I used to say people need nurturing before they get on the phone with you. But now, that’s not always true.

As long as you provide value (even on the phone call!), that’s sometimes all the nurturing your client or customer needs. (REMEMBER, though – all high quality marketing should be custom to your ICA; so before changing your whole marketing plan, consider his/her wants + needs.)

In this episode, I’m talking about the NEW marketing strategies that are working best for high ticket sales, i.e. application-based sales. And this is vastly different from what I said one year ago!

Tune into this quick (10 minute!) episode to learn more about…

  • The 2 strategies working best for high ticket sales in a saturated marketplace
  • The necessity of automatic approve/deny for your high ticket application
  • And the major difference between marketing TODAY + in the past

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Key Points:
[1:52] I used to say people need nurturing before they get on the phone
[4:01] “This is where knowing your audience is VITAL to your survival.”
[6:07] The theme here is, there’s fewer steps to your application
[6:51] This is different advice that I would have offered one year ago!

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