Doors to IGNITE (our mega-course in marketing + ads) close soon! Here’s why you want to jump inside:

I didn’t do this by myself. (You read that right – this course is not my own.)

My team created IGNITE with me, and that’s what makes it incredible – we’ve combined 50+ years of marketing experience into a mega-course to serve you + your business.

And the most important takeaway for you? I’m happy to admit that my team of 30+ is literally better than me. (Can you honestly say that about the people you hire? If not, this episode is for you!)

Tune into this episode for more about…

  • My behind-the-scenes thought process to creating this course WITH my team,
  • Why you should build a team that’s BETTER than you,
  • And why IGNITE is right for you!

Once you’ve listened, head to IGNITEcourse.com to read more about the details + to sign up. See you inside!

Key Points:
[3:02] I didn’t create this course alone.
[4:14] Here’s what I’ve seen from digital marketing courses before
[6:12] IGNITE is a beast of a course, but here’s why you won’t get overwhelmed
[7:28] Here’s how I run my business
[9:20] My team is better than me!
[10:56] There’s nothing else like this.
[12:04] What’s more powerful than “doing it all”? This.
[14:08] You have literally nothing to lose! Doors close soon.

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Episode Transcripts:  

Emily Hirsh: I’m Emily Hirsh and this is the Hirsh Marketing Underground Podcast. Attention innovators, influencers, creators, and game-changing entrepreneurs. Your internet domination begins right here. We are the powerhouse marketers that you’ve been looking for. You’re already making waves in your industry and we’re here to help amplify those waves of change by creating a connection that cuts through the noise. We take everything you’ve built inside your zone of genius and find its audience. With killer strategy and laser eye for impact, we launch multimillion-dollar campaigns and skyrocket your reach online. And now, we are doing the unheard of. We’re unveiling everything we’ve learned, taking you behind the scenes with the Hirsh Marketing team and giving away the secrets to our clients’ success. Stay tuned for top converting strategy, ROI reports, and insider knowledge that you won’t find anywhere else. You’re changing the world and we’re the team to help.

Hello, hello. Welcome to the Hirsh Marketing Underground Podcast. I am so excited to be here with you guys today. It has been crazy over here at team Hirsh because of the Ignite launch. I am just so excited about all the students who have joined us and all that is happening and honestly can’t wait to just devote all my time and so much of my team’s time into these students and their success. Today, I’m actually going to talk to you guys a little bit about Ignite but also give you some value, more on the team building side of things and kind of how we have done what we’ve done and why I believe we’ve been able to help so many people and what kind of contributes to that.

But before I do that, I do want to mention that Ignite doors close in just a couple of days and it might be six-plus months until we open them again. So I want to make sure you know that, that is happening, and you get in, in Ignite, if you haven’t already because the doors are closing. We may never offer these bonuses again, and we are definitely never offering it at this price again. I am going to devote all of my time to taking care of the people that are joining this round. So if you’re even on the fence a little bit, with our 120% money-back guarantee. guarantee, which I’ll talk about a little bit more in a second, if you haven’t heard about that, you have nothing to lose. We are going to make you successful. We’re going to help you with your marketing and give you all of those tools that are missing, regardless of if you have never run ads, you don’t have a funnel and a strategy before, but you have a digital product or service that you want to sell or you’re already selling.

If you’ve run ads or have a funnel and it’s … hasn’t worked and it’s failed and you need help, or if you’re currently running ads and you want to scale and get Ninja strategies from a team of experts who seriously know what they’re doing Ignite’s. So Ignitecourse.com. I-G-N-I-T-E course.com is where you go to sign up. You can read in detail about all of the sections and modules and bonuses and everything we have there. But I want to talk for a second about how powerful I believe this is, because I didn’t record the course all by myself. I have the support of my team and over 50 years of combined digital marketing experience that has gone into this course. Which I don’t really know of any other marketing course out there that not only combines big-picture funnel and marketing strategy by helping you set that foundation of your customer journey and everything you need and giving you funnel templates and email swipe files and everything you need on the backend, and then also goes super deep into the Facebook ads piece of things, from setting up a brand new ad to scaling and everything new from CPO campaigns to testing your images, everything we do for clients combined.

But one person could never have the level of knowledge that my team as a whole has. We manage over $1 million a month in ad spend and I don’t actually go in Ads Manager and do that. Here’s what I’ve seen in the course world and the digital marketing world today, is I have seen so many times somebody teaches you how to make a course and make a webinar and make the funnel and the marketing strategy, and it’s good because that’s their zone of genius and they know what they’re doing. But then everybody also needs Facebook ads, so they tried to teach that. But they are not an expert in Facebook ads, and so that’s a massive gap in their course, which is preventing people from seeing success.

