In this podcast episode, I’m giving you the 3 ingredients you need to create an irresistible offer that everyone wants! More often than not, when my agency is pulled in to look at a marketing strategy that has not been working, the problem is the offer. Not you, not the value or the transformation that you’re providing. You might even have a warm audience. It’s simply that your offer is packaged in a way that does not connect or inspire your ideal customer. Therefore, it WILL NOT SELL. With these 3 ingredients, you’re going to revamp your offer and optimize it so that it starts attracting and converting your ideal customers ASAP.


I’ll be sharing:


  • The importance of understanding the customer’s pain, frustration, and desires.
  • Solutions tailored to address customer pain points effectively.
  • How to refine and optimize your messaging for the most clarity and impact.


PLUS my new program, Emerge, that helps you do exactly this with the support of my expert marketing team!


When you have an irresistible offer that your audience can’t WAIT to get their hands on, sales and scaling your business comes fast and feel EASY.


Tune in to this episode where I’m pulling back the curtain and showing you exactly how to pull in more sales before the end of Q1 and achieve your biggest revenue goals.


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Emily Hirsh:


Hello, my friends. Welcome back to the podcast. I hope you guys are having an amazing week. I cannot believe we are heading into March. Like, actually, what the heck? Time just flies. Like, I try hard to slow it down, but I feel like my life is just so full in all the best ways. Between travel, kids, activities, birthday parties, and life, time just goes so fast. So we are in the last month of Q1 of this year, which is wild, and a great time to reflect and go into the next quarter with fresh… I am very much feeling I am stepping into a season of a lot of new things. A lot of fresh energy. Tearing some things down to rebuild some things. Like, lots of exciting announcements coming from me with my thirty days off, the ideas, the shifts. It’s so good, and I’m so excited to be sharing all of that. Today, I wanted to do a little podcast episode, kind of a recap of a training I taught the other day. So I did a two-part series. The first day was all about how to develop an irresistible offer. And then the second day was how to sell that irresistible offer. I want to talk about on today’s episode how to actually create the irresistible offer and give you guys the recap, obviously not the full thing from that training like the cliff note version. And break down the way that I broke down how to create an irresistible offer in 3 ingredients and what those 3 ingredients are. But before I dive into that, I have a super exciting announcement, which is we have now publicly announced the launch of our new foundational program, Emerge. This has been planned since September, so we’ve been working on it for months. And this program is designed to help you at that first phase where you need to create, build, and sell your offer to validate it.


Then build a marketing strategy around it, build a funnel around it. So it’s a ninety-day one-time program that will take you through specific phases like literally week by week, day by day, how to go from square one to actually making sales organically. So no paid ads and no multi-step webinar funnel, like we are straight to the goal of making sales. And so it’s a ninety-day experience; it is a combination of trainings, templates. Everything needed each week, like, you know me, every single week is broken down with like here are your to-dos, here are your actions, here are your steps, here’s the training you need to go with it, and then combined with coaching. So there’s a weekly live coaching call, and then there is a. Weekly what we call a get shit done call. I’ve done these before in other programs and they’ve been really successful which is show up and get shit done. It’s accountability as well as a private community. The goal is that this will help you validate an offer and make those first few sales. And then you can move into something like Essential where we build a marketing strategy around it if you are interested in joining. We’re actually having you book calls because I changed this kind of towards the last minute with a gut feeling of I want to make sure we put people exactly where they’re right and meant to be based on where they are in their business. 


So if you go to then it’s all the information about emerge and you can book totally free. We made it super easy. It goes right to a Calendly link. You can book a call, you can make sure Emerge is a fit, make sure it’s not Essential. Make sure you have the right steps and you’re taking the right steps and we’re going to do this round alive. So we’re starting the first week of March. We’ll be enrolling people into that week and then this first round everybody’s going to kind of go through it together which is a really cool opportunity. It means there’s going to be extra support. Like you guys get to have hey I need this and we can add that into the program because that’s how I create my offers is obviously create the best possible path but then also see where people get stuck and add things in um I forgot to mention also 2 of the coolest parts about the program are you will get to personalize audits. So once you create your offer using my process using my strategy. Our team is actually going to review it and give you feedback on the offer itself on the way it’s structured on the pricing on everything related to it that way you have the confidence to actually go out and sell that. And then the second place that you’re going to get personalized one-on-one feedback is your sales page. So. That’s the second step when I say build the offer. Yes, the offer itself but also the assets to sell the offer. So that means the sales page so on top of getting a sales page template.


