The best way to learn marketing is by doing it, but – it’s not as easy as just diving in.

There’s a science behind marketing that works. And the reason you haven’t figured it out yet is this: Until now, no one has offered a course like ours.

Yes, that’s right. We’ve just launched IGNITE for up-and-coming influencers ready to DIY their marketing, and it’s officially open for enrollment through June 27, 2019 (sign up at IgniteCourse.com)!

In this episode, I’ll explain what makes this course better than anything else on the market, plus why it’s taken more than a year to create. In less than 20 minutes, I’ll explain…

What Hirsh Marketing offers that other companies do not
Why you can’t get overwhelmed inside this course – even though it’s jam-packed
And how we’re offering more than $20k in bonuses, plus a 120% money-back guarantee!

You’ve been waiting for this, and now – it’s here. For the first time ever, we’re opening the doors to our brand-new course, and we can’t wait for you to join.

Tune into this episode (even if you’re not quite ready for a course in marketing!) – and then head over to Instagram stories to share your biggest “surprise” takeaway from the show. Tag @emilyhirsh for a shoutout.

Key Points:
[2:49] Not everyone can work with Hirsh Marketing, but…
[4:26] I’ve seen other marketing courses out there, and here’s what’s missing.
[9:32] It’s a 20-module course, but it won’t overwhelm you – here’s why.
[12:58] And here’s the best part.
[14:51] The doors are only open for 7 days, so don’t wait!
[17:46] Even if this course isn’t right for you, here’s what I hope you can learn from me.

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Episode Transcripts:  

Emily Hirsh: I’m Emily Hirsh and this is the Hirsh marketing underground podcast. Attention, innovators, influencers, creators, and game changing entrepreneurs, your internet domination begins right here. We are the powerhouse marketers that you’ve been looking for. You’re already making waves in your industry and we’re here to help amplify those waves of change by creating a connection that cuts through the noise. We take everything you’ve built inside your zone of genius and find its audience. With killer strategy and laser eye for impact we launched multi million dollar campaigns and skyrocket your reach online. And now we are doing the unheard of. We’re unveiling everything we’ve learned, taking you behind the scenes with the Hirsh marketing team and giving away the secrets to our clients’ success. Stay tuned for top converting strategy, ROI reports, and insider knowledge that you won’t find anywhere else. You’re changing the world and we’re the team to help.

Emily Hirsh: Hello Hello my friends. I am so excited about this episode and have just been having such an incredible week leading up to this episode in launch mode. If you haven’t seen that or even if you’ve been listening to the most recent podcasts, you know, we’re in the middle of our free mini course that we’re doing and I’m just having so much fun engaging with everybody. So I’m excited for the announcement that I have in this episode. And of course I can’t just put out an announcement about something that we’re opening the doors to without giving you guys value. So I’m going to be kind of sharing the backstory of how this came about, why we’re putting this out into the world and also a little bit of why I’ve had to wait over a year to put this out because I think that’s a really important thing to note.

Emily Hirsh: So today I am officially announcing that our new course that we have been working on for months and months and months is finally open, Ignite. And it’s a marketing course specifically for influencers and people in the digital product space who are looking to do their own marketing. And it teaches both marketing strategy, so what should my funnel be? What should my customer journey be for my audience and my products? What is that strategy that I need before I run ads? That’s the entire first section of the course. And then the next part of the course is all about how to run the ads. So audiences and pixels, targeting, you know, actual Facebook ad strategies. And my team actually taught all of that because they truly know it better than me at this point, since they’re managing all the ad spends. So I’m so excited to put this out here because I have seen a need for this for the last, at least a year.

Emily Hirsh: And the reason is I have always known and really acknowledged that one thing Hirsh marketing has is we manage over $1 million a month in ad spend in this space, of digital products, webinars, challenges, video series, product launches, influencers selling digital products or services. And I would argue I have the biggest company serving that audience. There’s definitely bigger agencies out there obviously, but they have a mix of clients. So nobody is managing that much ad spend in this space. And I’ve never actually been challenged on that because we have over 65 clients, like literally in this space. But what that means is we know a lot, we have a lot of data and one thing I’ve always done to keep my team top notch for our clients is train them. So really encourage the collaboration of like, hey you tested this, did it work, did it not work? What’s working?

