In this final episode of 2023, I take a moment to look back at the year’s successes and get ready for the new challenges that 2024 will bring. It’s a special episode where I share key lessons and talk about the strategies that helped our business grow significantly. I’m going all in to how being real, building connections, and taking breaks can bring new insights into your business and life – and how each of these things actually helps your business grow regardless of the state of the economy. I’ll give you my thoughts on how stepping back and looking at your business from a wider perspective can help you take your business to the next level. As we approach 2024, I’m also making a marketing prediction that every entrepreneur should be aware of.


Listen now to get much-needed insights that could redefine your perspective on building a sustainable and successful business in 2024.

Key Points: 

  • Embracing Intentional Time Off:
      • Learn why disconnecting completely from work can lead to greater clarity and fresh perspectives on your business strategy.
      • Discover the logistical steps and preparations necessary to responsibly take extended time away from your company.
  • Cultivating Authentic Marketing:
      • Explore the balance between creating authentic content and managing life outside of the social media spotlight.
      • Gain insight into why authenticity and genuine connection with your audience are becoming the foundation of successful marketing.
      • Hear predictions on the future of consumer behavior, with a focus on decreased screen time and the rise of meaningful engagements.
  • Navigating the New Cycle in Business:
    • How to prepare for the coming changes in the economic landscape that could redefine effective marketing and business practices in 2024.
    • Learn strategies for showcasing your brand’s unique values in order to resonate deeply with your customers and stand out from the competition.
    • Why evolving with your ideal client and adaptability will be crucial for businesses aiming for long-term success in 2024.


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Emily Hirsh: 


Hello, my friends, and welcome back to the podcast. This is the last podcast of 2023. I’m actually going to tell you guys, so I was supposed to record this podcast like a week ago, and I was like, the last one has to be something really good because it’s my last podcast of the year. So I was struggling with coming up with what I wanted to talk about on this episode. I have like a library of things planned out that I can pull from whenever I go to record, but they just all weren’t feeling right. And I have this rule that I never force content because otherwise, it doesn’t come out authentic. So if I’m feeling a lot of resistance towards it, I mean, I still show up and release the podcast on the day it needs to come out. But I’m recording this much more up to the last minute, which has not been my usual lately because I wanted it to be special. But what’s funny is the more I sat on it as Christmas went by and all the things, I was like, I don’t have a specific, I just didn’t have a specific like this is the one we’re going to do a marketing prediction series soon. So that’s going to be covered.


But I decided I’m going to kind of give you guys a brain dump of three big things that I feel are very important for me to share and for the people that this will be right to hear, it could potentially make a big difference in how you go into 2024. So I’m recording this podcast on a day where you guys will love this, especially if you’re a parent. I don’t have my nanny. My husband has sessions most of the day, and so my kids are all here. I’ve got three kids, and I really have not been working like since before Christmas, but I have to get this podcast recorded because consistency is always my commitment, right? We’ve got to release it on Thursday. And so I’ve been hanging out with my kids all day. We’ve been outside. It’s beautiful out right now. And I was like, listen, mom needs 20 to 25 minutes, and if all of you guys are quiet, you can have a piece of your Christmas chocolate from your stocking after. And you all have to hold each other accountable if one starts fighting. You got to be the bigger person so I can hear them out there like everybody whispers. Okay, so we’ll see how this goes, but I mean, that is real life, and I like to share that because as much as I have a really great amount of harmony and I really try never to be in a situation where I have to work and be with my kids because I end up not being present with him at all. 


Today I had to record this podcast and in order to, you know, uphold my commitment to my audience, my team, have to get this recorded. And so, therefore, I have to figure it out with my kids. And so I am in those situations too like every parent is. And when you’re running a business like sometimes that’s what you’ve got to do. So I’ve also been, the only work I have been doing for the last week is. The other only piece of work that I have been doing over the last week is going through mastermind applications. So I am just going to throw that out here in this podcast as we wrap up the applications and get into kicking off the mastermind with our first group call, and the ladies are booking their first one-on-one call with me. So if you want personal access to me for six months next year, so January through June, and being able to have access to me in a text group, so every single day, one-on-one calls, weekly group calls with only 8 other women where we are going to go deep, we’re gonna go deep on your business strategy, your offers, your marketing strategy, literally nothing is off the table. Everything that we need in order to uncover, rework, adjust, pivot, and dive into to achieve your goals, essentially, I’m taking the women as they onward into the mastermind through a process where they fill out an intake form and on that intake form I’m getting all the Intel on what their dream life, their goals, their life like, what it feels like, what they do every day, how much money they’re making, what that would look like over the next six months, and also what exactly would need to happen to make the mastermind the best investment they have ever made.


And then we’re going to go make that happen. And because it’s only 8 women, I mean, the level of depth that you will get from me has never existed and going to be absolutely life-changing, not to mention the in-person retreat that is included, all the cost of the retreat minus airfare included in this experience that already I have pretty loosely planned because I want to see the group and and really tailor it but planned out some of the things that are going to happen and their actual experiences I’ve been through at other retreats and kind of pulled from a bunch of different places. It’s just going to be incredible. So if you haven’t applied and you’ve been on the fence and I know it’s been the holidays, like this is your push to explore something that guaranteed 100% will change your life, change your business, and create so much abundance and freedom and just fulfillment and happiness in your life. So you can go to It gives you the details. There’s an application I am personally responding to all applications like I’m texting with people. Because I am vetting all of these women to make sure they fit the values and the community and container I’m trying to create within this tight intimate container I have calls with a few of you who wanted to chat. So go there, get your application in. I will personally be reviewing them into the new year before we kick off and fill all those 8 spots. 


Alright, let’s dive into these 3 not random but different points I have today like I just didn’t have a theme for it, but I was like these are all important. So the first one I want to talk about is something that I think needs to be front and center when you think about any of your marketing next year. And it’s something that I’ve been really putting a lot of intention with and my time and energy as a Ceo has gone into more of our copy and social media that is going out. Because of how important I think this is and how I want to have a part in it and that is the importance of authenticity and connection next year I think like hands down number one. This will be the most important part of your marketing and it’s almost like we’ve been moving towards this every single year more and more and more and more but I feel that 2 things are happening. The economy is not in a great place and I mean I know firsthand a lot of businesses did not have the year that they hope to have even ones doing well didn’t do. As well as they want it or they maintained and so the economy is not in a great place I also know through hiring because we are thankfully still hiring still growing a lot of people are getting laid off and we are at that place and so when that happens people will not make buying decisions if they don’t feel a deep connection and trust to you.


Because they will be that much more hesitant to buy from you. Also, the second thing that’s happening is the noise online has only heightened year after year after year has increased the amount of content that is out there. The amount of options. There are so many options for podcasts and books and people that you can follow. It is overwhelming and so most people are going to have their kind of circle of people that they follow. And adding somebody new into their regular consumption rather whether that be social media or a podcast or a book or whatever is going to be harder because if we go back like five ten years ago over the last five to ten years the space was just not crowded so you could come on and you could talk about something like. Homesteading or working from home as a mom or marketing and it’s like you didn’t have all this noise and competition and so therefore it was so much easier to reach people and so the noise has just gotten louder and louder and louder and I think that is very true going into this coming year. That we are really doubling down on the need for authenticity and the need for what makes you different as a brand and as a business and that’s why I changed our entire marketing process this year that we go through with clients to align and identify their gifts and their values.

And their authentic edge and actually bring that into their marketing because I realized how important and critical. Not even important, like absolutely critical. Non-negotiable to success that was so I created a process around it. 


So every client who comes and works with us we go through this because this is so important. And I think that next year actually doing less with more depth and intention and therefore creating more connection is going to be the theme I think that we have. Gotten to a place in marketing where it’s like we can’t do everything we can’t be on every platform we can’t have all these funnels we can’t be live launching every month even myself like we are probably scaling back the amount that we live launch next month next year so that we can have even more depth and even more intention. To what we are doing and do it less but even better and bigger so authenticity and connection and really just like sitting with and thinking about how am I prioritizing this next year how am I making sure that I am. Not just doing the same thing for the sake of doing it or not just doing something because I saw somebody else do it but you are really digging into what is your authentic edge, what is your passion? Because if you go after your passion you will be so much more excited to talk about it and show up in that way and therefore you will stand out more and be more successful. 


So that’s my first point. My second point is a prediction I have that’s not included in our marketing predictions. But it’s just one that I think is important to talk about and I don’t know if I’m right or not. On this one I kind of hope that I am and I think I am but I also could just be in a circle of people who are very aware and so therefore I think this but I think we are not necessarily entering in a cycle. We’ve started to already be in this cycle where. People are hyper-aware of their screen time and the disconnection that their phones create and the internet and social media and all of that creates with them and their life and everything else right? outside of it. And so I think that there will be this movement. Two things will be impacted by this. I think there will be this movement of people who are much much more aware and honestly have stronger boundaries around this. And Lessen the amount of consumption that they have if I look at parenting for example, like my parents and my brothers are whatever the younger generation below millennial. What is it, like Gen X, we didn’t have screens for a while and then we had screens like for me, it was very heavy when I was 13 and so I know for some people it was when they’re older and then like my brothers it was when they were younger. 


And so when social media and iphones and all of those things started coming out. There weren’t a lot of like boundaries or fear around it or even an awareness about how bad it could be. And so people dove right into it without a lot of regulation without a lot of restrictions like in terms of parents then I look at my generation of parents and even like the younger generations than me I think I’m pretty ahead of the curve with this. But if I look at people who are like 25 you know 20 to 25 and maybe they’re not parents yet, but how they talk about it. We hate screens for our kids like I am so against screens for my kids and so aware of it and so long story short with this I think we’re going to go in a cycle where people actually consume less because we have. An awareness around it and everything ends up being a cycle right? So what does this mean for business? Well, number one, it means authenticity and connection are going to be so important because people might be consuming less than they do. But number 2, as a creator and as somebody who has a personal brand, has to show up on social media. It doesn’t have to, but I mean, that is what they built their business around. For me, it’s like I always kind of go back and forth with this concept or this, I don’t know, push and pull of like I want to be on social media and I enjoy having the platform and the impact and the connection. 


But I also don’t want to be tied to it like I want to have breaks from it. So it’s like this push and pull I have a lot, and I’ve played with a lot of different ways to make that work. But I think as a creator. And the fact that most businesses have to have a very strong social media presence, content presence, and really show up online to have that connection because even when you look at brands that are very corporate who don’t have a strong social media and online presence and connection. It’s possible to be successful, but it’s a lot harder to grow, I mean obviously depending on the industry, but it’s a lot easier to grow through content and through connection on a platform. And the opportunities are so big. But I think as a business it’s going to be now figuring out how to have that still. Have that connection like truly have that connection and also have a life outside of social media. I guess if I was going to boil down what I’m saying here I hope this is true but I really believe it’s true I think people over the next. 1 to 5 years are going to move in a direction where they value a life off of social media more than we have in the past ten years and I think it will be.


You know I know we have Ai and we have all these things coming and it’s very scary to think about. But I don’t think everybody’s going to do this. I just think as a collective people are becoming more and more conscious of this and are becoming more aware of it and so there will always be the people who don’t care. And are on their phones. You know 12 hours a day, just like there’s always the people that would watch Tv all day like I’m not talking about those people I’m talking about the general collective of people who are becoming more aware of the damaging impact that social media, our phones, and screens have on us and our kids. It’s going to put us in a cycle where we try to bring harmony back to our relationship with this which means as an online brand you will have to work harder for your content and make it. Very worth consuming. But also yeah, very worth consuming because if I don’t feel good consuming your content and I feel like it’s taken away from my family or my life off social media I’m just going to unfollow I’m just going to stop consuming. And I’m going to be very aware of the consumption I do have and then as a business I think that the goal is going to be how do we create a way to truly authentically show up and have a life off social media.