And all my resources to write a compelling converting sales page. We’re also going to audit it for you. We’re going to give you feedback on the copy on the way it’s structured on the design. Obviously the messaging is really really important when selling so you get those 2 personalized audits as well throughout the program. So this is meant to be like my foundation. You know if you either are just starting out or you’re wanting to create like I have some people in there who have done 1 on one but they want to create a group program and this is a brand new offer. Maybe you haven’t sold your offer and you need to really go through this like. Process of refining it and getting it to be an irresistible offer that is what this is for so that we can build a marketing strategy and build a funnel and run paid ads to something that’s working so I’m very excited about this. I think it’s very very needed and the cool thing is it’s making sales without needing to spend money on paid ads at first that way you have the confidence to then put ad spend behind something that you’ve already proven works with that said. We’re going to talk through how to create an irresistible offer today and I’m going to give you my 3 ingredients that I think go into an irresistible offer before I dive into that. I want to preface something I believe that in today’s current climate the economy online. How saturated it is.


The reality that we sit in today I think if I was to be asked. What is the most important thing that I do for my business? What is the most important strategy? What is the number 1 thing honestly, my answer it would be your offer. Because you cannot get away with having an offer that sucks or having an offer that people don’t want or maybe having a good offer but it sounds like it sucks and so often I would say more times than not. When I am pulled in or our team is pulled in to look at a marketing strategy that has not been working a client comes to the agency or we’re in a coaching call or wherever even people outside of working with us when I look at it I’m like it is your offer because. Offers have had to evolve so much over the last year to 2 years and so many people haven’t done that also people don’t know how to create an irresistible offer and also good marketing can no longer mask a bad offer. When we are in a climate that people are just a little bit more hesitant to spend money so when I look at a strategy and it’s not converting 1 of the first things like even our highest level agency clients. 1 of the first things that we’re looking at if something isn’t working. Obviously if it’s working the offer is not the problem.

If something isn’t working. We’re looking at the offer, the offer positioning. 


Do we need to shift something? Do we need to add a bonus like what do we need to change about the offer itself and if you go look at the majority of successful entrepreneurs myself included what have I done in the last few years? I have changed and adjusted and evolved and improved my offers. I know how to create an irresistible offer. It is the magic to all of my marketing. So if you are trying to hack an algorithm or lower your Facebook cost by a dollar. Or you know, whatever little ninja trick but your offer sucks. You’re literally spinning your wheels and wasting your time until you face that fact and this can be fixed really fast and you know we do this with our highest level clients too because. Sometimes an offer just needs a little bit of tweaking. Maybe it’s been a year. Maybe it’s been two years since it has been adjusted. But if you have never sold your offer or this is a new offer now is the chance to do the foundational work to really make sure it is irresistible. When I was on this training I asked people what does an irresistible offer mean to you? What does it feel like for you and the answers that came back were it would be easy to sell like people would.


Would be a no brainer like they would want it so bad I would be confident talking about it because I know it would get results I know that it would guarantee a result I would feel confident about it and it would easy like the whole energy around an irresistible offer if I was to ask you that question. How does that feel? An irresistible offer is easy. It’s easy to sell because it’s Irresistible. It’s magnetic. People are begging for it. They want it, people want to solve their problems, people want to fulfill their desires. I don’t care how bad the economy is, people still want to do that right. People will still find the money you just have to have a better offer in those times. So if that is true then if we solve our offer and we create a truly irresistible offer doesn’t marketing then become easy. And that was my point: if you haven’t your irresistible offer and to you you know that would feel easy to sell it would feel like a no-brainer for your audience. You would feel confident. Okay, then in your current marketing I Also asked the question on day Two I said when you have gone in the past to try to sell your offer. How has it felt? And the answers were spammy pushy like pulling teeth hard challenging a lot of resistance. Okay, so if we know an irresistible offer feels easy and exciting and like a no brainer. 


But selling our offer has felt pushy and scammy and hard and resistant. What’s the problem there, the offer right? We get the offer to be irresistible and now the feeling of selling it. Shifts. Okay, so if we solve that. It is going to make everything else you do easy which is why if you need help with this. You should be in emerge. So go to and let me help you make an irresistible offer that makes everything else you do easy. Okay, so here are the 3 ingredients. On how to create an irresistible offer I’m not going to get into sell it because that was day 2 this would be a 2 hour long podcast if I did that I’m going to give you the 3 ingredients on how to create it which is the very very high level of what we’re doing in emerge ingredient number 1 is connection. This means before you can even create your offer you have to go so deep and connect to your ideal customer and can you guess what? I’m going to say it a hundred times on this podcast. You have to connect to your ideal customer’s pain, frustration and desire. If. You do not have that connection. How could you possibly create an incredible offer? I use this analogy on the training of like going to create an offer without this deep connection would be like trying to treat a disease without knowing what the disease is, it would not work. It would be extremely overwhelming and be extremely confusing.


You’d waste a ton of time on things that aren’t going to work right? This connection is the foundation of everything including your offer. So when we think about this what I told people to do was make a list of the very detailed deep connection. To their pain frustration and desire and go layers deeper So I’ll give an example one that’s coming to me from the training someone said okay my ideal customer wants a regulated nervous system I said. Okay, why? Why do they want and a regulated nervous system. Oh because they are experiencing burnout. Okay, why? what is that doing to their daily life are they making less money are their relationship suffering. Are they not present for their kids at the end of the day. That’s the depth go to the very base level until you can get to the most simple. Descriptions of their pain frustration and desire in their language do as much deep work as you can on this until you have nothing left. It shouldn’t take you that long. It might take you a few days of coming back to it and reflecting. But it’s not like oh my ideal customer wants more money. Yeah, everybody does or oh my ideal customer wants to lose weight most people do or wants to be stronger. Most people do go deeper dig deeper ask the question why create that connection spend the time creating that connection. Make sure you’re using your ideal customer’s language.


That’s very important, not your language their language then the next thing is ingredient number 2 curation. Okay, once you have that connection now we look at that long list of their pain, their frustration and their desire and we say okay my mission. To solve this and what would I need to do to solve this. How would I need to structure an offer that would solve this in the fastest and easiest way for them to notice. How I didn’t say this I didn’t say hey go ask your ideal customer what they would buy and then go make that thing. That’s not how it works. 1 of my favorite quotes I’ve said it before from Henry Ford is if I would have asked them what they wanted. They would have said a faster horse, your job is innovation is creativity is creating the solution to their pain frustration and desires. Through your offer. It’s not to say hey guys. What do you want me to make for you? I’ll make a course I’ll make a membership site. You tell me what you want? No if they knew what they wanted. They would just go do it. They would go get that thing. They know the ultimate end result like if I may wave a magic wand. Around your weight loss. How would that feel for you or if I wave a magic wand and I’m able to provide something for your business. What would that look like? People can describe that but they cannot describe what they want to buy. Your job is to curate or create an offer that actually solves pain, frustration and desire. 


And this is where you get to get creative and how can you solve that in the easiest and fastest way possible for the amount of money that you believe that they can afford. So I’ll give you an example. I Know that my ultimate outcome that all of my deal customers want is to make more money in their business right through marketing through successful marketing now that could look like an irresistible offer that could look like creating a funnel strategy that can look like paid ads right now. They’re also at different levels. So I was faced with the challenge opportunity to look at and say okay, there’s a lot of people who can’t afford yet are done for you offer? Okay, So What do I do right? So I sat with that and that’s how essential was born. It was piecing together like okay what can we do for them. How could we make this as easy as possible to get them the results but also be able to charge what I believe that they can afford at that level right? I did not ask people to tell me your dream way of being able to do this for your price.


I created the solution. I created the irresistible offer by having the connection to their pain, frustration and desire and 1 of the frustrations for an ideal customer and essential is I can’t afford for somebody else to do this for me I want somebody else to do this for me I cannot afford it. Yet. So I got to create the solution so that is ingredient number 2 curation. The third ingredient to how to create an irresistible offer actually goes beyond creating the offer and is communication. Because you can have the most incredible offer in the world that’s going to change lives and make a huge impact if you can’t communicate that it can do that it will never sell and this is probably the place that most people struggle the most. There’s many experts who have incredible experience in that feeling of like oh people just knew how incredible this was it would sell it’s because they can’t communicate it It’s the messaging so that’s where you now take this offer that you created and you explain it. Through the lens of tying it back to everything you identified in ingredient number one connection. So now if you have a component of your offer. You say you know it’s twelve weeks of training, well that doesn’t mean anything.


Yeah, we know if they go through those twelve weeks of training it’s probably incredible but I don’t know that if I just heard that for the first time. What’s the outcome? What’s the promise? How is this going to solve a frustration or a pain of mine? How is this going to fulfill a desire? So now you go back through every single part of your offer. And you tie it back to emotion because the only reason people buy is emotion. I don’t care if you have the most boring physical product in the world or service people buy based on emotion. That is the way that humans make decisions. So. We have to tie the tactical components of our offer back to emotion. The good news is this is really really simple. Once you’ve already identified those emotions. So now you learn how to communicate your offer. By just using their language and tying every piece of your offer back to an outcome back to a promise so that when somebody hears about it. It’s so clear to them. Why they need it and it’s like oh my gosh I have this huge frustration like this is such a no-brainer I need this right now. And the other thing is you have to optimize your messaging which sometimes takes refinement. It can be a process so that they can understand this as quickly and easily as possible, like ideally we’d be able to talk for like 3 seconds and someone would just understand our offer.


With how short of an attention span people have like the shorter it takes to explain something the better. That’s usually not. That’s not possible like you can’t explain an offer in 3 seconds but the less time it takes to get the get it to click for them to go oh I see like I see exactly how. This would solve my problem or this would get me from here to here. That takes refinement, simplifying shortening, getting clear, getting punchier, getting more concise, getting more to the root of those emotions so that’s the third piece to creating an irresistible offer. That’s why included in creating the offer in emerge. We’re actually going to audit the sales page because a lot of times I see incredible offers that are not selling because when I look at it I’m like I don’t even know what this is I don’t know what the benefit is I don’t know why I would buy this I don’t care about this like. As a brand new person landing on this page. This doesn’t mean very much to me and it’s obviously not intentional. I think more often than not people do that because we’re not copywriters. We don’t know any better to us in our mind. We have all of these hours of experience creating this offer so it’s clear to us when we look at it. We’re like obviously. But we have to remember the depth that we have gone and creating it. We have that knowledge someone looking at something for the first time obviously doesn’t have that so this is why we’re going to audit the sales page because it’s really unfortunate when there’s an incredible offer not selling because the way it’s being talked about is confusing or not really giving the impact it could about the true benefits. 


It has so those are the 3 ingredients to creating an irresistible offer connection curation communication. The next piece to this is selling it which I’m not going to do a podcast episode on that was if you were signed up for the trainings. Maybe I’ll do another training on it at some point but in emerge the way that I’m going to have people sell this offer is by connecting to their ideal customer and we’re not going to need to build a multi-step funnel and do all this tech and all this work all these emails like. We’re just going to validate that offer to get those first few sales 5 to 10 to prove the offer to make sure we have something that is validated and solid so we can build a marketing strategy around it after that. So it’s as simple and easy as we can possibly make it to get those sales. Then we get to build the more complex strategy that scales the business around it all right? you guys I’m so excited to see all of you guys in emerge again if you want to go check that out. this is the only opportunity we will have. To actually join and go through it live with a group of people and our team like the way that we’re all going through the same time is just a really cool opportunity. So if you’re like oh my gosh I need this go check out that page book a call and let’s get you in there and we’ll kick things off. Alright everybody, I will talk to you next week!