Emily Hirsh: And it’s kind of like a shortcut for our clients because they come in and something that might take them three months to go figure out, they just know instantly because our team already knows the answer to it. Because honestly with marketing, like the best way that you learn is just doing. So it’s like by going and testing things live and spending money on it, you get those answers. So what we did and what I’ve seen is that we have all this knowledge and not everybody can work with us. You know, we really work with entrepreneurs that are at least at six figures a lot at seven figures. Those are our one-on-one clients. But then there’s this entire other audience of people who really could benefit from all of that knowledge that we have. And I’ve wanted to put this out here for over a year because I knew I could serve a lot of people.

Emily Hirsh: And then on the flip side, I’ve seen the courses out there, so I’ve seen the Facebook ad courses or the marketing masterminds or the marketing courses and here’s what’s missing. Nobody has the experience that we have to then take it and give away, not give away, sell information about doing it themselves. And I’ve seen courses where it’s like very heavy in the marketing strategy. How do I set up my Webinar and my funnel? And then they kind of teach Facebook ads but they don’t really know it, but they know that they need it because you can’t have one without the other. But it’s like not that good content because there may be experts in the funnel.

Emily Hirsh: Or on the flip side you’ve got Facebook ad courses out there that are teaching the Facebook ads pretty well, but then still arguably they don’t have as much experience as we do in Hirsh marketing. And then they’re trying to also throw in the funnel strategy because your Facebook ads don’t matter if you don’t have the solid foundational strategy set up. And then you know, that messes things up because you really can’t teach both unless you have the knowledge and the experience with both.

Emily Hirsh: So what I’ve done is put both together and of course, because it’s not just me teaching this course and that’s why I have the knowledge for both. I have a team of 30 people of experts in all the areas. There’s about 10 contributors to the course and we chose people who were specifically good at the specific things. So if somebody was like our best scaler, like manages the highest ad spend, knows how to scale ads, like he taught that section. If somebody is really good with the live launches, they taught that section.

Emily Hirsh: So it’s pretty powerful, like really powerful you guys. And so I’ve seen this need for this course for a long time, but here is the kicker. I’ve wanted to do this for literally a year. I can actually remember being in a coffee shop. Here’s the backstory, being in a coffee shop when I lived in California and I was like, I wrote out this document, it was like Facebook ad launch. I had really basic course that we just took down, we don’t sell it anymore because I made it like really to train my team like two years ago. And I was like the relaunch of this course and I was like mapping it out and it’s obviously so much work, I’ve been in the thick of it. And I Voxed Alex Charfen my coach and I was like, “So I’m going to relaunch this course in about three months, that’s enough time to do all this, right?”

Emily Hirsh: And he was like, “No, you’re not going to do that.” I mean he actually, Alex, love him, he doesn’t ever say that. He makes me come to the realization that I’m not going to do that. So he was like, “Emily, maybe I’m wrong here but I want you to tell me have you fully gotten your service side of the business and agency to the point where you’re doing nothing?” And like, “You can’t put any more effort into it. And if you put more effort into it, would it grow?” Basically, like is the marketing, is the sales, is the delivery, is it 100% cranking without you? And of course I was like no. At that point I was still doing client strategy calls actually and I was still involved in some of the delivery and not to mention like we had room to grow with our marketing and our sales of clients and so I was like, “Okay, you’re right, I have to go back and focus on that piece.”

Emily Hirsh: And I’m telling you this because you might be in that position like to be honest, it gets boring. You’re like, okay, well I think I got my whatever, my main offering, good to go and now I’m just going to go work on something new because that’s more fun and I can make money and just like add a revenue stream. And all of those things are great, but what’s really powerful is when you make one thing really, really amazing and you truly do maximize all of your time and energy into it until it is fully running without you.

Emily Hirsh: And it’s taken me that long to get to the point where our service business is. So I’m not on any client strategy calls, I’m not involved in the marketing or the sales and it does run without me. And so I’ve been able to spend the last six months working on this and I also have a director of Ignite in charge of everything course and course delivery because I couldn’t do it all by myself anyways because I’m still managing the ads team. So I’m still giving feedback about our processes and what do we need to improve looking at things that happen.

