If you have a quality product, marketing will always work. It’s only a matter of time. But, are you ready + willing to wait?

Our most successful clients trust The Hirsh Process, because it works. That means – they’re able to set aside a budget specific to testing, and they’re willing to push aside impatience to allow for real results.

In this episode, ads manager Kristina details a new client account – brand new to Facebook ads! – that witnessed $10 leads drop to $2… within a few months.

Here’s a few highlights…

  • The Team Hirsh golden rule: Be the hunter. Think like your ICA.
  • Why ‘trust in the process’ makes all the difference
  • And how to prepare for slow (but massive!) results – i.e. budgeting

Tune into this episode for a case study in trusting the process, and then share a screenshot of the episode (and your takeaways!) on IG stories. Tag @emilyhirsh for a shoutout.

Key Points:
[3:21] We started with $10 leads.
[6:05] Why your messaging matters.
[7:18] Here’s the golden nugget. Can you think like your ICA?
[11:20] Set aside a budget for testing.

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