You’ve heard me and everyone else repeat the mantra, “FOCUS on one step at a time.”
But you’re a visionary, which means – you have so many ideas! Honestly, you’re never going to feel like you’re doing ‘enough,’ and you’ll always want to speed up your success (speaking from experience here).

You and I both know the KEY is focusing on one thing at a time, but how?

It’s all about bringing yourself back (again and again!) to your ONE priority. It’s not easy, and it’s not a one-and-done task on your to do list. Instead, it’s a hard-earned habit you need to create right now.

In this episode, I’m detailing why habitualizing “ONE thing” focus matters most, how it plays out in my own business, and how it might show up in your marketing + team relationships.

Here’s a few highlights from the show…

Why visionaries have a horrible perception of time (+ what to do about it)
What Steve Jobs says about one-thing focus for business
And how you can stay accountable to your ONE priority

Entrepreneurs make things harder sometimes, because we don’t know any other way but to create 24/7. But in this episode, we’ll consider how making one-thing focus a habit can simplify success + allow for creation with more ease.

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NOTE – listen to episode 26, “The importance of FOCUS in your marketing,” for my first conversation about this.

Key Points:
[2:06] Visionaries often have a terrible perception of time.
[4:05] But, there’s more power in saying ‘no’ than saying ‘yes.’
[7:12] Why having more than one focus means losing $$
[9:46] How to train your team in the art of “prioritizing”
[11:19] Coming back to your one thing is a forever practice.

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