I’m excited to share a simple strategy that can lead to more sales, especially if you have a lower marketing budget. This tactic is particularly effective if you are in the earlier stages of growing your business and don’t have a ton of leads yet. I can almost guarantee that implementing this strategy will either lead to immediate sales or provide the clarity you need to make adjustments that will result in increased sales. 


As we dive into today’s episode, I want to emphasize the importance of creating conversations with your leads. By sending a simple email to check in with those who have recently signed up for your webinar or free experience, you can spark conversations that have the potential to lead to sales. The key is to ask open-ended questions that prompt engagement and feedback. Not only can these conversations result in sales, but they also provide valuable insights and feedback, allowing you to improve your future webinars, content, and emails.


Ready to leverage this strategy to drive more sales and build stronger relationships with your audience? Listen now to this episode and unlock the power of creating conversations with your leads. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to boost your sales and gain valuable insights.


Key Points: 

  • Create Conversations for Sales:
      • Send a follow-up email after your webinar or free experience, checking in on how your leads are doing.
      • Ask a single question to encourage engagement and spark conversations.
      • Use these conversations to build relationships, gather feedback, and potentially close sales.
  • Leverage Feedback for Optimization:
      • Collect valuable feedback from the responses you receive.
      • Identify objections and areas where leads are getting stuck in the buying process.
      • Utilize this feedback to overcome objections and improve your future webinars or experiences.
  • Applying the Strategy in Ecommerce:
    • Implement a similar follow-up email strategy in ecommerce if you have a lead magnet.
    • Run retargeting ads that direct leads to messenger, allowing for personalized conversations and potential sales.
    • Utilize this strategy to build relationships, gather feedback, and optimize your ecommerce sales process.


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Emily Hirsh:

Hello, everybody! Welcome back to the podcast. Happy Thanksgiving if you are tuning in today. It is Thanksgiving for those of you who celebrate. We went back and forth on whether we were going to put a podcast episode out today or push it, but I decided just to release one anyways and not push it to tomorrow because I think a lot of people over the next few days are off and relaxing a little bit more and maybe potentially listening to more content. So, it is here for you, or you might be tuning in after Thanksgiving, which is also totally fine. I am excited for today’s episode because it is one, a simple, really important tactic. This is one that’s like a specific tactic. So the last episode I did was more of the non-negotiables, and I was like, “This is not tactics; these are principles. These are very important things in your marketing, but it’s not like one thing for you to go do. This is one thing for you to do in your marketing.” So I think you guys will enjoy this strategy.


Before I dive in, I get to share on the podcast and announce our new offer, Evolve. So, we released and announced it on Monday, and we’re in a phase of our rollout of all the new shifts and changes at Hirsh Marketing. So last week we announced, or maybe it was two weeks ago, we announced the price increase of Elite, which is our highest level done-for-you offer, and we added elements into Elite. So instead of just auditing your funnel work, like your pages, your sales pages, your opt-in pages, your emails, we audit, and then we implement all the changes included in the management fee, which previously used to be an all-cart charge or the client had to do it. We also made it so that it’s a multi-platform package. So if we feel it’s right for your business strategically to also run ads on Google or YouTube or TikTok, we will run those ads included in that package. So Elite got a shift, and with that came a price increase because part of my core values is making sure that I’m pairing speed with depth and intention, and so I wanted my account managers to have fewer clients. So we made that shift, and with that, there’s a pretty big gap now between Elite and Essential, our done-with-you program, and so I want to have a middle tier that’s super cool. It merges the two, so I get to share that with you guys. 


We are probably going to have a waitlist on this just because it’s an opportunity to work with us for less than our previous management. So a lot of people, even in Essential, are interested in upleveling into that. If this sounds like it could be a fit for your business, I would 100% just get your application in and chat with us because we’re capping it at 10 people, and then we have to waitlist it, and by the time this episode comes out, I know we will have some people already in the program. So even if you’re like, “Oh, that could be a fit for me,” book a call and chat with our team so we can figure out where the right fit for you is, and you can go to hirshmarketing.com/evolve to get straight to that application. 


