In this podcast episode, I’m talking all about what’s NOT working for marketing in 2024. This episode is a bit of a “rant” where I’m really going there and talking about how the collective mindset of trying to appease everybody is killing our sales and business growth. Buyers are craving to be led and inspired and it’s our job to stay innovative and willing to be agile in the ever-changing landscape that is digital marketing.


I’ll be sharing:

  • The significance and impact authenticity has on your marketing and business growth.
  • How important it is to align your messaging with your core values and passions.
  • How a lack of genuine connection with your audience will kill your sales.
  • Why you want to avoid presenting a false persona or mimicking other strategies that appear to be working for other people.
  • Why it’s imperative you stay innovative and embrace new strategies if you want to be competitive in 2024.


Being a visionary leader takes bravery and being willing to create polarity within your audience. You can’t be magnetic and attract your ideal, aligned customers without repelling some people as well.


Tune in for an important conversation about how cancel culture and fear should not be dictating how we conduct our business and lead our audiences.


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Emily Hirsh: 


Hello, my friends! Welcome back to the podcast. I hope you guys are having a great Thursday. I will be on my second week completely off. I don’t know, off-grid, offline when this episode comes out, so I can’t wait to go through that experience and then come back and share the takeaways with you guys. I am doing a full, at least thirty days, where I am literally locked out of my social media on purpose, locked out of my Slack, and have a few key team members who are going to be able to text me and get a hold of me as needed. But I’m really unplugging from the day-to-day as an experiment and experience to see what levels of creativity and clarity come through with that level of disconnection. So anyways, I will be in the middle of that, and I’m excited. I’m super excited and also really, really grateful because it’s such a cool example and just a moment to celebrate everything that I’ve built over the last, especially like 4 to 5 years with my team because honestly, that’s an entrepreneur’s dream like being able to not work for thirty days and have an entire company not just survive but thrive in terms of new sales, new clients, current clients, like fully managed. Not even like our clients won’t even know that I’m gone because there will be no disruption to their service because I’m not involved in it. I have a leadership team and I have an entire delivery team that is absolutely incredible and you know all built through my process and my strategies and you know taken into creating such a bigger impact. So I’m very grateful and also proud of that, alright? So today’s episode might be a little ranty, you guys like it when I get there but I really felt inspired to do this because of one particular situation. 


First of all, I do think that we as a collective are going through a pretty big shift like I think this year is going to be pretty big. I think for a lot of reasons. There’s the election. There is where the economy is. There is, where you know AI and social media and just overall, where people are happening and I don’t know if you feel it but I definitely feel this shift happening and almost like people are shifting the way that they want to live and connect and communicate into this like new era of the digital world and I see this huge movement of people doing things like what I’m doing like unplugging from social media for thirty days and really bringing back some more harmony around consumption and realizing too. How completely unbalanced our nervous systems are. As a society and like what that means and there’s just a lot more people waking up to that which is going to like that’s one of the things that is going to shift so much online which impacts all of your businesses. So I have a friend who hasn’t worked with us as a client and she also has our marketing in-house now. But I was giving some advice as a friend on their marketing and I noticed something that really stood out to me that I think is really valuable to share so this is where this episode came from. Around the 4 things that are going to definitely guarantee your numbers aren’t going to be so good this year because I know that these things are going to be so important the first one being what inspired this episode so I was watching somebody’s marketing who is a successful business owner and.


I could immediately see something really off with it that stood out to me and it wasn’t that it was bad marketing. It was intentional marketing. It was strategic marketing. I could see what they were doing and like the messaging in it and um the intention behind it. It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t shady. I just knew it wasn’t going to work and I now confirmed that by being able to see and talk about the backend numbers. But here’s why it didn’t work. This strategy and entire promotion had a very inauthentic feeling. And I think every business owner this year who operates from the place of trying to quote do what works and puts themselves into a box. Because they’re trying so hard to sound a certain way to appease everybody to fit this mold of what they should be doing are not going to see success. And so this particular strategy that I saw and like the messaging that I saw I could tell that it wasn’t authentic to that person and not just because I know that person like I don’t I’m not like best friends with them. 


