A few weeks ago, I asked you, “WHY do you want to be a virtual assistant or freelancer?” And overwhelmingly the response was about your desire for freedom, especially time freedom.

That’s the same thing for me.

The real reason I started this business was to have more time with my kids.

And it goes beyond that.

I needed to intertwine my identity with something more than stay-at-home-motherhood.

I didn’t realize that was something I needed until after my son was born, but I realized quick that I needed something to work on outside of caring for him.

And I recognize that not every mom is like that!

Some mamas enjoy staying home with their kids every day and focusing on time and activities with the family (and that’s great!). I love being available at home with my kids, while I’m working and the nanny is here. And I love having time with them before and after my working hours.

But if I wasn’t working, or if I didn’t have work to challenge myself, or to meet my desire to focus on something more, or to see the work I’m doing evolve.. I wouldn’t be happy.

This is for me (and only for me).

My business makes me happy. It helps me show up as a better mom.

I work about six hours per day, and then when it’s time to be with my kids, I’m ready to be present and enjoy our time together, because I’m not already exhausted.

The real reason I scaled my business was not about making more money but instead about offering myself something that’s just for me.

Maybe I’m crazy. But I’ve seen this happen before: Sometimes when we have kids, we lose ourselves or our identities in the process. (That doesn’t happen for everyone, but I know there are other women like me.)

We spend most of our days with our kids, and then our identity starts to get jumbled or revolve around them. We need something more than motherhood.

The real reason I scaled my business is about freedom.

Of course you can make a lot of money in this business (the money is always there), but why are you doing this in the first place?

I want to go on longer vacations with my family.
I want to make my own schedule.
I want to have a creative outlet and time with my kids.

We (mothers) value freedom much more than money, and we need to remember that when things get tough.

We value our time more than our money, because here’s the thing: Money replenishes itself. But I can’t imagine missing out on this time with my kids. And I can’t imagine my life without my business as a creative outlet.

If you’re reading this, I know you have this same drive to do more than be a mother (not because mothering isn’t enough, but because you’re more than motherhood).

If you have this drive and the desire for time freedom, let’s make that happen! Don’t let fear be the reason you say ‘no’ to opportunity. Don’t let other people’s’ opinions of this work be the reason you give up (they’ll only believe this is possible when you show them that).

Do this for you.


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