Because to see success you need the complete Hirsh process of what we have and high level, that means you need the entire foundation strategy, messaging, budget and numbers, everything that you do before you run ads. And then you also need the ads piece. If you can’t have both of those you will fail. Right? You need to find them both somewhere. So people try to create a course with good intentions because they know that their students need this. But they are not an expert in both. It’s really hard to be an expert in both at the level that 30-plus people bring to the table. That’s something I realized in the service piece of my business, which is why we provide that high-level strategy of actually looking at webinar conversions on the back end and where there’s gaps in a funnel and landing page conversions and the ads. Right?

Not many marketing agencies and companies do that. They’re very narrow-focused on just the ads. Because that’s all they know how to do, which is why I have two different people on accounts, a senior strategist and an ads manager because it’s two different skill sets. They definitely intertwine and mixed together a lot. But usually, a tactical person who’s doing a lot of the tactical work has some strategy but needs that higher-level, step back, bigger picture strategy to be able to get the most out of the results, which is why I built that in my service business. Then, of course, I couldn’t build a course without that. That is where Ignite, the beast of a course, came. It has 20 modules. When I created this, I was like, “Man, I’m so afraid that people are going to be overwhelmed going through this.”

So what we did was we created tracks, student tracks, basically, paths that you can go on based on your journey. It’s kind of like one of those choose your own adventure books. Obviously, you get access to everything. But to cut to the chase and to get you the best results possible, the fastest way possible, we created a track for people who have never run ads and are just starting and they want to promote their product and build their funnel from the beginning. We created a track and a path for people who have either run ads or have a funnel, but it’s not converting to the best of its ability and they know it and they need to go back and troubleshoot and make it work. And we’ve created a path for people who are currently running ads. They’re profitable. They’re working somewhat or they’re working good, but they want to scale, optimize ninja strategies, take it to the next level.

All of those things are inside of the course. We created a path for each, so you can come in when you sign up and you just choose really fast. Here’s my checklist, here’s my kind of student journey, here’s the videos I need to watch, here’s the resources I need to go through. You’re able to get that success really fast. Then, on top of the course, I also knew … This is kind of my way of running business. I just add things as I know they’re needed. Right? My delivery, I’ve done this for clients, has always been like, “Oh, that’s a quick way to solve that problem, because there’s a gap there. Our clients are continually getting stuck there or we’re missing something. So I’m just going to add that service.” I’ve done the same thing for the course.

I’ve been a part of a lot of digital courses. Obviously, our clients launch them. A long, long time ago, I had a membership site with a friend. I know what people need, and one of those things is they need the live support. Because if you don’t have the ability to ask questions specific to your situations and your strategies and your business, it’s really hard sometimes to piece together all the material. So that’s where the 90 days of Facebook group support and biweekly support calls … and you can extend that, which our core students will find out how to do that later on. But you get 90 days, when you sign up for Ignite, of biweekly support calls where you can ask any and all questions that you have about your marketing, and Facebook group support where my team and I will be supporting you with any of your questions and things.

I knew that was needed for people to see success, so I added it on. Then, with our bonuses, we did the same thing. We built the course and then we said, “What would people need?” And one of the biggest things was if you’re building a funnel, you need funnel templates. You need to have funnel templates, email templates, ad swipe file templates, image templates. So we give you every template we could think of that you would need and we’ll probably even add more as we get student feedback. I’m all about that because I want you to be able to have everything you need to have a successful, not only Facebook ads strategy, But marketing strategy when you go through this course. That was my vision a year ago for this and it’s finally all come to fruition. I’m just so excited about the people who joining.

That is the summary of Ignite. We have three sections. I teach the entire first section, that’s high-level marketing strategy. The second section is taught by my team. Several contributors are in there. I would take people who are good at certain things. So if they’re really good at scaling ads, they taught that lesson and those modules. If they’re really good at starting from scratch, like getting cost per leads down, troubleshooting, if that’s their zone of genius, they taught those lessons. That’s the whole second section. Then, the third section is focused on live launching, so open and closed cart model, live launches, because we’ve been a part of some massive multi, multimillion-dollar live launches. There’s some different strategies, as you know if you’ve done that, that go into live launches versus evergreen launches. That’s the entire third section.