You just could tell like you could tell that their team told her to record this video and say this and she just followed along like a robot and did it and her heart wasn’t in it I guess is what I’m trying to say and you could tell that it really lacked authenticity and. Emotion and connection from the person recording the video and it just stood out so loudly to me that I was like oh like this this literally feels like I could tell you I mean yes I have more behind the scenes of like how these things work but I could tell you I know 100% she had a list of videos. Her team told her to record because they looked and saw like oh this would be a good angle and this is what people can do, so she did it. She may or may not have even enjoyed it but she just followed it along because she’s like this is what people will like this is what people will do. And you could feel that in the content in the ads in all of it. It’s like this is not authentic, like this is not true like you don’t believe what you’re saying you’re just saying it because you want to get the leads or you want to see success and this is what you think you should do. And sure enough the launch wasn’t converting as well as it had in the past like I found out later and so it made me really realize like in the last six months one of the things that I’ve really shifted towards is our identifying a line and getting entrepreneurs to take a stand for what they believe in. 


For what their values are, for what they’re passionate about, for what they love, for what lights them up because that is true magnetism like when you come across someone who is like. So in their power they’re so passionate about what they’re talking about and so confident and it is like so true to them. You want more of that. But if you come across someone who you can tell is saying what they’re saying to uphold a persona. You can tell you can tell these things and people are waking up to that even more so this was like I don’t know a September that I created or identify in a line step and it’s because I recognize then how important this was going to be this year which is really developing true authenticity and I almost want to call this like fake marketing where you’re trying like you’re the face of a brand and. You’re trying to please everybody so you really don’t have any true values or beliefs or statements you can make or passionate things because you’re afraid to say something wrong.


And this is for sure what I saw from this launch was this person was following other people’s scripts like her passion and her connection to her audience had died and this happens when a business grows. Sometimes because the founder is no longer connected to the ideal customer and the customers and the audience because everything’s being run by a team. That’s why it’s so important to have company values. And develop a culture around those values. So that as you move out of the business. Your team can still stand strongly in those but having. Ah, marketing strategy where you’re trying to please everybody and therefore you don’t really have any conviction or passion in what you’re saying because you don’t even like care like doing it with the motivation of this is what I should be doing because this this is what someone told me to do and I think this will convert. Is going to be so loud now online and like I promise you you guys probably can sense this too. I mean when you see someone do that You don’t believe them. But then when you see someone with true emotion and passion in what they’re saying and if you are their ideal customer. You will gravitate towards that.


And everybody can’t be your ideal customer like we are in a time in our society where you don’t want to relate to everybody. You don’t want to make everybody happy like you have to learn how to be okay with repelling the wrong fit people. And if you’re so terrified of doing that which I think cancel culture has contributed to that and I really empathize with that fear. But the reality is I also think that somebody who is so true in their integrity and their values and. Intentional with their words and their actions that are also backed by those values and backed by their own passion and knowledge and experience can’t be canceled ah can’t truly be canceled so this fear of like having to have everybody like me and I have to sound you know, not offend anybody or not repel anybody or not say something that somebody might not like is going to water down your messaging lose your authenticity lose your passion. And ultimately lose your connection with your audience which is going to 100 % impact your marketing. So the first thing on my list of what is not going to fly in 2024 is this fake messaging in your marketing, this inauthentic messaging.


And trying to do things with the motivation of oh this will convert. Yes, we’re all here for our stuff to convert. We’re all here to get sales. But if you are doing things that feel out of integrity to you or outside of your values or. You’re not excited about them or you’re just doing it because someone told you to do it. That is an invitation and a red flag to pause right there and get back into alignment and I you know believe me now or come back in six months and say I was right people feel that. Especially today, especially with the amount of noise and distrust people have online. They’re going to feel inauthenticity and so if you are in a position where you are so focused on following somebody else’s template or what you think is going to work because this sounds right? or this sounds good or this sounds too good to be true or this sounds like everybody’s going to love this. But I just don’t align with it, I just don’t feel good about it. You need to pause and this happens to me like there are things that either some I see someone do or someone tells me I should do and I think about it for a minute and I can feel like ah no I can never do that.


