…and the best part? They’re now making $1M+ monthly and scaling!

Now, there’s one caveat here (and this is IMPORTANT!): This client/partner knew their product would sell, because they had already proven its viability with affiliate partners. (Preaching zero to $1M without this step would be anti-Emily Hirsh, so I want to be clear.)

But, when you’re *ready* to scale, or think you might be, tune into this episode for the best in marketing tips, using Facebook’s latest Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO).

This episode highlights…

How to keep up with ‘sandbox testing’ using CBO
Why flooding CBO campaigns with budget doesn’t work
And what Facebook’s asking from you…

Tune into this short + sweet episode for a fun highlight of Hirsh Marketing’s superstar ad strategy + management, and then head over to Instagram to share your takeaways in stories! Tag @emilyhirsh for a shoutout.

NOTE – listen to episode 57, “Huge Facebook Change: Campaign Budget Optimization with Roger,” for more about how to use CBO campaigns.
NOTE – listen to episode 47, “Hirsh Process Sandbox Testing with Senior Strategist Roger,” for more about how we test ads.

Key Points
[3:06] How many creative versions is “enough”?
[4:55] Why you can’t slow down this process without losing $$
[5:36] What’s different with ads optimization using CBO
[6:50] …can you trust Facebook enough to let your ads work?

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Episode Transcripts:  

Emily Hirsh : I’m Emily Hirsh and this is the Hirsh Marketing Underground Podcast. Attention, innovators, influencers, creators and game-changing entrepreneurs, your internet domination begins right here. We are the powerhouse marketers that you’ve been looking for. You’re already making waves in your industry and we’re here to help amplify those waves of change by creating a connection that cuts through the noise. We take everything you’ve built inside your zone of genius and find its audience. With killer strategy and laser eye for impact, we launch multi-million-dollar campaigns and skyrocket your reach online.

Emily Hirsh : And now we are doing the unheard of. We’re unveiling everything we’ve learned, taking you behind the scenes with the Hirsh marketing team, and giving away the secrets to our clients’ success. Stay tuned for top [inaudible 00:00:50] strategy, ROI reports and insider knowledge that you won’t find anywhere else. You’re changing the world and we’re the team to help.

Emily Hirsh : Hello, hello everybody. Today I am talking about behind-the-scenes takeaways from taking a client from $0 revenue in their ads and their funnel to a million in revenue in 45 days. Crazy. And they are now making over a million a month and spending about 200,000 a month and scaling from there. So, I’m excited about this one but I have to preface with this, this client knew that this product would sell before they hired us. So, what their case was was they actually had a lot of affiliates and people selling the product and organic sales, and they were ready to take it to ads. So, I never would promote something that’s like, “It’s so easy to make $1 million in 45 days”. That is anti-Emily Hirsh. But it is possible when you have a product that you know is good, and you have a budget to back really rapid scaling of ads.

Emily Hirsh : So, I voxed my ads manager here and I said, “Give me your takeaways from this,” because I watched this happen and I was amazed. It was probably one of the fastest that we’ve scaled, from going in just over a month, $0 a month ad spend to $200,000. It’s not easy to scale that fast. And if you’ve ever tried even scaling to like $30,000 a month, you know even that has its difficulties and its struggles. So, here is our takeaways, and I’ve talked about this in scaling ads before, so it just rings true. Everything is still similar in what you need to do to be able to scale.

Emily Hirsh : But the one thing that we had new here was CBO campaigns. So, campaign budget optimization, if you haven’t listened to my podcast episode on that, you should because it’s a brand new, relatively new Facebook feature that allows you, you basically optimize the campaign from the campaign level, the budget from the campaign level. And so we actually tested a ton of CBO through this campaign, which actually gave us a lot of data on how CBO works. So, it was pretty cool, but it really did actually help us scale faster here.

Emily Hirsh : So, the first thing that I think is the most important, and it always has been the most important since I started doing ads with scaling, and what Facebook and Instagram wants is tons and tons of creative. So, they don’t want somebody to see the same ad a bunch of times, and they honestly want a new ad every three days, depending on your budget, maybe even more, right? If your budget is smaller, maybe it’s once a week, maybe it’s every other week. But they want new creative, new images, new copy, new headlines, new videos, they want new. And that’s why having our creative team for clients is an asset because so many other companies don’t offer that.

Emily Hirsh : And I’m like, “You can’t get creative fast enough unless you’ve got a creative team on it”. And so that was the most important thing. She said at that spend, and to be able to scale, we were constantly putting new ad versions out there, new ad images, new ad copy, new headlines. And this product specifically too was very visual, so it was important to have that really good. And so every day she was sandbox testing new images. And so if you haven’t listened to my episode on sandbox testing in our process, basically of how we put out a bunch of images in an ad set and then we test the top one and then we scale that one. So, what she was doing when she was sandbox testing images every single week, new images and then she was taking those winners, and she’d keep putting them into the CBO campaigns, because you can’t really actually test from sandbox from CBO campaigns, because one of the keys with sandboxing is that you can change the ad set budget. So we’re working on a new way to do that.

