In this podcast episode, I’m revealing exactly how you can bring in extra cash into your business WHENEVER you feel like it. When you have a warm audience that is tapped in and aligned with the transformation of your offers, it’s easy to facilitate a cash injection, despite the traditional “rules” of launching and sales. I’m also sneaking in some tangible, step-by-step strategies that you can implement into your business today!


I’ll be sharing:

  • The importance of audience growth and how you can consistently grow and nurture a warm audience to generate these fast sales.
  • Various cash-injection strategies that we use within Hirsh Marketing and with our clients.
  • The importance of crafting irresistible offers and creating urgency to prompt action.
  • How to curate effective messaging that ​​addresses customer pain points and provides clear paths to solutions.
  • My real-life example of the power of marketing and relationship-building.


Your audience is the ultimate secret weapon for fast and easy sales, but you have to learn the art of combining effective communication and relationship building with these practical marketing strategies that work every single time.


Tune in for my tried-and-true methods for how to generate cash quickly in your business.


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Emily Hirsh:


Hello and welcome back to the podcast. I hope you guys are having a great week. I wanted to do this episode because I just feel like a lot of businesses right now, especially but of course always, may benefit from some very, very tried and true strategies on how to generate cash quickly in your business. And these are strategies that I use, we use with clients. They are my go-to if we need to create a cash infusion or generate some more cash. I mean, every business runs into those situations where whatever scenario might come up and it might be a tax bill. It might be… There’s an extra pay period that month like whatever it is, you want to invest in something. The very cool thing about having a business and a warm audience is you can choose to generate cash and make strategic decisions to do that. 


Now, for the most part, generating cash quickly is reliant upon you having a warm audience and so this is where the businesses that prioritize consistently lead generation, consistent audience growth, consistent nurturing of those two groups get massive payoffs and so I can’t emphasize enough that if right now you are not seeing growth in your audience meaning not just people who follow you in the follower number on your social media but the actual people consuming your content and engaging with your brand so that might be podcast downloads or people actually consuming your social media watching videos. And your leads If you’re not seeing growth in both of those things then that would be my priority number one for you because I just cannot tell you enough how much of an asset it is for a business to have a warm audience and if something ever were to happen or to come up. Where you really need to generate cash If you have a warm audience and you have an email list every single time you can do that because all it is is a matter of an irresistible offer creating an irresistible offer that you can put out there or position to get people to buy because people will buy. If you do that part right? People will buy so these strategies while yes, you can use them, specifically one of them without an audience and leads most of them are really dependent on having an audience having leads and seeing consistent growth with that so that you know in a couple of months you can do this. 


This is something that I actually recommend doing about every three months with your marketing because it creates that cash infusion for your business. It also allows you to see a lot of payoff. Time and money investments. You’ve maybe previously had around growing your audience growing your email list. So here are my strategies. Before I dive into the strategies I want to state this in order for this to work. The most important thing. What needs to happen is that you nail the messaging, meaning whatever you’re selling, your offer if you had a bonus like I’m going to talk about in a second, whatever you’re doing to create this cash. The messaging, the communication, the copy, the emotion, the angles, and the offer itself have to be really, really good because if you can do that then it will be very easy for people to buy and for you to sell whatever it is you want to sell where people get messed up. Is. They don’t do this right? and then they go do a promotion and their offer and their offer positioning is off and nobody buys and then they think it’s the strategy or it’s the business or it’s the ads and it’s really the offer. 


So I actually very soon am going to be doing a training on creating an irresistible offer and even having a container and offer an offer for you guys to join that was going to help you do this so keep an eye out for that if you’re on our email list but that’s very important because if you can. Create the feeling when someone sees your product, your offer, your service and they’re like I have to have this like this is so good for the price that is being offered I have to have this like it’s a no-brainer then selling becomes so easy. But the way that happens is through connecting to your ideal customer’s pain, frustration, desire and tying that back to your offer and creating a very clear like cannot argue with path around how they will solve their problem, achieve a desire. Okay, so here are the strategies. The first one is a flash sale or a promotion. This is super easy to implement super straightforward and requires a warm audience and an email list. You can do a flash sale in the form of a discount. You can do a flash sale in the form of just saying hey we have x amount of spots. For our service this month or this week that we’re opening up it doesn’t always have to be a discount although that can definitely work. I wouldn’t do that more than like 1 or 2 times a year. I think overdoing discounts really makes your audience looking for those and not buying and and can be very overdone especially with e-commerce and actually overall hurt your sales because you’re doing them too much so I usually say like 1 to 2 times a year black Friday and the holidays are a great time to do discounts if you want to do them but you can also just say. 