And then, our bonuses are valued at over $20,000 in bonuses. That includes the copy templates, image swipe files, an entire ad bank library, a mini Instagram-specific course, so much more. If you go to Ignitecourse.com you can actually read through and check out all those bonuses. We have just packed it with amazing, amazing bonuses. Then, like I kind of mentioned at the beginning of this episode, we’re offering 120% money-back guarantee. guarantee. So if you go through your student track that you choose, you go through every resource, you troubleshoot everything, you go through our checklist, you go through our workbook, you show up to the live calls, you do all the work and you actually go implement it and run ads, and even going through the troubleshooting pieces, if something isn’t working, we show you that, what to do, and you still don’t make your money-back guarantee. from the course, not only will I refund you, I’ll give you $400.

That is how, literally, how confident I am in this course, because there is nothing like it out there, because nobody else out there in the industry has access to the data that I do in my company. Nobody else out there has access to the case studies and scenarios of digital marketing, of digital products and services for influencers. Nobody. Tell me one person and I’ll argue it because nobody does. There are amazing leaders and teachers out there, but unless you have the experience of managing the over $1 million of ad spend a month that we do in this space … I know there’s bigger agencies, but they are in corporate and branding and service business and spread out. We just work in this space that we’re teaching and we’re experts in this space. We have helped not only the big clients who are the Amy Porterfields and the Marie Forleos and the Rachel Hollis, not only those type of influencers, but we’ve also helped people from the beginning who had no funnel, no ads. We’ve built them up and built their brand to six and seven figures.

So we’ve got both sides of those spectrums. I want to add value into this episode if I haven’t yet for you, and that is to encourage you to build a team that can do things better than you could yourself. I get goosebumps talking about this because it is the most powerful thing I have ever witnessed to bring together a group of people, my team has over 30 people now, bring together a group of people who are all amazing at what they do. Like I said, I have ads managers specifically who work in … They do live event ads really well, and so we put the clients with live events on their roster. Ones who are really good at high ad spend and scaling, others who are really good at troubleshooting new ads that need to figure out how to get the cost per conversion down. Everybody kind of has their unique skill. They’re all great at ads, they all go through our training. But everybody has a unique skill that they’re good at, even you, even me. Right?

So if you can leverage that and get everybody moving towards the same goals, which is make our clients money, make our students money, it is so powerful, hundred times more powerful than what you could ever do yourself. It’s truly the key to success in business, I believe, especially as a young CEO. I was just talking to my friend Alex Charfen and he said, “Emily, one of the reasons I truly believe that you’ve blown up and done so well is because you hire people who are better than you and then you listen to them.” I was like, “Wow, that’s true.” I hire people with 15 years digital marketing experience and I’ve had my business for four years and I don’t have an ego of like, “Oh, well, I have to be the leader and I’m better than you, so I have to stay a part of all that.”

No, I know that they’re better than me. Right? I know that I’m really good at the processes and the leading and the strategy and the way my brain thinks that if I set that up for success and then I take my team’s knowledge and intel and data that we have access to and strategies, then I can create something amazing for our clients and our students. That’s what I’ve done for our clients. That’s how we’ve grown massively for our clients. And now this is what we’ll do for our Ignite students. Doors close in just a few days, you guys. If you are listening to this and you’re on the fence, get in there, we have that 120% money-back guarantee. What do you even have to lose? It is the best course out there for marketing if you’re in the digital space, if you’re an influencer and you want to grow your business, you want to scale your business, you want to do better with your ads.

I know it’s the best because I hire the best and I only put out the best. Honestly, how I have grown my business to this level so far is putting out the best so that I get a bunch of referrals. Every single one of our big clients has been a referral because our delivery is awesome and this course is going to be no different than that. I can’t wait to begin to nurture all of you who have joined and really support you and switch my brain off from the marketing of all this, which is what I’ve been thick in, to the delivery and the supporting. We’re not opening the doors again for a while, so we’re not letting anybody else new in there. We’re going to be supporting you and supporting you to not just build one funnel who might make a couple thousand dollars or even $5,000, but a real business, a real solid long-term marketing strategy.

I am so determined to change the industry of how people are looking at the influencer space and building a following and a marketing strategy and a plan that builds that real business of real followers and real buyers. That’s what this content’s going to do. It is truly the best. The reason it’s partly the best too is because of the data we have. Nobody has access to the strategies that Hirsh Marketing has access to. Signing up for Ignite, you’re able to get access to all of them immediately. So Ignitecourse.com. Ignitecourse.com. Doors are closing soon. Don’t wait. Get in now and let us change your life with your marketing. You have nothing to lose and I promise you, I know with all of my heart it is going to completely wow you.

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