Emily Hirsh : But what our process right now, and our client’s ad accounts is that we sandbox in the old way to do ads, and then we put things in CBO campaigns. So, she was constantly testing new images to be able to then scale those things in those winners. And you can’t slow down in this process of testing. You can’t just let it sit for weeks. What happens with scaling when you do that, is you’ve got an ad set that you got. It may be $2,000, $3,000, $4,000 a day, right? If that saturates and you didn’t put in backup before it saturates, then you have to shut that off when it gets too high, and you’re down $4,000 and it’s like this hamster wheel of you can never get ahead, it’s like two steps forward, one step back. You’re barely getting ahead because you’re not staying ahead of the curve of saturation. So that’s why new creative is crucial.

Emily Hirsh : And the next thing that she did was huge lookalike audiences. As soon as she started getting data, she would make really big lookalike audiences from one to 9%, 9% is a very broad, broad lookalike audience, but this would work well for her in CBO campaigns. So worth testing. We don’t this in every account, but for ones that wanted to scale and we needed to broaden the audience faster and faster, and have more people to reach and use that data strategically, we did that.

Emily Hirsh : And then the other thing was, she was using a lot of CBO campaigns. So, we started them really high and then scaled down. And that’s the thing we’re noticing with CBO, if you flood it with budget and you just scale up, scale up, scale up, which is what you used to do with campaigns that were not CBO, the regular standard campaigns. But what happens is flooding it with budget will totally mess up the algorithm. And so, if you start high and then throughout the day scale down. So, she was obviously going into this account multiple times a day with that kind of spend, and scaling it down instead of scaling it up. So she’d start high, let Facebook do its thing, see what’s not working and then scale down. And then started another one high and do the same thing.

Emily Hirsh : And she did say like it was an adjustment to get used to trusting Facebook a little bit more. So, letting CBO campaigns do their thing and trusting Facebook a little bit more to be able to let its algorithm do its thing, because she said like you start a new campaign at, let’s say $4,000 a day, right? That’s a lot of money. And if one’s really high it’s really freaky. But you have to actually let it sit for a minute. At least two days, but they’re saying four. Two days you can turn some things off, but really four days until it gets into a groove. And they said it was amazing how when you would let it sit for that four days, you would see things completely shift. You’d have all these ads sets that look like they were totally crap and doing terrible. And within that four days they were like the top converters.

Emily Hirsh : And so, the shift Facebook is truly making is they want you to trust them more and you have to walk a fine line with that because you still want to have some control, which is why we ended up making tons of campaigns in this account instead of obviously one campaign and letting Facebook have full control over everything. But tons of campaigns, starting high, letting Facebook do its thing, trusting it, trusting the algorithm a little bit more and then scaling down, and then doing that again and again and again. And so, those are the takeaways.

Emily Hirsh : So, biggest one being tons of creative, tons of images, constant refresh, staying ahead of that saturation if that ended up happening. [inaudible 00:08:19] big lookalike audiences to be able to scale faster with a bigger and bigger audience. If you’re not trying to scale massively fast, you don’t have to do this. Lookalike audiences are still amazing, but you don’t have to go up to the extreme of 9%, unless you’re trying to scale fast like this client was. Starting CBO campaigns really high and then scaling down, versus doing the opposite of starting them low and scaling up, which is really the old way of doing it, so it’s a shift in perspective there. And then trusting Facebook and the algorithm a bit more with Facebook campaigns or CBO campaigns.

Emily Hirsh : So those are the big takeaways of $0 in revenue from this funnel and this campaign and running ads directly from his account to a million in 45 days, and now at over $200,000 of ad spend in that amount of time, is unheard of. It’s amazing, and I’m so proud of my team for being able to do that. So, I wanted to share that with you guys. It’s such amazing, incredible data. And if you haven’t registered yet, the first video dropped yesterday in the Ignite Mini Course and I would love to see you guys in there. Make sure you go save your spot, get access to today’s video, yesterday’s video. And then tomorrow there’s a video and then live mini training, tons of bonus trainings.

Emily Hirsh : I’m giving even more detailed strategies and things like this that you just heard in there. So, if you go to IgniteMiniCourse.com, you can save your seat if you haven’t done so yet. And I’m having so much fun in there. I am so excited with all of the people and the extra value I’m able to give and just connect. I haven’t done that in awhile with people in a Facebook group and just help people have these breakthroughs directly. I obviously record these episodes and then put them out there, but I don’t always hear the feedback and get to interact with people. So, we’re having a lot of fun in there. Come and join us, IgniteMiniCourse.com. Thanks so much for tuning in guys. I love recording these episodes for you. I love hearing the feedback from you and I’ll see you all soon.

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