We’re going to bundle these offers There’s like so many things you can do. We’re going to bundle these offers. We’re going to add this bonus. We are going to do a discount as an option. We have this many spots or maybe we’re opening the doors because they’re normally closed like whatever you can do. The key is urgency. So. When you want to create cash fast. You have to create and explain through an irresistible offer whether that’s a new offer, a bonus added or new wrapping paper around your offer and then there has to be a reason for people to take action now and to buy it right now and that’s what will create the cash infusion for your business. So a flash sale, a promotion of an existing offer is extremely simple to do. You choose your offer. Ideally, you’re choosing an offer that you’ve already sold you’ve already proven. You know it’s a good offer. You know people want it and you create buzz around it through a discount through a bonus through spots opening through the doors opening through. The doors are going to close on this date through. We’re going to do an entire bonus series if you joined by and state like there is so much opportunity now, I will say whatever you choose to do to create the urgency the better it relates to objections.


And it relates to your audience associating getting what they want faster and easier the better it will do so discounts are a little bit different than that I mean because discounts just kind of speak for themselves because cash is king but. If you’re not doing a discount which you don’t have to and I don’t recommend like I said overdoing it whenever you do add in if it’s bundling a product or it’s a bonus or something you want it to create the experience of this being such a no brainer even more than. What it did before than your offer before and it’s like if I add this bonus where I’m going to audit this thing or I’m going to give you a custom strategy or I am going to meet with you one on one so we can do this like those things are what people are like oh well if I have the offer that I already know is good and then I add this thing with it. Then I know that there’s an even higher chance I’m going to achieve my result so that’s what you want to do so flash sale promotion that can be done. You know, usually those are done in like a 3 to five-day period where you just promote it and it goes to your warm audience. It goes to your email list. It goes to your social media following your content following. And you just have some strategic promotion emails, social posts like it’s super simple. The biggest thing is messaging and so when we have a client who we need to make sales and typically we’ve been growing their email list and growing their audience for months like we do this once a quarter.


And we plan out a cash infusion and an opportunity to capitalize on all those leads and we create a promotion and it generates sales and it brings in cash for leads and an audience that we’ve already paid for with money and time and energy the second thing you can do and kind of hinted at this but I did pull this out as a separate one and that’s a new bonus. So I did say use a bonus like I would count this under like kind of a flash sale promotion type of category. But 1 thing that. I frequently do, especially with businesses even like myself where we’re selling the same thing every single month of the year. We don’t know we sometimes come up with new offers or new things. But we’re ultimately like driving people to our core offers to make it sound fresh and. To bring some new wrapping paper to it or push people over the edge who maybe have been considering I will come up frequently with new bonuses that we can leverage to get people in. And I’m always changing these because I want them to be very valuable and I also don’t want them to be predictable and I also don’t want like if we have a bonus it truly is rare that you’re going to get access to that bonus like we’re not going to offer it again and so therefore if you love this bonus here’s your reason to buy now now.


I’ve talked about this before on the podcast I think if you go back like 4 or 5 episodes I have a specific episode about bonuses. So I would go listen to that episode. But as a just high-level reiteration strategic bonuses have to be associated with. Getting to their end result faster or easier and or addressing objections that people may have which usually is time and money. So if you show them that through this bonus they can get to their result faster and easier then they will likely pull the trigger in by. I love using seasonal bonuses too. So if there’s something coming up in this season, this time of year, this time of business. You know this time in your audience’s life that you can throw in an extra bonus that’s related to that super powerful. So I think if you look at. The summer you know and fitness people are wanting to get in shape for the summer starting really in the spring which is coming up. Is there some sort of bonus that you can leverage that would help someone do that and add on to your offer or if you’re in business. It’s like q 1 q 2 planning or q 1 kind of audit of their business and so all different types of things based on what your audience is going through in this season of the year and their life and their business and their relationships that you can leverage.