And I don’t know if this is just super present for me because it’s a goal of mine next year too but I think that I think that we’re going to be moving in this direction and building a business where you don’t always have to be on because the problem with being a content creator and having that be like. The life force of your business is you always have to be on and there’s definitely ways to batch content and all those things. But if you want to show up authentically on social media. You have to be on a certain amount of time. So finding that harmony. I think will be very present next year all right and the final note that I think will give you guys some inspiration that I want to share came through in the last forty-eight hours for me and. Haven’t even gotten to fully share this with my team. I’m partly saying this here to hold myself accountable to it. But every time I get space for my business days at a time, whether it’s to go on a trip and this time it’s been Christmas, I’m really good now at being fully offline. I don’t have anything on my phone. No notifications, no slack, no email, nothing and so when I’m off I am gone and I have a way for someone to get a hold of me if it’s needed and very urgent or get a bottleneck or something but I’m off and so I really disconnect.


So it’s been about a week of that now and as I was falling asleep a couple of nights ago which sometimes really good ideas come to me when I’m falling asleep I don’t know if that happens to you guys, but it does to me I think it’s because I’m in like a different subconscious state I had this voice literally come in my head that was like you need to take a month off and you need to fully disconnect. I was like what and it was very clear and it was like this and then it just kept recurring the next day I got up I drove to Crossfit and it was like I drive in silence when I drive to Crossfit like I think I wake up and it just kept very clear very loud and clear. You need to take a month off you need to be completely off social media and maybe work like half of a day a week to keep the company running which I have built a company that can do this so it’s not like I’m saying this where it’s like I’m going to just walk away from my company like I could not work. Because my company in terms of client delivery runs itself I am not involved in client delivery I will be involved in the mastermind that I’m launching which I would of course continue that involvement but I’m not involved in client delivery I’m very involved in my marketing and. Because I do a lot of live launches and I’m creating the content for that and I am doing social media I go on social media and do stories I create this podcast and so I kind of sat with it and it was like okay am I doing this in January and it was like no, you’re doing this in February I’m saying this to hold myself accountable.


Because you’re gonna use January to prep you’re gonna batch record content and basically what I got really clear on was that I needed to pause the rinse and repeat and the consumption and completely take a step back so that I could. Disconnect to reconnect to what I really want and as I was sitting there I realized like the last 3 to 4 years have been great and there’s been growth and there’s been ups and there’s been downs but I haven’t changed I mean I’ve changed stuff. And I have obviously changed but part of me feels like we are doing the same thing and that’s okay and I also am taking this company to 8 figures and so I was like well if you also keep doing. The same thing over and over again, you’re gonna keep getting the same results which has not been 8 figures yet for me and I don’t know the answer necessarily of what the path to 8 figures is gonna look like exactly to get me there but I have this strong feeling that if I disconnect completely for thirty days I will get the clarity. So why is this important to you guys? First of all, I am going to do this. I will share the journey and this will be huge for me personally because I’ve had my company now for almost ten years since I started in the online business world and I feel like since then.


I have worked very very hard and I have over time built up more structure and more team and the ability to step away like if I look back you know eight years ago I didn’t even really take time off when I had my first baby because I couldn’t and I was in full survival mode like. Needed to make money had a baby had my company and work to like the next day after having a baby and that was my reality and that is what I had to do to build to where I am today now I can take off you know weeks at a time unplug and have this freedom because I built a team and I built structure and I I built a true business. But I still have stayed pretty connected like there was 1 time where I did like sixty days and I had no Instagram and that was great but I struggle with it because it’s like I want to show up on Instagram and but I also want the break and it’s. So freeing when you actually like detox from the addiction and so I haven’t had a period of time a month maybe since I had even when I had William I mean it was COVID and everything was changing and I had to be involved. So for me, I haven’t had a period of time where I have a bunch of white space and I intentionally don’t fill it with anything like work projects. But I just see where it goes, see what happens and to me, I disconnect to that level. So not really for 30 days not being on social media not being in email not being in slack. 