Emily Hirsh: And so I’m still involved at a high level but I don’t have to do anything tactical. And so it’s taken me a year to get to this place where I can launch this and I can’t tell you how excited I am because truly I know with all of my heart there is nothing else out there like this because nobody has the ability to put something else out there like what I do because we have taken things like our master campaign planner that we use for clients, put it in the course, our master launch planner in Google sheets, put it in the course our amazing calculator that calculates projections for your ad spend based on your goals, automatically put it in the course. All of these resources we’ve built and I have a full time Excel tech VA who builds these things for me.

Emily Hirsh: We’ve given those resources to anybody signing up for this course, which is why I know it’s so amazing because we’re taking what we’ve done for clients and what I’ve literally spent the last three years building to be able to deliver to these high level clients and putting it in this delivery in this course for anyone who wants to do it.

Emily Hirsh: Here’s the other cool part. So the course is 20 modules. It’s a beast because I’m including both the pre-work strategy piece and the ads piece, and then there’s a whole live launch component. So if you’re like open and cart closed cart model, there’s an entire section on that. So it’s a beast of a course, but I didn’t want it to be overwhelming. So what I did was we made three student tracks, the trailblazers, the phoenixes and the bombshells.

Emily Hirsh: And so basically as soon as you sign up, you pick your track based on if you’ve never run ads before, you’re brand new. If you have run ads before, they didn’t work and you need to kind of go back to the drawing board, but you have some knowledge. Or you’re currently running ads, they’re working, you did as much as you could on your own. Now you’re looking to scale and optimize. That way you don’t waste any of your time on unneeded content. And we made a checklist of every single video you would go through in your order based on your student path. So that way we can have all the content in there that’s available to people, but they can go straight what they need, get momentum fast and know what they need to do. So that’s super cool.

Emily Hirsh: Then on top of it, I’m so excited talking about this just because I know it’s so good, it’s so much value. On top of that we have amazing bonuses over $20000 worth of bonuses and some of them I thought literally what would stop people from being able to have success in this course. And so I thought building their funnel. So we’re giving away four funnel templates of funnels to a challenge funnel, opt-in funnel, webinar funnel, and a free plus shipping funnel that you can either if you have click funnels, put straight in your account or if you don’t, see the templates to build them out on whatever your landing page is. We’re giving away email templates. Literally email templates. We have the whole copywriting team who’s written emails for us and clients. We turn them into templates. We’re giving you sales emails, webinar emails, opt-in emails, like everything. We are giving you ad copy swipe files, an entire swipe file of every ad copy you could think of.

Emily Hirsh: We’re giving you add image library so you can take the images, plug in your own headlines and go. We’re giving you headline templates. We’re giving you a ticket to Ignite live happening in early 2020 a free ticket there. And then for the first 35 people who sign up, and by the time you’re listening to this, this might be sold out, but the first 35 people who sign up are actually getting a one on one 60 minute strategy call with team Hirsh.

Emily Hirsh: So just like when you’re signing on as a client and you go through a strategy call where we look at your strategy and we deliver you a client presentation of here is your strategy, here is your next steps. The first 35 people who buy get that. So I’m just going to tell you where to go right now in case you guys are jumping up and down, because I would be if I needed this. If you go to Ignite course, I-G-N-I-T-Ecourse.com you can sign up right now so that you can get in if you’re like I want to be one of those 35 people, we will have it updated on the sales page if that bonus is still available.

Emily Hirsh: So if it’s not still available, that will be gone under bonuses. And if it is still there saying you still get that, it’s still available. So those are our bonuses plus more. There’s an entire mini course on Instagram. Since Instagram is all the rage right now and a lot of our clients are converting both organic and paid on Instagram. We have an entire mini course about both of those strategies, organic and paid. So I mean it’s so much content. And I made this really thinking, you know, what would everybody need for success? So on top of the actual digital delivery of it, of videos, lessons in those resources. there’s also 90 day access to bi-weekly support calls live with me and my team, where you can come on and ask your personalized questions about your marketing, about your strategy, where you’re struggling, you can show us a screen share video of your ad account if something’s wrong and we can give you that live feedback.

