, or questions, feel free to send me a message on Instagram. I would love to hear. I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow.