I am so excited to share with you an episode fueled by the sheer joy of living life to the fullest. I recently returned from a thirty-day sabbatical, and the experiences I’ve had since then have been incredibly inspiring and eye-opening to me as a business owner. Join me as I delve into what successful entrepreneurs don’t always reveal, and how embracing challenges can lead to profound personal growth.


I’ll be sharing:


  • How despite appearances, every entrepreneur faces challenges and obstacles. Even during periods of peak performance, life throws curveballs that require resilience and adaptability.
  • How it’s easy to idealize a flawless future where everything falls into place, when in reality, true success lies in how we navigate adversity and maintain our composure amidst chaos.
  • That success isn’t defined by external achievements alone. We have the power to dictate our emotional state in any situation, fostering gratitude and resilience even in the face of setbacks.


By recognizing our ability to control our thoughts and emotions, we reclaim agency over our lives and transcend victimhood. Remember, success isn’t a destination but a journey of self-discovery and growth. When you learn how to embrace life’s challenges, and you’ll find that every obstacle is an opportunity for transformation. 


Tune in to this episode for a deep reflection on the true nature of success, and how you can embrace challenges with resilience and choose gratitude in every moment, even amidst the curated perfection often portrayed on social media.


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Emily Hirsh:


Hello, my friends. Happy Tuesday. I have just been enjoying life so much lately, and that’s partly the inspiration behind this episode. But I am off my thirty-day sabbatical. I think it’s been five weeks now since I started it and I haven’t really… I’ve come back. But I’ve come back to a totally different normal that feels so incredible and filled with so much creativity and space for that creativity, which is leading to just so many projects and shifts and improvements, evolved improvements in between our offer, new offers, our brand as a whole. And I’m just so excited, and on top of that, I genuinely feel like I am living my dream right now, between the traveling that I’m getting to do and have worked into my schedule, between my day-to-day kind of routine, the time I have to commit to things like Crossfit or playing with my kids, you know? I’ve gone and picked them up early from school a few times and surprised them, and just like the space, the freedom, like it feels like this is why I started my business in the beginning and, you know, I’m living that. So I’m very grateful, and I have a few podcasts in the pipeline that I will be recording soon that will share my thirty days. 


I’m going to share what I did, how I structured it, and of course the takeaways soon. And then I have a podcast about Elon Musk’s biography. That’s going to be so epic. It might have to be 2 parts because it’s like so many good, good takeaways for you guys. So those are coming, but today… Is one of those podcast episodes that I got the strike of inspiration to record, and I’m going to have a conversation with you. It’s not like, “Here are your 3 marketing things and these tactics, dada da.” It’s just one of those moments that I feel inspired to share this message, and usually when that happens, there’s genuinely a reason that you guys need to hear it right now, and when I felt that inspiration so over time I’ve learned to really follow that and ride that inspiration wave. So… I feel inspired to talk about something that I am titling what the successful entrepreneurs don’t tell you, and it’s something that I really wish sometimes I still need this reminder and also that I wish I was told this, like sat down and told this when I first started my business. 


So after spending the last thirty days hanging out with so many epic entrepreneurs I had a lot more time for coffee dates, lunch, different… You know, times to hang out with entrepreneurs plus went on a trip with two very successful, amazing entrepreneurs. I realized something and I was reminded of something, and that is everybody has their shit. Everybody has something going on in their life that they’re working through or that they’re struggling with, and I also realized even in the best of the moments, like when you have everything working, how you dreamed, like that’s how I feel where I am right now, you have everything working exactly how you’ve dreamed, and it’s like, “Oh my god, I have all these things working and this is going well and I can’t believe this,” and you just feel like so in momentum, so in flow. There are still things that come up that are challenges, that are obstacles, that cause stress, and it’s in those moments that you actually get to show up as that person that you dream of being, so let me explain what I mean.


I think it’s very easy for people, including myself when I forget about this, to chase this reality where everything is working perfect, the revenue like we’re hitting all our numbers, team, my personal life, my habits, my health, like everything is just checking the boxes and working perfect, and I think that it’s very easy in our minds to think like that is the goal and what I have learned time and time again is so, especially the last year, but it also especially especially the last six months is that it’s actually about how you show up and how you feel when there are the moments of something isn’t working out when you don’t hit a goal. But you know everything is going to be fine because number one you have that experience of trust and surrender and number two you have done the work to be able to show up so present and grounded no matter what? So often do we chase this future state of once I have this then I’ll feel happy then I won’t be stressed then I’ll take care of myself then I’ll be present for my family, once I make this amount of money, once I have this team member hired, once I hit this level in business, once I achieve whatever, then I’ll feel this way. 


And something so powerful that I learned and like embodied not just learned logically in my brain but truly could feel the difference is that we get to choose how we feel. In the moment right now, it actually doesn’t have to do with any other external factor or achievement and what successful people don’t tell you because it’s hard to explain this and also it’s not necessarily a sexy thing to share on social media is that even when you see someone having a successful launch a business that is exploding products that are selling living the dream traveling like whatever it is. They are still facing obstacles all the time. Because that is life and it’s not about oh once I get here then I’ll experience a state of perfection that is something that is completely not realistic and almost never happens. But that’s not also a bad thing. So when you see successful people, it’s really important to remember the reason that they come off with that energy of success and like a magnet. They’re magnetic and you’re inspired to achieve what they have or have that dream life that they have.


They’re actually just showing up in a way that even with obstacles and challenges they still are grateful and living their dream life and operating from a place of ease and trust and surrender so I want to share from my perspective. How this is played out I have had probably the best last six months of my life in terms of how I feel mentally my stress levels my health how present I am how happy I am the success that I’ve created at everything you know I truly do feel like I’m living my dream life like there are moments where I’m like this is insane like this is amazing at the same time I have had plenty of obstacles. I have had goals that we didn’t meet. I’ve had projects that we failed. I’ve had challenges get put in front of me. Things that I didn’t want to deal with, things that cause stress and the differences is if I go back 6 to twelve months when those things were put in front of me I would be put into a state of reactivity a state of stress a state of oh my god what am I going to do and I feel like I’m failing and allowing that to really deeply impact my state of being now when these things are put in front of me. 


There’s this deep layer of trust in myself in the path that I’m on in my ability to face obstacles in the fact that. Having obstacles and challenges and things that aren’t perfect is just life and learning to ebb and flow with that and not let it change my inner state. That’s the difference and so now you could throw. I mean I’ve had challenges thrown at me that a year ago would have derailed me like I would not have been able to be present I would have my nervous system would be completely dysregulated I wouldn’t be present for my family for my husband I would probably like skip workouts you know, just derail me and now. Like okay I know we’ll solve it and I don’t even always know the answers in the moment. So the reason I wanted to record this podcast is because number one we live in a state of a complete highlight reel constantly shown to you on social media. And it’s never going to change even as authentic as people can be like I myself am super authentic, but I’m not going to show up on social media and be like well guys this happened today you know if it just doesn’t feel helpful in is you know it turns into like complaining or it’s it’s too much right? 


That’s just not appropriate sometimes so number one we live in a state where you never get the full picture and that’s just something you have to constantly remember and I just feel like the universe was reminding me of this because it was like several conversations in a row with friends who are absolutely incredible friends and so successful in so many ways, but every one of them had massive challenges that they were dealing with whether it was in their business or relationships their life like serious challenges. But they’re still successful. That doesn’t take away from their success but on social media and you don’t know unless you’re very close to them. You’re not going to see that so unfortunately people follow influencers and follow successful business owners and get this highlight reel and then compare themselves to that highlight reel. That’s the first thing. The second thing is the power in understanding. The goal is not to achieve some future state of perfection. The goal is actually to remain grounded to remain present. Don’t always have to remain happy like I’m not saying you can’t feel stress or you can’t feel anger but it’s making sure that those moments where you do feel stress or anger or fear.

You don’t allow those to dictate your thoughts and your beliefs which then make you assign meaning to your business and who you are as an entrepreneur and understanding that within a matter of seconds. 


You have the ability to change your state of mind and this is something I did not. I’m going to actually tell you guys a story in a second. I did not get this. This is something that I was like so logical that I’m like but this is a problem. This is a fact, this is a problem and so therefore I need to be stressed right. But within a matter of seconds. We can change our state of being, our feelings and our thoughts which therefore dictate our actions and how present we are and so the second kind of takeaway in this is that. Whatever future state. You’re trying to achieve that you are telling yourself once I get there then I’ll be happy or present or healthy or have what I want right in that until I get there I have to make sacrifices and I have to feel pain and stress and anxiety. That is not true and that the real goal is to increase your capacity for when obstacles are put in your way when you do face challenges which is life which is going to happen probably on a weekly basis.


And the more you try to control it not happening the worse it gets when you face those things you remain grounded. That’s what successful people are not telling you. It’s not that they have a perfect life. It’s not that they don’t have massive challenges. I would actually bet they have even bigger challenges because. The saying more money, more problems is 100% true. The more money you make the more success you create the bigger your problems get and if you can’t handle the problems in front of you today. How are you going to handle the problems when you increase your success? You can’t, it’s a blocker right. Okay, so I want to tell you guys this story so I got a tattoo when I was in Costa Rica and it says surrender and the day before I got the tattoo I was in a workshop and I was completely saying all the things that I’ve said on this podcast from not the place that I am so I was like this thing is happening and it’s a fact and so therefore like what am I going to do like I can’t even remember what the exact conversation was around but it was around something I was stressed about in my business. And it was coming from a place of fear and lack and like pressure the pressure like the deadline is coming and I don’t have this and like this is a fact like I even said to the facilitator Taylor I was like you can’t argue with this like I have to do this thing and this is the deadline right? 


And I was saying you know if I get there I can’t feel present and I can’t feel grounded because I need to get that thing done first and so what? what she explained to me was. The concept of your feelings dictate your beliefs which dictate your thoughts which dictate your actions and that if you allow yourself to fully feel lack and fear. And stress and you put yourself in that state that is going to dictate your beliefs, thoughts and actions. So the letters f b t a are actually hidden in my tattoo now as a reminder of okay. When you look at that goal that you want to achieve, when you look at the future state of your business that you want and you think about that whether it’s amount of money, amount of hours you’ve worked, a level you’ve achieved. Whatever it is. How will you feel when you achieve that? Okay, and then. Actually thinking through okay I’ll feel present I’ll feel safe I’ll feel excited I’ll feel empowered. How will you feel when you get to that future state and you achieve that thing? Now how can you take that list of how you’ll feel and feel that today.


And choose to feel that today and literally like I have sat down in meditation before and been like I will not get up until I feel grateful until I feel overflow and abundance because it’s there. It is there in my life and I can find plenty of evidence right? And so. I don’t need a future state to feel that way and so I’m going to sit here until I feel it and I do that right? and I allow the feelings to move through me and so I choose how I’m going to feel when I already have the thing when I already reach that level and I start feeling that way today. This is not a concept that’s new that I haven’t talked about before. I really believe in starting to become the CEO of your future company today but I didn’t embody this because I convinced myself. Well these things are facts and so therefore I have to be stressed. Or I have to feel pressure like this is a deadline. It’s like no nothing external can actually dictate our feelings, thoughts and beliefs unless we let it and so when you see successful people. This is something they’ve mastered because it’s a capacity thing. Something that I now work with my team on is like when something happens. Let’s say a team member leaves or there’s a situation that causes stress instead of reacting and allowing that to completely derail the way that you feel in the moment.


See it for what it is. We can’t control some situations. What’s the ultimate outcome? We want to create how will we feel when we create that outcome and let’s step into that person today right now because that’s a choice and so my biggest lesson has been. Success that I feel right now. The fact I feel like I’m living my dream life. Yeah sure some external factors have changed but ultimately I’ve changed the way that I can stand solid and grounded. In the face of challenges and struggles is the thing that’s changed because with life. You’re always going to have seasons. You’re always going to have quote ups and downs. But you get to decide how that impacts you. And so if you’re looking at like once I get to a revenue level or you do something you achieve something then you’re going to give yourself permission to feel a certain way or to show up a certain way – that,  you need to change. And if you’re looking at people that are successful on social media and you’re comparing yourself to them. You have to remember you’re seeing a highlight reel, you’ll never see the full picture unless you’re their friend, very close friend or family and you get the full picture but the full picture is there for every single person I have never met an exception to that.


As I got close to somebody so I just felt called to share this with you guys today to give you the permission because I also think that this year specifically is challenging entrepreneurs to really. Step into that level of awareness and leadership I think that the reality is it’s an interesting time in our economy and in our world right now and you can absolutely create success but not from a place of fear. And not from a place of scarcity and lack and you have the power in the control and how you show up six months ago I never would have called myself as someone who played the victim but I saw. That I was 100 % doing that I was like well this thing happened and this team member or this client and so therefore like this is happening to me victim right? But it’s like ultimate empowerment is when you can be like wait I am in charge of my feelings, my thoughts, my beliefs, my state of being, nobody else can take that from me unless I allow them if you implement what I’m saying here today it will change your life I have a feeling for some people this is going to land and for some it’s not and that’s okay.


Because there’s a time that I would have listened to this and been like I don’t get how to do it like it doesn’t make sense to me now I get it. But for some of you, you’re going to really like it’s going to land and it’s going to change. It’s going to change you if you can fully embody this. So. I hope you guys found this helpful and I am so excited for everything that we have coming soon. I will be back on Thursday.