One mistake that I did mention in this last podcast episode too that I’ll reiterate because it is so so important is bonuses don’t mean just more. It doesn’t mean let me give you 5 other courses and videos because I think that that’s valuable if I just give you more information. That actually oftentimes does the opposite of what we want it to do because what do people associate more information with like if someone told you hey by this offer that you’re going to have to spend time going through naturally to get the result that you want you’re already like I’m a little hesitant am I going to do it am I going to implement it and then also hey. If you buy right now I’ll give you another 5 hours of videos and trainings that are my life’s work and they’re so amazing and they’re so valuable but they are 5 hours of trainings and I’ll just give those to you? What would your reaction be would you be like oh yeah now I really want to buy this offer would you be like another 5 hours of trainings like. Already don’t know if I can go through this offer and get the result with the time that I have I don’t I definitely don’t think I can spend another 5 hours going through this content I’m sure the content is good I’m sure it’s valuable but is that really going to get me what I want faster and easier probably not It’s probably going to do the opposite. So I’ve had a lot of clients who have come in and said oh well our bonuses are like. You get this course and you get this course and you get this course because they’ve created a lot and I’m like that’s not like love that I’m sure they’re very valuable. That’s not how we want to use bonuses because that does not create the association with speed and ease.


So a new bonus you would treat like a flash promotion. You would say between this state and this state if you sign up if you buy you also get this bonus and you have really good messaging around that and push people over the edge to get into your offer. The next option that you can do for generating cash is you can create a new mini offer. Now be careful with this one because if your current offer is not selling successfully and this is going to take away from the effort and the energy into getting your offer to sell successfully. And probably wouldn’t do this one if your current offer is selling successfully and you want to create scale in your business and more revenue and you have an audience of people who are not quite ready for your core offer. This can be an amazing way. To create cash for your business. You have a mini offer or like basically a downsell and the goal with a downsell needs to be very intentional with number one. It’s created for the people not ready for your core offer. Number 2 if someone buys it you are creating ideal customers for your core offer. So if I buy your downsell and I apply it and I do everything you said in it or I apply the product. Whatever, now I have even more reason to buy your main product.


Or your main offer your main service and so when you can master a product suite where you create ideal customers from all levels is something I’ve been doing in my own business. Especially the last year and we’re continuing that with this new offer coming out then your opportunity to. Gaol into the multiple 7 to 8 figures increases because now you have this ecosystem, this product suite that meets people where they’re at and creates ideal customers all within them. But you do have to be careful. This is usually. Something that you’re not really doing until you’ve hit the million-dollar mark there are exceptions to that. But like I said, you have to be careful if this is going to take away from your core offer that you’re trying to promote and sell and it’s just it’s not where you want it to be yet. This is probably not the answer. But if it is and you want to create more cash and you are building a big audience and an email list and you have this group of people who are not ready which you likely will you know a larger percentage of people are not ready and haven’t bought your offer yet than have this could be a great option for you. Okay, and then the final way to generate cache quickly and this is the only way that you could leverage cold traffic all the ones I said before are for the most part like maybe the downsell to cold traffic but probably not a flash sale, a promotion. 


A new bonus to your existing offer a downsell offer to your audience to create ideal customers for your core offer. Those all really depend on having some warm traffic, having an audience, having an email list to actually run the promotion to this one. You can leverage cold traffic if you wanted which is a live launch and there is no question that live launches almost always convert higher than evergreen because the buzz the energy the connection. The engagement that leads to higher sales. Because people feel the connection they have more clarity they go through essentially an experience that brings them to becoming to sale. However, we obviously can’t live launch every single week in our business and an ideal.