Let me give a quick rundown of what this is. So this is in between Essential and Elite in the delivery as well. So basically, we will run your ads for you, and you’ll utilize the funnel strategy coaching in Essential and the material. So this is the same onboarding experience, no matter if you come in Essential, Evolve, or Elite. You’re getting the same experience because we create your strategy for you. So you come in, you go through our process, you fill out our intake form. There is now a specific exercise and step for “identify and align” that’s really powerful that you do in our onboarding, and we take that information and develop your strategy with it. And then we create your strategy. We put it in a presentation. We say, “Run this funnel. Here’s how many emails,” very, very detailed, exact layout of the strategy, and from there, depending on what package you’re in, is how much work you do and how much work we do. So in Evolve, you are responsible for doing the funnel work, but you pair being able to do that with all of our trainings that are in Essential in terms of funnel strategy trainings, webinar templates, everything is in there and utilizing coaching calls. So you can show up. We have now two. 


We’re about to add a third funnel strategy coaching calls a week, so you get a lot of one-on-one support on those calls. You get people, our coach, reviewing your landing pages, reviewing your emails, reviewing your sales pages, answering your questions. So you basically have a blueprint of here’s your strategy, here’s your to-do list, now you’re going to execute it. But you’re going to use our templates and our trainings and all of our resources in order to execute it, and then we run your ads. So that’s the difference between Essential and Evolve. In Essential, you’re running your ads, and you’re also using coaching to support running your ads. Trainings, we have specific ad strategy coaching calls in Evolve. We run your ads, so you actually do have an account manager; you get to meet with them every month, look at your numbers. We still track your ads, so we’re still telling you just like in Elite, here’s your goals, cost per lead goal, number of leads, sales conversion goals, here’s what it means, here’s where there’s a potential gap or opportunity in your funnel, here’s what you need to shift, here’s what you need to change. So we’re still driving it. We’re just pairing it with utilizing Essential’s coaching.


It’s its own coaching but utilizing coaching around your funnel strategy, your messaging, your pages, and then we’re running your ads. We’re creating your ad copy. You are getting a weekly report on your numbers and what the data means. You’re getting a monthly strategy call, and as needed, you also get some deep dive strategy. So if something isn’t converting, we can pull you in. We can do a messaging call and improve those results. The cost of Evolve is $2000 a month, so previously, Elite was $2500, and Essential $797 a month. So it’s in between now because Elite went up to $3500, so it’s in between. It’s $2000 a month, and the idea is that this is a middle ground; this is where if you don’t want to run your own ads or deal with your ad copy and creative, there’s more versions in Evolve than you get in Essential because we do your ad copy and creative there too if you want basically more support. Each one of our offers as you go up, you do less than we do more, so this is in between Essential and Elite, where we are running your ads. We are driving a lot more because you have an account manager versus Essential; you have coaches only. You get a lot more like, “Here are your numbers. Here’s what it means. Here’s what you need to do” type of experience, just like in Elite you have an account manager.

It’s just the account manager you have even more done. 


So in Elite, we do your funnel work, and you meet with the account manager every other week, and it’s just a little bit more support, but it’s for more money. So if you’re interested in exploring Evolve, go to hirshmarketing.com/evolve. That will take you to an application, and you can chat with our team, make sure it’s the right fit and dive in. So, alright, I’m very excited to get to announce that more stuff is coming but not more offers around ad support. These are our offers, so we’re not; there’s nothing new to wait for around that if you want done-for-you marketing support. And ads, you know, paid ads support like Essential, Evolve, and Elite, those are it. There won’t be other offers coming around that. So okay, let’s dive into today’s podcast episode. So this is inspired by a conversation I had with my team, and it is just a great reminder. And it’s something so simple that everybody can do, but this is especially great if you’re in the boat of not having a very high volume of people of leads who have opted in to let’s say your webinar or your challenge or whatever it is, if you have a lower ad spend or you have a lower volume of leads coming through your funnel. One thing you need to do is create conversations. You need to create conversations because those conversations are going to lead to sales creating a bunch of one-on-one custom conversations is not a scalable tactic. But it’s a really good tactic if you’re in those beginning phases and you have a very small to none or limited budget with your marketing. So after you do something like a webinar, a series, a challenge. This is really better for those types of businesses. I think you could do it for ecommerce. But they have to come in as a lead so they can’t just go to your ecommerce page.