Emily Hirsh: I don’t think I could create a course without this because people need that live question and answer piece to be able to have this success. So there’s that plus a private Facebook group where we’re going to have themed threads. So like your Facebook ad questions, your funnel questions, those will all be answered by myself and my team. So you’ll have that support that’s custom to you. And so I put everything I could think of for success. And the other thing is I’m so confident that this is gonna work I’m backing it by 120% money back guarantee. So if you come in, you pick your student path, you go through all the lessons, all the resources, you turn it into us, you show up to the live calls, you do the work, you implement it, and you actually run ads and test it and do everything we say and you don’t make your money back from the course, I’m not only going to refund you, I’m going to give you 20% of your investment back because that’s how confident I am that if you show up and do the work, it will work.

Emily Hirsh: Because our strategies are proven time and time and time again. They’re proven. I’ve not only worked with high level influencers who, came in with a million dollar business, but I’ve worked with people starting from nothing and built them into a six and seven figure business. And so I know both strategies of scaling and starting from nothing and testing and optimizing and getting something real. So that’s why I’m so confident in this. So ignitecourse.com. Here’s the thing, this is the first time we’re offering it. The doors are only open for seven days so you don’t have a lot of time to make a decision. And we will be launching this again, not totally sure if it’s even going to be this year and if it is it’s going to be towards the very end of the year because we’ll be taking care of these students and improving the course based on feedback and plus launches are a ton of work and I can’t just do one again next month. So I don’t know when it’s going to open again.

Emily Hirsh: And when it does open again, we’re never ever offering it at this price again. So it’s $1997, or there’s a three payment option, but we will raise it by at least a thousand dollars next time. So it’s an amazing opportunity. I definitely won’t be offering these bonuses like this many bonuses again because it’s incredible. I mean, I could like literally charge comfortably $10000 plus dollars for this because I know the market and the masterminds that are out there that deliver not even all that we’re delivering for more money. So if you’re even thinking about it, if you’re somebody who wants to really take your marketing seriously and take it to the next level, I know our processes and systems at Hirsh marketing will help you. And I’ve combined over 50 years of marketing experience to deliver that to you guys. And it’s been over a year in the making and over three years of building out these systems and processes and strategies that we’re teaching you in this course.

Emily Hirsh: So don’t wait. That 35 strategy call offer might even still be available right now. We charge $2000 literally just for that. So I can’t believe we’re giving away 35 of them because if you get on a sales call with us and you just want to do a strategy call, we charge this much for just the strategy call. It’s incredible. And you know why it’s incredible you guys, because I count on referrals and customer feedback to grow my business. Every single big influencer I have ever worked with and been referred to is become from a referral because my delivery is always out of this world and I won’t do anything different for the course because my name’s attached to it, my brand’s attached to it. And I hold that with pride, which is why it’s taken us six months to build this course the right way.

Emily Hirsh: And when you get in the backend, I mean you will instantly see, and we’ll be improving it. Once we get student feedback, we’ll be like, yeah, let’s add that, let’s do this, let’s shift things around. I’ve audited it two times. You know, my team’s audited it and I think it’s pretty dang amazing right now, but it will always be up to date and the best out there. So ignitecourse.com, don’t wait because the doors close. Don’t wait because the price is going up and don’t wait because there’s 120% money back guarantee you guys. So literally if you are willing to do the work, there’s nothing to lose.

Emily Hirsh: All right you guys, I hope to see you on the inside and I’m super excited and also honored to be able to share the story of this and I hope even if this course is not right for you and you’re listening to this podcast, you take away from it, that one, you have to put go all in with your delivery 110% every single time with your delivery to your audience, your students, your clients, your customers because it pays off. Two, focus is very important You don’t see me launching this and another thing in another month and launching a bunch of new products. Trust me, I’ve had the ideas that we can have upsells and down sells. We will not right now because we are so focused on this one thing, and that is a true key to success in your business. All right, you guys, I’ll see you next time.

Emily Hirsh: Thanks for listening to the Hirsh Marketing Underground podcast. Go behind the scenes of multimillion dollar ad campaigns and strategies. Dive deep into the Hirsh process and listen to our most popular episodes over at Hirshmarketingunderground.com. If you loved this episode of the podcast, do me a favor and head over to iTunes to subscribe and leave a review so we can reach more people and change more lives with this content. That’s all for now and I’ll catch you next time.