Consistency of live launching is like every three months but if you need to generate some sales and you want to create more buzz and energy in your business around your product around just engaging with you. A live launch could be a great option. You could do a live challenge. You could do a you know live webinar. You could do a 2 three part series and think about the live launch as the experience that you want to create to lead people into your offer. I love using seasonal marketing for live launches as well. So if there’s something coming up around this time of season. It’s a great opportunity to like do a challenge related to what your audience needs right now or have a webinar that the topic is exactly what they need right now in this season because for every business and every ideal customer there are seasons that people go through where where a certain problem is maybe heightened more or a desire is heightened more and we can speak to that in valuable content through a live launch which comes across very fresh, very exciting, very new and creates that engagement required for converting and getting people to convert. So I might do a podcast. Specifically on live launches I probably have I’m sure done multiple but maybe I’ll do a specific like live launch strategy podcast in the coming weeks. But this is a great way to also just if you’re feeling like your marketing has been stale or you’re not getting a lot of sales and you want to create cash you want to create a buzz.


You can bring cold traffic and of course if you have warm traffic. You’ll bring them into the live launch but creating an experience and leveraging that free experience to then sell your product your offer your service will lead to sales. Now. There’s a lot that goes into a live launch. There’s a lot around the messaging around the experience which the experience plays into the emails that are being sent and the communication within the live launch. The content of the live launch like a live launch done well is a piece of art because everything is intentional and. Really epic and an experience that you can create for people in your audience that you know a positive experience that brings someone clarity brings someone the ability to to see a pathway to understand something that they didn’t before. To address a frustration or a mistake that they were making and be able to see those next steps and then lead them to your offer is the magic of marketing and it is very fun when you can do it right. Our team will plan out live launches for clients from the topics to the content to like what that experience is and it’s It’s one of the most important pieces of live launches is what the experience actually is that you’re creating within the live launch I’ll give you an example.


I have a friend who I met here in Austin. She listens to this podcast and I met her at the coffee shop in Austin and she just started following me on social media which then led her to our ultimate Facebook ads challenge and she took that challenge twice now. Second time that she took the challenge at the end she was like I just I have to sign up for essential like I know that it is the right thing for my business but she shared with me how she never would have known that essential is the right thing if she wouldn’t have gone through. My challenges and then in between my challenges consuming all my content. My emails this podcast she said because that’s what gave her the clarity of like these are the steps like she’s an entrepreneur. She’s a solo entrepreneur. She’s have a teen like she’s doing this on her own. And so she’s like the overwhelm of like what to do next with all the ideas I have like made no sense to me I knew I needed marketing but I didn’t know what I needed to do and so now after taking 2 challenges of yours and. Consuming the content in between in your podcast read emails before converting that also speaks to the power of marketing. And that it can take time to create that experience build that relationship build that trust. But when the time is right and your time over and over again your job in your marketing and your nurturing is to continue to convince people and show them genuinely show them that they need what you have. And like consistency in that is so important when the time was now right? She was so clear she wasn’t going to even look at other companies. It was like I know that I need this this I need to join essential. She joined that day and she’s in there. So that’s just such a great example too of of marketing and the time that it can take in the relationships. But. If you need to generate cache fast a live launch can also be a great option. A great experience if you nail all of the components to the experience which does take some a lot of intention if you’re like well I would just love a team to plan all of this.


For me to plan my live launch and plan the email sequences and maybe even write the email sequences but tell me what to do and what I should create as an experience based on my ideal customers’ pain, frustration and desires then you can go to you can fill out our application. We have. Multiple options based on where you are in your business right now from barely selling your offer to already making $1000000 like we have a way to help those businesses and we have catered our packages to help those businesses. So if you go to You can fill out our application and book a call. We are close to having to waitlist our strategy calls every single offer starts with a one-on-one strategy call and we’ve just had so many new incredible clients coming in especially after our challenge that we did recently. So if you’re even thinking about it like in February or March I would talk with our team. Now because we want to get you on the books, get the strategy going like it takes that intentional time. So Alright you guys, I will talk to you on Thursday!