What I probably will do is have like a half of a day where I do team meetings. And I connect with my direct reports who are running the company and give them what they need, give them the answers, check in and then I’ll work with the mastermind ladies and that will be it for thirty days that will be very hard for me. But what? what really became clear was like you. Need to pause that continual like rinse repeat rhythm and structure and pattern and just everything to get clarity on what you want to do. And what’s next or to just detox and so I’m sharing this because I think that if we really sit back as Ceos and think about how much we are on like even me who has. A lot of boundaries in place. I mean I still every day have a lot of decisions and clouded stimulation that has to be taking away from my creativity, from my ideas and from clarity.


And so I mean this completely could not resonate with you or it could and it’s not really about not working hard that really doesn’t resonate with me. It’s about putting myself in a very temporary situation like in the big scheme of things thirty days is not a lot of time very temporary situation where I can disconnect from all of the outside stimulus slack email Instagram Facebook. Everything limits my connection to my company to half a day where I meet with my team so that everything does still run. Okay, which I have a team of 22 full-time employees. So my company can run without me. That is something I’ve built and it’s also something a lot of the mastermind women are looking for my support with . The most rewarding part of a business is when it truly is a business and you get to step away like this and batch record content. So that I have a break completely from content for thirty days which I have not had that in forever and just. Connect and serve with the mastermind woman which will be so easy because that is not going to be my business right? So it’s probably going to give me a ton of ideas because I’ll be working in other people’s business and pouring into them. But it’s disconnecting from my business. 


It’s disconnecting from the things we have done for years that I haven’t questioned because I haven’t had the space to question so that came through to me and so for you thinking about in 2024 I believe a lot of things are shifting I think the economy is probably not going to get better. For a little while but I also think with that usually like when the economy goes down and then it goes back up like something usually happens there and there’s a lot of opportunity just because the economy is not doing well doesn’t mean there’s not success out there but you have to get more creative like that’s the biggest thing within the economy. Not doing well is you can’t keep doing things the same way we did them and we are in a place where I think we are going to have to get creative in how we show up, how we sell, how we market how we run our business and I am going to 8 figures soon and so I know. I need to create some separation temporary separation to get the clarity for what I’m not seeing when I’m still very much in it as much as I’ve created boundaries and separation. 


It’s still very much in it in the week to week because I want to be like I don’t even have to be. I want to be because it’s an addiction to be needed all the time and have all these messages you have to respond to and like check on things if you really like boil it down. It is an addiction so purging that and seeing what clarity comes through and and I wrote this like I journaled as soon as it came through and was like I have this big push like I have to do this and I don’t know what it’s it’s going to bring but I am doing it and so if that brings you inspiration. Maybe for you it’s a week, maybe it’s a month, maybe you get to do it longer, but I do think creating separation from the stimulation from the noise from the chaos that we don’t even realize is our everyday life but it is is so important and so no matter how that looks for you bringing that in to 2024.


Right? You guys? Well, the last thing I’ll say is thank you. Thank you for being with me this year. It has been the most transformational year for me personally and a lot of you guys have witnessed that I go back, side note go back to Costa Rica in January, I haven’t shared what I’m doing. I’m not going to share until after because last time I shared it and then it didn’t end up being what it really was if you know you know? But I anticipate 2024 to be an amazing year of more growth. More leaning into the unknown and the unplanned and the magic and the possibility and showing up here in many ways and I have a feeling that there’s going to be some new things emerging. Next year throughout the year as I lean into these new sides of me and leveraging my gifts in new ways. So thank you for being with me this year. If you’re new, thank you for joining and my promise into 2024 is to bring the most amount of value I possibly can bring to you on this podcast as well as full transparency and authenticity because that is the only way I know how to do it. Have a very Happy New Year you guys and I’ll talk to you next week.