Like I could never do that. It’s just not in alignment with me and it’s not that that thing is bad. It’s not that there’s a right or a wrong. There is an in alignment and an out alignment feeling right? and your alignment needs to be backed by values and it needs to be backed by your experience and your beliefs and your values and what you are here to do with your business and in this world and if we start operating trying to please other people or because we think this will quote convert we’re going to move so far away from that. So for this one. My invitation is for you to really get clear on what your values are, on what your voice is and are you watering things down because you are so afraid of upsetting someone or you know. Making someone feel I don’t know what’s the word I’m looking for upsetting someone and making them feel insulted insulting someone because there is a lot of fear and I get it as a content creator. But again if what you’re doing is backed in integrity and intention. And your experience then I don’t think that you can be canceled so that’s the first thing is fake marketing fake messaging in your marketing. The second thing really goes right into that but I want it to have its own thing. Which is a lack of authenticity like if you lack authenticity this year I promise you you will not stand out. There’s sinesses is lway too much noise. There are way too many options out there for people to consume podcasts and social media content. And people are looking for others that they can see themselves in or they can feel inspired by and we’re not inspired by boring like we’re not inspired by somebody trying to be somebody else and we can sense that in a second. Nobody has a built success trying to fully be somebody else so lacking authenticity in your messaging in your content in your strategy in the experiences you create in the offer you sell will negatively impact your marketing this year those 2 things kind of went together and then these next two things go together and this is a little bit separate from that experience but the experience I saw in the conversation I had inspired that because it was very obvious to me what was happening and I think it’s something that used to work for playing in that safe zone of let me just do what I think people want to hear and it’s almost like I don’t know I almost want to use the word manipulative. But I don’t.


Maybe because if you’re not being authentic. It’s like you’re not being truthful so the next two things are not related to that situation but I think are important. So this one is not willing to try new things and not willing to pivot and stay on your toes. This is going to be the year of like you’re going to have to get creative. You’re going to have to try new things, you’re going to have to experiment. You’re going to have to just keep moving forward with actions and experiences and experiments and trying new things and seeing what works that might be a live launch. It might be. Testing out a new product. It might be testing a new funnel and might be testing different content styles like this is the year of movement and consistency in that and being willing to try things and do things that maybe won’t work because those will lead to things that will. And this is related to kind of where the economy is. I think that when the economy is in a tougher place. The ability to pivot and stay on your toes and stay lean and stay open and think outside the box and try different things is really important and the businesses who are very resistant to that are going to probably face a lot of obstacles and resistance and their growth.


Because this truly is the year where it’s like you’re going to have to change up the way you’ve been doing things which leads me to my last thing of doing the same thing and expecting different results. Every friend I have, every entrepreneur, every successful 1, 7, 8 figures has had to change a tremendous amount in the last six months offers, messaging, strategy, funnels the level of intention and energy that is having to go into marketing to get it to convert. You need it to convert like how can you have a business if you’re not bringing in new customers every month regardless of the economic recession. Whatever, we have to grow our business and I do not subscribe to scarcity around the economy. But I do know that even myself it’s like we have to be on it. Have to be focused. We have to be intentional and we have just had some of our best weeks, but it’s because we are focused. We are open. We are staying on our toes and we’re listening and we are taking action around that and we are never not in motion. Intentional motion but doing the exact same thing you’ve been doing for years is a sure path to frustration with your growth because when the economy shifts when society shifts, when the online space shifts, when the marketing space shifts, when product needs offer needs shift.

If your business doesn’t shift. It will get left behind like we have to evolve and you see this in every single successful company. I did my episode on Abercrombie and Fitch and I couldn’t believe how long they’ve been in business and they were like an outdoor clothing sports shop. Or something when they started ah over a hundred years ago every business that has been here for a long period of time has had to pivot has had to adapt and if you look at companies who have failed and had to shut down and went out of business.


Typically the storyline is they stopped listening to their customers. They stopped listening and they stopped taking action and they stopped shifting and changing things and responding to economy to society to their audience to their customers to their weeds and then therefore their business eventually. Collapsed so I don’t at all subscribe to the fear I almost want to put it and have the feeling behind it of excitement because there’s so much opportunity if you just take a step back and you widen your view. And you widen the box that you’re operating in and you step outside of that and you get creative and you ask better questions. The opportunities are really exciting and there is going to be a lot of opportunity and then you know you see in tougher economic times like incredible companies are born or they make shifts that blow up for them in those times. So there’s also a lot of opportunity for the business owners willing to really trust and be open to the unknown but also. Not stay in the box that they’ve been in for the last several years so those are my 4 things that I think are very important for all CEOs to be aware of because we are the visionary of our company like your employees or contractors are not going to be like hey.


I think that we need to have more authenticity like you’re leading that right? As a CEO you are leading the values, the voice, the vision, the actions, the direction that your company is going in and so if you stay in the box and you become so disconnected from everything I’m not talking about disconnected in terms of actual tasks you’re doing but emotionally disconnected then you will see an impact from it. And all of these things are kind of symptoms of that disconnection and that like getting stuck in a pathway that we predetermined but then like putting blinders on and not paying attention to everything around us. Alright you guys I hope you found this helpful and I will talk to you next week!