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Nine years ago I was washing my parents’ cars for $20 and passing out flyers to babysit in my neighborhood.

Six years ago I started my first official business in an elderly community in my hometown where I helped with anything and everything my clients needed: cleaning, grocery shopping, yard work…

I used this money to buy my first car and pay my way to Europe.

Three years ago I moved to San Diego with my then boyfriend (now husband) and started an organizing business where I went to client’s’ homes and organized their rooms, offices and lives in any way they needed.

Two years later, I entered the online business world where I began my first online fitness business, Kettlebell Movement, and have now created my online marketing and virtual assistant business.

Today I am on track to make $250,000 this year from my business alone.

Each time it starts with an idea. The seed is planted and it’s done. I make it happen.

There’s a pattern – a pattern that boils down to following your idea and implementing it. Here’s how I made it happen….

At 15, I started my first business in an elderly community with a launch that involved passing out over 500 flyers in 2 days. When I started my personal organization business I made a Facebook page, posted several online ads and that was it… the business began to take off!

When we started our online fitness business I had zero experience with online marketing and business growth so I listened to podcasts, read blogs, and built an online membership site with continual trial and error, until it succeeded.

When I started my business serving other entrepreneurs I began to get clients on Elance – an online platform where people post jobs, and my little company spiraled upward. At this stage of the game, I don’t need to seek out clients and I take projects by referral basis only. My roster is constantly full with new people coming on monthly, replacing the contracts that end, and I’m spending $0 in advertising.

Last week I was being interviewed on a Podcast and was asked what drives me, why do I do the things I do? My answer: “It’s in my blood. I don’t know anything different.”

I love the challenge. I love the freedom. If I want something, I make it happen. I see an end result and I do whatever it takes to get there, dodging the bumps and changing course along the way, but never giving up and never losing sight of what I want.

Is it easy? HELL NO.

Is it possible? HELL YES.

Why am I writing this? Because I have something to tell the world. To tell my clients, to tell my friends and everyone who I’ve lied to.  

I have always been very mature for my age. I didn’t get along with most people in high school because I wanted to do more. I didn’t like just “hanging out” and doing nothing. I had ambition and I had drive that I needed to put to work, so I did.

I was bullied in middle school and high school for being different and as I got older I was shamed for being so young and trying to do what I was doing by my family and friends. People made me feel like I was too young to be successful. I had to go through the ropes, I had to go to college first and THEN I could be successful. I had to do what society tells you to do. Or so they thought.

My husband is 17 years older than me. Two years ago I would never have written this for the world to see because I felt so shameful and guilty for being with him. I used to think strangers were judging us. I was judged terribly by my friends and family. Luckily, I knew that what I had with him was too special to give up for other people. He’s the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. The best father to our son and the best husband a woman could ask for. I wouldn’t be with him today if I listened to everyone else.

Two years ago I became pregnant and I was shamed. I was too young. I hadn’t finished college yet. I was ruining my life. I wouldn’t be able to travel and have the things I wanted and deserved. Close family and friends encouraged me not to have my baby. If I listened to what other people thought, I again would not have my beautiful, smart, miracle boy next to me each day.

Many people have asked me how old I am and I have lied because of the guilt and shame I have felt around my age. I am not going to lie anymore.

I am 21 years old. I turn 22 in October of this year. If I have told you otherwise, I am sorry that other people’s opinions and judgements let me feel shameful for all I have done and achieved at such a young age.  

Should the average 21 year old be married, have a son and running a six-figure empire? No. This life is not meant for everyone. My path is unique and I can honestly tell you I’m exactly where I am supposed to be right now. I met my husband because I was supposed to meet him. I got pregnant because I was supposed to have a little one enter my life at exactly that moment. I started my business instead of deciding to finish college because I believe I was supposed to do that.

My point to all of this is that your path is unique. Whether it be your business, your relationships, or your experiences, you are supposed to be exactly where you are right now and you must trust that. If you want something more than what you have, make it happen.

What is stopping you?

Nobody can give you what you want in life. Business coaches, mentors, personal trainers, teachers, therapists and everyone else can guide you and advise you but YOU create your life.

My son is 15 months old now and a lot has changed since the day almost two years ago that I found out I was pregnant. I heard several times about all the things that would not be possible if I chose to have the baby. I have proudly proven them wrong.

“You won’t ever be able to travel”….We leave for Europe in 1.5 months for a 5 week trip to 7 countries.

“You are going to struggle financially”….I decided it was not a choice of leaving my son to go to work all day OR have financial abundance. I work from home. I am there every day when he wakes from his naps and to play at the park, and I have plenty of financial abundance to support my family.

“You won’t finish college”….I may decide to go back and finish college when I’m done having children and life has slowed down. However, I have learned and realized a degree does not make somebody successful. I created a booming business without one and when I do decide to go back it will be for me, and not for anyone else.

“Your relationship will fall apart”…While having a child is not easy on a relationship, my husband and I are stronger and closer than ever before. Every time I look at Oliver and see the love between us that created him it creates a bond that nothing else can. We decided to go on this journey together and it has been the best experience of our lives.

I am not hiding anymore. I am not downplaying what I have done and created in my life. I am Emily Hirsh: married, raising a one year old, running a successful business and I am 21 years old.