They have to come in, actually I have a strategy idea for ecommerce, I’ll share that, that just came to me, so after someone signs up for your webinar and it happens and let’s say you have like a 5-day follow-up sequence. You do your webinar. Or whatever your free experience is, and then you pitch, and there’s like a limited time 5-day experience from there. What happens right? And most people it just kind of stops. Well, there’s a huge opportunity for you to send a very simple email. And you can automate this or you can manually send it out, but you want to make sure if people reply that you get their replies. So what I would do is send out an email that basically just checks in with the people who just signed up for your webinar and says hey, you know it’s been five days since you signed up for this training I just wanted to check in. How are you doing? How are you feeling, I would just ask one question so whatever feels most authentic to you around. It’s been five days since you signed up for my training on Xyz I wanted to check in with you. How are you feeling or I wanted to check in with you? How are you doing after the training or where can where you might you need support this will spark conversations that could lead to sales or at the least it’s going to give you feedback because what’s going to happen is people are going to reply and they’re going to say things like, “Oh I love the training and thank you so much for it. I’m doing X Y Z and then I might be interested in buying your course or oh I was just thinking about you and I am working on this and then I’m thinking about buying your course or I have this one question I wasn’t sure is the right fit for me.”


This will create opportunity for you to have those conversations and potentially sell people. Like if you get 50 people to sign up for your webinar and you send out an email like this and 10 of those people respond the chance of 1 or 2 of them converting to a sale is very high. Worst case, if nobody converts, then you’re getting feedback you’re getting people who are saying here’s why I didn’t buy yet here’s my here’s my feedback. Basically, I mean they’re not saying it as feedback but you get to take it as feedback and understand what the objections are why people haven’t pulled the trigger where they’re stuck. And then you can leverage that in your future webinar in your content and your emails to overcome those objections that people have and you’re also creating relationships and so this strategy brings us back to the core of marketing in the sense that at the end of the day. We’re just trying to create relationships and build relationships and build enough trust to get someone to fully believe and pull the trigger on working with you or buying your offer a product and so in the beginning So many people forget this because digital marketing is such an automated thing which is great.


And it’s designed to be able to scale your business but especially I mean honestly somebody who gets thousands of signups could also do this, like it’s not a bad strategy but it’s a very necessary strategy for somebody who’s not getting as many signups into their webinar or their experience. And I’ve sometimes had clients do this and been met with like, “Oh well I don’t have time to respond to those,” and I get that I totally understand like obviously value your time as a CEO. But if you’re not getting sales. And you have to put in this legwork to get them to build the relationships with your audience and get the feedback and have the conversations it really doesn’t take that much time and the payoff is so huge like if we were to look at how we’re spending our time as a CEO and then value it I would value this activity talking directly to leads who win as far as saying I want to sign up for your training and I’m very interested in what you have to say and what you have to teach as a very high value activity. Because it’s gonna teach you. It’s gonna build those relationships and it’s gonna potentially make you money and get you sales. So again, it’s not a forever strategy. It’s not scalable for that to be how you make sales you need to be able to make sales on your webinar in an automated way or through your experience in an automated way one hundred.


But if you’re not there, this is a great strategy that you can implement if you are there and you are making some sales, but you want to make more, or you think that you could benefit from this. There’s never a time that this would be a bad strategy. It’s: can you handle the capacity of responding? Because that’s important. Obviously, it’s not going to work if you don’t respond to people. And it does need to be like a human responding. You can’t automate this experience because all the responses are going to be different, but it’s a great strategy. My thought on e-commerce that I had is you could take this strategy and run a retargeting ad, so everybody who gets to your site, your ecommerce site, and your checkout page, you could run a retargeting ad that triggers messenger and says something to the same extent of, “Hey, I noticed you were checking out XYZ product or products, and I just wanted to check in. Did you have any questions or how are you feeling about them?” or whatever question you want to answer. And then when they click the ad, it opens up messenger and they can type to you. That’s probably only a strategy if you have enough time and bandwidth to be in your messenger because the strategy is going to work the best if you can respond pretty quickly. But that’s another option for how ecommerce could leverage.


This ecommerce could also leverage this if you had a lead magnet that you are sending people through, and then once the initial kind of email sequence was done, same thing: “I wanted to check in. How are you feeling? How can I support you?” A simple question like that that would open up opportunity for people to respond and conversations to start and you to lead those 2 sales and get the feedback. So, that is my simple strategy, that is my tactic that almost every single one of you can implement. But especially if you are at those earlier stages and you don’t have a ton of leads, I would a hundred percent do this because I can almost guarantee: it’s going to lead to sales or it’s going to lead to the clarity that will then lead to sales. Right? I hope to see some of you guys in Evolve. If you have any questions, definitely reach out to our team or me on Instagram is also fine. And have a beautiful holiday weekend if you are off and spending time with family. Get off those phones, get off social media, and enjoy that presence, whatever you are doing. And I’ll talk to you guys next week.